TuneIn Radio Pro Music App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: TuneIn
  • Updated: Sep, 03 2009
  • Version: 5.1
  • Size: 17.39 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: TuneIn

- Display ads are no longer featured in TuneIn Radio Pro
- Live tiles are now available in Browse lists for Music genres
- Upcoming events now display the time and date In Browse lists

Improved :
- We fixed bugs which were causing playback or stream errors for some listeners

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
148 Ratings
All Versions:
64713 Ratings


*Display ads are no longer featured in TuneIn Radio Pro*

TuneIn lets you listen to the world’s radio with sports, news, talk and music streaming from every continent. Enjoy 100,000 live radio stations and 2 million podcasts, concerts or shows on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Already a TuneIn listener? TuneIn Radio Pro is fully integrated with tunein.com, so just log in to enjoy your Favorites right from your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

We’re always trying to make TuneIn better. If you have questions or suggestions, please share them with us at support@tunein.com

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This software uses code of FFmpeg (ffmpeg.org) and LibMMS (Launchpad.net/libmms) licensed under the LGPLv2.1 (www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.html) and their source can be downloaded at tunein.com/mobile/ios.

Customer Reviews

  • Artur

    by Papa Artur

    Great app. Cool radio stations.

  • :)

    by Elyogitos

    Love it

  • by pavilonia

    buena estacion

  • Best Radio App!!

    by Gusto26

    Greatest App ever invented!! I use it everyday!

  • :) :) :)

    by Gordito malo

    I Love it!

  • Radio

    by Aid33

    I like it. It have good stations. :)

  • Excelente aplicación! Una sugerencia…

    by ...Luis Montiel ...

    Es una excelente aplicación! Pero me gustaría que le colocaran para programar las grabaciones… Cuadrar los horarios cosa que no tenga la persona que estar pendiente de cuando comience un programa Traten de que los botones estén más accesibles para las personas que usamos voice over Y así será más fácil encontrar los botones

  • An Awesome app

    by Cruz80-Giant

    Love ITune-in. I got the pro fans it's totally worth it.

  • Best radio app

    by EL_HEFFE007

    Works great , every time

  • My connection with my country

    by Tatiana Velasquez

    I can listen all the radio stations from Colombia.. It is amazing!!

  • Awesome!

    by 4turkeys

    I love this app! Any station any time! The only problem is sometimes it won't turn off!

  • Beats "I Heart" by far!

    by SuperDaveMc

    Love it! very stable and lots of choices!

  • Use it everyday A+

    by notsteve82

    I enjoy this app on a daily basis. It is stable, has a good interface, and offers a better experience than the website. The sleep timer and recording features are one of my favorites. I would like finer control over the recordings like. "Record until show ends" or record all instances of this show everyday.

  • Great app

    by Utah prepper

    I love being able to listen to radio stations from all over the country and beyond. This app gives me everything I want to listen to, and more.

  • Love it

    by APOCartman

    Love the options to listen to anything from anywhere

  • TuneIn Rocks!!!

    by Michael Johnson

    TuneIn is everything I want in a radio app. The app itself is as perfect as you expect some radio stations need to stop and rebuffer but that's the station not the app Absolutely Fantastic

  • Great app

    by Gator189

    Use it every day. Works better than the visual/Organ streaming app.

  • Love the options

    by Girl who needs God.

    I have found this app a great buy. Easy to operate and enjoy and the options are endless! I can listen to my favorite sports radio and then go straight to holiday music. I love it.

  • Good radio

    by Ilovemyself02

    Descargarla puedes escuchar musica de todo el mundo esta buena

  • Best Radio App

    by James NG11-1

    Great app

  • Losing connection to server

    by unikplus

    I recently experimented a lot of problems with the connection to the server. The stream breaks and doesn't reconnect quickly. A manual reconnection is required. Wasn't like that before. Painful.

  • F-

    by About2

    I bought this a few years ago and liked it then. It has just gotten worse with every update. Way overpriced. Don't waste your money. Got one star because I couldn't give zero.

  • Pretty good app; restore some features, PLEASE!

    by GFGT47452

    I've had this app for a few years now. It works pretty well, most of the time. There is a feature they list several rev levels ago though and still haven't restored it. When you have multiple recordings and you listen to bits and pieces, the app doesn't "remember" where you stopped each if the recordings. So, when you go back to an older recording, it starts at the beginning, instead of where you left off...very aggravating. It's probably a copyright thing but several of the stations I used to be able to tune to now are unavailable. You used to not have to have the app opened and the screen saver turned off for a recording to start. Now you must have both true or your timer will not execute. There is still a bug that crashes the app when you skip multiple times (like skipping over commercials). It doesn't always do it, but will do it at the least convenient time. The skip buttons used to be bigger. The smaller buttons are troublesome while driving. I'd like to see a feature added that would allow multiple timers, on different stations, (at different, non-overlapping times of course) to be allowed to be programmed. Thanks for reading.

  • Best radio app!

    by janpz

    Love the features on this easy to use app.

  • Great Radio App

    by clcoyle

    I use it everyday and love listening to sports talk radio from different regions around the country.

  • Great app

    by Adelano65

    Great app! Updates are pushed often. Love the record feature.

  • Pilot

    by Jet-Eye

    Excellent product. Recommended. Would like more talk stations to be available. Latest versions seem to be glitchy. But I use it every day Jet-Eye

  • The best app ever

    by Flipside Frank

    If your a radio fan you will love this app. Music and news from around the globe at your finger tips. Easy to use interface always works. The record feature allows me to listen when I want in the car bus or plane. I love it best paid app I have and the one I use the most get it you won't regret it. UPDATE Still love this app. If you like radio and music you will love this app... No kidding

  • My Go-To Streaming App

    by Joegrits

    Overall, very user-friendly. Really like the sleep timer feature as I fall asleep often with a stream on and it saves precious data. Previous version on this phone was unbelievably buggy...but they're back to their game on this one. I gave them their star back as it works flawlessly on iOS 7!

  • Tunein

    by Prettyltlblkgirl

    I love this app especially being able to record & play back. I use it everyday for the Steve Harvey Morning Show. So I can listen even if I get interrupted when I'm at work.

  • Reliable

    by Lilamo02

    This app is really reliable. Took away the ads and the app is once again a great app!!!

  • Great app

    by Saulo ny

    Great app

  • Absolutely unique

    by pralmeida

    I've been using it for more than a year and it is absolutely indispensable. I cannot think of any other app that allows me to switch over so many radio stations instantaneously, with a simple click. I normally combine information stations - from France, USA and Brazil - with music, most jazz, from USA, France, and so on. Wonderful! Paulo Roberto de Almeida, USA, Brazil.

  • Tunein radio

    by Sory diallo

    Best radio

  • Great App keeps getting better

    by DblJ49

    This is a great app. The best radio app out there.

  • Great, but...

    by EltonJohnShades

    Ive had and loved this app for years. I am compelled to deduct one star for the buggyness lately but i have great faith itll be resolved.

  • Great App!

    by Mom already

    Thank you, thank you for creating such a terrific app. We live abroad and use this every day to listen to local news, music and programming from home. Stations are well organized/categorized with lots of variety. Only drawback is that some stations are listed and don't connect anymore (ex: 107.1 The Peak). We used to listen to them now they no longer play. Found a substitute though and we are rockin' again.

  • Great app

    by Herbalchick

    This is the best app I use this every night to listen to my Boston talk Radio wbz love this station .. Since we moved of boston miss. The radio station!! Thank you

  • Love it

    by Gadgetsd

    I love what you do for us listeners ......love this station/app

  • Ed... Es el mejor APP

    by Ed.ag

    La mejor App que conosco. Soy fan de la radio, no podria encontrar algo mejor.

  • The best

    by Fatsho1

    The best

  • Tunein

    by Roberto Maldonado

    It's a excellent apps for the thing what are you one of my threatening his record every program oh that's nice very nice bride is this Olson

  • Good

    by FJDavid

    Love it!!! Best radio for the iPhone!!

  • Why no background refresh?

    by ipodfreek

    Why no background refreshing? You shouldn't be required to leave the app open and the screen unlocked to set recording timers. ??

  • Excelente

    by Chon76

    Excelente aplicación no la cambio por otra

  • Awesome. Works well.

    by semperenobscurus

    All stations I want work great.

  • Great radio app!

    by Breaking in stories.

    Great radio app!

  • Works. Rock solid

    by Jamesjems

    I use this app daily. It is well worth the money as it allows me to keep in touch with my home NPR station.

  • YES.

    by AlphaEchoCharlie

    The definitive streaming radio app for iOS. The Pro version has no ads. Perfect for my favorite stations on the go. Love it!

  • Tunin radio

    by Kevin R Lehmann

    Great app I use it everyday several hours per day I would highly recommend this app While I'm walking & traveling I can listen to my favorite station clearly

  • Great app

    by Beatriz González Déctor

    Great app

  • Very good

    by Jim Renneker

    Fits my playing needs Worth the app Listen to it every day Has become a great friend

  • Radio everywhere

    by RARyan

    I love being able to listen to NPR all the time! This app works great.

  • Tune-In Turn-On...

    by Mac's@

    Great radio app like the record feature. Use it everyday. Lots of stations(haven't tried them all too many). Started off on the web version. Minor problem with loss of streams sometimes but doesn't occur that much. Try it. 11-2-14. Asked for review again nothing to add still a great app.

  • Awesome, awesome

    by Gr2323

    Use it all the time! Love it, love it!! The best app I have, second to none!

  • Good, but...

    by Cy186

    Used to be a great app, but it seems every update results in a problem that then requires another update. Also prepare to be frustrated if you are listening to any live event like sports. Every 20 secs or so of the program, it goes back 10 secs and repeats itself before sorting itself out.

  • Love It!

    by CindyLynn12281

    The best radio app there is. Use it everyday. I'm so glad I have it since the radio goobs in Nashville have taken my Rick and Bubba off the air here. Although I would love to be able to listen to games (Braves, Cowboys, Green Bay) but because of legal reasons, unable to hear them even on official channels that I know the games are on. That stinks!!

  • My most used and valued App!

    by oktrailstomper

    This app has every feature I needed and more. Cool in every way.

  • GREAT!

    by Denlamour

    It's the best; nothing else can be said !!!

  • The most useful app in my phone

    by 8WEN

    I use this app everyday! I love it!

  • Love it

    by Ralpha2569

    I use this app all day every day... It's awesome! I wish I can fast forward 10 seconds on my recorded shows.

  • Great

    by andymc58

    I've used it nearly every day for 2 years now. Couldn't live without it.

  • Most Used app on my phone

    by GrantSphoto

    Best app ever!!!

  • Prig aid

    by prigaud

    Couldn't live without it!!!

  • What Happened?

    by Bill_LMT

    Works well now since my last review. Wishing NBA, NFL, MLB didn't black out their games on internet streams, but NHL hockey and most collegiate works!

  • Shouldn't have updated

    by Dacar92

    The app now can't add favorites. It worked for one station for me but two others refuse to add. The buttons are perhaps too small and I have to hit then two or three times before they work. I shouldn't have updated but the old version started crashing when I went to my recordings. Will give better rating once some of this is fixed. iPhone 4S.

  • Great radio app

    by Lady AnJa

    Works great, use it more than other music apps. The record feature is great.

  • Excelente fuente de música e información

    by Mgr2011

    Excelente app, permite acceso a cualquier emisora a nivel mundial. Permite grabar la música o cualquier programa radial. 100% recomendable

  • No ads, finally!

    by MV Shetty PT

    Great app. I edited my rating to a 5 from 1, as they removed the ads from the paid version. Great app to listen to music!!!

  • Excelente muy bueno

    by rfletez

    The best

  • Good App

    by NOLAFW

    Really good app!!!

  • Great for the money

    by Neauone

    .99 can't be beat. A sports fans dream come true. Great App

  • Essential app

    by FreeChenShuiBian

    Best radio app for my purposes. I'll love it even more when the developers team up with Audioforge to enable TuneIn to stream through Equalizer.

  • Excellent

    by metallbarren

    Excellent app

  • Best App Ever

    by Ghabb

    Hands down best app !

  • I use it every day when I listen the stations from my country Perú. I feel like I'm there!!!

    by Monika37

    It's awesome!!!!!

  • Pre recorded

    by AverageHomeBoy

    Anyone still have the pre–recorded ad

  • Awesome app. Worth the money.

    by asciilogic

    I use it everyday. During the week, I listen BassDrive Radio at work to keep me pumped! During the weekend, I use Tunein Pro to play background music while I cook or chill in my lounge with a Soco and Coke in hand.

  • Awesome App!

    by Redgiraffe73

    I listen to great music through this app! I use it all the time!

  • old was better

    by Cqpate

    the new version requires me to stay on tunein all the time for recording. previous version let me surf around or fade to autolock and return later to listen. sometimes new is not better.

  • iSultan

    by مستر سلطان

    thanks TuneIn Pro

  • Needs some work but getting better.

    by Jason_loves_Jesus

    I love the app but it needs some work as several stations I like to listen to are no longer there or simply says stream error. Hope they get it fixed!

  • Great

    by How2B RAD

    I can listen to nearly any station in the world. Adds we're annoying and now I can record too. Get the pro version

  • It's pretty good

    by SJS FLASH 74

    For $1 to be able to record and play it later on the go totally worth your money

  • station

    by larocka8

    really good station! excellent! one of the best apps!.. Best radio app so far.,

  • Solved Annoying Problem

    by jpmello

    Until I installed this app, I was using dedicated ones to listen to public radio stations. Those apps continually dropped the WiFi signal to my 2G iPod. Since I installed this app, I've been receiving rock solid performance with no streaming interruptions. Now if only my local NPR affiliate--WNRI-- would only appear on the play list, I'd be golden.

  • Best one !!!!

    by Ellamaria Maria

    I always use it, best application keep going

  • Back To Awesome

    by StoneBryson

    Update: Very glad to see they listened to their customers and removed the ads. Trying to implement them at all was a bit shady, but at least they took their users feedback to heart. A five-star app once again.

  • Thank You Tune In

    by 22Karrots

    No more ads....Love it.

  • Multitasking Issues

    by whothehelliskanyewest

    Something has gone wrong. Since the update I can no longer go to the home screen or hit the lock button without the app completely stopping playback. I now have to leave the app open and phone unlocked to listen in.

  • Good again!

    by IasiRO

    But does anyone experience hiccups in play back mode in the recordings?

  • Great app! No ads!

    by Photochrisj87

    Thank goodness they listened! My love for this app is complete. It is perfect and I love using this wonderful app.

  • Yea wat happened

    by Giantamongmusic

    What happened to the audio switch button? Please fix 

  • Streaming issues

    by Auroras21

    I have had this app for two years and I love it. Every day I tune into my favorite radio stations and when I go on a trip I know I can load up this app and listen to the DJs from my home town. But since the last update I have had frequent streaming issues. I have restarted my iPad and even reloaded the app. 5 stars without the issues.

  • Excellent.

    by Sunny Disposition

    Great selection of stations for talk radio.

  • Great App!!

    by Robtroboo

    Get plenty of stations...only copy protected missing

  • Love this app!

    by Iuvnyc

    I use this app regularly and I love it. I stream all of my fave radio shows in high-quality sound.

  • Great app; want EQ

    by typo_kign

    Love the library of stations and podcasts, and adjustable buffer. Just wish it had EQ. The apps for EQ solutions are terrible and it would be KILLER if you could include this feature. I would pay extra as in-app purchase ;)

  • Commercial still there

    by Denisak11

    Commercial radio!!!!

  • Much better

    by WinterFireFly

    Much better without the ads!!! Please keep it that way!!!

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