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- fixed show directions

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Find nearby stores, hotels, restaurants, healthcare services and much more - 14 million U.S. businesses at your fingertips.

This yellow pages application will help you locate the closest pizzeria in the city, it will show you the opening hours, accepted credit cards, and it will help you to make a phone call or find it on the Web.

Then it'll actually give you directions to get there.

Key features:
- 14 Million Businesses in the USA
- 12,000 Business Categories
- Verified and up-to-date
- uses your GPS location (if available)
- uses your electronic compass to show you directions (if available)
- search by location (you can find businesses in a specified city)
- easy to access search history
- intelligent search assistant will help you find what you desire
- quick "add to contacts" feature

Just look at the screenshots and download Business Locator NOW!

Business Search Development Team

Customer Reviews

  • Mis-location

    by Hagden

    Why when I enter "Concord, NH" for a specific business do I get "Cobelskill, NH?"

  • owner

    by tippye

    excellent app!!

  • Useful!

    by JTX2013

    More info and quicker to use than others

  • Very useful app!

    by NatalliaP

    Very useful

  • Very handy app!

    by Rock G-d

    I like the app a lot! The only improvement that would make it 5 stars is to grab the web site for the business. Even without it, it's a huge time saver because the addresses are good for my GPS and the numbers allow me to use my cell phone to make reservations.

  • OK

    by Gerewol

    Always finds location for my Starbucks fix and other franchise businesses. Works for me.

  • I like this app

    by Nickshambala

    Fantastic for searching businesses; highly accurate. Tried it in a remote place in NYC, and was very pleased. Definitely recommend!

  • I like it!

    by FJTB33

    Great app for business searches, i use it all the time.

  • Best app yet

    by Ptyara

    I love this app because of the extra information it provides on business locations, unlike any other. Great app!

  • Excellent

    by Arbion

    I love it. Very helpful

  • Business77

    by Sunger0006

    Very useful app. Great coverage. I use it all the time.

  • Great app

    by China s.

    Great app I love it:)

  • Efficient

    by Zygota

    I have found it very handy from time to time.

  • Great apps

    by D1free

    Always able to find local businesses close to home & while traveling! Very good resource .

  • Amazing app

    by Jordy230

    This app is very helpful and should be a must have for any iPhone user

  • Works great !

    by Evac14driver

    Always find what I'm looking for.

  • Quick easy and accurate

    by Levi Swimmer

    Easy to use but sometimes assumes too much. Searching for a fabric store can get a list of metal and pipe fabrication shops. Overall very good.

  • None better!

    by Old Buckeroo

    Fantastic ap....use it daily!

  • Essential App!

    by Christ-man

    This is a must have, especially if you travel a bit.

  • Helpful & Accurate

    by DP246

    Great app

  • Huntsvillian

    by SearchLooker

    Maps are several years out of date !!!!

  • Sorry I wasted my time with this app.

    by PopsR

    What's the point? I was expecting something more, but it is surely something LESS than a google search. It didn't find my business that's been open a little more than two years. When I searched for other businesses that I knew had Ben open at least 5 years, it found them but what did it tell me? Which credit cards it accepts?! I'll just stick with google and even yahoo before revisiting this app. Good luck.

  • Another app crash

    by 4b3b3c

    Its a shame it crashes everytime i try to use it. It would probably be a decent app.

  • Useful tool for prospecting

    by NBTween

    No app of this nature is perfect. But this app does 99% of what it says it does. A must have for my business.

  • Excellent Locator

    by Utsilv

    A locator you need on your iPhone. It finds just what your looking for and shows exactly where you are at the snap of a finger. And it's FREE.

  • Iffy app

    by NMhiker7

    Sometimes works well. But it couln't find a specific restaurant that's bee in business for several years. When I tried to search by restaurant type it came up with just one restaurant, even though there are a couple dozen in that category in town. The one it came up with wasn't the one I was looking for.

  • great app

    by Mayespino

    Very useful app

  • Self employed

    by Draglink

    This App works well for me numbers and address are correct . When I need to search for a business it works

  • A++ App

    by Net Sailor

    This is an excellent and very useful app for both IPad and IPhone. It has quickly become my sidekick. Well done, thanks.

  • It's worked well for me.

    by Ed Castleman

    In the 6 months or so that I've had this app I've used it quite a few times and I don't think it's let me down more than once or twice, and I believe that had to do more with the establishments closing their doors prematurely than any failure of the application. Thank you for this great product.

  • Gr8 App

    by SpaGirl321

    This is a really useful app. 1 of the best free or otherwise. Convenient & helpful. Try 4 urself!

  • Great App

    by Bears fan 2011

    Fantastic App for finding companies that are close to you.

  • Very useful app

    by Fourstarreview

    This app works very well. It does list business hours. A must have!!

  • Useful app

    by Ladigaga55

    I found this app especially useful when traveling, instead of relying on my gps that had outdated information. Program was very intuative and simple to use, huge database of businesses. Highly recommended!!!

  • Very satisfied

    by University geek

    I have been using the new version and it is very useful whenever I need quick and accurate information.

  • Biz locator

    by Stick:98765

    Difficult, poor logistics,

  • Legit

    by The BeastMac

    Does what it says, use it often, minor updates needed but otherwise it's legit

  • Horrible

    by SueZeQ

    Has few businesses that come up (searched for restaurants in downtown orlando and it listed 12 out of probably 60 in that zip code and they were all fast food) can't search outside your geographic area without knowing zip code, awkward interface. Gps works good though.

  • Don't waste your time or space.

    by zuam08

    I downloaded this one cause it said it gives u the hours of the business. It. Does not, 1st business I look for has little to no info & no hours. Deleting & back to yelp!

  • Very useful

    by rlf233

    Excellent app, very intuitive to use

  • User

    by gato71f

    Works ok, could use more development.

  • Love the app

    by Little more

    This app is really helpful. I love it.

  • Business locator

    by John garnache

    Very useful app! Only thing I dont like is the gps thats linked to it. No voice prompts

  • Just okay.

    by Striknyne

    Very buggy, imprecise and not do up to date.

  • Business locator

    by Deathscrote

    Very cool!!

  • Useful

    by Ftys


  • Cool app

    by 7uppp

    Cool app

  • Great tool!

    by News info on the run

    This app is very helpful! It's like having a yellow pages book and GPS on my phone.

  • Does not compare to yp mobile app

    by Justfeltlikerunning

    I tried this app & found the yp mobile app to be more user friendly. As much as I dislike AT&T I still recommend their yp mobile app over this

  • Very useful app

    by NandaFL

    Very useful app

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