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Seller: Scott Snibbe Studio, Inc.

- fixed iOS7-specific crash

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REWORK_ (Philip Glass Remixed) is an interactive tour through the amazing new REWORK_ album that remixes Philip Glass’ music. The app includes eleven interactive visualizations for the remixed songs, along with an interactive “Glass Machine” that lets people create their own music inspired by Philip Glass' early music.

The idea for the REWORK_ album came together during a conversation between Philip Glass and his friend and new collaborator Beck. The pair recruited producer Hector Castillo (David Bowie, Björk, Lou Reed) to help assemble a collection of remixes of Glass’ works by a list of critically acclaimed artists including Beck himself, Tyondai Braxton, Amon Tobin, Cornelius, Dan Deacon, Johann Johannsson, Nosaj Thing, Memory Tapes, Silver Alert, Pantha du Prince, My Great Ghost and Peter Broderick.

To complement the album, app developer Snibbe Studio (creator of Björk’s Biophilia app) created the REWORK_ app to give fans an interactive musical experience.

Customer Reviews

  • be careful, not compatible with ios7.

    by monotonecasper

    crashes on opening.

  • Great

    by hiker1234

    I really enjoy it!

  • Stunning...

    by joeybladb

    Glass purists should just wait awhile til the feat sinks in. Just take it in slowly.

  • Wow

    by Synthtastic

    Unique and excellent app, an excellent way to support the developers and the musicians. The app itself is fun to play with when seeing the interactable visual textures, and the music is great. Great job on this one

  • Excellent!

    by DigiBeatBear

    Amazing way of delivering music and art. Engaging.

  • Remix

    by Kathy Gureckis

    Great app .. Fun to go back to time and again!

  • an interactive cd and music maker!

    by tngregory

    how can there be no reviews for this amazing piece? the music generator in this, called "glassworks", is positively addictive. i hope it gets a midi upgrade. the ability to send to 4 separate channels would be amazing. driving external synths synced together from this app would be a dream. 10 bucks is a steal for this kind of note manipulation and idea generation. bravo to all involved. please give it the attention and it merits as a serious improvisational tool and creative multi-touch instrument.

  • Very good

    by S?kndmd

    This app is really, really good. Even though it crashed my iPad the first time I opened it and even though I would have liked the ability for more user based audio manipulation on the remixes I'm still giving it five stars.

  • Nice, limited

    by ReniGhost

    Compared to the interactivity in Bjork's app there really isn't much here to get creative with. The remixes are cool, visuals are neat, but I was hoping the "remix" part of the app would be a bit more developed.

  • Great use of a new art medium

    by JackLindahl

    The iPad, with its powerful processing and gorgeous display, is an ideal "canvas" for new art works. This app is a great start, even though the interactivity is rudimentary for the most part. If any readers ever visit Second Life, you'll find that some of the visuals in this app (particularly the active grid of 3D cubes) bear an amazing similarity to some of my own 3D kinetic art work there. My SL name is Oberon Onmura. Look me up the next time you're there!

  • Mesmerizing

    by PeteDog68

    Beautifully done, riveting example of what might be called "semi-interactivity." This app lets users participate in Glass's art by choreographing their own visual compositions. But you don't get to takeover, or even influence what you hear. If you're a fan of Uzu, or music visualizers, you'll love this app. Bravo.

  • What? No Pantha Du Prince?

    by Sngalng

    This app is lots of fun and creative but I'm quite disappointed that the Pantha Du Prince track Mad Rush Organ was left out. What's up with that?

  • A thing of great beauty

    by Ryushin7

    Thank you! A little bit of magic!!

  • Insane

    by MUZMLVR

    Simply awesome. The visualizations of these remixes are so beautiful on their own and being able to interact with get so lost in the mix. its a totally mental, unique, new way to experience music. Amon Tobin and Cornelius and Peter Broderick remixes - amazing. Glass Machine is something you have to experience. you really get the feeling to be a fairly sophisticated producer. its insane. these guys who produced this app are geniuses.

  • Very very awesome

    by D4U

    Great VJ inspiration tool

  • Rework-Philip Glass

    by petgigs

    This app ROCKS!!!!!!!

  • Supremely boring

    by Synth Connoisseur

    Really guys ? After bringing such visionary artists on board, this is all you have to offer? Ok the visuals are cool, have a novelty value, but a minute into each song and the monotony sets in. Interaction with the visuals are limited, only one set per song, at least make the tactile interaction control a filter, echo, delay or something to give it more depth. And then comes the one loop in the so called 'make your music inspired by Philip glass' section of the app. SO limited. I would rather have spent the $10 buying the individual tracks from iTunes. The glasswork aspect is so mundane! All I can do is increase or decrease the amount of notes in the 1 bar loop, and change the tone to reflect 3 different instruments. Oh and one master filter. at least add more sounds guys! Not just one loop! Would not recommend this to anyone unless these core features of the app are improved upon. You could even goto the extent of saying this is false advertising with the way you promote the app.

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