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No practice to ROCK!
Your GUITAR is here!

Do you want to be a guitar hero?
It's not a easy way to be a guitar hero.
With EZGuitarist, you can make your dream comes true.
All you have to do is to start EZGuitarist and hold your iPhone/iPod touch tight.
Then touch and swipe its screen just like you are playing a guitar. EZGuitarist does the rest for you.

You can change the type of a riff in a settings view.
Also you can change the phrase while you are playing by tapping "phrase".

Move your fingers, hands, arms and body just like you are playing a guitar like guitar heroes.

This is also the finest iPhone/iPod solution for those who play air guitar.

An introduction movie is on YouTube now.

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Customer Reviews

  • Fun app

    by Peoples72

    Pretty cool to just whip out and strum! As it says it is ezguitarhero, there is no challenge involved. But fun nevertheless. Throw in some Kirk Hammett or AC/DC!

  • Worse app

    by Brittboriqua

    This worse app ever I want my money back. It's no fun it dose nothing

  • Needs work

    by dflork

    This is a cool idea like a lot of other apps have out there, but like a lot of others it needs work just as well. When you turn on the auto phrase it stops totally at the end of the trac to kick in the next phrase. These tracks also stop when you are still strumming and then start up again. Doesn't loop to well. This app isn't worth 99 cents right now the way it sits, maybe with updates it will be. But not until.

  • Bad

    by Llllllllhgdtgjjyfggrtyjjftujzsyjgd

    It is a waste of money and you really don't get to play for real

  • I don't get it!!!!!!

    by Edtheman5000

    I couldn't even figure out how to play it!!!

  • Change The Effects

    by Cruisininmy64

    I like how you can change the effects. I like the loops too. It's hard to get creative though. That's why I like the Airway To Heaven app.

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