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Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: Salem Communications Holding Corporation

Performance improvements. iOS7 updates. Coach screen. Car mode.

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Say hello to your official brand new 104.7 The Fish- WFSH - Atlanta, GA radio app!

We've completely redesigned the app for a spectacularly enhanced user experience. Still the same great features you know and love from our previous app, just with many more interactive capabilities.

No registration required. FREE APP.

You talked, we listened... check out the upgrade features below:

- Alarm clock - wake up to your favorite station. Record a personal reminder to play before waking to the radio
- Sleep feature - now also fall asleep while listening to your music or talk show

- Exciting new app design
- Interactive ticker tape on main screen with station information and local news
- Enhanced menu options galore
- Ability to load and view station's program schedule in your local time zone
- Slider window featuring station highlights
- Portrait style lay-out to accommodate speaker and docking stations
- Enhanced audio and graphics quality
- Ability to share your favorite app via Facebook, twitter and e-mail


Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by zZkyleXx

    Awesome app

  • 104.7 the fish

    by Kelly lickman

    I love the fish it is like my boost every day I listen to it every day in my room in the car #1 radio station in the world if u r a Christian and u love Christ this is a good app to have thx for all u do to Kevin and Taylor and all the others that make it work

  • Wonderful!

    by Kmonth

    Awesome app just as I expected :)

  • Awesome

    by Gun shoter

    One of the best Christian radio station that I have ever hear of yet

  • 104.7 the fish

    by fishbud7

    It is a great app I love it god bless everyone

  • Love it

    by L-Spears109

    I absolutely love this app and of course the radio station.

  • Great

    by Guardlen

    I've listened to 104.7 The Fish since I was 8 when I lived in Atlanta now I'm 16. This app is great because I can still listen to my favorite station even though I don't live in Atlanta anymore! Now that it's the holiday season it's got the best music.

  • Most uplifting radio station

    by KarbonNeutrl

    This radio station in this app is the most amazing radio station an app that I have ever downloaded or even listen to on my phone or radio. It seems like I just can't get enough of this radio station or this app I give this app is many stars as it possibly can get, thank you 104.7 The Fish!

  • The fish

    by Basskj


  • Refreshing family centered

    by P Graydon

    Love this station!

  • Thank you!!

    by Medmo12876

    You guys are such a great blessing. This app is the best app I have/ ever had!!! Jesus loves you and I do too!!

  • Review

    by Destiny The Amazing

    They Should add some New things to it . . Like they should add a search box where u could enter a song and listen to it as many times as u want ! It would be cool ! I'd use it everyday . I have it a 5 cause I love the Music <3

  • Thank you!

    by Macybeth01

    Best app ever! Just what I needed! I'm so happy!

  • Awesomeness

    by Blankmads

    I love the fish so much and it's just great how they made an app for it best app ever

  • BEST APP EVER!!!!!!!

    by Wubzo4589

    I listen to this every night! 5 stars because you guys are great!!

  • Great!

    by GuzzyRon

    I love 104.7 The Fish. After I had to leave the Atlanta area for Ohio and the radio waves are out of reach, I relied on this app to keep me in touch with my favorite radio station. I have been enjoying this app for over 1 year now and it has been great!

  • Super!

    by iDon2013

    Straightforward but great - got The Fish with me everywhere.

  • Hey

    by Now422

    Well I Just Recently Got This And I Like It But It Seems To Keep Crashing Or This Commercial Will Pop Up And Won't Let Me Exit And When I Do Exit It Pops Up Again Like In A Second. So Can You Guys Please Fix??? I Know The Last Update Was Dec.12,2012 But Can You Try? Pleas? :) Thank You For Your Time And Patients! :)


    by Praise Jesus Christ my lover

    Totally sweet App picks up good, it's better than pandora. The commercials are even Christian.

  • Works fine

    by MerceRudy

    For those with unresponsive app problems, try removing the app and reinstalling. It should be fine after reinstalling. It would be nice if it could background stream without opening a Safari page (like Pandora, etc.), but it works just fine.

  • Update not supported

    by Dalgal9

    The new update is not supported on my mobile device so I must delete app.

  • Terrible.

    by Screaming me

    Every time i close the ad it pops right back up. It wont go away i cant even turn the music off because the ad wont go away. This app is worthless and useless now. Fix it.

  • .

    by Brian S4444

    I do not want to upgrade I just want to listen to the music. It won't let me listen to the music unless I upgrade. There needs to be an option whether to upgrade or not.

  • Redesigned app not good and too commercial

    by Bulldog232

    Overall still like The Fish, but the newly redesigned app made a poor app worse. It's too hard to pause/mute and unfortunately the app has followed the drastic increase in commercialization we've been hearing on the radio. May be time for a full switch to Moody Radio and K-love.

  • Best radio station ever!!!!

    by Spiterwolf

    I'm from Georgia, but now I live in California, but I still love the fish. To bad I can't wake up early enough to listen to Keven and Tayler :( I love you guys!!!

  • Same song sung

    by Dudeman Fancy Pants

    For some reason it keeps going like the songs keep playing but the lyrics and the name of the song on the screen is the same. It's been the same for like 3 hours.

  • My fav radio station..

    by PaulFrankLuver

    On the go

  • Used to work great...

    by Clyde52

    It was wonderful! I could listen to the best Christian radio out there from my iPod. But then they did something and it just loads and doesn't play anything... PLEASE FIX!! I love the fish and listen to it everyday!!

  • Used to work

    by Flane13

    It loads and does nothing else, my home is atlanta, but i'm at school hours away and i love this station, i miss it! Please fix.

  • Update please!!

    by bnsims

    Please update this app!!!

  • Won't load

    by Ddmovin

    It says it's loaded but I get nothing. Used to work great. Can't listen via Internet on my iPhone because of the Adobe Flash player not being supported by Apple.

  • Love it!

    by sdesign280

    Guys, you CAN listen to it outside the app. I am right now while writing this. Just pull out the menu/options on the right side and click on "background" and just stream it on safari. Anyway, I love this station. I'm preggo right now and I esp. love to listen when I'm feeling hormonal or negative lol. Just my kind of christian songs/artists too.. very mellow yet powerful

  • 104.7 the fish is GREAT

    by Joe457review

    I only wish I could listen to the music outside the app. Every time I exit the app the music goes off. But the music is fantastic and I listen to it where ever I go! Love this app!

  • 104.7 da fishey 

    by StarWarsFreek

    I have been listening to the fish sense I can really remember! I love Kevin and Taylor in the morning! I have an iTouch 4th gen and it is awesome listening to the fish on it! 

  • Agree with Crashes

    by AndersenR

    I am having the same issue as JacksonML. Just updated my iTouch with ISO4 and now The Fish crashes and I hear nothing. PLEASE FIX.

  • Crashes

    by JacksonML

    It used to work on my iPod 3rd gen, but then I upgraded my iPod to iOS4, and the app broke. Please fix.

  • Please add fish rewards

    by S1022

    Functional app, but I'm still more likely to just use Pandora or something similar (very limited commercials unlike the fish). However, if you added the ability to add fish rewards points, it would make this app more useful.

  • Wow! & Meh... But Wow!

    by CornFish Fry

    It's awesome! Go this! I love the ability to listen to my favorite station ANYWHERE!! But, backgrounding really stinks. Just add backgrounding to the APP! Ya know, iOS 4! Easy! Just do it, then iPhone 4 users (me) and 3Gs users (lotsa others) will buy in a heartbeat.

  • Awesome

    by 

    This app is great!! Plays really good songs and somtimes has lyrics! If you love God and Christian music........ BUY ITI mean wwjd?

  • One of my favorite stations

    by FutureMommyDoc

    Love this station and app! The best thing is that you can listen and still read your email.

  • A spirit-uplifting app!!!

    by SilentCricket

    They finally have an app for that. Thx guys for this app. Since at work I can't stream thru website so this is the next best option.

  • Awesome !

    by jacobga09

    Better than on the car radio!

  • I love the fish but...

    by Jon58

    It's a great app and all. I love it and there is nothing wrong about it but I want to point out... Even though I, along with anyone who has herd the station before agree that it's safe for the whole family, I'd like to point out that for some reason, it's rated 9 and up... Idk y but... Look into it...

  • Great

    by Leroy14

    Good station, great app! Thanks!

  • Get it!

    by ViriFercho

    If listen to The Fish.. Then get it!!! Is awesome!!!!

  • Review

    by ashleyv1028

    Love it!! :)

  • awesome

    by Camp98

    i love the fish. i am so glad they made this app. if u are reading this and u havnt got this app stop reading and get it!!!!!!!!!


    by Mobile Virgin

    Ever since I traveled to GA a year ago and heard the Fish, I fell in love with this station ahd hever turner back. I live in NJ but listen to a GA station, LOL. Not knockinf 99.1 but I love the fish

  • The best christion radio station!

    by qSerge

    My favorite radio station:)was waiting for the app a while now...thx for makeing it!

  • I love the Fish

    by babygirl3075

    This is an awesome Christian radio station that I enjoy listening to do every day! The music is so inspirational and there is no negativity which I like about it! I love being able to see the artist & lyrics!!!

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