CarTunes Music Player Music App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Ryan Oksenhorn
  • Updated: Jan, 31 2011
  • Version: 6.3.1
  • Size: 582.34 KB

Seller: Ryan Oksenhorn

CarTunes no longer pauses your music on launch. Sorry about that, folks!

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CarTunes is the freshest iOS music player, designed entirely for touch. Control your music with swipes, taps, and pinches. CarTunes is ideal for listening to music anytime! At the gym, on the road, or lying in bed.

With more than 1 million downloads, CarTunes is a #1 App internationally! Rated ★★★★★ by hundreds of reviewers! See what everyone's raving about:

♪ Controlling your music couldn't be easier!
- Full gesture control
- Tap anywhere to play & pause music
- Flick to change tracks
- Slide to change volume
- Pull down to instantly tweet
- Two-finger flick to shuffle
- Slide to seek forward and backward
- Pinch to play current song's album or artist

♪ Runs full screen on your iPhone or iPad
- Full iPhone 5 support!
- There is NO better way to see, hear, and control your music than with CarTunes
- HD Retina graphics custom for iPhone and iPad
- Great on the large iPad, great in your pocket

♪ Tweet your music easier than ever
- CarTunes auto-fills a tweet with the current artist and the gorgeous album artwork
- Just pull down to tweet the current song

♪ Your music never looked so good!
- Gorgeous full-screen artwork
- HD Retina graphics
- Colors & visuals adapt dynamically to match each song
- Change the font to match the mood of your music
- View a wall of album artwork for choosing music
- Tweet your music with the album artwork attached
- Optimized for both iPhone and iPad screens

♪ Choose your music with just a tap!
- Instantly access your full library with one flick
- Innovative design & interface
- Find your music by its artwork
- Sort by songs, albums, artists, playlists, & podcasts
- View your music in a gorgeous grid of artwork
- Music keeps playing when you close the app

♪ Tons more features included
- Gesture customization
- Appearance settings
- Auto-play and auto-pause
- New features coming each week!

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by Vancouverite, eh?

    I've dumped the iPod default music player in favor of this one. Useful and great while driving, walking, working out, in a pocket, whatever. Updated regularly, responsive developer. Kudos!

  • Needs option to disable sorting by album artist

    by pmore64

    I have many albums that are compilations of different artists and it would be nice if I could see all the songs by a specific artist that are part of compilations

  • Playist creator needed

    by Farid De La Pena

    Great App but you should be able to ad a song to a specific playist easily

  • No iPad full screen artwork?

    by rslvid

    Great app, perfect for the car. No look controls. But if you want to look, there is no full screen artwork for the iPad version, so you have to look harder. Please allow us iPad users to lose the browser, and simply display the album artwork as you can on an iPhone!

  • Easy peasy

    by College weather girl

    Love it!

  • Twitter gesture is

    by Juanmi14

    Dumb. Please replace this feature for something more useful and - FEATURE REQUEST dev please make the album covers to swipe/slide with the gesture (albums move next to each other when the rewind or foward gesture is applied) Overall excellent app

  • Car Tunes

    by IronNori2

    This app is way better then any other music app I have ever used!

  • Beautiful interface

    by Nini Sattar

    This app is very pleasing to look at and very practical use. I am new to it. An update will follow after extended use.

  • Eyes on the road!!

    by *Binky*

    Love this app, I can safely scroll through my music without having to aim for any skip button. It also syncs to your music so any changes you make on your iTunes this also automatically changes! Thanks a million!

  • Cool

    by ElMo_Palmira

    Excellent music app

  • The best app ever

    by ReynDawg

    It's good to get what you want from an application.

  • Perfect app

    by michellebjj

    Is awesome :)

  • That's what 'm asking for my iPhone.

    by Spiritual pain

    That's what 'm asking for my iPhone.

  • Perfeito

    by Alguma pessoa alfabetizada

    Ao executar esse app tive uma experiência rara que poucos aplicativos proporcionam, desde os comando com toques à forma de organizar as musicas. Perfeição deveria ser o nome desse incrível aplicativo.

  • Awesome!

    by Me3tooo

    I can actually switch songs or pause the music without taking my eyes off the road

  • better than default music player

    by iPod Art


  • Awesome!

    by Pot Pressure

    The best app on my iphone by far! I've been using this app since July 2011 with the Bluetooth connection in my car. I've never had a problem and always happy to see updates. The developers really stand by it, putting in lots of work and continuing to update it from users feedback. Of all my years of owning a iOS device, no other apps have been as reliable as this. Easy to use controls, perfect for driving! Looks clean, what more can you ask for! Thanks for all the great work over the years!

  • Very Good

    by 列侬男爵

    I like it


    by hecknutz

    great app to use for music lovers

  • Really great app

    by ese_serio

    This is a great and user friendly app Nice job!

  • Mostly good

    by typo_kign

    Dear developer: 1) Pulling down to tweet (or whatever) is completely marginal/useless IMO. PLEASE get that crap outta the interface. What a waste of a gesture. 2) Figure out a straightforward way to shuffle and cancel shuffle. Had to dig to figure out the gestures and they ain't so great. Hey! How about replacing that friggin' pull down tweet gesture with a shuffle toggle gesture?! 3) Icons are nice but how about adding text to the main icons? (Artist, song, playlist, etc). I can never remember which screwy icon is for which function. Otherwise a pleasant player for use in the car.

  • Dope

    by Pauuuullll!!!!!

    Dope app, one suggestion, add a feature that let's you see who produced the track, for example sometime I feel like listening to a certain producers sound. I want to be able to go threw their catalogue like I do with artists.

  • Nice!!!

    by Jsciguy

    Just got and opened while listening to music. Not a glitch. Folded right in. As far as use of app. sweet, clever, easy and logical!

  • IOS 7

    by the premiere of the album

    The app is amazing!!!! But maybe an update for IOS 7? :)

  • Clean

    by HaQEdu

    I love the user interface. I use this app all the time. Keep the updates coming!

  • Great Interface -was great

    by Tim12345a

    Used to love the app. Now with the new OS on 4S it never remembers my last song, the swipes don't work as well, loads Very slowly, it frequently locks preventing play/pause to work and I spend too much time trying to cancel the post to Twitter rather than skip to the next song. Perfect for driving with a simple interface and font large enough to read the song title.

  • Genre Searching

    by djklein11

    I really enjoy this app for commuting. It makes changing music so easy. I would like the ability to sort by genre, or play all songs of a given genre, without having to make playlists. Also, the shuffle isn’t all that random. The app plays the same songs in the same order when shuffling all.

  • Car Tunes

    by tazz7100

    Awesome app. Great for easy control while driving.

  • GREAT...Except for....

    by wstuart66

    It shows all purchased music even though I've unchecked "Show All Music" in iPhone settings. Even the native music player is not showing purchased music but for some reason this app does. Please fix.

  • Great BUT..

    by SassyNoodleSoup

    It could use a a sound equalizer.

  • Great, almost

    by Hismikeness

    It would be great if this was able to play and control iTunes Radio, rather than just my playlists. I use it for playlists in the car, but being able to easily star or skip songs through this app would be great. I realize this might be an Apple limitation, too.

  • You killed it


    What's with the candy progress bar? It's ugly and ridiculous

  • Good app

    by Armandojim


  • The best one for runner!

    by dragonBTV

    It should be considered as the best player for runners especially who are using armband.

  • Good apps

    by bentreboy

    Thanks for such a good apps, no flaw yet!

  • Thank you to the developer.

    by JuanMN

    A terrific app that makes it easy to find your music while on the go.

  • Great stuff

    by Niaus

    Best app ever for on the road

  • Best app I've found for driving...

    by kbrielles

    One less distracted driver on the road! I hated always missing the skip button and having to literally pick up my phone and look at the screen instead of the road. Life saver! Thanks :)

  • Awesome!!

    by Tayuuuuut

  • The Best

    by Carbamide

    Hands down, the best music app for iOS. *SO* much better than the stock app. Have you ever paid 5 bucks for a hamburger and fries? This is worth more than a hamburger and fries. Don't gripe about the price: the dev clearly put more than 5 bucks worth of effort on this app. I say this as an app developer.

  • Easy to use

    by shdw2001h

    Easy to use when busy with other things.i use it all the time

  • It's actually pretty awesome

    by Joshua Ortega

    Simple yet amazing to use. Needs gesture from scrubbing through a song though

  • Very nice


    Love it love it love it. But I gots to be able to change the ratings. I just gots to.

  • 不错

    by The_busy_bee

    Мне понравилось

  • Does everything it's supposed to intuitively

    by Boogie Mam

    This is my 6th car gesture app (counting Apple's,) and Car Tunes is the only one that does everything I want without being complicated to use. It is now an essential.

  • One little suggestion

    by gab3197

    It's a great app. Features are great and makes a pleasant experience wen listening to music. I just have one little problem. I can't seem to get rid of songs that are stored in the cloud. I use a shared account, when a family member downloads a dog in iTunes it shows up on this player, but t doesn't show up ok the vanilla iphone player.

  • Ultra useful

    by Eduardo Gonzalez

    Awesome app

  • Shuffle

    by demetoniolli

    Doesn't have the option to shuffle all the artist music in the library

  • Great

    by AlexMC323

    This is a really beautiful gestures app that I use every time I'm listening to music. I feel like if you could add something extra that blows our minds, then ill give you a 5 star rate!!

  • Well done.

    by BrooksNotBooks

    Great app, very well done, looks amazing. All I ask is for an equalizer. I tend not to stray from native apps, but this has definitely replaced my iPod.

  • It's crashing in iOS 7

    by Amp63

    Not sure what the problem is but it doesn't remember the last sing played before and sometimes won't start a song after you try to start it by shuffling. You have to go to the Music app and start the song, then go back into your app.

  • Great app

    by Larry56918203

    Love it!

  • Supplanting Siri

    by guidoprincipale

    What more can I say? It's easier to use, more responsive and less temperamental than Siri. Many thanks.

  • Works Well

    by mercury52

    Very well laid out. Functionality is straightforward. Like the app.

  • Excellent.

    by Mg25755

    I am sure that this app will reduce the amount of car accidents, as the gestures are intuitive.

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