Global Navigator Pro - Best outdoor offline map and navigation Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Navigation
  • Publisher: Acamar
  • Updated: Dec, 01 2010
  • Version: 3.6
  • Size: 4.1 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, Chinese

Seller: Chaoren Chen

1. Better support for iOS 7.
2. Minor map display issues fixed.

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Outdoor maps and navigation best choice! Create your own offline maps for hiking, travel, driving, mountaineering, even airplane driving! Auto fix of china map drift issue. Play offline/online world navigation like a pro. Voice/turn-by-turn guides. World coverage of offline maps can be created by yourself. iOS 7 supported.

$3.99 and now FREE for a limited time until 15 Feb, 2014!

• 100K downloads per day, rank No.1 navigation in 27 countries, top 10 in 67 countries during free period!
• Featured as New & Noteworthy by Apple
• Voice & turn-by-turn navigation
• Real time traffic with certain online maps
• Fix china map drift issue
• Enjoy 30+ map sources in offline mode

Global Navigator (GlobalNav) - Navigate you around the world with your iPad/iPhone GPS version. Supports both offline and online maps. You can download rich resources of offline maps from Internet or create your own using free tool of Mobile Atlas Creator (, then transfer map files into iPad/iPhone using iTunes' file sharing.

By using offline map mode, you will enjoy fast map display and operation, you no longer need to pay for mobile network data of map downloading. Before you travel to a new place, you can just create the offline map within several minutes and copy it to iPad/iPhone, you can also plan the route to save for future use. Never lost again no matter in driving, hiking, biking or finding your parking place.


• Voice navigation with English/Chinese.
• Turn-by-turn navigation panel.
• Real time compass.
• Navigation simulation.
• Supports more than 30 sources of offline map by using Mobile Atlas Creator.
• Import/export offline maps using iTunes.
• Supports 7 online map sources.
• Route planning, save, load and export.
• Track recording, save, load and export.
• POI management.
• Search locally or globally to locate any place in the world.
• Display engine optimized ensure fast display of route with dozen of thousands of way points.
• Fix location drift by enabling "Mars" mode if you have such issue when using some mandarin maps.
• Quick buttons for fast access to frequent functions.
• Auto-manage map cache to ensure fast map loading when using online maps.
• Support both portrait and landscape screen orientation.
• iPad/iPhone universal application with native user interface.
• iPhone 4 retina supported.

Map sources:

• Offline map support:
Supports popular RMaps/BigPlanet SQLite format (a single sqlitedb file) offline maps, create your own map or download from Internet. More than 30 map sources can be choose when you download.

By using offline map creation tool Mobile Atlas Creator, you can plan a route and just download the nearby area to cover the route, or you can download the full coverage of an entire city or country. Map detail level can also be chosen according to you needs.

Use offline maps for fast display and save your money.

Visit to download full feature offline map creator.

• Online maps:
Switch to online maps instantly. Support 7 popular map sources.

• Languages:
English and simplified Chinese.

• Countries with direction support notice:
Before you purchase, please check to see if direction supported in your country.

• iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad with GPS capability is required.
• iOS 4.3 and above required.
• iTunes required to import/export offline maps.
• Mobile Atlas Creator (free open-source tool) required to create offline maps.
• Route planning, location search needed to be done online.

Customer Reviews

  • Verry verry good

    by Soroush.i5

    Verry good Thanks

  • Very very good app

    by sanaza sanny

    I am very satisfied with this app and I recommend to buy and enjoy this utility app...

  • 計算制度

    by Yweelims

    如果如能增加英制車速換算更好,很實用 A++++

  • Global gps

    by RackCoco

    Not working like I expected.The navigation moves faster than my car and it takes the long route.

  • 不错,改进空间大

    by Richard hoo

    比起专业导航公司的软件,这款性价比还可以。作者也不断改进中,如改进了按行进方向显示地图,很好。几点评价:1 支持自制离线地图,虽废点时间,但省了空间与网络流量,真正实现全球导航,我在国内外都用过,赞;2 定位准确度问题,行进时准确,停止或低于10公里时速时漂移严重,且常误报偏移路线;3 路径规划需要落网支持很不方便,能支持离线规划路径就完美了 4 设置路线的操作太业余,关键要提高周边搜索的功能,因为很难找到要去的地方,路线设置就无法完成。另外,不支持反向一键设置路线,希望能增加 5 耗电厉害,不知是否可提高;6 其他兄弟提到的建议,如增加行车东西南北方向显示,距离及剩余路程,增加导航路线预览(预先可以看看走多远到哪要向哪拐等,做到先心中有数,行车中就可以少看导航) 四星表示鼓励,希望不断完善!

  • 有实用性,出门的时候用得上。

    by 丫丫的妈妈


  • 限免时收下的

    by whereer


  • 没信号时怎么办

    by Mike Zhang


  • 不错

    by sunnyb0y


  • Offline maps lacking

    by Anthony691

    I was most interested in this app's offline map support. Creating an offline map is quite a hassle and after I was finished my map didn't include POI or other features that I desired. Also, this program's interface is nightmarish. For offline maps I recommend trying City Map2Go. The developers go through the hassle of making the maps and the interface is much better.

  • My iPhone finally turn into a GPS gadget

    by SolarwindSenior

    Great app! Best offline navigator I ever used. Simple but powerful. Who complain crash please read requirements before you decide to download and submit your review. iPhone: iOS 4 iPad: iOS 3.2.1

  • Great App.

    by penguin@CCF

    Great App. We can now use this reliable offline map in TIAN Dynasty.

  • Powerful Nav software on Iphone

    by Alex Chen

    it's very good software which can use offline map ,but the software UI need to be improved

  • Cool App

    by unique.yue

    It is able to use customized offline maps, this is very useful for me. It's definitely bad experience when you have to use 2G network to download online maps. It will be much better if its HMI design can be improved.

  • Nice app!

    by steezhao

    It's easy to use and I love the online map download when I am out of home. It is truly a global navigator. It's worth to have a try.

  • Great Product

    by Xu Desheng

    this product is really great. I have tried different navigation tool and this one is the best so far I experienced!!! a comment from CCFer. :)

  • useful map when offline

    by stny@

    so far this is the first App support offline google map as I know... very useful.

  • a very good soft

    by 小虫乐乐

    What a wonderful software. I have searched this kind of software for a long time. thanks a lot.

  • Very Good!

    by SkYoung@CCF

    But interface need to beautify!Make an extra effort!

  • Great software


    Great software

  • The most bas app allover the world

    by Tiger cross

    Do not buy It is the most bad app It is nothing No rate below zero So I could not rate it actually But to send my comment I must choose at least 1 star Actual rating should be below zero

  • I don't like this. Do not buy it!!!!!

    by Eden36

    This is a quite horrible app. I can't change the route I want to take it gives me a route and i can't change it, can't add midpoints, and to top it all off this app says it is an offline map not true this is horrible I had to be connected to wifi for this to work. I strongly recommend to NOT buy this app. Not worth my money AT ALL!!!!!!

  • Not what I expected

    by saulov

    Is not able to find an address or road. Only places or POI places

  • Bookmarks?

    by Veronica CA

    How can you see all bookmarks or all destinations at one time? I want to see what items are close together for time management.

  • Absolute Non Sense

    by Jovi 1

    Please do not buy. Absolute waste of money. Not even worth a cent. I am giving it a single star as there is no option of giving a zero!

  • don

    by kehale

    has PC-itus. Mapmaker Is not mac friendly. Takes foreeeeeeeever to download any maps. No documentation available for instructions. Major frustration.

  • Crashes frequently

    by Omi221

    It is a great app. Previous versions was much more stable than current version. Hope you check and solve the problem

  • 无法搜索具体地址。

    by Kingtime


  • Crash on startup

    by Senthil Vijay

    Crash on startup. iPhone 3gs 3.1.2

  • OK app

    by jim8mad

    Decent app, but could use a lot of improvements. I typed in my address and it couldn't find it, only businesses. How about an option for miles. Not all of us live where distance and speed is measured in kilometers. I also didn't like being told everytime i went over 80 and 120 km/hr when driving on highways and interstates.

  • Craptastic

    by Robert-&-Tracy

    Do not download. Not even for free.

  • Slow

    by Lion_crazz

    This appeared to be a good looking app but it had a very difficult time finding my location and then it would just freeze up.

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