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Seller: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

- NEW! RECORD and SHARE your audio tracks, the #1 requested feature!

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** "Top 5 iPhone apps for chilling out" - LA Times
** "A meditative masterpiece" - The Boston Globe
** Selected by Apple as "App Store Essential for Rest and Relaxation" - Aug 2010

Swirl your fingers slowly around the edges of the bowls to create beautiful meditative harmonic tones. Tap the bowls, gongs, bells, and tingsha cymbals to add depth and variety to your music.

NEW Feature!: Record and save your masterpieces and play them back while relaxing or meditating to bring peace to your mind, body and soul.

Use this app for meditation, music, relaxation and personal well-being.

Use the healing sounds of Bowls to...
- Relax
- Make music
- Reduce stress
- Boost your creativity
- Prepare for meditation
- Escape from a noisy situation
- Focus before, during or after yoga

- Swirl your finger SLOWLY on the rim of each bowl to get it to sing
- Bowls is best experienced with earbuds or headphones
- Use low volume for ambience or higher volume to focus your meditation
- Connect to a stereo system to play your music in a group environment

Note: This app is compatible with the iPhone 3gs and higher devices

"Your body is a temple, but it occasionally needs a tune-up."

Thank you for your purchase! All of us on the Oceanhouse Media team appreciate your support. Visit us at


Bowl images provided by Silver Sky Imports (

Music and sounds provided by Deep Prakash Deoja (


Customer Reviews

  • Yogini

    by BarefootYogini

    As a yoga teacher, I've been able to use this for my classes & my art students. They LOVE it too!!

  • Peacefulness

    by Marc Dancer

    This app never fails to elevate my mood and bring me peace. Thank you.

  • Serene and elegant

    by ChristineNYC

    This app let's you play and record sounds on virtual bowls. I meditate with it and it reminds me of the bowl my instructor uses. Bowl sounds could resonate longer, but in general it's a great app.

  • Best bell app on the market

    by Pinki Tuscaderro

    True sounds, simple design, great app

  • So good

    by ClassVtony

    Most relaxing app ever

  • Great app - But could be better

    by claytondb

    This app has a lot of potential. The interface is beautiful, though sometimes hard to swipe between bowls. The sound samples are a little but short. I wish they lasted a long time, because that's the appeal of using them for meditation and being able to focus. I have very good headphones, so I can tell right when they cut off. One suggestion: This needs a meditation timer. That would be a fantastic addition and would make this app twice as useful. Thanks!

  • Great app

    by DebBunnell

    Enjoy this immensely. Use it in meditation class.

  • Old app better

    by JT425W


  • My kids love it!

    by Nurburgringer

    One of the most unique music Apps out there. My kids love to get as many bowls as possible playing to hear a symphony of sound. Great graphics and excellent sound quality (tried it on my home stereo and it rocked my subwoofer.)

  • Enjoyable

    by orgchoo

    I really enjoy creating the different sounds and tones.

  • Kind of like the real thing

    by patw123dance

    Beautiful, meditative sounds. Like the interactive ness.

  • Works perfectly!

    by No shop

    Fun and useful for meditation.

  • Simple and to the point.

    by Bowl User

    It's a fun way to recreate a "bowl" experience. Relaxing and tactile. More fun than just listening.

  • Great!

    by Teazin

    Sounds like the real thing and very soothing to listen too. Easy to use!

  • Singing bowl love

    by FireMonkey18052

    Live this app when I'm away from my bowls.... :)

  • Meditator

    by krishnam patel

    Fast & easy way to get in zone

  • Love it

    by Maryspkr

    Beautiful, rich tones. Add an hourly function with a tone choice for auto play for 5 stars. I want a rich single tone that chimes automatically each hour (except sleeping hours) to remind me to breathe and pause. Nothing satisfying (of apps out there) does this yet. ADDED LATER: It would also be great to be able to record tones to replay for personal meditations.

  • Relaxing...

    by macachleirich

    Easy to use, this app helps me to relax when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

  • Nice

    by Far Oonagh

    Pleasant, Cleansing and Relaxing

  • Stress Reduce

    by Peter Cunningham

    Simple relaxing app. Love it.

  • Not full screen!

    by s.l.cook

    Very misleading to say this is optimized. Please update this.

  • not so good

    by YodaEsq

    I knew that I wouldn't get the resonance of a real singing bowl but this isn't very good. sounds like the old version was better

  • what happened?

    by Etherichands

    The old version was so wonderful. In the new version, you can't move smoothly from bowl to bowl, there's a "New Recording" banner at the bottom that's unexplained, why is that there? The screen shots shown on this app page are not there in the app. When it wasn't broke, why was it "fixed"?

  • Doesn't work on latest OS

    by Arcanica

    EDIT: does not work with current iOS. The app loads but no sound at all :(

  • Relaxing

    by Krikket#1

    Love it during stressful times

  • Beautiful!

    by Mashpotatoebrain

    It delivers in a zen sort of way.

  • Beautiful!

    by ary L.

    An amazing set of healing sounds to create your own sound bath

  • High quality sound!

    by Sartre4545

    Great app. Love the sound and variable settings make it even better! Love this. Also works great on iPad!

  • Amazing!

    by Wisdom Searcher

    Close your will think they are real! Incredible ! I tried to gift it to my sister can't thru app store. Sad. Want everyone to have & enjoy. Calming!

  • No good.

    by Disappointed404

    SouNd does not work. Damni just wasted $2. Zero stars don't buy for iPhone 5

  • Very soothing

    by BeaMU

    Amazing that u can get such incredible bowl sounds thru the iPhone!

  • Bowls

    by Dispatcher1919

    Love the bowls. Use them in my meditation Ty

  • Excellent!

    by IncenseGuy

    This is well worth the money. There are 7 different bowls and also bells. Soothing, relaxing, great for meditation.

  • No sound

    by Twnkela

    I can not get sound to work after purchasing this app. I have an I-phone 4 I think. Any help?

  • Great

    by Gwynnii

    I love these bowls! The sound is fantastic.

  • What a fun app!

    by bdarlaj1

    Love it!

  • Buy it!!!

    by Mktjng

    This is the best Singing Bowl app period. Superb sound, plus the unique ability to strike the bowls or rub their rims to produce nurturing sounds. This app is great for meditation or for just relaxing. These sounds will help soothe your mind and promote inner peace and relaxation. It is a great tool for helping to dissolve tensions and problems.

  • More!

    by girls_like_crazy

    Great app, but it needs more Tibetan cow bell.

  • Tibetan Bowls

    by Cachetkerries

    I love this app. When I need some calm I create sensual beautiful chimes.

  • Does Not Work on iPhone 5

    by OM Reviewer

    No sound at all. Complete waste of money.

  • Peaceful simple pleasure

    by coolpillows

    There are many stars ... What's not to like? nice realistic sustained tones....

  • Wonderful

    by Michael3xG

    Better then I had hoped. Very zen.

  • Very frustrated

    by Anna Kelles

    I just downloaded and I can't get any sound on my IPhone 4S! Sooo frustrating.

  • Great

    by Chadwickj2

    Great app I just wish it had a timer.

  • Sweet

    by Tinamariesebolt

    Love this App I even gifted it to my friends I love it

  • Great

    by NickyDan

    Great app, very relaxing!

  • Love it...

    by RoiTrieux


  • Soothing sound to carry around

    by Mythmaker

    I love my actual bowls, but I can't lug then back and forth from home to work. I just close my office door, turn down the light, light an amber incense stick and a candle, take out my phone, and ten minutes later I go back to the stack of exams -- a greatly HAPPIER grader. If my students knew, I probably have a huge cache of incense, temple bells, bowls, and shawls instead of an office. now that I think of it....

  • Very Nice!

    by Nonie M

    Lovely tones. Works great

  • Lovely tones and easy to use.

    by Diamontina

    If you enjoy these tones, you will love this app. All I expected and more. I highly recommend it.

  • Blissful

    by family d

    Not the real thing but very close and available all the time. Namaste

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