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Languages: English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Propellerhead Software AB

Version 1.5.3
• New songs now have randomized patches and settings to get you started
• Notifications now inform you when new Figure content is available
• Bug fixes and performance enhancements

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Got three minutes and want to make some music?

Figure is the fun music-making app for instant inspiration.

Create an addictive beat before the next bus stop or lay down a beefy bass line while waiting in line at the bank. Figure will have you making music within seconds yet is deep enough for endless play on a transatlantic flight.

Figure highlights
• Make songs with Drums, Bass and Lead Synth
• Play by sliding your finger across the play pad
• Always stay in key and on the beat
• No previous playing skills required
• Tweak and twist your track on the fly
• Sounding amazing has never been this easy
• The sound of Reason on your phone!

Truly designed for mobile user on the go, Figure gives you drums, bass and lead synth, controlled by an incredibly easy to use touch interface that gets you sounding great literally in seconds. Slide your finger across the play pad and hear your bass line play. Tweak the Rhythm, Range and Scale Step wheels to get the result you’re after. Programming drumbeats is just as easy. Set the rhythm and play the drums with your fingers. You won’t want to stop. You won’t believe how amazing you and your phone can sound.

If you are new to music making, getting started making great sounding tracks has never been this easy — and sounded so great!

If you are a seasoned musician – music creation has never been this fun!

The nitty gritty details:
• Bass & lead parts use Reason’s Thor synthesizer
• Drums powered by Reason’s Kong drum machine
• Play in different keys & modes. Set once or change on the fly.
• Increase the Shuffle to loosen up your beats
• Turn up Pump to add a club sound to your tracks
• Adjust levels using Propellerhead’s legendary mixer
• Save, browse and load song files
• Set length of loop (1,2,4,8 bars)
• Export audio to iTunes File Sharing
• SoundCloud Sharing - share your Figure tracks with access to Facebook, Twitter and more
• Audiobus support: Stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps! See for more information
• Background audio (in device Settings)

** Requirements: works on iPhone 4 or higher, not recommended for iPhone 3GS
** AudioCopy by Sonoma Wire Works

Customer Reviews

  • Great!

    by The Organist

    This is really great! The more I use this, the more I appreciate it's capabilities. It's simple and creative fun.

  • Ok, here

    by A old man who says hi

    This app is great for making loops while on the go! You can make loops on three core instruments with many presets. I do wish that you could have multiple loops on one instrument though

  • Pocket Electro

    by Netic

    Must have for every electro musician on the go. I have performed live in San Francisco and Chicago. It's loud and funky. Like a good breakfast cereal, it stays crunchy, even in milk. Cheers, Nathome

  • Has great potential.

    by Christopher Aaron

    This app is so fun. I can spend hours messing around on it. Propellerheads... Can you please make us able to make a whole song not just an 8 bar loop? The sounds and functionality is so nice but only having 8 bars to work will is such a tease. Or even AudioBus support would be great. Lost story short. I would love to take my figure loop to the next level.

  • So good

    by Eyas kelani

    All i need . Amazing and super fun

  • Fantastic

    by L'Mahrard

    This app is a pure gem. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. I wish they'd make a clear tutorial in how to use figure to record live as I like to start from a simple loop and play with it in real time. That would be fantastic.

  • Amazing app for the price

    by Whereiend

    This is a great app, but could use more patches for the instruments and a way to sequence complete songs. Considering the price tag, I have to give it 5 stars though.

  • Amazing app

    by .Sl4sh.

    I would like more sounds and more time to create. I love this app :3

  • Awesome!

    by Nelson Neuberger

    Just wish there was an icon without the company's name

  • Most innovative beat app

    by Creatordie

    Killer ui design and samples that makes it fun and easy to make fairly complex beats in a matter of minutes. Hope they keep adding to this app so it becomes more compete while sticking to the simplicity of its beat making.

  • Love this app

    by Airtwinks 21

    This is an amazing app, got addicted to it instantly. Check me out on soundcloud: Airtwinks To get a great example of the stuff this app is capable of.

  • Last thing

    by RrrrrrrrrrrrrruxpearEnced

    Ok I'm torn, I wanna say 4 stars but that 5th star would be so ez to get to for you guys. And the feature I'm missing seems arbitrary so that has me wanting to go 3stars. Let us be able to use the Song tab like the other tabs so that chord changes are recorded and looped same as the lead or bass? If that's not possible at on a 1$ app charge me 5$. This is a good idea friends, you should look into it.

  • Great app with new features being added all the time.

    by Dominooo87

    Fantastic app. Deceptively simple, but very in depth. Two things would make this a 5 star app. 1. When I only have two snare hits selected, allow me to put the snare on the (2,4) beat instead of the (1,3). I ALWAYS have to record my own snare currently. 2. Longer record time OR ability to sequence bars together. i.e.- 8barVerse + 2BarPrechorus + 8barChorus... Etc. Thanks for the great app.

  • Months of fun

    by 001010

    Awesome, I've been using this app for months and it still never gets old

  • Best app.

    by Miriamlav


  • Tons of depth/crazy user friendly

    by SupaZee

    Been using this for over a year now and it's amazing. You can export your loops into other apps or onto soundcloud of you wanna make them into full fledged songs. It's really easy to do anything in this app and getting a new, great unique sound out of it is insanely easy as well. Can't recommend it enough.

  • Cool but....

    by Houston2112

    Good app but I can't get rid of the annoying SSS metronome....


    by Christina(5612)

    I'm going to marry this app and have little app babies

  • Best app!!

    by Dremldreml

    One of the best apps for playing music!!!!! Love it and play live!

  • Extremely unique

    by LilBompie017

    This application is an interesting and sort of innovative way to make music. Warning: awesome little tones are born here.

  • Please fix.

    by JeffesaurusRex

    Sometimes I hit keys and I don't get a sound on the playback! It shows where I hit, but I don't get the noise. It seems random because different notes don't play on each pass. Please fix this, and allow us to save to .mp3.

  • Useless

    by Laura Z 13

    This thing is crap ..sounds like crap ..8bars of crap ...Dont waste your $$$.

  • Missing Features

    by incineration

    I like the idea of downloading some Figure content from the web but a music creation app without the ability to export the song as a popular file format such as MP3 is quite useless. On the other hand, there's no way to compose a song longer than 8 bars and the exported song always loops twice.

  • It need more sounds and a whole song format

    by MARVhp

    I can't rate this any higher then a three because all u can do is loop up to eight bars and can't make a whole song like other apps. This app need a major upgrade. Better off spending your money for beatmaker2 of fl studio if you wanna make music with a app. I hope reason come out with a big update that will blow my mind or just start over with a better app cause this is lazy work. Please step it up like they say go hard or go home.

  • A must have app ... It had 700+ 4.5 stars positive reviews in 2013. Don't miss it

    by djgreggar

    Great app. Sounds excellent. Exports easily. Intuitive self explanatory ... Awesome. A must have

  • Love it!

    by Mad Man Maniak

    I use Reason, and saw that P-head made this and couldn't help but try it out. Very fun way to get a small, simple idea with the number of instruments this app comes with.

  • Not worth it

    by clintonbeaverpants

    Fun but gets old really quickly. Not nearly enough options.

  • Absolutely awesome

    by Jeff Logan

    I love this app. You start making unique music almost immediately. The interface is innovative and a great use of the technology. Maybe adding some sound packs would be cool...but I use this constantly.


    by bflylover11

    This app is so awesome! I can make my own loops and it kinda sounds like dubstep! It was a very good investment!

  • Last thing

    by RrrrrrrrrrrrrruxpearEnced

    Please have the record feature also work on the song table, I like chord changes and would love to be able to set them up and only perform the lead part.....u know, like a musician. I don't feel like this is unreasonable. As it stands I hafto move the files one chord at a time to another app to control it. So the flow of any creation is almost never transferable. I would pay upwards of 3 dollars for the upgrade I mentioned.

  • Not very interesting.

    by Malloware

    I don't know what the reviewers are talking about! The app doesn't reproduce interesting musical sounds. The looping feature is annoying. The app is not intuitive. The design is mighty basic bordering on bland and unexciting. I listened to the posted featured recorded loops from users and they did not inspire me. Apple's Garage Band is far superior and creatively more challenging. I am deleting this app.


    by imlost42

    I am a dj. This app is literally BRILLIANT for exploring down new ideas on the fly and creating sick new beats. It is perfect for creating loops and laying down beats to remember for later and gives you up to 8 measures which is more than enough for that. If you want to create a whole entire song solely on your phone this app is not for you as that is not the purpose of this app. But it is perfect for what it is meant to do.

  • smart app, smart price, simply fantastic

    by funkyou17

    you will simply not find a better app for a dollar. great beats, great bass lines, great synth sounds. the manual is clear, easy to use and will have you making more complex tracks within a few minutes. don't miss it.

  • Fun little machine

    by atoki

    I have had a lot of fun with this cheap app, please add more sounds, I would gladly pay for some inapp purchases

  • Fun and intuitive

    by Manic3

    Great app that I totally underestimated. This is a quick way to create. Also, very good sounds

  • One of the best music making apps

    by Awesome ninja guy

    It's very intuitive to use, and gives you a decent amount of options. I wish that you could make longer songs though, or at least save patterns you've made and reload them all within the app. The lack of long notes is also a little annoying. Being able to select from multiple sounds would be pretty nice as well. Overall, it's great, but could use more work to become excellent. On its own, it works as a goof around app, but if you want to make an actual song with it, you'll either need recording equipment or an audio editor (used in conjunction with iTunes to pull files). Edit: changed my review to 5 stars because I didn't spend enough time with it before. There are multiple kits, and you can reload beats but only if you saved them (if you 'shared' with iTunes then you won't be able to load it within the app). Having a lot more fun with it now!

  • WHY WONT IT DO IT?!!??!

    by Akio Yamato

    You guys should consider letting audio files use garage band. I would appreciate it

  • Fantastic

    by sdan

    Amazing app with the best interface out there - simple to use and very powerful for beginners ! Love it.

  • kinda cool but ...

    by William Jezzym

    need updates!!! it's getting boring here!!!

  • Amazing job Propellerheads!

    by Daniel Ortiz

    This app is so fun and easy to use, it's awesome! Best app for quick beats and fun! Can't wait to see what propellerhead thinks of next!

  • The simplest way to make beats

    by Jonathan Edwards

    This app really sets the tone for ease of use. Expressing yourself musically has never been so intuitive. Every does what you would want it to do.

  • Awesome App!!!

    by Lilyvonbeep

    I can't stop playing music in this thing! This is my favorite app period. Makes creating music less mental or technical like in other music programs and one can really just simply let go, create, and have fun... The user interface is intuitive and easy and it is impossible to sound bad with Figure making it easier to create and groove with full abandon losing yourself in rhythm and harmony. Few requests... Can you please 1. add more than three instrument kits able at a time, 2. ability to save/export mp3, 3. Ability to save patterns and stack them next to each other to make a song and ability to stack on top of patterns too for layering like most conventional DAWs... This app has the potential to replace very music program out there

  • Awesome Stuff For So Little

    by C3l3$t1n0

    I can give you a more honest opinion about Figure now, since I have had it about a year now. This app is freaking great! It has a nice palette of sounds and drums, you can do lots of automation, and best of all you can record your tracks with Audiobus to other apps, or use the ACP route. So, if you compare this to similar apps (iKaossillator and iMaschine come to mind) this one will win, why? Well, it does not have the quantity of track as iKaoscillator (3 vs 5) or the expandability of iMaschine with their constant sound updates, but iMaschine is a closed app (no Audiobus or ACP), and iKaoscillator is a little bit more complicated to make notes in a precise way since it does not have the divisors on the pads like Figure does. There you have it! This app is the one to have to make quick compositions and actually use them with your other apps. See old review below... I see there are people crying about lack of features on an app that currently costs a comments on that. Ok, now to talk about the app. This little thing is great on creating grooves to add that little extra to your tracks. It is a lot of fun to create grooves with it and is really a great app that offers a lot of bang for that dollar.

  • Click

    by Mjhiggs2

    Great to mess around with, but does anyone know if it's possible to get rid of the click track?

  • Thanks Propellerhead!

    by Patbee9

    Big props to the guys at Propellerhead for making such an awesome app...and costs less than $2 dollars to boot! Figure is a serious music creation tool, simple enough that anyone can use it without much instruction yet powerful enough for professionals to get that melody out of their head and recorded for further development. Personally I can't understand how some people are not satisfied with this app. I challenge anyone to point me to a better music production app for less $. I recommend you search online for some of the recorded music which has been produced by this app to hear the potential of this little gem.

  • Sweet!

    by Steve Savage 3901

    Fun, easy, powerful

  • Lag and more lag.

    by Stanislaw618

    Ever since the newest update, live drum recording is super laggy. Impossible to do anything but loops, and they don't even quantize properly.

  • Awesome!

    by Sufferin' succatash

    I love this app I've made tons of songs but I can't figure (no pun intended) out how to play the black keys like on a piano. Also I can't figure out how to make different sections like a real song because it repeats the same thing over and over again. But otherwise it's a great app I hope u make more like it!

  • Amazing but...

    by Echelon171611414

    This is an incredible app but I want more from it. Don't complicate it but I want a stripped down sequencer and MORE SOUNDS. Allow this to control Reason and you all would be Gods.

  • Please fix.

    by JeffesaurusRex

    Sometimes I hit keys and I don't get a sound on the playback! It shows where I hit, but I don't get the noise. It seems random because different notes don't play on each pass. Please fix this, and allow us to save to .mp3.

  • nice

    by Hao-Yan


  • So much fun

    by Evin_Leigh

    You don't have to be a professional musician to mix some great sounding beat loops. You have 8 bars at most to work with so only about 30 seconds or so but you can loop it. You have so much to work with and the UI is so simple, sliding up or down to change the Drums, Bass and Lead, you can do tweaks, change the tempo, the tonality key then save and share. This app is amazing but I would like to see a way to maybe be allowed to add in our own singing and make it to where we can make it sound like a real song and not just a dance-techno-trance like beat mixer. Also extend to be longer recording, like a whole song or at least a few minutes. I would also like to see layered recording. If I record a track, allow me to go over it with another sound (the left to right sound changing). Also if I want to edit ONE sound or ADD in one sound, not change or have to erase other data. EXAMPLE if I have lead playing and like the way it sounds and want to add in some more lead of a different sound on top of it, it doesn't change my original lead sound.

  • Excellent app!!

    by TheEndTrend

    Propellerhead is a genius software company and this app is another bit of proof. Simple, fun, yet effective UI. Output to .aif and Soundcloud, etc. I'll probably use some of these loops in Ableton Live.

  • Wonderful App

    by RichRay5

    It's very nice and easy to use. You can actually make good beats without having the knowledge on how because of the UI. I love the sounds you can make with this app. Keep it up. Having a violin and piano sounds available would be very nice.

  • Wow


    Very good app, can throw out good beats lickitty split. Lots of different sounds, wish there were more drums to pick from.

  • Amazing App!!!

    by dillskey

  • Very fun with headphones

    by Dk223

    Very fun. Easy to create very cool beats quickly. Fun to just zone out with headphones and tweak sounds on the fly. Cool interface. Export by emailing to friends (assuming they have the app, c'mon its a buck and awesome so get over it), export to iTunes or souncloud... What's not to love? It's really a dream music making app. My only improvement would be I'd like to see a GarageBand style flow path of the three tracks to manually edit the tracks. I'd like to be able to see the composition graphically and tweak/move things around... But I think the minimalist ethos is very clever even without that. Brilliant work app maker peeps. :-)

  • Amazing

    by David Benhamou

    So much fun.

  • Amazing UI. So much fun

    by butcherBaker

    I'm no musician, but this is a lot of fun.

  • Favorite app ever

    by Meebolover6538

    I've had an iPod touch for 7 years now and I've never had an app as good and as much fun as Figure. I love music and I love making music and this is perfect for when I have time between classes or when I need a break from studying. This app was the best dollar I've ever spent. The sounds are awesome and it's so rewarding when you make a cool jam. Awesome app!!!! BTW I've been producing with Reason for 4 years now and seriously it changed my life. I love Propellerhead.

  • Longer songs

    by Ghostftw14568

    Why do the songa have to be so small I want to create long dubstep like 3 minute long songs not 30 seconds songs

  • Fabulous app!

    by cayolivera

    Beautiful interface, fun to use, with a huge selection of sounds. Very clever and powerful too. Recommended!

  • What a Waste

    by MikeGenius

    These people with five star review can not have much of a brain to thing an app. That's so limited warrants a five star review for real four tracks no importing of sounds and only 4 tracks Wow!!! What B.S. You need NANOSTUDIO or BeatMaker2!!!

  • Shockingly deep and good

    by WebleyGreer

    Such a creative use of the hardware. Lots of respect for the user shows in every part of the app's design.

  • Une Che Une Che

    by Stacy Osorio

    Love using this app! I sync it up to Ableton live. Record the audio from my iPhone and have a new song ready to go. Been a loyal user for over a decade now. I agree with some of the posts. Don't make it into mp3 format. Use a real lossless one like .wave or .aiff

  • Dont mind paying

    by ajccdd

    for a great app,hope they tweak it a little more though

  • Great App, but one suggestion

    by Hddifodisif

    Amazingly fun app with an intuitive format that can steal hours of time! My only suggestion would be to implement a way of changing keys easily mid-song.

  • Meh

    by Z0mbietr0ll

    Love the concept and the way it sounds. However, it doesn't register half of the notes I hit on 5s. It shows I hit it but no sound is made or recorded. Kind of frustrating.

  • Great App but....

    by IPWnD U

    This app is great, but I would love if this app had the function to mix tracks or be able to create a full song. I've created a lot with this app but I want to do more. Please make this function happen

  • Elirose

    by Dirtee Dirk

    Awful! No quantizer. Edits for full track only - not for single beats. Impossible to correct one bad not. Dual pads are toooo sensitive-hit the wrong side too easily.

  • The best I've seen

    by Crmsne

    This is simple the best music generation app I've seen on the App Store. Amazing.

  • Great sounds and featured

    by Terry Long

    Works great, you can create done pretty cool songs. Only feature that is missing for me is iCloud sync. These song files are really small, so they wouldn't take up much space if they were synced to iCloud. I would love to start a song on my iPad, then pick up my iPhone to finish it off.

  • Incredible Music App!!!

    by abrahamw88

    This is one of the best and easy to use music creation apps! It's so easy and fun to make simple awesome sounding beats and tunes. Love it!

  • Fabulous!

    by solar71

    Awesome toy. I hope it'll eventually grow up to adulthood. Keep up the good work.

  • Best music app

    by Nick Vidalis

    I never review things.

  • Easy to make a decent beat

    by N0NZER0

    Export to a multi tracker and you've got yourself a mini beat studio.

  • Very easy

    by Dreamer355

    Love this app you can make good music in one second would like to see some more instruments tho the ones it comes with sound very retro and 8-bit

  • Great capabilities, but...

    by In A New York State Of Mind

    You can make some really good stuff with this app. Unfortunately you can't use it for anything. .figure? Really? I wanna be able to create some tracks here and import them into a daw on my laptop.

  • Amazing , with potential .

    by richaaaay

    I myself am not a music master mind , but I can say that this app is very well designed for beginners and on the go time passers . To the very talented and passionate music makers . The only flaws I can see are the lack of available kits and the few additional features that could have helped . Like a manual pattern creator or maybe more filters and synths . But over all it has a lot of room to improve but can very soon be a top shelf Music App.

  • Annoyed

    by buzz5

    Was having a lot of fun with this app but after I recorded my second sound it won't let me play a third one. I keep trying to play sound and nothing will happen. It plays but there is no noise.

  • Maskin

    by Elevan11

    Please remove the hiss sound from the Maskin Boom kick drum.

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