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• Minor bug fixes

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C Tuner is a chromatic instrument tuner and tone generator that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using the built-in mic in your iPhone or using an external mic on your 2nd or 3rd generation iPod Touch, also, If you want to tuning lower pitch or shorter pitch in any environment, you can use our tools for iPhone tuner. you will find our tuner is do for all of the Instrument.

C Tuner can tune acoustic or electric guitar, bass, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, tympani, tablas and any other instrument.tuner star pro is not only a tuner with chromatic, It have four instrument mode: guitar tuning / ukulele tuning / violin tuning / ukulele tuning, each instrument with several tuning modes, It help you easier to tuning.

- Support all Transposition: Chromatic Ckey/Ebkey/Fkey/Bbkey/ ...
- For dedicated instrument tuning: guitar/bass/Ukulele/violin
- Subwoofer calibration: G0 (24.5HZ, 20HZ following sound undetectable)
- Accuracy: ± 0.1 cent
- Flat Tuning
- Tone Generator

Thanks very much for the advice by Ekdenton, we fixed the bug.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent

    by Cesibel89

    Very good

  • Accurate easy to use once you find the directions

    by CGtina

    I've been looking for a tuner app that reads in cents and not on one of those meters with a needle which I find difficult to read and which are often graduated in two cent intervals. I make concertinas for a living have to tune many hundreds of reeds a year. I do my final tuning on a Sanderson Accutuner which was developed for piano tuners and allows you to select the pitch you are trying to tune to. This is important since piano strings and concertina reeds are rich in harmonics that can fool a tuner that scans for the strongest one. That is the only fault I have with this tuner in that it doesn't allow pitch selection except for a few instruments. This tuner matches the reading on my Accutuner exactly . Both read to a tenth of a cent. I find it highly useful for my pre-tuning and doing the initial tuning chart for each instrument because it is fast and allows me to stop having to estimate the needle position on my old pre tuner. If it allowed you to select the note and octave to block other sounds, I'd consider it as close to perfect as it could be for my uses. For those who are looking for frequency readings. They may be useful for certain temperaments, but for the most part, all the common temperaments are available listed in cents. Cents also are a relative measure that means the same thing at C1 as at c8, while hertz measures are absolute, one hertz meaning one thing at 60 hz. and quite another at 7680hz. Perhaps a selectable readout would make the app even more versatile. Dana Johnson

  • Tune

    by Meganflk

    Great tuner!

  • Tuner Pro

    by ObservantOne

    Much better than my other tuners.

  • Muy util

    by Chilerafting

    Muy util

  • Open g tuning wrong

    by Ekdenton

    They need to update this app and change the high E string to a D on the open G tune setting. It is incorrect as it is.

  • Groovy app

    by Blankety-Blank

    Good feature set. Offers many tunings for slide or open string style play. Seems very accurate. Worth the money. Large display, easy to read and easy to use.

  • Great Tuner

    by Studio player

    Works well, period.

  • Awesome app

    by switchblade5403309

    Exactly what I need for violin, bass guitar, and piano in my life. Love this app.

  • Awesome

    by Romeofoxtrotvxddyjnvfkufj

    It does what it says

  • ممتاز

    by mars !!!

    ممتاز وسريع الفهم وبه ميزات جميله

  • Bad update

    by Paganetti

    Since the last update u can't hear the tones still waiting for a fix the lite version still works

  • I admit I like it

    by ZinPy

    I'm sure it'll help me to modify my heart beat to club beat.

  • Best tuner I've had

    by Tome1810

    I have purchased two Korg handheld tuners before, and they are both vastly inferior to this much cheaper app. The app is much more accurate and picks up on the sound longer. If you need a tuner, buy this one!

  • Works!

    by Hhubggv

    It works perfectly

  • Fine tuner

    by Stanley A Wilson

    Worth the----cents. :)

  • Works great!

    by Shiply

    Multiple instrument setting. Very accurate.

  • Awesome

    by liyejun

    Must have app for guitar fans. 同胞友情帮顶

  • Down to the cent

    by Adam Mehr

    This seems to be the best tuner in the App Store. Very accurate, simple to use. No complaints, 5- stars.

  • Great!

    by Roger Lessman

    The tuner is fantastic, the best I have used. I do have one problem, it does not always load. In order to get it to work properly I have to do a reset of my iPhone. Not sure what the problem is but the tuner is great otherwise.

  • Perfect!

    by Clyde1783

    Nothing bad I can say. I am new to the ukulele and have no experience tuning an instrument. This application makes it easy!

  • Great!

    by Cherryskittle

    Great app I can tune my violin for this price is perfect!

  • Holy Bananas!

    by JosephDBreck

    This is a great tuner - very accurate and user-friendly.

  • Great tuner

    by asdds

    Works very well. Precise, easy to use.

  • i love the bluetooth

    by coninecool

    Can anybody else make app with bluetooth input support, i am wondering.

  • wow

    by findmusical

    so helpful.

  • unbelieveble

    by guitarlover123

    I am not quite understand why people wrote bad reviews about it because i texted it for many times , it never cracks.So amazing for me.

  • bluetooth support is cool

    by rubypal

    Not all app support bluetooth input . So when i come across this one ,i got excited.The bluetooth support is really really cool!!

  • love it

    by gagalikesmusic

    The needle-like indicator indicates exactly the my tone. I love this so much.

  • i love its bluetooth

    by cathylikey

    i paid for this because it suppot bluetooth. It is really a creative and smart idea.

  • great interface

    by katlove music

    The nice interface and nice working system. I loved it.

  • bluetooth input is so amazing

    by fhsah

    The most shining point of this app is ,it supports bluetooth input. I got an accurate tuning with it.

  • awesome tuner

    by rubyii

    i teach music in schools ,tuner* always keeps my class in best tune.

  • simple but powerful

    by jhgey

    It my tuner master with high detection. This is simple but powerful.

  • need a pick up

    by asytgo

    i used to take tuner* mouth ago , now i got version 2.1.0 freely. Waiting for its futher updating.Don't you think they need a pick up when used on bass?Why nobody mentioned about this???

  • works well

    by vzdgsa

    This app works and works well. That's what all i can say.

  • great !!!

    by andrewlody

    My music pal.

  • good

    by jeyrde

    Easy in its operation,keep my bass at best tuning.Tuner lite is good as well.

  • A tuner master

    by nike is me

    0.1cent is so cool.

  • nice tool

    by juiye

    The update version is much better than the prevoius one and it also support bluetooth input.

  • Great tuner!

    by jhlytn

    The best !

  • Much like my tuner Korg Pitch Black Plus

    by kety white

    I down load this tuner,As it is much like my tuner Korg Pitch Black Plus, I think it is made by korg,But not ! I test it,So Surprise! So good! Not a pity , a good choice.

  • Love the UI

    by RajMP

    Easy, clean, and accurate. Great for acoustics & electrics.

  • it will become better

    by Aheaven FAE

    to the best tuner in app store .for a week .we updating it . it will be Perfect.

  • amazing tuner

    by dxak

    It was AMAZING after using for 3 days in Tuner* Lite. I have five guitars, three traditional ones while two electrical ones. When I tuning with tuner* lite, my traditional ones can reach the detection accuracy at +_1.5 cents but electric once reaches as far as +-0.3 cents, really amazing . Then I get the paid version, So I don’t need any other tuner any more.

  • Awful app

    by bin82

    doesn't work at all!!

  • Orientation Problem

    by AlastairLC

    This App comes up sideways and upside down on my IPad. It doesn't reorient itself as almost all other IPad apps do, and has no way to adjust orientation. This needs to be fixed in an upgrade ASAP.

  • A lot better

    by James Peripheral

    A lot better than other guitar tuners.

  • by Rolx123

    The best

  • user fzzz problem wich not work.

    by solve work

    Hi Fzzz ,thanks for your test report , we test our app in itouch 2 itouch3\ ipad 2\the new ipad\ iphone 4\iphone 4s all of them work well, can you tell me what equipment you use, this is very important to our company . i hope you can contact with us ,you can use skype email msn. thanks very much . our web will be coming in next week .you can give me massege to us at that time . another version will be coming in next week , maybe when you Install software have a problem ,you can install it again to try if our soft become ok. thanks for you note .

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