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Compatible with iOS 5

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Give your music a bit of tambourine ... some woodblock ... more cowbell! Shake your iPhone, or tap the screen, to play along with your favorite tunes. Choose from twenty two instruments, all stored as high-quality stereo sounds. Fast or slow, loud or soft, enjoy making music everywhere you take your iPhone or iPod touch.

Cowbell Plus includes 26 instruments: claves, cowbell, crash cymbal, cymbal bell, drum sticks, egg shakers, gong, hand clap, closed hi hat, open hi hat, stomped hi hat, kick drum, maracas, ride cymbal, rim shot, rim tap, sleigh bells, snare drum, high tom drum, low tom drum, floor tom drum, tambourine, triangle, tube shaker, vibraslap, and woodblock.

Customer Reviews

  • Coolest!! But slight latency problem.

    by Pablo Snooze

    Who wouldn't want a little more cowbell in their life? Also has a great selection of alternate instruments (including triangle and sleigh bells, etc). However, it is a wee bit slow to respond. For instance, if you were trying to keep time to Don't Fear the Reaper, for instance, you'd find the cowbell sounding a bit later than it should. Don't know if anything can be done about that. It might just be the iPhone. So, there's that. It's infectious though. Everybody I show wants to play with it. Five stars and more if they could fix that small problem.

  • The voice of many, chanting:

    by BigTrap


  • Latency not an issue

    by Sparkchaser2

    Many reviews of other percussion apps note that there is significant latency from when you want the sound and when it happens. I just downloaded this app and was very pleased that this app seems to have solved that issue. Shake the rattle or hot the rimshot and the sound is immediate.

  • Dynamics, Response, Ideal Features for playing real music

    by Jollyroger131

    First of all, the latency problems some people talk about are not that big a deal. When tapping it's almost unnoticeable, and for shaking I think it's more an issue with the accelerometer accuracy than with the app. You can still shake a pretty accurate beat. I've been playing the drum kit and djembe for several years and I can tell you this app is capable of making real percussive music. There are several excellent features I was surprised to find that no one else talked about. One is the bar on the left side of the screen with different volume dots on it. This allows you to play with precise volume dynamics, as it plays incrementally louder depending on which dot you tap on. Another way to incorporate dynamics is just how hard you tap the screen (anywhere you tap the screen) - the harder the tap, the louder it plays. It also plays louder if you shake it harder. Dynamic volume is a key part of a beat, and this app gets it right. Another great feature is the arrow at the top of the screen you see in those screen shots. This shows which direction the app is using as your "downstroke" when shaking the ipod. For a real percussionist, this is very important. This means it will play the note or sound when your hand hits the bottom of the shake, not the top of the shake. You want this when playing the ride cymbal, for example. For shaker instruments like the maracas there is a double arrow, correctly indicating that it will play on both the upstroke and the downstroke. These features make this a great app just for fun, but also a valuable tool for practicing real percussion. It's a steal for $2.


    by AppSlave2

    please add Audiobus support as soon as possible

  • Exellent job!

    by 123456789 xyz

    Very well done and works great even if pluged into speakers. I have one complaint, though. I would love a to record a beat using the cowbell, and then add the maracas. Then it would be like both instraments playing at once. Overal great app.

  • Great program!

    by Arinis

    I like it! And it works on iPod though very well)))))

  • New version works better!

    by fgdgfdfdfd

    Updated: delay fixed! Works great for what it is. would use it weekly if there wasn't delays such that you can't keep a beat. Is it impossible technically? No because the triangle works Sound quality is acceptable coming out the little speaker.

  • Excellent idea...

    by dbtechdesign

    Bought this application because I was curious.. Works ok sound is excellent... But it's hard to play on beat with a song. I think because there is a slight iPhone processing millisecond delay. Other than that it is a really kool idea. I'm not complainen about the price I think it's a good price for the features.

  • Not Worth The $1.99

    by Wade Lucas

    I had high hopes for this to be a cool app considering all the rave reviews it had gotten. But, alas, it is mediocre at best.

  • So simple, So fun

    by LoD911

    I originally wasn't going to buy this, thinking I could be satisfied by the "More Cowbell" app alone. Boy was I wrong! I love this app. I'll play along with my music and it relaxes me like nothing else can (it also annoys everyone around me like nothing else can). I've read a lot of reviews that say it lags, which it does, but only when you shake it...if you tap instead the lag isn't noticeable. Definitely worth the money.

  • Like a real cowbell (and real egg shakers!)

    by J-Ghost, Coast2Coast

    Playing this is like playing an actual instrument, it's sooooo cool! You shake it side to side to make egg shaker sounds, and it's so convincing that it surprise me sometimes. Plus, you can play music from the iPod part of the iPhone and open/use this app at the same time, so I can add my own cowbell to any song I want! GOTTA HAVE MORE COWBELL!

  • Great app

    by Brian47126

    Only app I have purchased, and I love it. It works better than I expected. The instruments have sensitivity and respond with a hard or soft shake. Two bucks well spent.


    by bj39491

    Now here is a developer that used their brains. Would love to see chimes. Please add this.

  • Love it, but here's an idea for next update:

    by rtooalso

    You should add a comedy rimshot...that "badum ching" drum/cymbal combination that could be used after every bad joke I tell. That could come in very handy.

  • Great Gene Frenkle's Ghost!

    by SheiknetChris

    I use this little puppy for my karaoke show for incidental sounds and it is hilarious. Yes there are some latency issues especially after launch or plugging/unplugging line cord that I hope the devs can resolve, but it is still more than 2 dollars worth of fun, and the quality/volume/latency blows away Sound Machine, More Cowbell! (Sorry Glenda!) and DrumKit. Hopefully those and more will come around and provide us with plenty more DJ tools.

  • Awesome!!!

    by x-raytech

    One thing the developers should add is a shake counter. =D

  • Fun little music app! Not just cowbell.

    by Mainesky

    Very well designed and easy to use. If your children are musical like mine they will get a kick out of it. Since I can't sing a lick, I can pick an instrument and shake my iPhone to the beat. $2 well spent, even for a party gag.

  • This is a fun little app.

    by Alex Warfel

    This si a fun app that I could see myself using every so often when I'm bored. I like the different volumes depending on the speed of your hand or if you don't wanna go crazy shaking your hand and looking like a moron on the subway there is a tapping feature. I was impressed at how many different instruments there were. I wish there were more drums and a Cymbal would have been nice but just about everything that you could bang together are included here.

  • Shaky eggs!

    by Seisiuneer

    How could I not buy an app that has shaky eggs! Awesome, does exactly what it is intended to do.

  • it's a toy

    by musogeek

    Seeing as this is the "plus" version, and it has lots of different samples, I though it might actually be useful to a musician in a geeky sort of way. However, the latency (delay) of the app is such that it's really hard to play a groove. The latency when you tap the screen is about 100 milliseconds, or a tenth of a second! So unless you just want to impress your friends for two seconds I would not bother paying for this.

  • Does not loop the sounds - no better than the FREE apps.

    by NukeBiker

    I bought this $$ app. thinking it would be better than the FREE cowbell app. Boy was I wrong; more sounds -yes, but not any better controls. Application should have a loop option that keeps the sound coming at regular (stroke) intervals. Save your money till this app. is upgraded

  • What is the refund policy?

    by jaycece

    After you get past your initial curiosity with this app you will know why there isn't one. (That comment was supposed to be a joke; and so is this app)!


    by adsfadsfadsfadsfadsfasdfasdf

    ON THE IPOD TOUCH!!!!! it dosent work!! the instrument lights up but dosent make any sound!! bad!!!

  • A total ripoff

    by 29skidoo

    Significant delay rendering it useless

  • From a drummer

    by Flash user

    The latency kills this app. I can not consistantly play any pattern.

  • Latency brutal

    by Speakeasy1920

    The latency makes this useless, even when tapping (not just shaking). Don't know if it is the app, or iPhone 2.0 problems in general. Semi-pro musician.

  • boring

    by Erikviorato

    it was fun for the first 5 minutes,needs something else to make it more fun.

  • GREAT App!!!!!!!!!!

    by bterni

    Great app sounds real and works great!

  • GReatway to loose time.

    by #1WeirdAlFan

    Give this to your five year old A.D.D. or A.D.H.D kids and he/she willl have a blast.

  • A little work

    by BenDman

    It's nice but needs a little work

  • Fabulous App in all respects

    by Neonraisin

    Not only are the sounds for all of the instruments great but you can actually jam by playing different instruments on the screen where you get to choose which one you want to play. I know I didn't explain that very well. This simply is the most fun "drumming/percussion" app there is with the added bonus of being able to mix several instruments at once and also a great integration in terms of being able to play with your own iTunes songs. I love this app and it's a steal. BUY IT. Trust me.

  • Tons of fun!

    by uruzone

    Great app! I will use it on stage just to irk my percussionist!

  • Off-The-Chain!!!!!

    by Drumtatum

    There are soo many different instruments.

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