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Seller: Maui Media Lab LLC

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Play the best Indian electronic drums and percussion you can get for your iPhone or iPod. Plug in your headphones to hear the incredible quality of sound. Plug into a stereo or soundboard to fill your room, or venue, with the sounds of Kerala, India. Perfect for practice. Great for Gigs.

Professional CD Quality (16 bit, 44.1khz) Samples:

Dchop, Dge, Dgee, Dinm1, Dinm2, Dinm3, Dtha, Kim1, Kim2, Kim3, Nah2, Nah3, Nal1, Nal2, Nal3, Tam1, Tam2, Tam3, Thmm1, Thmm2, Thmm3 and Dgmk.

Triggers: Qboard, Proximity Sensor (iPhone only.)

Twenty-five Velocity Sensitive, Multi-Touch Pads.

Wave your hand above the top of your iPhone to hit the Dgmk.


Absolutely the best digital audio sampler with the highest quality sounds you can get for your iPod or iPhone.

Expressive. Only Q Up Arts Inc. HitKit features the low-latency, velocity sensitive, multi-touch, bilaterally symmetrical Qboard for realistic live performance by both left and right hand musicians.

Reliability. You can count on Q Up Arts Hit Kit. Industrial strength design and software by Maui Media Lab LLC.

Q Up Arts Inc. is the world recognized brand in audio content publishing & licensing. Q Up Arts Inc. audio content has been used in feature films, games, platinum selling records and CDs world wide since 1993.

Q Up Arts, HitKit and Qboard are trademarks of Q Up Arts Inc. Sound samples Copyright 1993-2009 Q Up Arts Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2009 Maui Media Lab LLC. Maui Media Lab is a trademark of Maui Media Lab LLC. Made in Hawaii.

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Customer Reviews

  • Broken App

    by Anonnemal

    This app was fun for a bit, but does not seem to work on iOS5. I tried reinstalling it, but the app remained frozen. The "support" link leads to a page promoting "Up Arts, Inc." app "Hit Kit" Fortunately I downloaded it when it was free during a promotional period; otherwise I would ask for a refund.


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