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Seller: Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC

* Reemote now has a new name: Airfoil Remote! It's also got a new owner, as we've brought it in-house to Rogue Amoeba!

* Airfoil now includes everything needed on the Mac side - remote control no longer requires a separate background app running on your Mac.

* Airfoil Remote's interface has been streamlined and improved.

* Airfoil is now a Universal app, with full support for the iPhones, iPods Touch, and iPads all in one app.

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***** PLEASE NOTE *****

Airfoil Remote works only with Airfoil for Mac 4.8 or higher.

Airfoil Remote is not currently compatible with Airfoil for Windows. Stay tuned!


Airfoil Remote allows you to use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to control Airfoil running on your Mac.

Airfoil Remote lets you:

* Toggle speakers on or off - If you want to send audio to new outputs, just turn them on in Airfoil Remote!

* Control volumes - Turn the volume of an individual speaker up or down, or crank them all up at once. Rocking!

* Switch Sources - You can switch between recent audio sources to change what Airfoil is streaming.

* Control Playback Too - In addition to controlling Airfoil, remote playback control of many popular sources including Spotify, Rdio, and more, is possible

* See What's Playing - Metadata from many supported sources is shown right in Airfoil Right. See artist names, track titles and album art!

Remember, Airfoil Remote does not receive audio (use Airfoil Speakers Touch for that), nor send it (use iOS's built-in AirPlay capabilities).

Customer Reviews

  • Works, but needs work

    by Webvex

    Does what it says (read carefully), but has its share of bugs. Not intuitive to setup and configure—part of which is Apple's fault. Really, this functionality should be included in OSX and iOS. At any rate, once you figure it out, all the Airfoil apps do work quite well and are stable. Yes, you do have to shell out $30 for the OSX and iOS apps, but it's worth it. If you have multiple Airplay speakers and want whole-house audio from more than iTunes, this is the only sane way to do it. For the devs, please combine the remote and speakers apps. There's quite a bit of overlap in features and we should only need one app on our iOS devices.

  • Works great with Airfoil 4.7.6 + Reemote Server!

    by Pfc. Parts

    I've been trying for years to find a set of apps that would let me run my subscription KPIG stream through all the AirPlay speakers in my house at the same time. I stumbled on an Apple Support page suggesting Airfoil, so I installed it. After getting my KPIG stream to work with QuickTime Player I was beside myself until I noticed the Airfoil Remote app required Airfoil 4.8 or better to work. I've been using the Apple Remote app to control iTunes on my Mac Mini media server for years and really didn't want to give it up. Then I read the fine print about installing Reemote Server, which *might* work with Airfoil 4.7. The good new is it does! Spectacular! I'm so happy I can't sit down. Airfoil + Airfoil Remote & Reemote Server have FINALLY brought KPIG streaming to every AirPlay speaker I own (and I own quite a few). Great Job Rogue Amoeba. I'll be back for more.

  • Works great with Rdio

    by flatlander1

    Bought this to control Rdio on my Apple TV. Perfect.

  • Does not work right now

    by Jeff Hobbs

    Right now, not working so much. But I am sure it will! So 5 stars.

  • Add More Pandora Support!

    by Avnish Mehra

    Please add support for changing Pandora channels through Streambox and/or support for the Pandora One app!

  • Easy to use and works as designed

    by ekfaith

    Been waiting for this app for years! Works as designed and I can not control all my airplay devices throughout the house. Great Job!

  • Fantastic

    by Flayra

    This works as well as it possibly could. It loads fast, has a very simple and beautiful interface and works wonderfully. Great work guys! Now I don't have to keep schlepping back and forth between my kitchen and computer...

  • Great!!

    by lui-zhong


  • Awesome Support!

    by Gruvejet

    The latest version did not work with my older Mac. I contacted support and they sent me an updated version that works perfectly. And the app does everything I expected it to do! I have never had this level of response from any other software company before. Great job. Thanks Kai!

  • So awesome!

    by thack7

    Awesome app! Controls while house music entertainment. Must have if you use Airfoil. Design and polish are superb.

  • Geek

    by Kakibelly

    Fantastic. Be sure though to load the remote server on your Mac or it will not work. You have to type in the http address in you browser to find that is provided on the app info. You won't find it browsing the web. Airfoil needs to provide this info better. Took me awhile to figure out.

  • Not enough control

    by Davvi

    While the app is very well designed and a pleasure to use, it doesn't provide enough control of the apps playing music. You can switch the music source from within Reemote and pause it or click Next/Previous, you can't actually select which song to play, to which Pandora station to listen to. Adding in that kind of control would make it the ultimate media app, and its a shame it's missing in a $4.99 app.

  • Great Support, Bugs Getting Fixed

    by FrostedFry

    I purchased both the iPhone and iPad HD versions. Both didn't work at all. I was disappointed. I contacted the developer and provided ample information to help resolve the issue. He proceeded to build a beta version of the app to get logs from my phone and was able to to provide me with a bug fix within hours that rendered the app to work flawlessly. Those updates should be forth coming for others having same issues. I was getting a connecting to (null) issue where the app was just hanging and not being functional. For those having issues connecting, you can always disable auto-discvoery and put in the IP address and port directly. This didn't help me though, but depending on your issue, it may.

  • Works great!

    by turnerh

    Does exactly what it says and works great! The price is understandable since its such a niche app.

  • Does well what it claims to do...

    by oregonpete

    …and if you read the full description, what that is will be clear. For those who don't bother and complain that it won't work with Windows or it requires the Airfoil app on your Mac, perhaps it could be reinforced by listing these items under Requirements on the left of the iTunes window. A good, solid iOS app that is a very useful adjunct to the Airfoil OS X app, and it works just fine for me. I wish it would control functions other than the volume on the Flash (ugh) audio player that Prairie Home Companion streaming uses, but I can live with that.

  • Wonderful app

    by alaner79

    I can now control successfully Airfoil from my iPhone and iPad. Work as advertised and never had a problem controlling my music. Unfortunately, this is for mac only but if you have macs at home this app is great.

  • Doesn't really control Pandora or Pandora's Box

    by miataguy

    Description says its integrated with Pandora's Box. That's only partly accurate. It controls volume, pause, skip, and thumbs. But it won't let me select an existing station or create a new one. I could've saved the $7.99 and just used this with the Pandora desktop app instead of Pandora's Box.

  • Works as advertised

    by uscmba02

    Why would anyone give an app 1 star simply because they are too stupid to read the description?

  • Works great.

    by Vince Cardillo

    Works great. Be sure to get the server app from

  • Excellent app - only misses support for MOG!

    by Francois Van Houdenhoven

    Excellent app. Would be even better if it supported controls when running MOG app on my mac

  • Not very useful

    by Aopisa

    I wanted to stream Google Music to an Airport Express connected to my stereo system. It does do that using the $25.00 Mac App. However, it can't do anything more than adjust the volume. So, it is not the greatest thing that it markets itself as. Set up and ease of use are good. Just kind of pointless if your music/radio is browser based.

  • Tease of promise

    by Lake21

    1. The idea is great: Why Apple can't support streaming to multiple audio sources via Air Play is beyond me, so the idea that an app hacks this problem is great 2) The execution leaves much to be desired: a. Was I able to stream music to multiple audio sources in my home simultaneously? Yes. b. Was it made easy or intuitive? Perhaps, but likely not for the average user and certainly not for me. Rogue's website is extremely unhelpful. I paid the $4.99 for the app, opened it and the application spent the next 10 minute "Looking for Airfoil …" which I thought was odd considering the app itself was the airfoil. I ended up downloading Airfoil on to my Mac Air only then was my mobile app able to 'find Airfoil' c. Did Airfoil keep working? No. After ~ 20 minutes of successfully playing music via my computer, through the Airfoil remote app there was loads of static … looked on my computer to find that this was intentional. Airfoil was deliberately overlaying static and a message with a call to action that read 'Purchase a license key to unlock Airfoil for Mac for a single user on one or more Macs. ' This came with a $25.00 price tag. Evidently I downloaded 'trial mode'. Either I have made some errors and it's more workable, without having to pay an incremental $25 (entirely possible that I've just missed something) or Rogue has really duped customers. At the very least they are guilty of incredibly crappy "Support" for their app. At most they've deliberately deceived customers. Rogue has successfully gotten my $4.99 less Apple's commission, but it won't be getting $25 more from me. What a joke. 1/2 Star if i could. The positive reviews stink of friends and family of the developers.

  • Will not connect - don't buy!

    by kyhgfd

    Doesn't work at all - way over priced.

  • Glorified Volume Control Unit for $5

    by JW, Esquire

    I love Airfoil, so I was terribly disappointed by this $5 offering from Rogue Amoeba Software. Aside from controlling volume, I can't see any other value to it. It never displays metadata and appears to always note that the "source can not [sic] be remotely controlled." This isn't worth 99 cents, much less $4.99.

  • Terrible App

    by mjd523

    Won't connect most of the time. Can't select playlists from Streambox (another paid app). Don't buy.

  • Do not upgrade to the new version (july 2013 )

    by Jefo13

    The new app is erratic not correctly showing what speakers are enabled and shows master volume as maxed when in fact it isn't

  • Doesn't control Pandora!

    by rjgcharlotte

    Had researched this app before it was part of Rogue Ameoba and didn't buy because it did not support control of Pandora. I immediately bought the new version released by Rogue Ameoba thinking I finally had an app that would allow control of my Pandora Desktop app with my iPhone. Shame on me - should have researched in more detail as it still is lacking in that functionality.

  • Airfoil Remote

    by Muzikman52

    It doesn't work!

  • Does not work on Windows!

    by Xman123sawx

    Bought it without doing thorough research... Unable to control Airfoil running on my Windows PC. Developer, please enhance this very promising app.

  • Never works anymore

    by t-ville

    Used to work great, but last couple of months it hasn't worked at all. Very disappointing.

  • Marty M

    by Point Richmond

    I have been using Airfoil since before iTunes could support multiple speakers. The idea of an iPhone app that would let you control Airfoil from anywhere in your house is a great idea. Unfortunately 1) $4.99 is a lot to pay for an add on to software you've already purchased and 2) Use of the app requires that you run the remote server software on the machine you are controlling. Where do you get this remote server software? It's listed as a free download from the developers website. The website however is down and appears to have been down for several weeks. There is no way to get tech support and no way to get the piece of software that is required to make the app work. I do not think that Apple should be collecting $4.99 for every download of the app when it is impossible to make it work. I think Apple should pull the app from the store until such time as it can be made to work.

  • Support website down

    by cub Kray z

    This app is completely useless without the remote server application on your mac and with the website down it is impossible to get.

  • Previous Version was better - better off with previous version

    by TVB Wisconsin

    Disappointing revised design - server app will not work without altering router settings which will slow down the speed of your internet.

  • Do not waste your money.

    by jeffsguy

    Requires another $25 app called Airfoil to stream music properly through all your remote speakers. This is a total ripoff.

  • Ya

    by wadebot

    No PC support. I'm dumb and the dev's are only deving on mac. Boooo!

  • Mac only

    by SSC

    I was a fool and thought it'd work on a PC. now I have to buy a Mac to make up for the $4.99 I spent.

  • can't get it to control Pandora

    by Gregory Lipman

    only have volume controls

  • really useful

    by daschles

    terrific app. Very useful. If you have crashes, make sure your airfoil preferences allow remote speakers to connect with airfoil

  • This rocks!

    by Douglas Semian

    Looking more to future updates and features!

  • Needs work!

    by mloizzi

    Kind of useless. All you can do is pause, increase volume. Not really a remote if you don't have an interface with spotiffy, iTunes etc. that allows you to change the music selection. Certainly not worth $5.

  • PC server expected soon?

    by clickykbd

    I bought this without reading closely enough... I use and LOVE airfoil, but I run it on a PC and do not own a Mac. Wasted 6$ (for now)... Hoping that changes soon? I'll certainly review it again if that transpires or is in the works?

  • Hoping for update

    by Davies

    Very buggy to say the least. Apps are listed multiple times and do not have control to start/stop...etc, basic controls. Looks like I will continue to VPN and control Airfoil that way.

  • Developer won't respond to emails.

    by fattmarrow

    App states that if you run into any problems, email developer. I did and he won't respond. Product isn't working for me. Update- they released an update for Lion that now makes the app work great! Still, would have been nice if developer would have at least responded.

  • No windows version

    by Drarmstr

    The server is not compatible with windows based PCs

  • Does not support PPC

    by No1lftbhd

    There are still old macs out there, it's not much of a stretch to make a program Universal across the board, trying to get a refund, and can't!

  • Reemotely brilliant

    by Uncle Olaf

    I have searched for years, for the combination of tools that would allow me to listen to any audio, from any source, in any room in the house. I have a Mac Mini, an Airport, an Apple TV, and two Linux machines. The Mac runs Airfoil. The Linux machines run Airfoil Speakers, as does the iPad. Now with Reemote, I can turn them on or off, at will, change sources for audio on the Mac, change volume on any of them, all as I walk around with my iPad. It's genius! I'll be setting up audio systems for friends and family and this will be the core. Olaf

  • Works perfectly

    by David in NC

    Works exactly as advertised, thanks! Don't know why RA doesn't build this into their own app, kinda silly to have to get it from a 3rd party. UI on this is pretty bad, but no big deal... It works, that's the important thing.

  • Need PC support

    by gonehuntn

    Needs remote server for app to connect to. Remote server only available for Mac. This app is not made by Rogue Amoeba, the makers of Airfoil.

  • The missing link !!

    by Stevomatix

    I love this app ! Works perfectly !!!

  • Possibilities, but there are some issues

    by sd45

    This app fills my need for remote control of Pulsar. But there are some issues that need resolving. The first is that the app is basically unusable if you have stealth mode on your firewall invoked. It takes a long time to connect, and the controls are not responsive. I consider stealth mode a basic security setting that should not be turned off. The second is that the app needs a way, in the case of Pulsar, to navigate, at the very least, through your favorite channels selection. I haven't be able to find those controls. To be fair, in an email the developer told me those tools exist in the app, so I'm waiting for an email from him to point out what is probably the obvious. The developer has been very responsive to answering my emails, so I hope that over time he can address these issues. Update to my review: You can navigate Pulsar favorites. A simple restart of Reemote in the multitasking bar solved that problem. I"m raising my review score from a 2 to a 3.

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