Sing-inTuna Music App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Ronald Nicholson

Enhanced for new iOS devices, including the iPhone 5.
Improved spectrogram accuracy and rendering.

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Are you singing in tune?
Learn to sing (or play an instrument) in tune with HotPaw Sing-inTuna's color-coded pitch graph.

Sing-inTuna uses the built-in microphone on your iPhone or iPad to analyze and help you visualize if you are singing, or playing a musical instrument (such as a violin), precisely on the right pitch. It graphs pitch on a scrolling graph resembling a musical Grand Staff. Tones that are on-pitch (+-20 cents) are colored green; notes slightly sharp: red; notes a pinch flat: blue.

You can also display an optional pitch frequency spectrum of your voice to see your timbre.

Sing-inTuna requires a quiet environment with no accompaniment or harmony, and monophonic pitches that are at least 0.25 seconds long. The pitch range using the built-in mic is about +-2 octaves from middle-C, depending on the mic position, loudness, and timbre.

Note: This app produces no sounds and shows no sheet music. It only listens so that you can see your pitch note and how well your pitch matches that of a properly tuned equal-temperament instrument.

Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by Zankman

    Pretty good for practicing your pitch. Can use as guitar tuner too. Shows graphically how high or low you are from the correct pitch.

  • Brilliant!

    by EliMax

    Great for excercising your voice and pitch. I would give it 5 stars if I could set the notation relative to my voice when I sing bagpipe tunes which are on the treble clef. Only problem is I have a low voice. Overall, a wonderful app to build your confidence in sounding notes especially for real singers. I'm a novist but this is really fun!

  • Thank you!

    by AGratefulUser

    A wonderful program made even better with the latest version (2.0) improvements! Thank you!

  • Works very well

    by Get on pitch

    Create a music transcriber

  • B flat between C and D?

    by Chip Grandits

    Unforgivable lack of basic testing and quality control spoils this app. The app displays the flatted note below D as B flat. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to hone in on a C note and going the wrong way because display is wrong. I've gone back to AppStore to find a usable, higher quality app; this one is too frustrating due to basic errors!

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