Audiostar Multitrack Recording Mixer Music App Review (iOS, $4.99)


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Optimized for iOS 7.

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Powerful multitrack digital recording mixer. Great for laying down vocal and instrument tracks, capturing sound effects, recording practice sessions, and more!

Fully featured portable recording studio for serious sound enthusiasts. Also functions as a sophisticated and easy to use general purpose audio recorder with file sharing.

Now you can download your recordings through iTunes and import them into your favorite audio editor for a truly professional recording experience. Also, customize your background image with one of our included pictures or one from your photo album!

• Selectable Recording Quality Setting
• iTunes and Email File Sharing of Recorded Tracks
• Real-Time Audio Input and Output Level Display
• Professional High Quality Audio Recordings
• Background Image Selection
• 4-Track Recording Mixer
• Synchronized Playback
• Auto-Extend Session
• Session Lock Control
• Duplicate Session
• Rename Session
• Track Muting
• Session Notes
• Plus more!

Comes with built in comprehensive User Guide!

• Musicians
• Singers
• Sound Effects Specialists
• Recording Engineers

And anyone else who wants high-quality digital recordings they can share with family, friends, and business associates.

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Find it at:

DEVICE INFO: Audiostar works on all iPhones, all iPod touches 2G and up, and all iPads. iPod touch 2G requires external microphone. External microphone is optional for all other devices with built-in microphone.

Customer Reviews

  • New file sharing feature...

    by Multimediamaniac

    I've been waiting for this! Works great :-)

  • Worth it!

    by SoundMan495

    Nice features that work reliably and it's easy to use, excellent customer service too.

  • Thieves

    by Farajian

    Wack fraud ur repoorted

  • Holy cow!

    by Treasure guy

    Great job in tricking people into buying something worth nothing. Little cost in making and sell it for 15.00. I should've read the reviews before buying. They all say the same thing because it's true. You can't play other tracks while recording. The only good review probably came from the creator. Stay away from this crap, it stinks!!!.


    by John Rodriguez

    This is awful, this program freezes way too much. I want my money back!!!!

  • Warning: scam

    by Mattyraisch

    This app is totally useless. It flat out does not work. I need to find out how to go about getting a refund.

  • I want my money back!!

    by SuesSuper

    I can only record one track it freezes after the first track is recorded it won't even let me listen to it afterwards

  • Useless

    by Essex

    I thought I was doing something wrong. I couldn't believe someone would develop a mixer that you can not hear a track while recording. It really makes me wonder what it's used for. What's the point of multiple tracks if they have nothing to do with each other.

  • Confused

    by keydiverdown

    It's possible that I'm missing something but without the ability to listen to one track while recording on another, a multiple-track recorder is fairly useless. I'm giving it one star until this is possible, then I'll consider changing my rating.

  • Worthless

    by Jckmcgraw

    Without the ability to hear the first track while recording the second, this app is no more than the built in voice recorder. Complete waste of $15 until they add that essential functionality. Newest update: still doesn't have the critical component of playing previous tracks while recording. Do not buy!

  • Serious Deficiencies

    by TwistedMystic

    First, it's $15.00 A LOT of money, and boy do I wish I had realized that you cannot listen to ANY of the previous tracks you've recorded whenever you track a new one. Which pretty much renders this app pointless for anything creative you'd like to do with it. So, for instance, if you're working on a new song, and you want to track some vocal harmonies & guitar, you WILL NOT be able to hear your guitar part when you're singing. You will not be able to listen to any previous tracks. Now, pray tell, what is the point of multiple-track recording if it's missing this absolutely fundamental feature?

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