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Amazing Secret Diary!
Do you ever feel like recording all of your days thoughts and happenings at the reach of your hand?! Do you want them to have the coolest features while at the same time keep them super private? Then look no further since this is the best diary journal app ever!

Main features that will lead to endless cool possibilities:

✓ Amazing Themes available
✓ Password protection
✓ Auto-save of inserted images
✓ Swipe to the "right of the screen" all images that you want to remove
✓ Adjust fonts
✓ Quality Emoticon library
✓ Add Music
✓ Add Pictures or images.

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Acmoll

    This is really cool:)

  • Annoying

    by Isabel Carvo

    I put in a password and in 10 min. I put the password in and it didn't unlock

  • Why

    by Boom 2004-2013

    I hate this app why do the Pictures turn and to open it you have to put 1111

  • Very BAD

    by Jkhjmhsh123

    This app is so freakin bad, u could BRAG about how bad it is!

  • Not Good

    by Andrea and king Pablo

    Won't save anything I write:/ n when I change my password I'll get out of this app n go onto a diff app then when I come back to this app again it takes me back to the beginning where to enter my password I put my password in and it doesn't work:/ PLEASE Fix THANKS

  • Urg,

    by Madderthanbutt

    How do you open ittt??? :/

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    by Madelineann

    Every time i type something it doesn't save I type a big long thing and ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! It didn't save

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