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Don’t miss a moment of the 57th Presidential Inauguration with the official mobile app. Get a front row seat at the ceremonial swearing-in with the app’s built-in live stream, find events near you, and stay connected. No matter where you are, you can join President Obama and Vice President Biden in being a part of history.

Customer Reviews

  • A difference maker!

    by Mizzsgeorge

    This worked perfectly and I didn't miss a thing. It was right on time! Thank you. I was up front and close to witness History!

  • Clever. Modern. Exemplary.

    by souljah

    Obama's digital team is top notch. They are clearly tuned into what President-watchers want/need and are enabling that. The icing on the cake is the enhanced access to Presidential ceremony for new audiences. I imagine the Obama apps have successfully engaged a whole new range of political junkies. Bravo!

  • Great!!!!

    by AR-32

    It worked great and didn't miss a moment of it!!! Yea!!!

  • ? Ok app

    by Ponsau

    Some of you guys forget that not all republicans liked Bush either. And Obama has caused more national debt in his 1st term than all the presidential terms of George Washington to Bill Clinton combined. But I guess they don't tell you that if your one sided and don't see both ends of the spectrum. I like a few of the presidents policies. Like 1 or 2. But so far he has no idea on the economy, and I don't think he will figure it out. And with the house and senate at the moment. Nothing he does will get done anyhow. We are all looking forward to a few more years of drone strikes to foreign countries killing hundreds of children, and more failed policies. Forget assault weapons, lets talk about the presidents drone strikes. I scrutinize all our government officials, and you should to. Don't just listen to biased media and your friends, go out and get the real info from several sources and make up your mind what is right. He is a like able guy, in that used car salesman kind of way. So I can see why some people don't get the real info. And I said exactly the same thing about GW Bush. Thank god I still have my first amendment right of free speech still. At least that isnt so "anachronistic" that he hasn't put that on the chopping block yet. As far as the app goes. It's not bad. I give it 3 stars. Inauguration ceremony in the US is one of our best events as a country.

  • Great app

    by Mako.the.wolf

    Our president is doing an amazing job bringing this amazing country back from the brink that the insane Republican Party has left us in. But this is for app reviews. So stop showing people how ignorant, violent, and vitriolic you folks are and just review the app. This is a great app and I hope it works for future events as well.

  • Live Stream Rocks!

    by Loves Mango

    So awesome that I have been watching this historic moment on my commute to work this morning! Great app overall too - slick design and intuitive navigation. Really top notch!

  • No landscape video

    by Earthsaver

    Great that web content is available mobile since website video is incompatible with iOS. But why doesn't the live stream support landscape orientation? App interface isn't very pretty either.

  • Live Stream

    by jmstmfd

    What time does the live stream begin? I've been refreshing on the media tab but there's no content.

  • Very Good Summary of the 2013 Presidential Inauguration

    by wderry

    This app does a very good job of pulling together all of the activities surrounding the 2013 Presidential Inauguration into a very easy to navigate environment. If you happen to be onsite at the inauguration event the alerts and maps would also prove helpful. I noticed several 1 star reviews that were not helpful with their comments and seem to be based on a total misunderstanding of what the app is who is responsible for it. While AT&T Services Inc. sells the app, the app itself is being brought to you by the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee. While some of the 1 star reviews were hating on AT&T, those reviewers should look a little deeper. If they did they would notice that one of the apps that AT&T Services also sells is "Tampa 2012". We are all entitled to our own opinions. However, we serve ourselves and the public better when those opinions are based on accurate information. Anyway, enjoy the app for what it provides.

  • All the negativity behind an App

    by HisLadyNataRozay

    Come on get over it he's most definitely not the worst president and maybe people should educate themselves more on the politics of the country they so love and feel is in dismay. Really form your own opinion based on facts and not on the opinions of others but just reading most of these reviews the comments aren't based on the politics but hey we all got opinions stop being so bitter you got him another four years and who know maybe another one just like him in the future.... And I love the app...

  • Pretty cool

    by Radio days rocked

    I'm quite impressed with the scope of this app. It remains to be seen how well it will function at the height of the event but so far so good. As for the haters - geez I despised W (and rightly so as it turned out - if there was a way to screw up, he did it) with a depth of feeling usually reserved for Hitler, but I could still respect the tradition and importance of the inauguration. Get out of your parents' basement and get a life.

  • Well Done Supplement to the ceremony.

    by PriV8

    Nicely details the Inaugural events and various back stories with an easy to use design. Very well done.

  • Great app.

    by Obrmb

    Very helpful.

  • Good app

    by JamesReb

    As much as I dislike AT&T, it's just an app. They made the official apps for the DNC and RNC natl. conventions too.

  • So far, so great!

    by Original review wms

    Looks like many of these reviews have nothing to do with the functionality of the app. So far, so great!

  • AMAZING !!!!

    by Evenstar26

    All the haters need to stop hating. YOU LOST!! get over it!!! I am completely and totally excited to celebrate the inauguration of a great BLACK man. Leave the country if you don't like it!! The patriotism is lacking in this country. If your American deal with it and help make things better instead of whining all the time. Idiots.

  • Haters drink your HaterAde!

    by Lisanorcal

    Republican traitors leave the USA. while we celebrate this BLACK man being sworn in AGAIN despite your most heinous lies.

  • Congratulation

    by Little Dass

    Love President Barack Family

  • Beats The Romneybot

    by AppleZilla

    Sour grapes, RepubliKlan.

  • Review the App

    by Vicky Young

    No one cares what your political views are....if you don't care to watch the inauguration, then don't get the app....your the app only!!!!

  • Oswald

    by Michaeljamesinc

    If only Lee Harvey Oswald was alive he could put this app to good use!!!!!

  • FBO!! This country is going to hell in a hand basket.

    by Luck Fiberals

    Enough said.

  • Horrible

    by Cardell78

    It's supposed to show a life stream of the parade. Where is it? Still showing White House video.

  • Aweful!

    by daveb2008

    Don't support this America hater...impeach him now!

  • No Landscape Video

    by lodenmuse

    Really? No landscape video? And AT&T says this is "optimized for the iPhone 5?" Use the White House app instead.

  • Awful

    by Crunchity

    Just terrible

  • Mighty handy!


    Great to have BECAUSE I'M THERE!

  • Winning

    by RHCPFAN14

    Approval rating of the Republican Party: 26% Approval rating of this app: 100%

  • by Lady in the Lake2

    Glad to have the app since I won't be able to catch the whole event on TV tomorrow. Congratulations President Obama! I love you!!!!!!!

  • Viva Obama

    by Waleed San Francisco

    Awesome :)

  • Very Cool!

    by SorrowLegend

    This is an awesome idea! If you're interested in the inauguration, I'd recommend. Also, these reviews don't ask for your political input. Please, don't give it one star because of your ignorance.

  • I just wanted to know the reviews of the app

    by Bstarrett

    It's sad when people throw their two cents in on an app review and instead post things heard on Fox News or msnbc Havnt used the app yet so I give it a neutral

  • Hooray!

    by Wesllow

    Great App! Can't wait to use this on the big day

  • Thanks for keeping us in the loop

    by Ffemtjones

    Obama keep up the good work.

  • Romney Apologists Last Hurrah

    by Charles Smith

    The first two posters made my day. By choosing a benign app review as a forum to throw one last shout out of hate and spite, these hapless fools are showing how desperate things have become for the losers. Sad on one count; extremely funny on another. And by the way, the app is superb.

  • Sweet Victory

    by NHOJ13

    A great app to celebrate the victory over the IQ challenged right wing.

  • Love my President

    by colorcode20032003

    Mr. President is doing well considering all that's thrown his way.

  • USA! USA! USA!

    by Rnchrissy

    Thank you AT&T. Great app. One of the best.

  • Hurray for Obama

    by Mark-Vincent

    I'm an excited person to this great man in office for 4 more years! I wish the president all the best he has my support! Keep up the good work America loves you!

  • Review

    by Munkypoo7

    So yeah, the app works as it should. Quite amusing how this simple app has so many butthurt Republicans' panties in a bunch. So adorable they're really that inbred. Keep licking Fauxnoos' balls kiddies!

  • Obamas idiots.

    by Quackquackquack1224578

    Hitler, Stalin, Mao & Obama all have one thing in common. Their people followed them blindly, when their countries were in economic turmoil. Promised hope, change and betterment of their people. Instead they took away people's power to protect themselves and then they took control of the countries. History is repeating itself and the youth is too stupid to see it.

  • Grrr

    by redrockerz

    AHHHH i hope this election is better than the last two. If youre in college and you work hard to get an A and someone just parties all the time, works none and gets an F, should you give some grade points to them? No. Same thing applies to real life guys, wake up.

  • Innovative

    by FireSmack

    I am very happy that AT&T (not the government, as the rightwing loonies claim) has provided a way to follow this historic inauguration while away from the TV. And we can do it while celebrating the fact that those who voted for W, Sarah Palin and flip flop Romney lost. Again.

  • Go Obama!!!!

    by Jeffrey Gold

    This app is awesome. I don't understand why Romney fans are giving it 1 star. Romney lost, stop being bitter, get real, grow some balls and deal with it. Obama 4 MORE YEARS!!! Love it!!!!

  • Awesome

    by ZiggyManSaad

    This is a great way for someone without cable to watch the inauguration. For those of you thinking the government made this app, look at the developer you simple minded 'tards. If you're going to leave a crap review because you didn't vote for the guy then go back to you hole and shut up. Reviews are for spitting fire, they're for REVIEWS of how well the app runs.

  • Makes me sick that ATT made this.

    by G Man!!!!!!

    ATT made this thank goodness I am with Sprint.

  • Sad

    by Jtatum007

    Very sad

  • A Time and a Place

    by A BLK MAN

    This is the first of a kind - an app to cover a presidential historic event. REMARKABLE ! This review section has been created and designed to evaluate and critique this app which is a great tech accomplishment - not another venue to vent political ideals and philosophies. I am not surprised to see even here bitter and racist Americans who just cannot recover from the fact Obama was re- elected for a 2nd term. Obama has returned as POTUS and no one can change that.

  • Horrible app

    by David glen1

    Horrible app

  • Very Funxtional!

    by TOsinubi

    On it's merits as an app it's superb! Very functional, well laid out and easy to navigate. I don't care who you voted for; rating this app as an app, it's great!

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