Songify by Smule Music App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Smule
  • Updated: Jul, 07 2011
  • Version: 2.2.0
  • Size: 19.66 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Smule, Inc.

-new visual design!
-fix device compatibility issues

Customer Ratings

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33 Ratings
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4337 Ratings


12 MILLION people addicted to Songify can't be wrong!!!

THANK YOU ALL for making Songify a hit app!


"The very definition of fun!" -Roy Furchgott, New York Times

"Songify comes as close to perfect as an app can get in terms of originality, design, simplicity of use and fun." -BradT, WhatsOniPhone

"Transforms ordinary speech into song" -Christian Wolan, Forbes

"Don’t you want to be famous too?" -Blake Grundman, 148apps

"Clever and fun!" Joe White, AppAdvice


Songify turns speech into music, automatically!

With Songify Live (included FREE in the latest version of Songify), you can now Songify YOUR Life in realtime! This magical app will turn everyday speech into song...WHILE you speak.

Official app of the Gregory Brothers - creators of the "AutoTune The News" series on YouTube, and other viral video hits like "Bed Intruder Song", "Double Rainbow" and "Winning!".

Speak into your device, and Songify will turn your speech into a song.

***Includes Parental Control***
Parents can control access to the Winning page via a lock feature. Press 'Account' button on Winning page to password-protect the page.

***iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd Gen - use your Apple earbuds with built-in mic***

Songify's unique songification technology was invented by Khush to turn speech into music and is not the same as Antares Auto-Tune, which does not work on speech.

Customer Reviews

  • Would be better if it worked

    by Memyselfandinooneelse

    I'm trying to send a file to myself so i can download it, but i'm getting nothing. Otherwise would be great. Request for an update?

  • iPhone 3

    by Mrsunkiss

    So far the app is great and i have a IPHONE 3 lol "only because i got robbed" anyway every thing works and is all good

  • Won't save

    by Snerpmake

    I've been using this app since August 2012, and it used to work great. Now, over a year later it's still fun, but it won't save songs anymore. It says "saving" for a good 2 hours before I give up and close the app.

  • My songs

    by Mama mana

    Good but I wish we could have our own songs!!!!

  • Good

    by BIGEJM926

    Really good

  • Now working

    by JoelieJoelie

    I updated to the new iPhone app will not record songs -//seriously/: try downloading it again no luck. Did it third time and bingo.. Back on track. With that. Five stars

  • If you're app doesn't work!

    by Blah blah iPhone 4 user

    Delete it and redownload it same thing happened to me when I did the update.

  • Awesome!

    by GcCSaboba

    I really like it! Very fun! I do wish you could carry over the music to play while off the app though. Other wise an excellent app!

  • How does live work?

    by The Tiny Terminator

    How does live work

  • so fun!

    by FlyingCheeseGuy

    literally such a fun app to mess with. must get!

  • Good

    by Joe456-123


  • Fun!

    by Jellyhonk

    You won't sound like Paul McCartney. Get over it and just have a good time with this with friends!

  • K

    by nyerpa96

    I like the overall ability of the app. My only issue is same as everyone else. I really wanna email my songify but I can't because it doesn't work.

  • Needs an update.

    by syoung61

    I can't press the bottom buttons!!!

  • Awesome

    by ChiBlackhawks!

    This app will make lots of laughs!

  • Great app

    by TOMas7777

    Chillax everyone, its still an amazing app and I'm sure the developers are working on a bug fix right now. This app is absolutely 100% awesome. But please hurry on a fix for the screen.

  • Not fun enough

    by Emily kay

    It's ok but you can't start singing in public and its kinda a scam about the whole buy every song ordeal it's just not the best game

  • Junk!

    by Sadie cakes 11

    Loved this app. It wasn't letting me share my new and old songs on Facebook. I then deleted the app and downloaded it again... ALL OF MY SONGS WERE GONE! They were my memories. It's very sad. Very upsetting. :(

  • really not worth paying

    by myriacl

    this app destroys your voice and basically does nothing but add a cheap song on your voice, just save your money and time by ignoring this ! you re welcome !

  • Sad fact

    by Battlertorn

    I used to use this app excessively with friends, family and at work. Now it won't even save songs. It's sad that this app no longer has any support by its makers. Not worth anyone's time until it's fixed.

  • BOO!!! FIX NAO!!!

    by dizzidoc

    I went on the app this morning and every song was GONE. I was working on a song but POOF! It HAD to happen on a day that I wanted the most. (Which BTW, is every day) Please, you need to do what my first and this review says. I just might delete but I don't wanna. :(

  • Terrible

    by Tom Bradford

    Waste of money

  • Not impressed

    by Thatonedudethatdidthatonething

    This app was a waste of money you get crappy songs and then you have to go but a bunch of other songs. When you buy this app it SHOULD include all the songs. Stupid.

  • Does not work anymore :(

    by Stargate Command

    Waste of money! Lost all my in-app purchases.

  • Can't find good ones

    by Esmitty-haha

    There isn't the option anymore where u can see the most liked remixes! What the balls. I loved that feature

  • My voice won't play back!!

    by emtdgranny

    When I am making a new song or even when I re-songify it, some songs are not playing my voice back. I've even closed the app from double clicking the home button and relaunching it and it still is not working. I really like using songify, but if it won't play back my voice then what's the point :P

  • So let me get this straight:

    by Loveydoveybird

    You pay $3 for an app, have to buy almost every song, and no matter what I try, my voice comes out as a robot. It is fun to mess with, but I would only recommend getting it if you enjoy not getting all of the songs for that $3 you spent on it, and it making you sound like a deranged robot.

  • Broken app!

    by The1johnson

    App freezes after recording longer tunes and won't save shorter songs. So basically it does absolutely nothing, it is a waste of your money, and you should not purchase this broken app.

  • 0/5

    by Spoogidy

    Took all of my in app purchases away with the update and now I have to pay again to get them all back, because restore purchases won't restore my purchases!!!!!..

  • Terrible

    by Letsgothriftshopping!

    This app used to be really good, but it gets boring after a while, and you don't have many choices for songs. And you have to buy a lot of the songs. I just don't like it

  • Doesn't work

    by Maccheesy

    You can't even hear your voice!:(

  • No longer works

    by bull3x

    Used to work, now it doesn't. Won't even record.

  • Disappointed

    by Bonermachine

    It won't make any songs for me. It's very disappointing because the app is so much fun. Will be 5 stars once app is fixed

  • Songs are rip off

    by Kijib

    What happened to the Kush Coins? Laaaame

  • Update removed my in app purchases!

    by Ninja niny

    Sad to say i lost all my in app purchases since the latest update, it's becoming clearer why there's a lot of bad reviews.

  • I'm an iPhone 4 user

    by Mr. Top Hat

    And I got the same problem as everyone else, the first screen is pushed down and the bottom buttons don't work. I don't want to delete this app because I got so some awesome songs, so please fix this bug.


    by Diamondjamie

    I downloaded the app and all of a sudden it disappeared. I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cool app,but...

    by Fe662

    The bug needs to be fixed :/


    by Drakefort

    Bottom buttons will not work! You're stealing people's money if the app is not functioning. Hello?

  • Absolute Crap

    by Jjmeson02

    Seriously? You can't fix the screen?? Why are all the buttons moved down so I can access them. I deleted this Poopsicle of an app immediately. Good job in making a grade A crap app.

  • Screen is cut off!

    by Brianna Jean-Casper

    I had recordings that I wanted to listen to again and when I go to the app, the buttons weren't able to be clicked on! Please fix this bug!

  • Ok look,

    by Writer324

    I hate the new update. It's been loading for an entire week! Get it together!!!!

  • Bugs

    by DrkxAngl

    It use to be really good after i updated it only half the screen shows up! Fix it!

  • Used to be great

    by NinjaJay

    Buttons don't work and screen is somewhat cut off.

  • I'm done

    by Deedman


  • Best! Just kidding worst app ever!

    by BobcatJoyce


  • Songify not working on iphone4

    by appleappreviewer2013

    Purchased this app a few days back, it stopped working all of a sudden! Now it does not record or songify anymore. I want my money back!!!

  • App is broken on 4S

    by thisnicknameistaken2432455

    Yo, the app doesn't work at all since the last update. The whole screen is shoved down, rendering the buttons unusable.

  • Hoolooo

    by Zeeeko


  • Come on guys???

    by Jamhouse73

    Please fix your app. The bottom buttons don't work at all....

  • Fix update!

    by JackRussellPup

    Number one issue is from the newest update. It moved the screen down so now I can't access my old songs, purchases, or even other people's songs! I would submit a song saying how awful this update is, but can't because of it.

  • 4S user here and...

    by TMMCfourtwentysix

    ...there's a huge bug with the aspect ratio, it's like the screen got moved down. None of the three buttons are functional. Please fix this.

  • Really?

    by willingwell2

    I'm about to be done with this app. The iPhone 5 has been out for nearly a year and there is still no support for the 4 inch screen? Ridiculous.

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