iMaps+ for Google Maps : Directions, Street View, Places Search and Contacts Navigation App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: Apptility Limited

- Support for iOS 7.
- Massive improvements to street view. No more bent roads or crashes when moving. Blue lines also appear when dragging the street view man to indicate compatible roads.
- You can now clear a search by clicking the blue arrow from any result and tapping 'Clear Search'.
- All possible routes to a destination now appear on the map at the same time. Tap one of the greyed out route alternatives to select it.

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iMaps+ brings Google Maps, Directions and Street View back to your iOS6 or iOS7 device. Powered by Google's Vector SDK, iMaps+ boasts quick load times, automatic caching of viewed areas and easy access to street view.


- Quickly switch between road, satellite, hybrid and terrain maps.
- Access street view from a dropped pin, search result or bookmarked location. Alternatively, drag the peg-man from the top left of the screen as per Google Maps on a desktop.
- Search by address or query (eg 'London, UK' or 'Restaurants in New York').
- Get step by step driving, cycling, walking and public transport directions. Choose to avoid highways or tolls and select from a number of alternative routes.
- Viewed areas are automatically cached for offline access.
- Swipe up and down to tilt the map and access 3D views in main cities around the world.
- Live traffic overlay.
- Use addresses from your contacts.
- Get suggestions as you type for search and directions.
- Track your current location.
- Press and hold to drop a pin anywhere on the map.
- Bookmark important locations for quick access.


Directions, street view and live traffic details are only available in certain geographical regions.

iMaps+ is in no way associated with Google or the official Google Maps application.

** Contact for support. Unfortunately, developers are unable to respond to reviews on the App Store. **

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent.

    by Railharry

    Works great on both my iPads and iPhone. Have maps in cars so don't use this for driving. Text (names, etc.) sometimes small for my tired eyes. But overall, excellent.

  • not a bad map app but could use some improvements

    by sssssssjjjj

    slow to load on my ipad2. one issue that bugs me is the lack of indication of curser position in the entry field. also when i try to contact designer to let them know i get routed to facebook?? how does that work?

  • Maps

    by Fallworth

    A great app. Use it quite often.

  • Really awesome

    by Hitman slick

    It is really nice ! I just love to see a lot more upgrades with this app. I know you guys can do that because I see a lot of the other apps being updated that's very fantastic.

  • Love it

    by johnos9

    Street view rocks! So far, driving directions are more reliable than iMaps

  • Que pasa

    by Vojkas

    Muchos nagachalos

  • Super

    by Rimacr

    Very accurate and reliable. Ideal for iPad.

  • Good Stuff

    by Jack1/61

    Works quite well. There are places that are out of date, highway construction never stops. I am making a list that you might want to check, will send when complete

  • Very useful!

    by Mr. Tug. B.

    This app is really very good. Apart from the crashes and the bugs it works perfectly fine. I have used it many times and have gotten great results.

  • Been a life saver

    by Jacqueline Klein

    Find better, faster routes depending on time of day. Better than the apps specifically for NYC public transportation. Only issue is it doesn't always seem to use location finder.

  • Finally!!

    by iConUSA

    Google Maps with (!) access to my iPhone contacts!

  • very useful

    by AgentQofCourse

    I use this app for everything. I mapped out a route for off-road motorcycle riding, planned a trip to Alaska via camper and continue to use it everyday on my phone or tablet. Thanks for picking up the slack for other mapping apps that fall short.

  • Awesome!

    by Y So Much?

    I use this on my iPad almost every day for work and home use,and it is my #1 app.It allows me to check areas and address locations before I hit the road.I love the street view feature,unbelievable !! The hybrid map is great too,this is a must have for anyone that drives a lot.

  • Very useful tool

    by Ajacz

    Quite an improvement and easy to use. Would like to see more detail on occasion in hybrid mode and why fuzz out house numbers when you can drop a pin and get number anyway? Overall though it is a very useful tool with more hooks than its peers.

  • Great app

    by MJCarvajal

    Easy to use, fast and very easy to see.

  • Great!

    by Jmapsmdhakkd

    I love it! Great picture and so much better than the maps that Apple puts on its devices.

  • Spatial information from the gods

    by Hot johnnie rock

    If Magellan had this app he would have made it all the way around. I'd like to see a ruler for measuRing my bike routes, but who am I to expect such things?

  • Terrific app

    by Discodan49

    Use it all the time to find my way and to check distance

  • Well done

    by just_dave

    One of the best implementations of google maps that I have seen. Works! As a nice bonus it can access the iPhone contacts, which google's app won't.

  • Love it!!

    by YeyeHowell

    Awesome app!!

  • really - no voice?

    by Laurel Mom

    What's the point of a map app with no voice? If I wanted to look at maps while I drive, I'd print one before leaving home. So frustrating to not be able to get voiced directions. I needed an alternative to the map program that comes loaded on the iPad, b/c that lady has NO idea how to get me through DC. This one was not the alternative I needed, though, unfortunately. Silly me to just assume that it would be voiced. I guess I'll be buying another app.

  • Confusing & Counter Intuitive

    by Phlodbear

    I wish I had my old iMaps back, because this is confusing and counter-intuitive.

  • CANNOT clear Searches

    by Nowcap47

    This is my favorite map app for browsing and looking at street view. However, once you put anything into search you cannot clear it. You'll see it every time you search. Bad. Anyone near you can see what you search. No stars for I-maps.

  • Locked at Getting Started Menu

    by Jemi5

    For now, it is waste of money. Apps locks you at Getting Started Menu. Please fix this.

  • I Thought it was Good...

    by Shakeam Campbell

    I truly thought this was a good alternative to google (my favorite nav app) and a decent upgrade to Maps (which I thought was good already) but it wasn't. The voiced directions are gone or at least the feature isn't on my app, this is the major downfall--we are driving and need to have our eyes on the road not on the phone trying to find where we are going. The second thing, in relation to the non-voiced directions, there is too much going on with the visual system of the nav, the current location bar or whatever it is that is displayed with the "peg-man" and current location, continues to stay visible after toggling the "follow the location and heading" feature and I can't make it disappear. Third thing is that it will not reroute, instead, it keeps going the wrong way. With all three of the best features in the navigation world gone, you have a pretty risky and unreliable nav app. Other than that you do have positive features like the contacts to direction feature and the ability to avoid highways and tolls is awesome but not enough to make this a good app. Please fix these problems and you will definitely have more followers and downloaders than both apple and google on this app

  • Very poor app

    by RayBo-Tokyo

    This app never seems able to find anything via search, which is surprising considering the maker. There seems to be no step by step guidance either, or if there is it is not intuitive enough to locate. Money wasted.

  • Unusable - crashes

    by CuriousTraveler

    The app is unusable. It crashes immediately upon opening every time.

  • Miles

    by Jimbeachz

    My directions are set in kilometers. I do not see any way to change to miles. Mapquest is easier to use!

  • Fine app as only Google can do

    by Den pick

    Starts really slowly. Typing blank is missing a cursor and nothing fixes it....including reload,reboot, and buy iPad 4. Otherwise fine.

  • No sound for directions

    by Nyorker

    Why no voice?? Google maps uses it.

  • No Point

    by Capti

    Save the two dollars and simply download google maps. It uses google's map data so why not....

  • No Point

    by Capti

    Save the two dollars and simply download google maps. It uses google's map data so why not....


    by bsk7247

    A true utter disgrace!! Bring back google map and admit you've totally failed.

  • Garbage App

    by Dinky Says

    Save your 2 bucks for something that works

  • Crazy

    by ForBuying

    Awful. Cumbersome & crashes a LOT. Waste of money.

  • Dislike

    by Grtlksdvr

    Worked the first day and now won't even open.

  • Crashes

    by Creston45

    Just downloaded for iOS 7. App opens but immediately crashes. Don't buy this version.

  • Works great

    by Mapreviewer

    Map is good. Turn by turn is great. Search works good as well. No street view, but that's to be expected.

  • I love imaps+

    by Futurerockatar98

    I absolutely LOVE imaps+ it is the best google map apps that you will find

  • Maps+ app

    by Ernesto Bayona

    Excellent help

  • Not ready for I Pad yet!

    by Dick & Shirl

    Street view doesn't work keeps dropping out. The whole thing isn't smooth or user friendly.

  • iMaps

    by neuroscientist007

    Worst Apple app ever. Crashes in street view; inaccurate directions; maps out of date/wrong. Give it up Apple, no one can win them all. I love Apple but for maps Google rules!

  • Great App

    by سموي

    This is one of the best apps.

  • JoBoTN

    by Dyobjr

    No complaints here. This is a great and useful site.

  • Terrible

    by Jjjjjjjkkkbbbyy

    Keeps crashing in street view

  • Google maps

    by Eag1e92

    The app is ok, more accurate than apple maps but I really wish the directions had vocal announcements instead of having to read step by step. And also it takes quite awhile for the app to load.


    by BeaBop10

    This app is useless. Impossible to watch screen while driving. NO VOICE NAVIGATION. Get Google Maps instead & set it to Beta for voice navigation.

  • Not worth a dime

    by incomplete order

    This app is a bad

  • Save your $$

    by Z!mm

    This app located the addresses and points of interest well enough, but the directions provided were not efficient or accurate. In some cases the app erred and could not provide directions at all. I will chalk up $10 to a lesson learned and continue to use Google maps. Hope I saved you the $10.

  • My favorite

    by fbtweiss

    There are plenty of map aps out there and some of them are good. I have downloaded several so I have a choice each time I am headed somewhere and need to know exactly where it is. No matter which ap I choose, I ALWAYS end up here! This map site does it right. Come to think of it, I will delete all the others so I start at the right map to begin with!

  • Works!

    by Cine freak

    Works great so far. I really like the street view

  • This?

    by Lolzzzzzxoxo

    Is Good

  • Excellent app

    by Redtop3333

    love it

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