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Frequency Meter PRO is a comprehensive tool for audio frequency diagnostics. Includes REAL TIME scanning of audio signal from internal or external microphone.

*** OUTPUT ***
Visualization is done on real like device that shows:
- Audio level
- Noise Level
- Current frequency
- Frequency oscilloscope
- Time to Frequency chart

*** ACCURACY ***
Application is calibrated with real tone generator. Working range limit is around 130 - 2000 Hz, and accuracy around +/- 0.5 %.

You can easily set a limit that removes noise treshold with included trackbar.

*** EXPORT ***
You can export output chart to comma-separated file that you can later analyze with MS Excel or other table processor. Application shares document folder in iTunes.

*** SUPPORT***
Please don't hesitate to write us for details or questions:

Customer Reviews

  • Science Project

    by BPaulD

    My daughter and I used this frequency meter for a science project measuring the vibration frequency of guitar strings. At first it seemed that it didn't work at all (as mentioned in a previous review). However, I then realized that we were working in a frequency range that was very likely below the realistic frequency response of the internal iPad microphone (I'm guessing around 100 Hz). When we moved to a smaller string and at higher tensions, the frequency meter locked right in and gave very consistent and reliable results.

  • Ugh

    by #confused

    It worked really well, but I can't figure out how to send the data...

  • Technician

    by sound nerd

    Only identifies a very narrow band of frequencies - 1800Hz tops - not too much below it either. And doesn't correctly identify the frequencies within that narrow band consistently. The problems aren't with the iPhone's capabilities. Just d/l another one that consistently identified everything I threw at it from 43 Hz to 15000 Hz using just the internal iPhone microphone.

  • Don't waste your money

    by Ken Brooks

    Don't waste your money hard to use and no directions.


    by Jdmech

    Don't waste your time. Barely works, some buttons don't at all. Crashes frequently. Going for a refund now

  • Awful app

    by -Anonymous---

    This is awful. It doesn't work at all. Don't buy it.

  • Garbage

    by arthurheely

    Don't waste your money. I compared measurement to a quality frequency counter and this app isn't even close. The reading is erratic. Absolutely no documentation or help.

  • Frequency testing

    by hotforit

    Seems like an app that could be very useful but this first release needs some work. The oscilloscope function works nicely but every frequency I sample shows the same on the digital display 4538.48. I am also unable to figure out how to use the chart or export function.

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