Go 7-11 - Find your nearest 7-Eleven Navigation App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: ActiveGuru Ltd.

- iOS 5 compatibility
- Improved app launch time and performance
- You can now report problems and inaccuracies about entries
- Choose from a selection of data providers to ensure you always find the best results for your area
- Improved result fetching logic to find entries faster
- Landscape orientation support added
- Fixed a bug where the 'no results' screen would show while results were still loading
- You can now gift the app from the menu

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Never know where the nearest 7-Eleven is? No problem!

This application allows you to find your nearest 7-Elevens in just a single tap!

★ Features:

- Automatically finds the nearest businesses when you launch the app
- List automatically sorted by distance and updated as you move around
- Shows distance in large type allowing you to quickly scan the list
- Tap a business for further details
- Star ratings for many locations
- Get reviews, photos and more on the 'more details' page
- One tap to call a selected business
- Easy access to walking or driving directions using your favourite Sat Nav apps or the Maps app
- Need to find businesses elsewhere? Got an inaccurate GPS signal? Simply use the location selector to override the search area.
- Location selector lets you use your current location, pick where you want to search on a map, or select a previously used location
- Set a business as your search location to find others nearby
- Location bar shows your GPS signal accuracy and the place name of where you are
- Swap between miles and kilometres using the Settings app on your device
- Does not require Location Services/GPS, so the app functions well on an iPod Touch
- Save a business to your device's address book
- View a map of a location within the app

Our data sources cover many countries worldwide, including the US, UK, most of Europe, Canada, Australia and many more.

Please note that ActiveGuru Ltd. is not associated with 7-Eleven/Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd. in any way.

What are you waiting for? Download the app today!

Customer Reviews

  • Slurp-a-Lucious!

    by Pawther

    Thank heaven for the 7-11 locater app Now I can get my slurp on anytime! 

  • Not bad at all

    by Mr. Froogle

    Works perfect over here (dc), but the main reason people want this app is for slurpees. Give us a way to tell other users where the flavors are in each branch - slurpee addict


    by No12Know

    This app does not work.

  • President

    by Sad sad sack

    Never worked for me. I wouldn't recommend it!

  • Crap

    by Fountainguy

    This app will tell you there is a 7-Eleven 3 miles away when your sitting in the parking lot of one. Then it misses the four other 7-elevens on the way to the one it lists 3 miles away from me. It also reports 7-elevens that no longer exist. It has a feature to report incorrect data but even though I have reported incorrect data about the same stores NUMEROUS times over the span of a year, they never fix the data. Also, it is a clunky app. No way to back out and run another search if you click on "show on map" or if your location can't be found for some reason. You have to exit app and start it again. I have had this app for years and have never seen an update. Save your money and just do a search on your maps program built in to the phone. The results are quicker, WAY more accurate and free!

  • Doesn't work

    by Blah blah7722

    Always displays no results even when there is a 7-11 right next to you. 100% worthless ... Does not work!

  • Where's the reload button?

    by Still waiting for coffee

    Sent several messages to support , when you lose wi-fi, the app doesn't reload itself.now I can be infront of a 7-11,and it says no results.

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