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+ Fixes an issue with selected states in Stations & Streams list

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The Public Radio Player offers the best experience for streaming audio from public radio stations and programs across the United States. Listen to your local favorites, or catch news, music, and stories from anywhere in the country. Live, on demand, even offline listening - all for free.

Listen to popular NPR shows like Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and All Songs Considered. Catch up on past podcast episodes of This American Life, PRI’s The World, Marketplace from APM, A Prairie Home Companion, and Newshour.

Brought to you by PRX, the Player gets you fresh listening from hot shows like 99% Invisible, The Moth Radio Hour, WTF with Marc Maron, and America’s Test Kitchen Radio. Or, just hit Play on Public Radio Remix and stream the best stories from

The Public Radio Player tells you the stations near your current location. Or throw geography to the wind. Slept late in New York? Listen to KCRW, KPCC, or KQED to get your morning radio California-style. Miss your hometown Chicago sounds? WBEZ’s on the Player. If you want music - jazz, indie, folk, bluegrass, or classical: We’ve got everything from KCRW and WXPN to KJZZ and The Current.

* Listen live to 500+ public radio stations and streams
* Listen on demand to 1000+ programs and podcasts
* Download podcast episodes for offline listening
* Favorite stations and programs for quick access
* See what’s coming up with station schedules
* View station news and Twitter feeds
* Donate easily to stations you care about
* AirPlay controls (select iOS/devices only)
* Set the alarm clock and sleep timer

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Okcnightowl

    Can be pretty glitchy sometimes, but it's wonderful having access to the nations NPR stations.

  • Nice app, but crashes a lot.

    by Super Annoyed

    I do like and use the app but it crashes often during background playback. The UI isn't bad but is hardly quick to use. So starting up where you left off before a crash is time cumbersome.

  • If it would just work

    by Tiomo17

    I love what this app is supposed to be able to do but lately what it seems to do best is to close and inform me it quit unexpectedly and invite me to send a report. And even after I have downloaded a story to my device which often takes several tries, it still won't let me play it most of the time. Just sits there staring back at me. Please fix!!!

  • You will love this app

    by Korajun

    I so love NPR and public radio in general - this app is simple and the best way to access your favorite stations anytime. Best feature is the alarm.

  • Great new design and features; intuitive

    by Alex Cates

    Love this app! Thank you!

  • A lot of fun!!

    by Rod the big one

    This app gives me access to programs that I had never heard of. I'm having a lot of fun. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is that some shows do not add new episodes very frequently.

  • Great ap

    by David Wooddell

    Thanks NPR, really useful ap.

  • Cc

    by Zossimov

    This app allows a look out to a great window into public radio in the U.S.

  • NPR

    by Tacomaman!!

    Love it!!!

  • Car talk when I want it!

    by MamaJubie

    Columbus , Ohio has a great NPR station-WCBE90.5-and it's nice to listen anywhere anytime. ALL MIXED UP is a 3 hour dance program which I can play on my iPhone and get a party started with a push of a button.

  • Great

    by Lexi35

    Love it !

  • Great App

    by KayakPaul

    This app lets me connect with great public radio stations all over the country. The audio quality is superb.

  • Very well designed app!

    by brumy

    I love that I can search by station or show and can download shows for offline listening. Also access to the HD stations is great! I hadn't had access to the alternate HD content. This app greatly enhances my ability to enjoy public radio. Use this app bet don't forget to support your local station.

  • Loving it


    Just started using this and I have option anxiety

  • Easy way to get on demand

    by Nancybee237

    Works well for me.

  • Great idea

    by ProfWriter

    ...but can't make it work yet. Still, will keep trying.

  • PRI is as good a it gets.

    by RJ Mpls

    PRI is as good a it gets.

  • some glitches...

    by pri is great

    happy to have npr on my mobile device, but the app fails after my device goes to sleep and i go to play my npr!

  • Frustrating but has potential

    by Makelifeart

    When i first got this to listen to Maine Public Radio, it was great. Now it constantly jams and does not work. Please fix it because it was great before!!!

  • by beachcomberkm

    A great way to start the day. The alarm feature is very useful. It's interesting to hear broadcasts from other parts of the country.

  • Please upgrade the upgrade

    by Solidspin

    <50% of the time it switches back to the station after a call. Constant loss of signal with no control with the landing page controls on the iPhone (eg, don't slide).

  • Doesn’t work

    by Pixellarry

    This app was great for about two weeks. Then it just got real buggy. It would quit on it’s on, not load, and refuse to play when you tap the play button. I’ve got 3.2.1 on my 5s and it’s pretty worthless at this point. No support area on the app, and the support web site has no help for the app. Lots of questions, no answers. It would be great if it worked.

  • Too much crashing

    by Patioboater

    I loved this app until the current version, which freezes and crashes all the time on my iPhone 5. The older version still on my 1st gen iPad works much, much better. I wish I could roll back, and I can't believe how long it's been since the release of this fatally flawed version with no fix for the bugginess.

  • Great app !

    by Warrior_Queen_777

    This app works better than my alarm clock radio. I can hear the station clearly. Love the alarm feature!

  • NPR online is great

    by A>man

    I tend to get a poor radio signal at home and love that I can use this app !

  • Love it!!

    by bayman007

    Thank god for this app which allows to listen to my favorite NPR stations on the go. Hope they add sleeper function!!

  • Great resource

    by Ropagio

    I can use this to find a public radio station playing what I want hear, or download shows I've missed. A great resource.

  • I love real news

    by Brighten Bird

    Like having my fave programs come on with the alarm option. Yay KPFA! Love.

  • From favorite to misery

    by FromMaine

    First: repeated requests for access to the 2.x version of this app have been ignored by PRX. For several years I used the 2.x app several hours a day and recommended it to someone at least two or three time a month. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my 2.x version and was forced to upgrade to 3.x. It drops signal, cuts program or otherwise stops playing at least once an hour. It's just too frustrating to use now, I feel like my best friend has been kidnapped by its own parents, who just don't care.

  • Not working for me

    by qh87

    ---update--- Had to shut down and restart my phone. Works great now! --------- Just installed the app. The Open button doesn't work and the app icon doesn't appear on my iPhone 5s so no way to uninstall either. Please fix so I can update this review.

  • Great ap

    by Sara20155555555

    I love this especially because I can easily find and download exactly the show I want to hear.

  • No longer works

    by Baronial Ascendency

    It used to be great but now it just stalls out on trying to play live radio. Haven't been able to listen to anything in week. Deleting.

  • Great

    by crash prone

    Great app, gives you many choices to see programming

  • Great App, Greater Radio

    by Rawr D:<

    Easy to use App that brings quality radio at a touch. Now I can feel guilty more often about not donating. Like right now as I just wrote that, and again now.

  • Public Radio App Rocks

    by Anne Pedelaborde

    I have been listening to public radio since I was sitting in the back seat of my parents Delta 88 when I was 6 years old. I hated it then, and now it's my primary news and entertainment station. Get the app and take NPR where ever life takes you.

  • Great App

    by Grecoaussie

    Love it!

  • Love it!

    by Aartrace

    I just wish there were even more download-able shows!

  • Great app

    by Lee Creighton

    Works on my 3G, 4, and 4S phones. Also on iPad v2 and v3. Highly recommended for all public radio fans.

  • Great app

    by #cc0000

    Love the app, I am able to catch up on my favorite shows if I miss them on the radio.

  • Dissatisfied Listener

    by MonetMOMA99

    This app has been getting worse..I listen to my station on my iPhone, but when a call comes in and interrupts the stream..I have to shut off the phone and reboot. Lately..the stream is not flowing smoothly, I get mixed sounds, like some switching stations on me, or it sounds like it fast forwards..horrible! I would love to get a new app, but I don't see one that carries my radio soon as I do I am dumping this poor quality app.

  • Love it

    by Geno99

    Radio, man.

  • Almost perfect

    by vivshank

    I pair it with a dock in the kitchen.

  • Want it soooo bad to be better!

    by Dlb "A" Ron

    I have just updated this public radio player application and I couldn't be more disappointed! It is half as stable of the last version!! It reset all the time and unlike the old version every time it does, I have to listen to the advertisement again. This I should add is when i have wifi!!!! Please give me back the old version!! Ps. it was never as good at buffering as the likes of pandora. Please fix it so I can love my NPR! I'd pay for it!!!

  • Awesome

    by Ehopealot

    Really surprisingly great app. Replaces the radio & also a good podcast app.

  • Professor

    by Holler for joy

    It is the best feeling ever that I can again listen at anytime to NPR.. After living in Brazil for 5 years, I am very relieved that I can enjoy again all of the benefits that NPR offers. It is the only unbiased source of news. Besides the amazing choice of music from all genres is truly uplifting. Excellent.

  • NPR AS NARATIVE rates ten 10

    by Jimstet

    It is really very simple. At 62, when it feels like the U.S. is running off the rails, I feel safer knowing that a whole institution is watching out for me, that a sane group of people are monitoring Tea People, scary politicians. I just feel safer knowing you all are there.

  • Excellent First Impression

    by More is Better

    Love it so far!!!

  • Awesome app....if/when it works

    by Mr sir p


  • A

    by Makarios74

    Useful , helpful , convenient and excellent. Simple as that.

  • Consistently crashes

    by Chuckji

    The app consistently crashes during the first few minutes of playing a stream. It has been doing this forever. When is it going to be FIXED!

  • The

    by A$ap whitey

    Just a well made app nuff said

  • Great!

    by innerpurpose

    Nicely done app. Can listen to Kcsm and wgbh! Booyeah!

  • Great but have to restart phone if left idle

    by TallVak

    If left idle I have to restart the phone. Other then that it's pretty good listening to other public radio stations.

  • App works great

    by dear1207

    Easy to listen home station anywhere

  • So easy to use

    by Frothr

    This is a great and easy way for me to listen to the shows i missed. Love it.

  • What Happened?

    by African Word Genie

    This used to be a great app, but now it crashes all the time. Sometimes even pressing the "play" button doesn't work. I love public radio, but this app no longer serves it's purpose of keeping me tuned in. I gave it 2 stars because when it works, it works well ... If only it worked, SIGH!

  • Jenn

    by This American life ,

    It's AWSOME to have access to my programs without the hit or miss reception or time constrictions!!!

  • Once upon a time...

    by Zandoren

    This was a great app a couple of years ago, but now it's loaded with ads and buffers so often it takes the fun out of its intended purpose. Seriously, designers: GET IT TOGETHER.

  • Love Public Radio, Not the App

    by Tzvia

    The three stars cuts the difference between my five stars for public radio and my one star for the app. I rarely listen more than 15 minutes (often less) without the station stopping to rebuffer, which then triggers the promo slug again. Often it just drops. Sometimes I can simply hit the play button again, but sometimes I have to force-quit the app and start over. If this was rare, it wouldn't matter much, but it seems to be every time I listen for long. This doesn't diminish my love of public radio and my gratitude for this access, but I'm really surprised the app doesn't match the quality of the material.

  • Great app

    by Nat Cire

    This is great app with so many shows that I missed and can download the podcast for later listening. I use it when commuting in bus to catch up on missed programs.

  • Great App!

    by The original Kuje

    Great App!

  • Fantastic app!

    by sunny music

    This is such a great app, all public radio news programs available in one place!

  • Works well.

    by scooterboySB

    Mostly works well. Good streaming even when you have less than 3 bars. Occasionally hangs when switching between screens.

  • NPR Radio!!!

    by Mad Scatter

    This app opens up the public radio world. from the big guys like WBUR to the Wyoming Jazz station (who knew?)

  • When it works...

    by Chris Eller

    Giving it three stars for instability. When the app isn't crashing I love it.

  • In need of some help!

    by HungerTown

    Look I love NPR and I especially like the programming anywhere from Terry Gross to Science Guy Friday. With that said this app needs help,I totally agree with everybody else every time I'm streaming when I'm away from my own Wi-Fi connection it constantly crashes and repeats. I do have a data plan and I barely use it because I'm it either at work or at home with Wi-Fi. But when I'm at the gym I like to listen to fresh air in particular and it always ends up repeating. Until this app gets its bugs worked out unfortunately I'll have to rate it low. This has nothing to do with NPR itself!

  • Must Have for PR Fans

    by Malevolence16

    Great app with access to all PR stations out there. Plus, it has nice features like alarms and direct downloading of shows and podcasts!

  • Works for me!

    by Alliewog

    I get the programs I want, when I want them! This, for me, is all I need. Excellent app, always works for me.

  • Crashes

    by Accented14!*

    Crashes too frequently.

  • Great to follow Public Radio

    by FrankBSC

    I am a big fan of public radio; so having the Public Radio app is special. Not only can I follow all the programs I like, but I can listen to my local station while I am traveling. Public Radio is always as close as my phone, and that is in my pocket.

  • No Longer Works

    by Eric Rawlins

    Used to work fine. Now it doesn't. At all. Will play nothing at all from any station. I'd say an update is in order.

  • Could be 5* if …

    by Podkayne 42

    … you get rid of the fracking ADS!!! I will gladly pay for the app. This app is the worst ad-pusher I've ever seen. Most ad-supported apps have occasional ads, or at least banners that change occasionally, but this flashes so often it could trigger a petit-mal.

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