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Improved iXY compatibility for iOS7

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RØDE Microphones presents RØDE Rec, the definitive audio recording app for iPhone and iPod touch.

RØDE Rec combines professional features with an intuitive interface, making it easy to record, edit and publish broadcast-quality audio directly from your iOS device.

Featuring real-time waveforms, a suite of non-linear editing capabilities and powerful EQ and gain controls, RØDE Rec is the only field recorder you'll ever need.

New in 2.8:

• Dedicated iPad interface – view the waveform, editing and a suite of controls on the one screen
• Batch export of files
• MP3 export
• Improved interface


• High resolution 24-bit, 48kHz stereo/mono recording (up to 96kHz when paired with the RØDE iXY microphone)
• EQ and dynamics: Compression, high/low-pass filter, and frequency cut/boost
• Live input monitoring
• Complete control of the iXY microphone, including high pass filter and LED behaviour


• Real-time waveform and one-touch markers
• Landscape mode provides greater visibility when editing
• Non-linear cut/copy/paste/crop
• Waveform looping
• Normalise volume and change gain levels

• Output in multiple formats including WAV, MP3, AIFF, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC and more
• Export direct to computer via iTunes or a web browser
• Direct publish to SoundCloud and Dropbox
• Upload via FTP

Customer Reviews

  • Must have!

    by Shell Thompson

    A must have for the Rode Smartlav. Plenty of settings to get the optimal sound. I'll take this app and the Smartlav over a handy recorder and a lav. I haven't had any of he issues of crashing that I read in other reviews... Yet. If I do, I'll modify this review appropriately. I am careful to export every 15 minutes or so to avoid that. Also, I use the email option - not Dropbox.

  • WOW!

    by WalkerTXSrngr

    I have actually paired this app with a very unlikely mic source for many productions (the first time was out of emergency) and it has worked so well that when I tell people how I capture my sound they are in disbelief. I haven’t had the crash problems or recording length issues that other users have reported as a matter of fact it was accidentally left recording for over an hour recently. Absolutely awesome app.

  • it works fine and at a bargain price

    by davidp158

    I am able to send files via email, and also import through iTunes. Never had a crash, but my audio files have been relatively short (under 15 minutes). Exporting (sharing) files is not the most intuitive process, but there are plenty of videos explaining how. I would give the app 6 stars if the interface was a bit more intuitive. For a $6 app, I really have no complaints at all.

  • Send in your bugs! Developer support needs you to contact them!

    by Peter Marozzi

    If you are having issues with this app, it’s important to send in your bug reports. Contact the developer on their web site and they’ll give you info on how to send the bug reports. If more users did this I think we’d get a long way towards fixing the problems in this app. I sent one in and their customer service was great. Here’s hoping for a fix!

  • videographer

    by Larsrec

    I don’t understand the negative reviews. It works great for me. Easy, quick and reliable. It’s a great alternative to the usual paraphernalia I have to carry.

  • iPhone 5s

    by Pattern Interrupt Drummer

    24/96 all day long. No crashing!

  • Crash problem

    by Oxes On Boxes

    Used once with much success and was very excited. I'm using the line6 sonic port with it. My second time trying to use it I couldn't get the app to stay open long enough to even start a recording, extreme lag would take over the whole iOS and then the app would crash. I hope this can be rectified, otherwise a very useful app.

  • Good but...

    by rgreen517

    Can't seem to get a high enough input level with just a normal lav mic. Also the recording presets are not available. It only shows hiss reducer and a couple others. Not interview, lecture etc. would be really nice as well if there were level numbers on the VU meters

  • Audio Juicey-ness!

    by Digixan

    Røde Rec is now one of my fave audio recording apps. Ran it through several recording tests and passed them all. Editing was simply awesome, found this app when I was in search for a mic for my cam. Great happy accident here!

  • Software has some problems, found a solution to an unexpected crash.

    by tsong246

    Like some of the users have already claimed, I have had problems with the R0DE software. I use it on my iPod Touch, 4th generation. Recently I attempted to record with it, and when I hit stop and save, it crashed. Fearing the worst, I opened up the R0DE program again and it said "Nothing Recorded." Not giving up, I then went to my iPod Touch settings menu and discovered that there was data that was inside my iPod Touch - in fact, enough data that showed me that my audio was possibly there. I wanted to find out how to get access to this, and I did manage to do so - it was my recording. I was able to recover it, play it, and edit it to my needs. Hopefully this will help some of you if you ever run into the same problem. 1. If the R0DE software crashes and you open it again, DO NOT DELETE the file you created if it says "nothing recorded"! If you do delete this, you will not get your recording back. 2. I use Windows 7. I used a program called iExplorer to get access to the data inside my iPod Touch. 3. When you use iExplorer, go into your iDevice. Select Apps, R0DE Rec, Documents, and private. 4. Depending if you have already recorded various things that are saved on your iDevice through the R0DE APP, you will see a variation of folders with a bunch of letters and numbers. Open them up until you find one that has a folder that says "A Document Being Saved by R0DE Rec." 5. Once you open "A Document Being Saved by R0DE Rec.," you might find a file or two that has no file extensions, (such as .raw, .wav, etc.) In my situation, I saw two files that were exactly the same size with no file extensions. Go ahead and download one of these files (or if you only have one without a file extension) by using "Export to Folder" in iExplorer. 6. Since I use Windows, I use Sony Soundforge 10 for my audio needs. It probably isn't necessary to have this program as long as you got a high quality audio program with abilities similar to Soundforge. 7. With Soundforge, I went ahead and opened the file that had no file extension. I was prompted with a window calling it a "RAW file type." Since I recorded my file in 44.1 hz on the R0DE APP, I initially thought that the settings would be 24 Bit /44.1. This is not the case in Soundforge - and if you were choose these settings on the "RAW file type," your recording WILL play back INCORRECTLY. Follow these steps to make this file playable again. a. If you recorded your file in 44.1 hz, you will have to select 22,050 as the sample rate. If you recorded in 48 hz, you will need to set the sample rate to 24,000 hz. Basically you will need to input half of the sample rate you selected on the R0DE App. b. Even though the file is 24 Bit, it will not open properly as a 24 bit file. You will need to select "32 Bit, IEEE Float." 10. If you done the above correctly, you should be able to see the audio you recorded. Happy editing!

  • New name, same Game

    by soundeziner

    Just as good as the original FiRe by Audiofule-Engineering. Røde recently bought it from AE, so I hope they only improve on it without losing that special AE touch. Røde Rec's always been a service release behind FiRe, though, and it still is. At 2.7.5, Rec's still showing the same waveform-editing/ redraw bug that FiRe fixed at 2.7.7. Show that you can catch up and surpass, Røde, and it'll go up to 5 stars.

  • Full featured (with a few glitches)

    by BB92647

    This is an updated review. Not a bad App. I encountered a few bugs, but for whatever reason, it seems to be working well enough now. I'm using it with my iPad (3rd gen with camera connection) which sometimes the App didn't recognize. Also, there is a latency when monitoring through the app and not using direct monitoring on your interface. I hope Rode makes an iPad version. I'll update the review as I see how thenApp behaves under heavy usage.

  • Just Awesome!

    by PiTSnipeR

    Okay, first of all let me just say that this app really rocks. It's easy to use and really records the best audio ever. I have used it with and without the iXY Mic, which by the way ROCKS! I have used the audio from the tracks I recorded in some of my video productions and you have to really listen to tell the difference between this setup and my expensive audio equipment and software. Although the phone mic is okay, do yourself a favor and get the RODE iXY Mic.


    by pdmayo

    So here is the deal Rode, we the people have spoken, we think you guys are on to something special here. BUT! and I say BUT loud and clearly, you have to fix the buggy issues right away. Being audio people, you of all know the importance of great sound, but more importantly of useful software. Listen even if you give us a temporary fix until you fix this problem that is better then not saying anything at all to us. No matter where you look people are complaining about this software which in the end is going to hurt your reputation as a good company who backs there products. Please take what we say seriously, this is a very important matter since people use it for their livelihood, or very special events that can’t be recaptured again. Thanks for listening, a concerned customer.

  • Crashes

    by Calvin Grier

    Please fix or return our money!

  • Broken

    by JBelew

    This is a wonderful tool. The ability to share to Dropbox and tweak the audio input from the smart lav mic ($60) works great. Too bad it's all for nothing because the sharing and playback DO NOT WORK. I considered playing back my audio recording and recording that into GarageBand except- the App crashes on my iPhone 5S running the latest version of iOS 7 as of Jan 2014. I can't get my precious recording. I never give bad reviews but it's been a month now, and it's time for Rode to do something.

  • Absolutely Brutal to work with.

    by Daveinmichigan313

    One of the worst designed apps I've ever purchased. Love their microphones - but this app was completely thrown together. Rode's should be ashamed of themselves for putting out this gigantic piece of garbage.

  • This app is horrible

    by Skythemusic

    This app is awful. No matter what I do I cannot export my recordings. 25mb file limit for email? That is pathetic. I had hoped to use this to download song ideas and found sounds into proper recording environments. I want my money back, this program is useless.

  • crash!

    by wunyo

    Did a few tests and worked find. Then did an interview, that now crashes every time I try to play it back! All the data is there but…How can I retrieve this import interview? I bought the lab mic just for this project, flew all the way from NY to Argentina to do the interview! I am not happy!!! Can some one help???

  • Not So Great

    by Wovel

    I am updating my review after some more time with the app. I just created a 90 minute recording (all of my previous ones were under 30 minutes) and there is no way to export this from the app. The app crashes when you try to do any kind of export or open a large file. Like others have said, you will lose audio if you rely on this app. Maybe Rode will fix this (maybe try not loading the entire file into memory whenever you want to do anything…) The app is great with the smart lav for short files. Rode either needs to make the app capable of handling larger files or they need to make the app limit recordings to a length the app can handle (perhaps auto splitting to manageable sizes). Creating files you can’t ever do anything with is a waste.

  • App crashes all the time. Making any rode devices useless.

    by Logicalnot

    You pay big bucks for ok mic. You pay top dollars for matching app. And nothing works after the first upgrade. Please fire someone and get a fixer that will make it work.

  • iOS 7 - iPhone 4S - iXY

    by Sir Boddington

    Update: still crashes constantly with latest iOS 7 . This is using the rode ixy mic. If you continue to close and reopen the app it will work 1 out of 10 times. Looking for a replacement recording app.

  • Irresponsible to customers and your brand!

    by JazzCritic

    I am usually the last one to jump on a bashwagon. But not only does the Crash continually – even one time requiring me to restart my device – but, I recorded my daughters holiday concert last night in two 30 minute parts. I tried to email the first of the two to myself in an MP3 format which after chugging away for a very long time, it finally said file is too big to attach to email. After I hit okay, I returned to my recording list only to find out that that recording had vanished. This was a crappy product before road brought it and they probably would have done much better to build their own from scratch. Take into account all of the money that your company invests in your brand and a release like this has got to cost you significantly. It certainly cost me last night.

  • Crashes! Don't waste your time or money

    by Lotus Bloom

    I bought this in hopes of recording my daughter perform for the various bands & choirs that she belongs to in school. After it locked up and crashed multiple times on both my iphone and ipad, I wasn't able to get any recordings of her concerts this week and am upset I missed the opportunity to have recordings because I trusted this application to handle it. I had used older versions without problems but now I'm ready to delete it and find another. I'm very upset that this app let me down which means that I could not preserve my daughter's musical abilities with her school for this holiday season.

  • Give me my money back, Rode!

    by Full Apple Ecosystem User

    App crashes when I try playing back recordings. I was counting on it to transcribe some interviews. Shame on the Rode brand. Rode SmartLav is ok but this app is horrible.

  • Lost recording

    by fetjuel

    I too made a very important recording which every time I try to open or export it, the app crashes. It was an event of hugely personal importance that will never happen again, and now it is gone.

  • Still not working after update

    by Jfn123

    I bought this app ($6) to use with the Rode SmartLav, which is $60. The app does not recognize the mic. Whats interesting is, is that the Rode SmartLav is promoted and marketed to use with this app, however there isn't one mention of it anywhere in the app details, nor did it get mentioned or did the bugs get fixed with the "update" that just went down for IOS7. This to me is misleading marketing. If it doesn't work, say so. I went though hell with this app, and are still trying to get my files off of my iPhone. The app still crashes, constantly. My files don't even play. Rode has a long way to go with this app here. And I like Rode - I have a bunch of their other pro video mice, but this app, and the SmartLav are a miss at the moment. Read the other recent reviews, don't just take my word for it. Nice company, the mean well, but if you need something like this, I would look at other pro audio recording apps - there are many out there that have been tested and work properly. Rode - I am waiting for this to work one day.

  • Crashes!!!

    by nick815

    After recording a wedding ceremony with the app, it crashes every time I try to access the file. DO NOT BUY!!!!!

  • Crashes on launch every time

    by Chekam

    Unusable. iPhone 4S, iOS 7

  • App keeps crashing

    by Tjmann2

    I was amazed at the quality of the Rode iXY mic and it's ease of use with iOS. However the app is a huge let down since it keeps crashing everytime I try to open it. I have to make important recordings which last one hour or more and after a bad experience with this app, I am on the lookout for better stereo input apps that works with iXY, GarageBand being one.

  • App keeps crashing

    by Tjmann2

    I was amazed at the quality of the Rode iXY mic and it's ease of use with iOS. However the app is a huge let down since it keeps crashing everytime I try to open it. I have to make important recordings which last one hour or more and after a bad experience with this app, I am on the lookout for better stereo input apps that works with iXY, GarageBand being one.

  • Crashes and Hiss !!!!!!!!!!

    by Old Man Chris

    For 60 dollars +5.99 and the audio is horrible ! I'm a working filmmaker and you just can't rely on this app or lav. Save your cash and spend a little more on a wireless lav. Selling all my rode mics. AudioTeknika here I come it's about reliability to me and Rode isnt doing anything to fix this problem or their very bad app

  • IMPORTANT: read this before you consider buying this app, it doesn’t work with large recordings

    by mrbz.com

    I’ll first say I love RODE and their microphones. I like the IDEA of this app and at first glance, it looks great. However, I recorded a very important meeting - just 1 hour in length. When it came time to export the file using ANY of it’s options (Dropbox, file sharing, ANYTHING), it crashes. I’ve “hard” restarted my phone (power switch + button), turned off every app, tried exporting with every export function it supports. Every time, it crashes. I can’t even access the audio file without the app crashing. Worse, because the app stores the data in a proprietary format, the data can’t be accessed through iTunes or any other means. Fortunately, I can “play” the audio - so I’m stuck transferring the file with an analog cable to my Mac direct in real-time which is absolutely unacceptable. Shame on RODE for allowing an untested app like this to get into the iTunes store. It tarnishes your brand and now I’ll aways be very hesitant to trust anything they release in the future.

  • I want to love this app...

    by RecordingEnthusiast

    I use an iphone 4 with the ixy and paid for the rode rec app. In theory this setup would be the best field recording method I could want. But the app constantly crashes and most of the time it doesn't recognize the ixy mic. Please update this app!!! I want to love it!!!

  • Biggest wast of money


    Doesn't read any microphone on iPod 5th gen. I want a refund. Thinks mic is headphones


    by leftyedwards

    Just lost a $2000 job shooting 8 hours of a Kickstarter video for a client using this app. The file shows up in the app but it crashes every time I try and export it or open it. Thanks a lot rode, I’ll never use RODE again. You should have tested the app before you released it.

  • Can sound excellent - if something does not screw it up

    by Philslade

    Can an iPhone - especially with an audio interface like the Sonoma Wireworks GuitarJack 2 or Røde's own iXY - record and play pretty good sound? Yes, it can. But neither consistently nor reliably. So asking for money considering this particular app's real-world usability is a bit much, but that is not stopping a bunch of companies beside Røde from being rather disingenuous about what we are really getting for our money: one big audio "maybe", made to sound like a certainty. Røde Rec is a case in point. The 'Rec' part should come with a disclaimer: depending on what is going on in the bowels of your iPhone and/or your audio interface, it may not see a mic at all, or it may generate a raw audio file and just lose it, fooling you into destroying your own recording unless you tunnel your way into the hidden iOS file system to find it and import it into a real audio editor on a Mac or PC. Been there, done that. Regarding the lost audio, there is an excellent review here with the details of an audio rescue mission. Let it be known that to rely on the app and on iTunes to find the actual content from a recording session is a mistake that can cost you time, work, or worse. You will need a good iOS file system browser for insurance, preferably one that can dig into unencrypted iPhone backups. So you are really up a creek without a paddle unless you happen to have a real computer nearby, with just the right application. Which tends to negate the purported benefits of using your iPhone for field recording (and editing) in the first place, doesn't it? The people who are selling you these slick experiments in iPhone audio are certainly not representing things as they really are: experimental, and often unpredictable. Just yesterday, Røde Rec was not even recognizing my iPhone's internal audio hardware. Today it is - after I erased the phone, got a carrier update, and restored from backup. Under iOS 6.1.3. That is asking a bit much, frankly, for the darn app to just show up to work. Maybe the idea is to "fake it until you make it". Except that with a decent pocket digital recorder, there are no bad hair days. If the thing is not working despite full batteries and a correct setup, something is most likely broken. With an iPhone, you had better test everything before you head out for that recording session. Just to be sure it is actually working. And not do a darn thing with that phone that might suddenly trigger incomprehensible breakdowns - not until you have transferred that precious recording to a platform you can trust. Which is certainly not your iPhone. While we are on the subject of faking it, a note on the software localization: in French, "visite guidée" means "guided tour," not "audio monitoring." When things descend to that level, you begin to wonder how serious the people in charge are about the app. Not serious enough to hire and pay a real translator, apparently. Let's hope that attitude did not infect more critical aspects of the development process. Bottom line: if Røde Rec worked reliably - which is not actually the case - I would rate it a four, despite digital filters that can damage the sound quality of a recording if used carelessly. It would qualify as an interesting audio tool, and one that can get good sound, too. But what I have purchased is really a toy, and had I been warned I would have been more cautious.

  • Buggy, lost files

    by Scott.BF

    I wanted to like this after purchasing the $5.99 upgrade but I can not find any customer support, I wrote Rode and have received no reply back, and my issue so far is with longer files I'm unable to transfer them in any way possible without losing the data. I had one recording stop completely in mid interview and you have no way to monitor or know if you've lost anything too you review after the fact. I'm a longtime rode user with 4 shotgun mics etc so I'm certainly a fan of their products but feel this could use some work & better support. For reference I'm using on an iPod 5 touch. 2 stars instead of 1 as it does have great potential

  • Could be amazing, but crashes and file transfer insanity makes it unusable

    by phatmann

    I want to love this app so much. I like Rode's products, and the recording interface is attractive and simple. It might be the only recording app that shows all the information about the mic that is plugged, which is great because half the time the iPhone ail silently not recognize my mic. But unfortunately getting your recording off of your phone is insanely difficult. You have to manually create an audio file and then transfer it, whether you use iTunes or Dropbox. If you run out of storage, which is easy to do because of the fast sample rates, you won't be able to create the audio file and you are stuck! You can create AAC files, but even a moderately sized file can take over 15 minutes to convert, which is just bizarrely slow. Spend some time with this process and you will be supremely frustrated. On top of this, the app has crashed quite a few times on me, sometimes losing hours of recordings. I am not even going to mention all the super-cool editing features, because none of the splits, marks, etc. can be transferred, making them utterly pointless. This could possibly be the best recording app for the iPhone, but right now it is the most frustrating app I have ever used in my whole career as a musician. I am going to delete it now with pleasure and relief.

  • Decent, but unusable

    by SoundyMcSound

    I've been using this app to record on my iPad with a Focusrite iTrack Solo (4th gen iPad, iOS 6.0.1). While the basic recording interface and editing feature set is fine, there is a key weakness with the app that renders it practically unusable for me. Namely: the absence of a low latency monitoring mode. Yes, my interface does have a means of "direct monitoring"--however, even with the mic preamp cranked the audio comes in at such a low level that it requires a substantial amount of gain added on input by the app (I believe this to be a problem with iOS and not the app, so I don't hold this issue against it). Having said that, unless one monitors via "play through", one cannot hear the gain being added on input, and because the latency is so severe it's incredibly distracting/impossible to perform with (especially vocals or voice over). And if you think I'm trolling or exaggerating, I invite you to try it with this task and see if you don't come to the same conclusion. Furthermore, the ability to reshape fades seems to have gone missing, despite being advertised as a feature. I'd have contacted Rode about these problems directly, but there is nowhere on Røde's site to submit support requests about the app. Too bad, if they addressed these issues I might be inclined to rate it much more favorably. As it stands, I'm far more inclined to recommend Twistedwave or Auria LE to anyone looking to get started with iOS recording.

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