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SoundHound recognizes music playing around you. Tap the SoundHound button to instantly identify songs and see lyrics, share, buy or explore more from artists you know and love or have just discovered.

You can even search for by singing or humming into SoundHound. SoundHound is the only App in the world that can give you results through singing and humming search!

Explore music being discovered near you by tapping into the new Music Map feature.

◦ Blazing fast music identification
◦ The world's only singing and humming recognition
◦ LiveLyrics: see lyrics move in time with the music
◦ SoundHound Headlines: brings you free song streams, new artists, and more
◦ SoundHound Player: Play music in your library through SoundHound with LiveLyrics
◦ Real-time Facebook and Twitter updates from your favorite artists
◦ Facebook and Twitter sharing, listen-on-startup, and geotagging
◦ iTunes links, YouTube videos, Pandora station launching, and much more
◦ Listen to songs you've identified instantly with Rdio and Spotify.

Reviews and Honors
◦ Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps - Bob Tedeschi, NY Times
◦ Best Music Engagement App - BILLBOARD Music App Awards
◦ Essential iPad App - "Seriously fast" - John Herrman, Gizmodo
◦ "Genius, isn't it?" - B.B.C. World Radio
◦ "This is amazing... insane, right?" - David Pogue, NY Times

SoundHound is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPods with internal or external microphones.

Customer Reviews

  • SoundHound

    by Wall5249

    Awesome! I use it driving to work all the time and then download my favorites later

  • Perfect App

    by Shreyas Tech

    Never messed up

  • It works

    by smokybear789abc

    This app does what it says it does.

  • Very useful

    by #jp+22

    I enjoy the versatility of this app. You can have it listen to a recording of a song, sing or hum it and the app will find usually find a match. You can also record a sound byte and then search for it later if you don't have access to the Internet. The app will also display lyrics to the song as it's playing. Love it.

  • Love this app *-*

    by Aya kh!

    Its the best app ever... i cant imagine my mobile without sound hound <33

  • by Olivia574757364

    I don't know what happened to Soundhound, but it's not good. I used to love this app, but now when you search the lyrics, it gives all the songs BUT the one you were looking for. (I read the reviews and decided to try it out with songs I knew.) Also, it can't identify Bollywood songs, and Shazam can!

  • Love it

    by Puppaylauvva

    Awesome App

  • Fantastic

    by LizzLemonTX

    Well done

  • Great!

    by Austinpedro

    Great stuff

  • The BEST app in its class.

    by Phabeon

    Plain & simple, this is #1 in this category.

  • Sound hound

    by les miz luuuver


  • The only app I see as a MUST GET

    by DebMichelle

    For those music lovers that still listen to the radio, like I do, this ends the cursing at the DJ for not announcing song titles or artists. It also helps label those mix tapes/CDs of yesteryear. Ease of use and accuracy are great on it, too!

  • Sexy music thank you very much.

    by Kthm_meow

    Nice music

  • Best app ever

    by Dinasty006

    It really helps when you have a beat stuck in your mind

  • Search function is horrible

    by Trapt1516

    Searching by title or lyrics never works. Even for the most popular songs on the radio which you would think would end up at the top of the list. The only way to be able to get what you're looking for is to record the audio.

  • Listener.

    by Ms. Nerak

    I love getting songs at a moments notice. Some of my favorite songs are from tv shows, I just have my phone listen in, and... Waalaa! I've found every song I've searched for.

  • Sound hound

    by The Woman :)

    This app is awesome, so helpful to settle arguments/discussions at gatherings Bar & such.

  • Great App

    by Raincrc

    Easy to use, great options & getting better each day!

  • First try 5*

    by cvcvcvcv

    I went to Roger Waters concert and the pre show was playing amazing songs. So a song came up so I used Shazam which didn't work. I kept that song in my head cuz my uncle used to play it over and over after my grandpa past away. So I got obsessed w the song. Downloaded sound hound and BOOM. BLACK SABATH - changes. Great app

  • Works well!

    by fl_aligator

    Awesome app!!! Delivers more than I expected.

  • Where are live feed lyrics?

    by pittpenguins

    This app has gone WAY downhill. It used to be perfect and I recommended it to everybody. It's terrible now. Bring the old one back! I want the live lyrics to scroll as I listen again. That was THE perfect feature.

  • Worthless

    by Fitzer12345

    just go to the major leagues and get Shazam

  • Horrible

    by Jojo5567

    One word .. TERRIBLE

  • Was Great at one time

    by AllFlapNoFly

    Now they want to charge to upgrade each song to see its lyrics. All the songs I could see the lyrics they block unless you pay an upgrade charge for EACH song. Gonna try another lyrics app.

  • I Remember a Time...

    by HeatherLuk

    When this app actually identified songs that were playing. I long for those golden days of yore. Now, I just stand there holding up my phone to the speakers, looking like a fool, and no song titles are to be found. Get it together, Soundhound. Update your libraries or whatever needs to happen so that this app does more than take up space on my phone.


    by dehrlich58


  • Never Matches Songs

    by Talihassee

    I was looking for an alternative to Shazam because Shazam does not store your tags in the cloud of any sort. This means if you upgrade your phone or have to reinstall the app for any reason, you will lose your tags. Soundhound does offer this functionality however it is simply never finds a match for the songs. In the rare case that it does find the match, it will usually just result with the generic version of the song not listing it as a remix, etc. Soundhound also takes a very long time to tag. After Soundhound fails to find a match I have opened up Shazam and it immediately responds with the correct match. I do not recommend using Soundhound. Go with Shazam instead.

  • What has happened to Soundhound?!

    by Yankee Girl 2009

    I don't know what you guys have done but the app is horrible now!!!! I used to tap the orange icon for the app to hear a song and it would tell me the name, artist and lyrics. Now, I get nothing but Grammy artist songs!!! Please fix the app, I loved Soundhound and used it all the time. I am so disappointed.

  • Doesn't work

    by Weaglex2

    Ready to delete app. Used to work great. Now just taking up space since no song is recognizable to it.

  • Crashing

    by The Stoerm

    The app won't open, it's locked on the orange screen.

  • slow

    by Franktucc

    very slow app

  • Outstanding

    by kusha

    Cool, hip, and tech-savvy.

  • I love it!

    by EricFacilitator

    So handy, this is, that I use it more than Shazam now. The ability to to hum a song myself and look up lyrics is great! Then, the lyrics can even come up during iTunes playback. Nice.

  • Used to be much better

    by Create n1748301

    It simply doesn't recognize anything. This app used to have an edge over shazam, but it's performance has been so bad lately, I'm not even sure that it's supposed to be a music recognition application. In the last 9 attempts over several weeks, it has recognized nothing. Some were classical, some were somewhat obscure alternative, and some were outright breaking new pop songs. None. Switch over to shazam right away and got 7. What happened sound hound? Your dog is deaf.

  • No longer any good

    by JPlus

    Soundhound used to be pretty good. Now, it's only able to match about 10% of the songs. Don't waste your time with this app. Much better choices out there.

  • For that random song

    by Life'sfortheliving

    If you're like me songs pop up randomly in your head and stay in your head all day. But, you never know the name of the song. This app does the searching for you and saves a lot of time (and frustration)!

  • Amazing

    by Lauryn Formisano

    This is the only app you'll need. Amazing. No complaints.

  • Great app

    by Alabama123

    I have never had any problems with this apps works like a charm

  • Used to be perfect..

    by Schutzengel06

    Lately it can't find 30% of songs. Ones that have been around awhile or those that are on hit lists.. Frustrated.

  • Don't get plz

    by Hffggfdfg

    This app was worse than ,well, anything. You just wasted 10mins of my life. Please stop making horrible apps

  • Can't find a match very much.

    by Bokchoy82

    I have tried using this app with about a 20% success rate. It's very frustrating when trying to find stuff on the RADIO and it can't even pick out main stream music. Bad app. Try something else.

  • Best app

    by User4879

    Love all of the new features!!!!

  • Great app

    by KevKevRulz

    Great app! But there's one thing. Sometimes I can't see the lyrics because the album cover is sometimes the color white. Could you please have an option where you can change the lyrics color to black and white? Thanks!

  • Crashes

    by Musicman1025

    Music player crashes every time it's used.

  • A must-have!

    by Tom3891

    Had this app since it first came out. Always works perfect for me and with live lyrics and even iTunes Radio integration it's even more useful! It's a must have!

  • Cant find the song

    by Dest Dest girl

    The app cant search the song when I want it to

  • Humming Capability Works


    Have been trying to find a song for a long time and couldn't remember any words. How annoying. Hummed it into SoundHound and it found the song immediately and saved me further frustration. Love it. Really really great option.

  • Itunes

    by Darkshard10

    When I went to my songs I pressed download from itunes but didn't go to the iTunes Store plz fix still like the app though

  • need to update the data

    by emaroso

    the app is ok but they need to to upgrade to new songs

  • Never able to find a match

    by tylerlovesapples

    I'm unaware of how much music Soundhound Inc. has, with which to find matches, but my estimate is that of the number pieces contained within the realms of their likely, relatively large catalog of music, is less than 1% made up of music from the classical genre. Aside from the most popular Mozart concerti or Beethoven symphonies, I've found that the entire genre has been neglected. Numerous times I've found myself strolling through the halls of my hotel to the calming melodies of what I suspected might be Albinoni. To be sure I wasn't mixing up Albinoni with the Vivaldi, I'd procure my iPad and, like a daft fool, hold it to the ceiling from whence came the noise, only to have the app in question: Soundhound, display a screen proclaiming that there was no match to be found. I'm sure it has no problem identifying Justin Bieber, but I'd like the distinct sounds from actual musicians and composers to be given more consideration.

  • Love it!

    by Spotyfan2013

    Has everything that I was looking for and up to now has found the lyrics of the songs that I have played. The look is really nice and easy to navegate.

  • Great update!

    by CookKid

    Wonder app to find and play all my music.

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Kylehobson

    Every song that I hear and I don't know it gets the song for me!!!! I definitely recommend getting this!!!

  • One glitch...

    by Ditmark

    It's kind of funny, but when you play music within the app, then you go to app home and finally, swipe the app to close it, music won't stop and when pressing phone home there won't be app actually playing the music lol

  • Used to use Shazaam not anymore

    by Jamie Call

    I used to use Shazaam all the time until I saw my wife using sound hound and noticed the live lyrics and it is connected to iRadio. Shazaam does neither. I love sound hound now!

  • I use this app all the time

    by Lizzylooloo3

    I use this app all the time to search for the name of a song I like but don't know who sings it or what the name of the song is. You can connect to iTunes from the app to purchase your favorite songs. Sometimes it can't find newer songs. That's the only reason I didn't give 5 stars.

  • Que buena App....!!!!!

    by Tony88val

    Excelente aplicación... Me trabaja súper bien... Nunca falla... Aún así si tarareas la canción... :)

  • Flaw report

    by Jimmy Jo bob/hillbilly

    I would like to report that all of my pending searches are saved twice. I am using an iPod touch running ios 6.1.5. Thanks for listening.

  • Love it!

    by Qiru89

    So easy to find a song English and Chinese!

  • No more subtitles for song listened to.

    by Tex-Man 526

    Whenever I listen to songs now, it no longer shows subtitles to songs anymore. I liked it when I could see the subtitles to the songs I listen to. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Doesn't work the way it's suppose to work.

    by Courtney Anderson

    Sound hound does not search a song. It only lets you search by typing in the artist.

  • 415musicfan

    by fogmusic415

    Lame app!!!

  • I just love it.

    by GeekySpooky

    It never disappointed me. I was always able find the songs with this app. Thank u team.

  • Good but slow

    by C-gangsta

    This is a great app for recognizing songs, but it takes way too long to open and start "listening" that I often miss the songs I want to identify. When it does get the chance to listen to a song, it almost always recognizes it correctly, but I just wish it was faster!

  • Love it!


    When I hear something and don't have time to remember an artist or song -I use it on the fly- Terrific

  • No pending save

    by CzarOmar

    I don't see my pending searches please fix


    by fluffysue31

    Collecting personal info without consent and started to freeze and not collecting the songs in the past Week need to be resolve .

  • Works great on iPhone4s

    by BSmith722

    Was a little slow before last update but much better now! Love this app!

  • Great!

    by Caleb093

    Awesome app, glad I got it!!

  • Great app

    by smj09

    One of the most accurate apps of it's kind!

  • Best app I've ever had

    by T-four

    This is the only app I've had that I thing is perfect!

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