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SongCatcher is the first fully functional recording studio environment on the iPhone platform, designed around capturing creativity at the moment of inspiration! It is the first app to feature both Audio and MIDI recording, making it the ultimate solution for the songwriters who are looking for a sketchpad.

SongCatcher comes with two interfaces, which are tailored specifically for professional musicians, and enthusiastic amateurs, or anyone who likes having fun with music!

SongCatcher provides the most appropriate and innovative tools for catching and developing musical ideas, within a fast, easy to understand interface. Tools like Audio to MIDI conversion, allowing users to sing in ideas and have instruments play them back! SongCatcher's layout is in the style of conventional music software, with all of the controls easily accessible. Catch it, work on it, email it. Move on with your day :)

“Apple beaten to the punch by John Vella's SongCatcher... For the price, and the fact that it's the only real Multitrack Recorder on iPhone, this looks like a category killer app!” –

“Need a well appointed DAW on your iPhone? Need MIDI and audio recording in the same application? Fancy Audio to MIDI conversion for converting audio recordings into instruments? SongCatcher could well be what you’ve been chasing.” –

“It’s perfect for both professional and amateur musicians since it features two separate interfaces, making it remarkably easy to capture musical ideas while away from the studio.” –

To see SongCatcher in action you can watch demonstration videos at:

Unique Features:

• 10 tracks of recording, including 5 tracks of Audio and 5 tracks of MIDI!
• Audio to MIDI conversion, allowing the user to sing ideas and have instruments play them back. Create your band with your voice!
• Audio recording through either built-in microphone or external input (via iRig or Similar.) Record and layer live performances!
• Resizable Piano Keyboard to play instruments.
• Instruments include: Piano, Electric Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Distorted Guitar, Synth, Organ, Strings and Horns. (more available through in-app purchase)
• MIDI editor to edit performance. Get it perfect!
• Mixing functionality, including panning!
• Ability to bounce mixes and re-import, hence allowing unlimited tracks!
• MIDI Exporting!
• Line-in supported!
• Tempo track with optional click.
• Ability to export mixes in various formats to email.
• Detailed Help section
• Lay down your ideas quickly and email them to your home studio!

PLEASE NOTE: SongCatcher is optimised for iPhone 3GS and above. If you have an early version iPhone or iPod touch the software will work, but your handset has less processor power, which means you may experience audio glitches before you reach the full 10 layers of the software's capability.

Version 1.3 has lots of great new features! Have a look below :)

Please remember that your 5 star reviews help the updates keep coming!

Customer Reviews

  • Great song making app

    by Renovatiomom

    I love this app on my iPad. My students are going to make so many songs.

  • Simply amazing!!!

    by gigaN9NE

    I remember when I got this app for free. Still good like always.

  • Great App

    by T-Hayes407

    Great App

  • Excellent

    by JeERR

    Works very well, I love the feature that catches your voice and makes musical notes out of it. However, to record a second or third melody from voice it is necessary to use headphones so that the software doesn't re-catch previous melodies.

  • Great but needs fixing

    by Jose Bojorquez

    The app is great but the touch screen stops working

  • Ideal for digital musicians

    by kolb0

    Awesome app for declogging my brain of new ideas that occur to me

  • Excellent!

    by Dr_zloba

    Well worth the price! I doubt that it’s possible to find such great music software cheaper.

  • A great idea! Keep the updates coming.

    by Photographic Memory

    Good,better,best ... never let it rest ... till your good is better and your better is your best!

  • my 1 complaint

    by please fix dude

    converting to midi is good, but exporting to midi would be a vast improvement because you could hum a tune, and then export it to another app like say music studio. please add that to this app. anybody else having difficulty exporting to email addresses? it worked for the first few days, then nothing ...still waiting for that export as midi....can't wait...looking at that april 30th mentioning on your website. am hungry for that update. lol. Ok this is now an awesome app

  • Awesome update!

    by Xandr1k

    So functional and easy to use! I had some problems with the previous interface, now I absolutely love it.

  • 0.99 for such an app is a steal!

    by tinker09

    Unbelievable! 0.99! Really? I can't believe that I purchased such great music software just for 1 buck!

  • Amazing!

    by Barry1980

    This is an amazing app! It works really great on my iPod. Must have app for all music fans!

  • Still no sound

    by Fanofcards

    Whatever the fix was didn't work. Im using an iPod touch 3rd gen with the newest OS and still no sound.

  • Okay

    by Gyngdjjbg

    When I sing into it in a perfectly quiet room it sounds like I have a lisp. I don't please fix. Also get more then a keyboard.

  • Very, very good app

    by Word-3

    This is a very, very good app. I bought the full version. it is easy to use and has a lot of functionality. I found the instruction videos particularly helpful. The next step is looping, which this does not do (yet... I'm told by John). I have not had any of the problems the others reported, but I'm just getting started. Sound is always a problem with this kind of thing. That is not the software app,s problem, though. Let me know if anybody sells a great microphone/electric guitar plug in. Creator responded to my looping question in one day. Good customer service in my book.

  • Hey fix!

    by ZacChim

    I love your app feet useful except on my 3 gen it dosnt play sound ik it's mentioned in the description just fix very soon

  • Great but could be better

    by RookieMistake00

    It's a very cool app and awesome concept but needs all the bugs fixed then it would be the best it "skips" sometimes while you're recording which throws off the whole timing and adds a weird distortion when it does skip and it gets very frustrating when you've tried about twenty times in a row to lay a ten second track and it messes it up every time other than that a very solid app definitely worth it while it was free but please fix all the bugs!!!

  • This is what I was waiting for

    by AshleySchmid

    I was eagerly waiting for this kind of an app. With which I can record my song and add background music to it or compose my own. Its really awesome

  • Turns anyone into a composer

    by jammyup

    With this app anyone can become a composer, with ease that too without any professional knowledge about music

  • A must have

    by Ron.Davis

    really a cool app and very useful to mix my own tracks. Highly recommended.

  • Weak

    by ReniGhost

    It sounds ok, but the UI is awkward and the features are fairly run-of-the-mill. No drum pads? Lazy dev

  • by travis™

    this app is a waste of money.. music studio is wayyyy better. all the other reviews are fake and this is a scam.

  • Terrible

    by jsteele3

    The interface is ugly, the menus are painful to navigate, and the design is completely unintuitive. Oh, and there's no sound. That's kind of a necessary feature for a sound-based program. I paid $7.99, expecting a useful sound mixing program, but I am angrily disappointed. I want a refund.

  • Poor interface

    by narrowband

    Yup, you can record audio and midi. But the interface doesn't offer any ability to place your notes with any precision. Also, it's not apparent how to do things so that they work correctly. It took several tries to get anything to record. Also, the midi display zoomed in a very odd way, and would not scroll. Great idea but i believe there are others out there doing the same thing. (amplitude offers a 4track plug in)

  • Uhh like seriously!?!??

    by Addgj

    Yeah, LIKE SRSLY!?!? there's no sound

  • ....

    by Golahasemo

    No noise!

  • It farts on my recordings

    by kid9951

    I downloaded this app to see if I could use it to make a Christmas album of me playing harp. Unfortunately, every time I think I get a good recording, the play back sounds good except for a few seconds every now and then. I can only describe the sound as a "recording fart." It's like it records, but then every now and then it has a weird distortion. Anyway, I guess it was worth a try since it was free and all.

  • No sound

    by Western Flyer Guitar

    Nice concept and interface, but it doesn't work for me. Recording in sketch mode with piano I got no sound and it didn't record any of the notes I played.

  • Initial problem fixed - awesome app!

    by crazy_arms

    Saw on the developer's site that there was a mistake where people were paying for the full version and getting the demo, I can see this has been fixed now so those other reviews don't really apply. Calm down guys you'll get your $7 back. The app itself is really powerful, has a lot of features and does what it says. Exporting to email is an awesome feature! You can lay down ideas quickly and the midi instrument sounds are really good, not tinny like some other apps. Audio to midi conversion is an insanely powerful feature for an iPhone app! Really impressed.

  • Blatantly misleading description

    by Nas T.

    Now that the "demo version" issue has been fixed, it's a neat little sketchpad app.

  • Very useful app

    by Jooooby

    I'm pretty impressed by what this app can do. I've been waiting for an app like this and now can work on my music anywhere

  • Total rip off

    by Saxman_X16

    Downloaded this App for $7.99 only to discover that it is only a demo. You have to spend another $5.99 to get the full version. Nowhere in the description does it tell you this. I am stuck with a $7.99 App that is worthless. Buyer Beware!

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