CloudBeats - Music Player for Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Mediafire Music App Review (iOS, $4.99)


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Seller: Willengale Solutions Ltd.

Fixed tricky bug that caused crash on GoogleDrive login.
Squashed few other bugs.

Please take our apologies if you experienced problems with previous version.

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Save space on a device, have instant access to your audio files anywhere.
Listen to your music, audiobooks and podcasts directly from the cloud !

If you've got large iTunes music library this music player is the perfect solution to access your favorite songs and entire music library - without taking up any extra device space and synchronization hassle.

Once you moved your music collection to the cloud, CloudBeats connects to any of your cloud storage including DropBox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive and Mediafire and streams your music directly from there.

Offline mode allows you to download your favorite albums and songs for offline playback - meaning that you can listen to music, even when you aren’t connected to the internet.

・ plays mp3, aac, m4a, wav, aiff, m4r
・ offline playback mode ! download your favorite albums on device for listening without internet connection.
・ create playlists from music in multiple cloud services
・ personal Radio - a mix from your music collection in the cloud
・ repeat and shuffle
・ album art in the player
・ favorite folders for fast access
・ gesture controls in the player
・ narration speed control and bookmark for audiobooks listening
・ sleep timer
・ local search - works over the folders that you have opened at least once
・ Airplay is supported
・ single universal app for iPhone and iPad

* Please note that the app cannot play drm protected files purchased on Itunes Store.
** Google Music service is not supported

Customer Reviews

  • Super Cloud Player!

    by DDS4life

    Thank you so much for adding the option to clear cached files! Please in the future...give a little guide when first opening the updated app that shows where the options/changes are. It took me several minutes to find it. Not intuitive if you ask me. I've liked this app for awhile and the GUI regularly freezes up when switching between apps or the home screen... I have to force the app closed and reopened... If that was fixed I would be SOOOO thankful! It freezes up regularly. I'm using an iPhone 5 with IOS 7.0.4. No other apps have to be open for it to freeze and a reboot does not fix the problem.

  • Good Job

    by Christian Rolon

    Its getting Better Every Update. Good job

  • The Best

    by Stevonadarius

    I've tried some other cloud players and this is by far the best. The format and accessibility far surpasses that of its competitors. The ability to download music from the cloud without syncing my iPhone is invaluable. 5/5

  • I can’t believe how fast and simple this app is!!!

    by pozboy

    Wow! No more confusion around music in my iPhone, and no more sync struggling! Thanks for restoring my joy with this versatile, good-looking and well-programmed app.

  • Most versatile cloud player in the app store

    by Samedia

    The app is getting more amazing with every update. Latest update is just another indication of that... Thank you! Excellent cloud player that works with most of the cloud services and lets you offline and favorite your songs. Has a slick ui and comes with all the features you would expect from a great audio player. Most importantly it comes with great support and constant improvements! Always look forward to future updates.

  • Great app!

    by akbal

    The best!

  • Great app

    by Bubbinator293

    this is awesome, I use it to store all of my music, saving a lot of space on my phone.

  • Thank U!

    by qmehrabi

    Good job :-)

  • Love this App

    by DMX's Boomer

    I use it everyday. It's a lifesaver for me. With the addition of the Save Bookmark on Pause feature I'm officially blown away by this upgrade. I use this mostly for audiobooks and to listen to Howard Stern shows so they are 4+ hours. The ability to automatically bookmark and remember where I left is a killer feature for people like me. Thanks again for this great app!

  • I wish there was an option to rate this APP 5star+ or even higher

    by appleadaykeepswindowsaway

    Nothing comes even close to this APP for it does i.e. Audio streaming from multiple cloud services. Unlike some other APPs, it does not download music on the iPhone or iPad. I have been using this APP for a few weeks now and had interacted with the tech support a few times. Tech support is quick and very professional. I only wish that I was not limited to giving 5 stars to this product. Excellent product and excellent tech support. Nothing beats this combInation.

  • Great App...

    by ttelracs

    I like it.


    by LosAngeles90631

    GREAT UPDATE! HOPE you will someday allow songs to be deleted (from app and cloud) and also renaming of songs within the app (and cloud). THANKS Does EXACTLY what it says it does. And more! ***I RARELY give five stars because I am picky and finicky*** WISH I could delete songs and/or change song names inside the app. Needs ability to access several cloud/storage of the same company (but different accounts). Right now, you can only have 1 account per cloud, i.e. access one google drives at a time. TOTALLY ends the need to keep music locally and take up valuable space on the iPad and iPhone. You can even add playlists that span across SEVERAL CLOUD SERVICES!!!!!! Now, I have ZERO music files on my iPad clearing TONS OF SPACE since I play exclusively from cloud streaming. FANTASTIC!

  • Great App, want to see future updates....

    by Jimmy joehdjsjdjdjjsjfjff

    This is a great app, and I find myself using it more and more every day. I plan to upload my entire library and use this as my primary music player. There are a few things I would like to see in future updates, but the most important to me would be a COMBINED VIEW that shows ALL folders from the different online storage sites. A few other ideas follow: -sort by genre view -multiple accounts for one cloud service ie. if one has 2 "box" accounts. -pCloud compatability Thanks, and keep up the fantastic updates!

  • Pros and Cons

    by Inertia55

    Pros: Allows playlist creation from a lot of cloud storage services. Cons: 1. It signs me out of cloud services often and its a bit annoying to login again. 2. Would like to see an option to export playlists or save them on cloud to retrieve them on multiple devices.

  • Super Cloud Player!

    by DDS4life

    Thank you so much for adding the option to clear cached files! Please in the future...give a little guide when first opening the updated app that shows where the options/changes are. It took me several minutes to find it. Not intuitive if you ask me. I've liked this app for awhile and the GUI regularly freezes up when switching between apps or the home screen... I have to force the app closed and reopened... If that was fixed I would be SOOOO thankful! It freezes up regularly. I'm using an iPhone 5 with IOS 7.0.4. No apps other apps have to be open for it to freeze and a reboot does not fix the problem.

  • Better than expected

    by JMG_Ville

    Straightforward interface. Just what I was looking for from a simple cloud music player.

  • Good app

    by brendanxtrom

    Very helpful companion for drop box and Google Drive.

  • Almost Perfect

    by Woogetybop

    Excellent player worth 5 stars! What this player does it does well. I have experienced no problems or bugs. One feature I would like to see is syncing all folders at once. I can sync from the main folder, but it doesn't sync sub folders. I have 18 folders and I have to sync each and every one of them. If that feature was added for my use it would be perfect!

  • GREAT!!!!!!!!


    FINALLY!!, I can have all my songs with very little storage needed:D. I recommend this to anyone who has a lot of songs!!!!!'

  • Exactly what I need

    by Skyhunteryyz

    I use Dropbox for all my music and the actual Dropbox app doesn't quite cut it. Cloudbeats is what every Dropbox music user should have. Hands down.

  • Missing Songs?

    by celticclare

    Great at first, but randomly stops showing certain songs (that are still on the actual drive) the moment the connection gets bad. It's a shame, as I thought this would be an alternative for a new MP3 player when my old one broke, as I don't have space for my 40+ gigs of music on my phone.

  • Very nice app

    by Cjhoffmn

    This paves the way for moving my music library up to the cloud. It does the basics really well - and has been well built. I look forward to future updates hopefully including: Ability to include sub folders in the offline folders and therefore ability to add folders without music files Better offline synchronizing - it needs to work more like DBx does - where it syncs auto in the background. Ability to sort by criteria (such as date, artist) Improved ability to see meta data about the files. I like that it uses ID tags, but I make multiplies versions of songs and I'd like to be able to see the file names as well. But very happy with this app and have made several recommendations to people who have it now!

  • Awesome!!

    by Isaac*387

    Worth every Penney

  • Great app!

    by Weissie20

    I use this app to listen to audiobook files hosted on my google drive. It works great, and I love the ability to bookmark a spot, speed up or slow down audio, and jump back and forth a few seconds if you missed something.

  • Good

    by Kedeezy

    Saves so much time.

  • Good

    by babyshanlay

    I like it.

  • Gapless playback?

    by mitchwalcott

    Gapless playback would be nice for offline content.

  • Works great

    by Timmy Shanhamberger

    Great app. Very convenient. My new default music player for iOS devices.

  • So so

    by Gary Walton

    This is pretty good. It'd be nice if you could edit your cloud lists, and if it would run in the background

  • Great Cloud Music Player

    by fleikenpoo

    I love this app. It's easy to use and I can just play my music directly from my Dropbox account instead of having to take the space on my phone or to upload it to another cloud service. Highly recommended app.

  • Best music app

    by Keno O

    Hope that lyrics and EQ come soon in next update.

  • Just what I needed!

    by CColotti

    Last year I uploaded all my music files to google drive. This is just what I needed to listen to it all. The only thing I would ask is a way to select a top level folder and add all contents to a playlist I keep my files by artist and would love to add the whole artist folder with a tap and hold menu. Keep up the good work!

  • Incomplete

    by Brazilectro21

    I wish the app could have the option to select songs by artists and genres... I feel regret of purchase!

  • Great app, but...

    by Rushguy

    It has a problem remebering the playback position. I listen to some 3 hour long radio programs stored in my Dropbox and sync'd for offline listening thru CloudBeats. If I pause playback, use some apps or put phone to sleep, when I go back into the app it remembers the file I was playing but it starts at the beginning. With a song this would be no biggie but on a long file I have no idea where I was at it is a drag.

  • Thanks for bringing back the icon

    by pleomorphed

    This app rocks at streaming music from Box! And thank you for bringing back the blue icon... much better! Great app!

  • please

    by 샤루키

    pz....update google music ....

  • Awesome

    by Youngh8

    Fcuking awesome must needed


    by Craigmsurvey

    Once I learned app doesn't work with windows files ( .wma) It works superbly. Music in Mediafire, an excellent Bluetooth headset and stress goes out the window

  • Works great

    by Sam'a

    Great for audio books. Lots of good features. Performs as described in app description and does so well

  • 有点失望(kind of dissappointed)

    by qieafei2013

    The skydrive hasn't been responded to any touch since the latest updated

  • Excellent!

    by DJ_PsyBorg

    Very useful app and does what it says it will do. Definitely a great alternative to taking up space on your phone. Highly recommend.

  • i use it every day!

    by Verythorough511

    i record live shows and play them back for rehearsal. this allows me to quickly access my files. love that it plays aiff. files!

  • Worth every penny

    by Blueboy CHI

    After struggling to use Dropbox as my music storage system (because I have lots of space on it) with Cloudbeats, I finally found a tool that makes it work exactly the way I want!

  • Great update!

    by John Andrew Hudik

    Love this app. Incredible. Use it everyday. Very stable and now looks great. Good job!

  • Can't sort.

    by Stankie1972

    No very versatile when it comes to sorting music, just gives a big list of songs. When something comes out that works with Dropbox and allows you to sort your music by artist and album, this thing is gone.

  • Not Bad but not Good (at all)

    by Joe Human

    I downloaded this app to play our music collection off of Dropbox. I wish you could sort through folders alphabetically. I also think you should be able to restrict access to certain folders in Dropbox, I don't like having to give the app full access. The app is quite slow and doesn't update if you add new songs. Sounds like it would be an awesome app but doesn't work like I thought.

  • Very useful

    by David Peguero

    I have used this app through many of its updates and I have to say that the dedication the developers have put into this app shows; from updates like the in app timer, playlist customization, consistent support of cloud services, improved search feature, etc. This is one of the best purchases I have made app-wise. Keep it classy.

  • Savior for Dropbox Music

    by CGZero

    Works as advertised. I was looking for a good option for streaming my Dropbox library. This app does exactly that. No issues whatsoever. I only hope you make a web version as well. Then you would have Droptunes out of the picture for me completely.

  • The Best ? If with gMusic !

    by Mr La Khuong

    We all love it ! Please add gMusic in the app ... So far . It is the best ! I also have more than 1 Box account . So please add more like Box 1, Box 2, Box 3 ... Thanks

  • Great App

    by ElMo_Palmira

    Updated Review: Still The radio feature is wonderful, hope I can add a song to my playlist directly from the radio. This is the best cloud audio player. Love it, thank you guys for an amazing job. ------------------------------------ I am loving this app, wonderful idea, I would like to have FTP access, in that way I can access my home music files, when this feature be available I will give 5 stars, very high recommend to all users that need an CLOUD MUSIC PLAYER. Good Job, the playlist feature is a great idea too and works wonderful with the last update.

  • Felicitaciones!!!

    by aamazotr

    Es la mejor alternativa que tengo para mi música, el iTunes tiene sus desventajas ya que necesariamente hay que guardar la música en el Mac y cada sincronización es un lío. Cinco estrella y es mi recomendada.

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