BeatForge Music App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Spool
  • Updated: May, 11 2011
  • Version: 2.2.5
  • Size: 25.43 MB

Languages: English, Chinese

Seller: Spool


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BeatForge is a music making app that is as easy as pushing a button. It was featured twice on the front page of the app store, and praised by AppleGazette as "without a doubt one of the coolest apps I've ever seen".

As simple as it gets.

• BeatForge couldn’t be easier to use. The entire screen is a field of buttons, and you just light them up to trigger drums, synths, and all kinds of other sounds.
• Everything is kept in perfect time. No matter when you tap a button, the sequencer will trigger the sound at the perfect moment.
• You don’t have to worry about what sounds good and what doesn’t; BeatForge keeps things working together perfectly.

No experience required.

• You don’t need to know anything about music to use it. Just play, experiment, and explore.
• A lot of music tools want you to solve the hard problems, like what chords fit together, or what rhythm to use. BeatForge does all that for you, and lets you do the creating.
• BeatForge isn’t a tool for musicians, it is a tool for anyone. It puts you straight into creative mode without bogging you down in details.

It makes good music.

• Don’t be fooled by how easy it is; BeatForge makes awesome music.
• Some music tools are all about lights and colors, and the music is just an afterthought. BeatForge isn’t about putting on a show, it’s about putting real music underneath your fingers.
• There are lots of sounds to use, and each one is polished and unique. There is no filler.
• The sounds are deep, high quality samples. Plug into a stereo or a good pair of headphones if you really want to be blown away.

It grows with you.

• You can start making music right away, and things will sound great. But whenever you’re ready, you can expand your song, change sounds, chords, tempo, or save your music and start something new.
• All the sounds are right at your fingertips, and you can change them while the music keeps playing, letting you create in a whole extra dimension.

Customer Reviews

  • Ballin

    by MagicCyclist

    Call me Dr. Dre because I'm making sick beatz!! This app rocks.

  • Crazy cool!

    by Hydra vein

    This thing is so easy to make a beat, and add synth to the beat. Sounds are very well done. A blast to use. Not sure if recording is an option? - ---->Audiobus<---- would be mint. ;)

  • Crashes... A lot

    by Cakedayy

    It's an amazing app worth buying, but seriously, fix the crashing issue. For anyone who gets this app, don't click on the pre-made tracks that are in the menu, that is the main problem...

  • Genius

    by bdjansen

    This is what making music on the ipad is all about. It keeps things simple and fun. I don't like music apps that are complicated because I don't have fun using them. A good app should be like a real guitar amp. Just turn it on, twist some big knobs around 'till it sounds cool, and start playing. This app doesn't do a lot, but it does what it does well. If you get tired of what it does, jump over to the next 99c music app. Long live simplicity! And to anyone who complains about not having an export option; buy yourself a cable and go out the headphone jack. Record into your laptop and position by hand. It's not that hard. Complaining that this doesn't have an export button is like complaining your guitar doesn't have an export button.

  • Nice app, but no exporting

    by MrGoodbye

    I want to use this app more, but there's no reason to as I can't export my creations out.

  • A Must Try!!!

    by -Geet-

    I have to admit this is the greatest simple beat maker ever...I find myself using this more often than my nanostudio simply because how easy it is to use for a few minutes. It's not a complete studio but very simple and quite addictive and the new update is great. I hope to see more functionality in the future (more sounds or grid types). Well worth it though.

  • Great App but lacking the truly important feature

    by GDawgTUK

    Lack of Layers aside, this is missing an export option! I suppose I could plug it into my computers mic port, tell it to listen and record the audio that way but it would be a lot easier to just have an export to email option. Please Add that because right now there is no point in making something that sounds nice because there is almost nothing to do with it!!!

  • Pretty nice

    by c c

    It's has a really simple and sleek interface which I think is nice. I love the ability to zoom. However its missing a lot. Definitely needs mre customization options. Especially layers! Creativity can only go so far with only one style of sounds at a time. Over all it's pretty nice. Good for being free! Also the grid needs to be much bigger!!!!! There is already a zoom function so it shouldn't be a problem with people's big fingers.

  • Great for free

    by analoghaze

    This is a great app for free. It is worth messing with a little bit. There are a few areas where it lacks. There is no volume or pan control. There is no way to edit sounds.

  • Very creative!

    by Andrew311

    This is one of the coolest apps I've seen! Definitely a great way to spark musical creativity.

  • A good matrix player

    by Paisleyfrog

    I've played a lot of these kinds of apps, and I like a lot of the characteristics of this one. The "swipe down for sounds" function is great, and allows for a lot of spontaneity when playing. The easy access to the chord function allows quick changes to the pattern already in place, making it easy to structure something that actually sounds like a song. Things that I wanted to see while playing (and would make this an easy 5-star app): Add the ability to use more than one synth sound (so we could establish a bassline, and vary the melody over it.) The random chord change function is fun, but...random. A basic sequencer would be fantastic. If you could let the user arrange chord changes into patterns, and then let the user easily change between patterns....that would make this app incredible for actual song usage and development. Allow triggering of multiple buttons with a swipe. Right now it's a lot of tapping. Swiping can activate a lot of buttons rapidly, and can lead to interesting effects. Overall, I like this app a lot. Looking forward to seeing how it develops!

  • Cloud city

    by Donnagift

    I like experimenting with all of the musical and rhythmical options. They're fun and chase away monotony. So, I have a favorite and it's cloud city....perfect description, like you're listening to a choir of angels sing variations on a song you wrote. I like!

  • Awesome!

    by appfanatic56

    Cool music!

  • Well done!!!

    by roktman75

    A great way to get your creative juices flowing, not to mention a TON of fun!!! Slick interface & easy to use...

  • Fantastic Little Beat Maker

    by LibertasPB

    Intuitive and simple design allows for a fun and engaging experience making beats. Great app!

  • Great app!

    by David Tucker

    The 'can't screw it up' nature if this app is awesome! Would be great the be able to adjust the tempo and save. Also, to edit the notes individually with a little bit of tweaking options would be fun.

  • Beepboopbeep.

    by Monfet-Style

    Awesome! Very entertaining app... definitely worth checking out.

  • Too fun

    by Git snake Bit

    So fun, worth a your dollar after about 20 seconds!

  • Great app

    by Flapjacks225

    An amazingly simple yet fun app. Some more features like tempo control and the ability to save beats like everyone else already said would be nice, but its already well worth the price

  • Nice.

    by Tgtgtgtgtg

    What an intuitive app. This is the kind of app I would pull out during boring car rides or to brag about to my friends. It would be nice to have more sounds and a bigger time slot in which to place sounds, and a save option. Still a great app and well worth the price.

  • Оптимизация на iPhone 5 хрень

    by VIP_GA


  • Great, but bugs

    by hasonjogue

    It's a great app, I love it, but it won't stop crashing on me...fix the bugs

  • Cheesy

    by Guido Antinuucci

    Matrix is alright but the sounds and effect are free app worthy. Not 99 cents

  • Ok...but crashing...

    by haldblazardusa

    Crashing at load for me. I don't know why, i was just renaming project file and in one moment app crashed. And from that point always crashes at startup. Overall app was simple and ok while working :) and don't know how to save sample in mp3 or some format like that..

  • Ok could be better

    by dime2dadotta

    I give it 2 stars for being a new app and having the simplicity to work with. I give it five when it gots record, Quantize, octave, and different drum sounds such as the whole nine yards. Also it would be great to make a beat longer as in 8 bars. Audio copy and paste too would help. Saving and exporting is a must also. Please upgrade to make this app better, than I'll rate it more than 5 In my review.

  • Too limited

    by MakerMassi

    Cool concept... Could be a good idea generator even for real musicians. But it's too limited. Not enough scales. And DEFINITELY not enough sounds to choose from.

  • Mediocre

    by blisspossible

    It would be great if you could choose any scale option that you wanted, there's only 5 options. Very very limited. You can't even change the tempo

  • Powerful Little App

    by TopHatDuck

    When I first opened this app an started playing with it, everyone around me started yelling at me to turn it off. But once I found the options an started playing with it, they asked me how I did it. As the title says, this is a powerful little app that has the potential to go even further. The next thing I would like to see implemented is a way to record the music you make. *nudge* *nudge*

  • Great

    by Cartmaniac227

    I love this, but I wish I could save my beat and I wish there were more sounds to play with, once you add that, this would be perfect.

  • I really like this app.

    by Arch Vice

    I love baking beats on this cute little app but I want more instrument sounds and to be able to save my creation as a ring tone. Other than that it makes me happy.

  • Fun for 4 minutes

    by Dada 14

    Get boring fast

  • Amazing

    by LamsThaGreat

    One of the greatest beat making apps on the iPhone.

  • Great but could be better

    by ConConnnnnn

    This app would be even better if you could change the tempo, change the number of bars, and be able to load custom samples. I would even pay more money if you made an update like that.

  • Great app

    by Dieseljo

    I have really enjoyed this app. It's easy and yet complex at the same time. My favorite combination is Dirt, random, Broken TV. Its also very nice through quality headphones.

  • Very, very nice sequencer!

    by Slyakin

    It's a perfect "complete noob" sequencer that makes a really nice beat. I would just love to see a save feature.

  • I had been looking for something like this

    by Miekb

    More features would be nice. But it's great for the price.

  • Tips for update

    by /)@/_/_@$

    Add tempo control and possibly a way to save the music you create. Maybe make it where you can slide it to the left or right for tempo control. And slide up for saving. And if it doesn't make it too complex you could add sections to the beats where it'll change what you had set up.

  • It's fun and creative.

    by MGhostSoft

    It's fun and creative. However useless. After playing a while I may never open it again.

  • It's a fun toy for a little while-

    by Lenny-Loves-Life

    It's amusing for a few minutes but gets boring too quick. Not Very useful as a musical instrument. Maybe if you could change tempo and record or save a set it would be something worth talking about but this app is so mundane and par for the average beat making toy in the app store. Yawn.....

  • Chip-tunes-gasm. This app is awesome.

    by mrajfleming

    This app gave me chills within 5 minutes of using it. You need headphones or a stereo for everything to sound good, some bass beats you can't hear at all with the stock speaker on any of the iOS devices. I do wish it had a few things such as: -Tempo control -More and/or longer measures. -Export/Save function (I can pipe it out to GarageBand or logic or something, just wish I could save the ones I particularly liked) -More sounds would be nice, but this is a fantastic start. -Color customization, blue buttons on grey would look stellar.

  • johnny axtell...

    by daniel new

    i disagree. try putting headphones on or hooking it up to a stereo... the sounds are beautiful. and you can change them up all you want.

  • What's to lose?

    by Jonnie Axtell

    99 cents. Glad you guys like it - gets real old real fast. Plus tones are too loud compared to the drum sounds.

  • Simple & Fun

    by RevoHD

    Nice, simple step sequencer. Would get 5 stars if able to 1) change tempo & 2) save patterns. Still well worth $0.99 as is!

  • Fun

    by Tinygreyhouse

    this app is very fun and well worth $ .99!

  • Quality Application

    by ModerateMainstream

    For what it does, it's really good. Very easy to use and extremely fun. I have enjoyed this application.

  • Hours of simple, musical entertainment.

    by Foodmanchew

    This is leaps and bounds better than any other beat or synth based apps. For one, the sounds are actually well-engineered and unique. They sound terrific through headphones and truly epic through a home stereo system. There's catchy synth names like 'Robot Picnic' and the 8-bit 'Save The Princess' paired with percussion of a 'Broken TV' and others that allude to the character injected into the sounds, . There's five different keys to choose from and randomized beats and melodies with a simple shake. The app is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the ears. Graphics are top notch and not distracting from the usability of the app. With this great audio/visual combo, this app appeals to both rhythmically and visually inclined to create interesting and catchy music. I hope to see this on the next Gorillaz album!

  • Awesomely Fun

    by TheStacy

    It's smart and entertaining. My kids are getting a kick out of it too. ;)

  • Solid App.

    by KaptainPlastic

    Very well built app. It only takes but a few seconds to get completely lost in some awesome beats. The sounds are of very high quality so if you hook it up to some headphones or stereo system you really begin to appreciate what this app is capable of. Everything seems to work seamlessly, too. If you need more convincing, go and watch their video on the spoolsw website and that's all you'll need. Plus, it's only 99 cents, so what's to lose?

  • Awesome!

    by James Gillooley

    Great beats, easy to use! Well worth the .99!!!

  • Great instrument addition for your IOS Pro Audio library

    by egoki11a

    Watch the demo @ the spoolsw site and you will be sold- the sounds are suprisingly good, and the simplicity of the app reminds me of apps like everyday looper, sampletoy. I really hope this app sees future updates. 5 starz eazily

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