Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth Music App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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Seller: Patrick Madden

New to this version is a built-in keyboard, allowing you to play a remote synth without using any other apps. This also makes it easy to troubleshoot MIDI connections.

For musicians who may have pauses in their sets, the app now features a switch to disable the automatic hibernation when MIDI data in not being sent. We recommend leaving this switch off, to preserve battery life -- but if you need to take a break, and keep the connection active, the app will now support this.

Connections to Mac computers can now be bidirectional.

Latency and bandwidth should be improved, particularly with iOS 6 devices.

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**Important!** Please read device compatibility details below! Seriously, please read it! Full technical details are available at http://www.secretbasedesign.com/apps/apollo, along with links to coverage from major iOS news sites Synthtopia, Discchord, and Music App Blog.

** Sale pricing ends February 5th! **

MIDI connections between iOS devices have been a continual problem; hardware MIDI adapters are expensive and bulky, while MIDI over WiFi introduces too much latency.

With Apollo, MIDI can be sent over Bluetooth LE wireless connections, eliminating hardware adapters, and providing much lower latency than is possible with WiFi. Apollo uses Bluetooth LE: this is supported by the iPad3 and newer, the iPad Mini, the iPhone 4s and newer, and recent Mac desktop and laptop computers.

Does Bluetooth LE make a difference? Just take a look at the comments from iOS news sites and users from around the world --
"You'll be amazed at how much more responsive everything feels" -- Tim Webb/Discchord.com

"Straightforward and remarkably trouble free" -- John Walden/MusicAppBlog.com

This is a TREMENDOUS app! I measured the latency of the MIDI signal, and it is less than 512 samples (11 msec) which is AWESOME for Bluetooth transmission!!! Way to go devs! Just keep it work! Will use it in full!

Dougdi: Just works! 5 STARS I've had unreliable connections with wifi until Apollo, and latency is very low!

Gemini_Knight05: This app is a gamechanger. 5 STARS

totenhoff: Latency buster 5 STARS If your Mac/iPad is Bluetooth 4.0 LE enabled it’s a must buy.

CrackerBay: Wireless is the way to go! 5 STARS

Install the app on two iOS devices, select an "A" endpoint for one, and a "B" endpoint for the other. Press the search button on both, and a Bluetooth connection will be established. After connecting, MIDI messages sent to Apollo running on one device will be forwarded to the other -- and these messages can then be redirected to synthesizer or sequencer apps.

In addition to MIDI connections between iOS devices, Apollo can also be used to connect to Mac desktop and laptop computers. Recent iMacs and MacBooks support Bluetooth LE; for older Macs, a USB Bluetooth adapter may be required. The OSX version of Apollo is free, and is available in the Mac app store.

Visit the support web link for a video demo and more details about the app.

** Important ** Apollo is not compatible with the iPad1 and 2, and the iPhone4 and earlier. Please make sure that your device supports Bluetooth LE. The iTunes App store has no way for a developer to specify which devices can support an app, other than an iOS version restriction. In iTunes, the compatibility is listed as "any iPad" -- this is not correct, and we have no way to correct it. While the app will install on older devices, they do not support Bluetooth LE, and the app will not function as intended. Before you purchase the app, please make sure that you have one which does support Bluetooth LE (iPad3 and newer, iPhone 4S and newer).


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