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- fix crash when trying to paste empty audio track
- fix to help screen
- added news menu item

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"Killer App!' - Apps4iDevices
"BeatStudio Offers Stellar Drum Sequencing For The iPad And iPhone" - (4.5 Stars)

Playing, recording, and editing percussion sounds is fast and easy with BeatStudio. Bang on a custom drum set, build up patterns with multitrack recording, or change and adjust your beats with the precision editor. BeatStudio has an intuitive interface that's easy and natural for beginners, yet flexible and powerful enough to accommodate experienced players.

Beat creation begins in BeatStudio's performance mode. Sporting a clean, inviting layout, performance mode lets users quickly map a set of sounds (from a built-in library of 30 percussion instruments) to record a track. Tracks can be entered free-form, with a metronome, or along with a backing track imported with iTunes, WiFi, or AudioPaste.

Once the beat is perfected, a seamless switch to multitrack mode allows looping, editing, and layering of multiple percussion tracks. Flexible tempo and quantization settings control alignment for recording and editing. And a full screen editor provides the ability to fine tune tracks to fix stray timing, and add or delete events.

It's a perfect companion to our top-ranked music apps: iShred, GuitarStudio, and PianoStudio.

✔ Universal app: create and share songs with your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPads
✔ 32 professionally-recorded percussion instruments, each recorded at eight intensity/volume levels
✔ 25+ vintage analog drum machine instruments
✔ 30 vintage digital drum machine instruments
✔ Multitrack recording and editing so you can layer to your heart's content
✔ Edit anything you have recorded with full screen event/instrument editor, on the fly while playing and looping!
✔ Deep undo/redo let's you experiment and recover from mistakes with ease
✔ Flexible timing and quantization for auto-alignment during recording and editing
✔ Now includes Stomp! Use the iPad/iPhone's accelerometer to trigger sounds.
✔ Supports AudioCopy/AudioPaste with iShred, GuitarStudio, PianoStudio and other compatible apps
✔ Import backing audio tracks via WiFi, iTunes File Sharing, and AudioPaste
✔ Flexible instrument layout from six to twenty cells, in landscape or portrait
✔ Variable speed playback of backing tracks lets you perform, practice, and record slowed down
✔ Networked song backup and restore (can use your iShred, GuitarStudio, or PianoStudio login)
✔ Menu Lock for live performance or handing over to your budding toddler drummer

Get started with several included songs, including some featuring backing tracks made with iShred, GuitarStudio, and PianoStudio.

Note: BeatStudio is compatible with iPhone 3Gs and later, iPod touch 3rd generation and later, and all iPads.


Customer Reviews

  • Meh...

    by Llewraz

    I've used a ton of different drum machines and this one just isn't very good. It's too difficult to use for a drum machine app with poor samples. Needs to be simpler, or better. A step sequencer would really help.

  • Kickstarter

    by Theogore

    I like the simplicity of this drum app. I gave it five stars because while the sounds are limited, it's a great way (via audio copy) to give a backbeat for my GB tracks with nice, clear samples. Now, I would love to see more sample packs in the way of Asian, African, 8bit, and funky...

  • Beat Studio

    by Misha1035

    A fun app to use! Good job!

  • Great

    by fenzil

    BeatStudio's only problem before was that there was no variety of instruments. However, the update added at least 30 new instruments, and now I can actually use this app seriously. Update: On my iPod touch 4g running iOS 5.0, the app crashes on attempting to download the two extra sample packs.

  • Exactly what I wanted

    by ohmblayy

    This apps perfect if all you wanna do is make beats all day. But mine keeps freezing on me and I can't record because of it. It's happening more and more often and it's really starting to become a problem. That's my only complaint, but it's a big one..

  • Its good except for one thing would make it better

    by Lance kroll

    I think you should be able to add more than one backing to a song and it would be the best

  • Best sounds

    by Unknown Derelict

    I own many drum machine apps, and this one continues to remain my favorite and most used. Having little experience with drums, I am not always quick to learn how to construct beats, but this app offers the best way for me to capture what is in my mind without having to overanalyze it. The videos for the app on You tube make it look easy, and I suppose it would be if you could work all the pads like that. I only do one or two pads per recording and continue to layer, so it can work for beginners too. --- For 'real' drum sounds, I have long considered this app to have the best sampled sounds. With the introduction of the new sound packs, it also gives you two more sound packs, one based in analog, the other on digital, and again, both sound really really great. Very impressed, so much so that I felt it was the reason for writing this review, but there are also a lot of other really good reasons to buy this app.

  • Most excellent

    by pandm101

    I own all of your apps, and this is the one that completes the set, allowing me to do very much. Thank you for yet another app that performs beyond expectations. Now all you need is to start a orchestral set of apps, which I will purchase.

  • Sequencing on this is horrible

    by analoghaze

    This app is just no good. It is hard to save. The layout is not logical. The sequencing is not easy. It crashes almost right away on ipad2. Not recommended. No good. This is the worst app that I have purchased in a while.

  • Week

    by Zilch69

    Omg..this app is so lame. Terrible interface... Horrid drum samples If you intend to try'n use this app to make tracks for music forget it. This app should be free,,,I got robbed.. Please save your 5$ for something else..

  • This app went from a 5 star to 1 star

    by Casemaster998

    How dare you put advertising in my app! I got this app for free ( on sale ) I had a nice review put in.......but after I got rotten ads within the app I had to re rate this app. Don't buy it, i got It for free and id never pay for it! Ads....joke is on you dev. : (

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