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Customer Reviews:
- "Love It." - Skanouff
- "Awesome Navigation... Only GPS I use" - Drpr23
- "This app is excellent... I rate this app as the best" - AhmedAwan
- "Got me everywhere with no problems!!!" - SMB77

Keep AT&T Navigator at your side to find the cheapest gas prices, avoid traffic and discover local places. Quickly and Easily.

Know what traffic’s like and get instant alerts when new jams pop up. Then route around them with one tap. It’s like having your own personal traffic helicopter. Use Multi Routes to choose from up to three different ways to get to your destination based on real-time traffic, distance and drive time.

Discover millions of places in an instant. Just tell it what you’re looking for. Or use Quick Search to type it in; browse restaurant reviews, find the nearest shopping malls and even the cheapest-priced gas. With one tap view locations on a map or get GPS navigation.

So there you have it. Quick. Easy.

AT&T Navigator, we’re taking GPS mapping, search and navigation to a whole new level.

AT&T Navigator works on AT&T iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, 3G-enabled iPad and iPad 2. It does not work on the original iPhone, iPad with Wi-Fi only or the iPhone 4 on Verizon. Must have an AT&T mobile phone number to subscribe.

A subscription charge will appear on your AT&T wireless bill. During the initial AT&T Navigator setup, you can choose between monthly or annual subscription options.

Monthly Subscription: Pay $9.99 per month. Monthly charge will appear on your AT&T wireless bill. Cancel at any time.*

Annual Subscription: Pay $69.99 per year. The charge will appear on your AT&T wireless bill. Cancel within 30 days of subscription.**

Existing AT&T Navigator Monthly Subscribers: If you would like to convert to an Annual Subscription, first cancel your monthly subscription.* Then restart AT&T Navigator and choose the Annual Subscription option setup.

*Cancellation for Monthly Subscribers: Deleting this app from your device will not stop the monthly subscription charge. To cancel the subscription and monthly fee from within the application, go to Tools & Extras > About and select Billing and Subscriptions. You can also cancel your subscription at or by calling AT&T Customer Care at (800) 331-0500.

** Cancellation for Annual subscribers: To cancel your Navigator subscription and receive a refund, you must cancel within 30 days from the application activation date by calling AT&T Customer Care at (800) 331-0500.

AT&T Navigator: Coverage not available in all areas. Service availability, timeliness or accuracy of location is not guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

  • Love It!

    by Jeff9545

    I've been using AT&T Navigator for several years and continue to be very happy with it. Accurate, always up-to-date, provides alternate route options, as well as several other handy features.


    by Sean W Smiddy

    AT&T just continues to impress :). This GPS Nav App is very, very good. It comes with my service package for my iPhone 5s. I rate this app just a tad lower than MotionX "GPS Drive" because it is a bit slower in announcing upcoming turns, and doesn't reroute quite as fast. However, AT&T Navigator is MORE than adequate for any trip nationwide. Definitely warrants 5 Stars!! Further, if you have an AT&T smartphone plan, it just makes sense to use it. Going across a few states to NYC later this year and will be using this app to get there!!

  • Pretty good

    by Tubadork

    Not bad. Sometimes it sends you to the wrong place and doesn't find what you're looking for, but when it works it great.

  • Love this App!!!!

    by Gandj3028

    Have used this app for years. I won't go any where without it. Thank you AT&T for the best App.

  • Great app

    by Brusdus

    Have used it for business and personal journeys. It's great. It works.

  • Better...but

    by Tay1104 :-)

    Much better, but...still some glitches. It will tell you to turn left...then, make you do a U-turn. That is crazy when you could have just turned right. Needs more improvement.

  • Love it

    by Patismitty

    They have come a long way since I started using the nav. I recommend it to everyone. Every once in a while when almost at my address it will tell me to turn the opposite direction that I need to turn. Very dependable other wise.

  • Good

    by Lourdes95

    Very good appl but have to actualize maps some street are not accessible or not constructed and others are finished and the appl didn't have them

  • Great Navigator

    by Satnine

    This GPS system is the only one I use because it is easy to use and reliable. I never have to worry about getting lost using this. I've referred family to use this and they have enjoyed it as much as I.

  • Great App

    by Jillian Knight

    It's a wonderful app!!!

  • Suggestion

    by phatdad47

    What there should be is a route for trucks so people that drive trucks can get routes that don't take them on parkways

  • Awesome. One of the best

    by J1653256

    One of the best navigators I have ever used. Much more accurate than other competitors I have seen

  • My Guiding Light

    by Shakeybob

    This app is great. It provides 99% accurate driving instructions and information. Area of improvement would be cheap fuel find, it needs to run concurrent while receiving driving guidance, even show cheap fuel approaching while in the main screen. In addition, I tow a 5th wheel, give us an input screen with weight and dimensions for approaching restrictions. One more thing, weather/driving conditions would be helpful.

  • Navigation

    by Tod Lungren

    It's really good. I love it!

  • Great app!

    by Angela Teegarden

    I simply love this! It's so user friendly and right on theoney!

  • Good

    by Can you make another update


  • Review

    by Warren Woodard

    This apps works fantastic also all the time. Every once in in while it seems to get "confused" where it going. Highly recommend this sol

  • Great GPS

    by WV Rose

    I've used over 5 years & improvements have been great. I would like "find my parking place" back, very big help in large metros. Thanks for a great app!

  • att nav

    by steve's pokemon

    i have used it for long time now because it helps to let me know where i am going but one thing it repeats up to 3 times when i am close to any turns or getting close to the point area so i use it on iPhone 3GS to iPhone 5 then i started to use iPad 4 so i found out the different map size so on iPhone is limited view and iPad is bigger view almost whole city and roads with street's name or numbers thats so much better than before and updates is much better too so keep up a good work and it has 5 stars on it but i wish i could give you a 10 stars so great work

  • I like it

    by YiayiaAngie

    Since I've had this app for a few years now, I guess I like it! LOL Only problem is that when we get close to the coast (SoCal) it goes bonkers and sends me way off track.

  • Poor

    by Michael sil.

    Very poor service not up to date with the roads I used it every day and it have me going around blocks very poor service out of date service

  • Quite Awful, Quirky and Unreliable

    by ColtAuto7

    The failure of this application to chronological list recent places is nearly stupefying. Add to that the near certitude of losing one's saved favorites during an upgrade (research this before spending your money) and the conclusion is that this an inferior product compared to nearly anything else available. Now, to delete this abomination.

  • Alain

    by Daminal dadoo

    Good app and clarfai all things be easy the road

  • Good, but could be better

    by Matthew Hardy III

    It's a good app but could stand for some improvements in the trip time area.

  • Latest release is a big improvement - but still buggy AND is costing me every single month

    by Touch driver

    The good - latest release has solved a lot of problems and is now pretty clean The bad - when iTunes player is playing AND with AT&T Nav running - volume level of AT&T is many times greater than that of iTunes - with no way to indendantly adjust one over the other - net result is - if you are playing music at any kind of listenable volume, the AT&T navigator "shouts" - and heaven forbid you turn the music up to a "loud" level (some of my music I like to LISTEN to) - you'll run the risk of damaging your speakers. The ugly - routing errors still exist - "Proceed North" - on my dead-end cul de sac where my home is the furthest point north on the street is an obvious example. Red light camera database seems useless. In conclusion - this isn't a 1/2 bad Nav system - which SHOULD earn it 4 or 5 stars EXCEPT that it charges a hefty monthly fee. . . . Come on AT&T - for the money you're charging - this thing should be top flight - - - not an also-ran close 2nd.

  • I Love This App!

    by MikeOn9

    I Love This AT&T Navigation App!!! I've had it for like 4 years now...!

  • AT&T GPS

    by Stealth14

    Clear and concise app. I use it often, don't know what I would do without it.

  • Love my navigator!

    by Candibell

    ATT Navigator is awesome!

  • THE Best Navigation App!

    by VibhutiXian

    I've tried them all, and the AT&T Navigator is by far the most accurate AND the easiest to use. It's definitely worth the cost for the peace of mind it gives.

  • Love it

    by Hall589153

    When I don't have my window unit it always on my Phone!!!/;-)

  • Luv It

    by LadyWolf77

    Luv this app it is my best friend on all of my road trips

  • Never Let Me Down!

    by Hurtman

    Great app and works perfect. Love it.

  • App does what I expected

    by Reviewer-002

    These dorks ALWAYS ask fo a review when I'm driving. Can't they tell I'm being chased by the cops right now? arrhghh they got me! {previous review} Documentation from AT&T weak. Discovered how to find lat longs by accident.

  • New update is bad

    by Fun but..

    I have used this app for about 3 years and loved it, but the new update is so slow! I have had so many issues now that I have installed the update. It cannot find places I search for and when it does find it it takes forever to get the directions or navigation. It also does not end navigation even after I have ended the trip this is a big drain on my battery. Please fix these issues.

  • Great app

    by Gypsy0714

    Great interface and 90% accurate.

  • <3<3

    by Mzmagic2002

    Love it a must have.


    by Gilmo211

    This app will most definitely get you where you need to be in the quickest route.. Buy it for sure

  • Indispensable

    by Paul Morgan

    I do a great deal of travel. Many times my destination is somewhere I have never been. I also go places that I have not been to in years. The AT&T Navigator is indispensable. 1. It always gets me to my intended destination. 2. It allows me to not have to pack around or have to buy and update another tech gadget (GPS). 3. I do not have to constantly go online with my laptop to update maps and then update the phone software as the AT&T Navigator always has the latest maps. 4. It works with Bluetooth so I can go from AT&T Nav. to music, to phone calls and back again, seamlessly. 5. The search function is excellent. 6. The attractions function for gas, food, hotels, parks, businesses, etc. is also excellent. 7. The various views, and text style route summaries are very helpful. 8. The automatic changing Day/Night color schemes is great for clear views without glare. 9. The ancillary info displayed on the screen, such as speed limit, miles and time to destination, direction, orientation in relation to the next turn on your route and lane assist are all great functions. 10. The ability to import info from 411 is cool. 11. The favorites list saves a great deal of time from typing and searching. 12. The traffic and rerouting functions are awesome to avoid traffic jams and getting around them. 13. The menu and controls are very user friendly and intuitive for the user. 14. The ability to adjust the scale of the map is great for navigating while driving and the easy scale adjustment makes it equally good for navigating on foot while on the city sidewalks to reach your destination.. 15. Etc., etc., etc., Ultimately, the AT&T Navigator app. on my IPhone is just as good or better than any commercially sold GPS. Additionally the device serves multiple functions, limiting the number of devices I have to update and lug around with me on my travels. In conclusion, I consider it the AT&T Navigator INDISPENSABLE!

  • Great app!!

    by MzB1920

    I use this app/navigation tool for everything!!! Has a few glitches here and there, but it's still great!!!

  • I Have To Start Over Every Time I Open It!!

    by tonygates44

    As in the title, for quite a long time, I have to get an authorization code, re-enter it, and start from scratch EVERY TIME I OPEN IT! Please, PLEASE fix this. It makes using this app a real pain and not worth the trouble. That we have to pay the subscription fee with this kind of performance is an insult. I feel like I'm the stupid one because I haven't uninstalled the app and stopped the subscription. Get with it you guys and gals!!

  • Best Navigation App Ever!

    by Bryan Hry

    I've tried so many and none have come close to ATT's application. It's ALWAYS accurate and have tons of features. It is worth paying a monthly fee for sure.

  • Love, but here are some suggestions...

    by Peachy Breeze

    Great being able to chose the route. Visually it took some getting use to, but happy customer. :-) These are some suggestion to fit my needs... 1-have the recent places in the order of where I've been instead if numerically then alphabetically. 2-I wish the exits were names...instead of like ga-23 actually say Moreland Ave. 3-I would like to be able to chose the voice (male or female.

  • Voice Command

    by Tamara Ballard

    The voice command is kind of weak, does not understand the commands given. Otherwise the system is great.

  • Voice Command

    by Tamara Ballard

    The voice command is kind of weak, does not understand the commands given. Otherwise the system is great.

  • Accurate and Easy To Use!

    by msjudie

    Has gotten me there every time. I like having several options to enter my destination, text or voice.

  • Good App

    by Keith Lender

    I do a lot of traveling. Almost, never got lost using this app. Must have if you travel!

  • Current Version Much Worse Than Old

    by epwiii

    Current ATT Nav version by TomTom poor compared to former Telenav version. Fairly quick directions...But can be time delayed on 4G. Chooses obscure, time-consuming back roads instead if quicker highways. Very poor graphics & voice command. Nice secondary navigation to extra places, ie, gas, food, hotel, stores, movies.

  • Easy

    by CarDoctor04

    This app works well pulls contacts very easily. You can down info for off cell tower operation. Smooth operation I just wish it was cheaper per month.

  • Lags at the worst possible times

    by Phillip wolves

    I travel a lot, and sometimes it's easy to get turned around. This app is great in the sense of point a to b traveling but sometimes when it comes to rerouting or longer destinations it's useless

  • by FerggyBaby

    I do not care for this app. I have updated this app and it still send me to the wrong location, a business that is no longer at that address, give the wrong phone number, change the direction I should be going in, in the mist of sending me some place and the best one of all, I can be on the highway and it will tell me to make a turn on a street...I did say I was driving on the highway. I hate that I paid for this app.

  • AT&T Navigator

    by eiball7

    Been using this app for over 4 years now. Always gets me where I need to go. Love it!

  • GPS

    by Bigpolo253

    I like the old version.

  • Traffic

    by Adorejen

    Love this app! Always helps me with traffic!

  • Great app,

    by nkotfyfdrhjgcf

    I have used this app in PR with no problems. Well worth the 10 bucks.

  • It works

    by V just V

    It would nice if u could look way ahead at ur route and still track where u are / and directed at the same time. Ya think. Overall it's pretty accurate but on shortest route it needs to be the shortest route or call it round about route which is useless so u pick up what I'm laying down do the math but thanks for making it possible us to use.

  • Worth the cost!

    by Vanessa305

    Has reduced drive time on several occasions.

  • National business development manager

    by Chris K1960

    The latest version is extremely useful for anyone who has business to conduct outside of the office.

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