ProRemote Music App Review (iOS, $42.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Far Out Labs
  • Updated: Aug, 01 2008
  • Version: 2.5.4
  • Size: 3.4 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Alex Lelievre

- Fixes a minor problem with the Solo and Mute keys.

*** Requires newer ProRemoteServer ***

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ProRemote is the World's first 32 channel touch sensitive control surface that fits in the palm of your hand.

ProRemote allows you to control your Audio applications wirelessly using your existing Wifi network. Get realtime meter data and control your rig from across the room with flying faders or across the planet!

One binary runs on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

- Are you behind the drums and need to check your levels and press record?

- Do you frequently need to be in two places at the same time?

- Do you like sitting on the couch and playing guitar instead of being glued to the computer?

ProRemote is your solution!

If you only need basic remote control see our other less expensive product ProRemote Light Edition (it can be unlocked to be like this version) and checkout ProTransport, a transport only solution to controlling your rig.

ProRemote on an iPad is like having four Mackie Control Universal Pros but better because it is wireless and much less expensive. You get almost $5000 of hardware for the price of ProRemote. And ProRemote also works on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Need an XY controller? Check out Pro XY. Use gravity to turn your knobs! Pro XY is included free in ProRemote.

Need professional MIDI pads for drum programming or other tasks? ProPads is your solution and is also included free with ProRemote.

All updates to ProRemote will be free.

This version officially supports:
- ProTools
- Apple Logic
- Ableton Live
- Soundtrack Pro
- Digital Performer

Unofficially we support (no skin or custom fader tapers yet, not all features may work):
- Cubase
- MIO Console
- Sonar
- Reaper
- Reason
- Vegas
- FL Studio
- Studio One
- Audition
- Tracktion
- Final Cut Pro
- Any audio software that supports Mackie Control protocol (or HUI protocol).

** You must download ProRemoteServer in order to use ProRemote. **

Please visit to download the server.

ProRemote is Mac only- Windows is not supported!

* Please note that certain Avid or Digidesign Ethernet based control surfaces can interfere with ProRemote's ability to control all 32 channels. In some cases ProTools will limit MIDI control surfaces to eight channels only. Please purchase the Light Edition if you own a C24 specifically or contact us before purchasing if you are unsure.

Customer Reviews

  • This application is awesome!!!

    by Supersean579

    I use it at the College I work at. It allows me to control Pro Tools while running FOH sound. I experience little to no nag over the College network. I can even write automation in really time. Don't listen to the negative reviews!

  • Best use of HUI for the price

    by Not one crash

    This is great. There is only one other company offering a touch screen remote mixing and it's over $4,000. This has much use in mixing monitors live or a studio for little cost. Vnc is great but can't do live mixing fast for a event. The best things for me in this product are not having to set up a snake to a console. also letting people mix there own monitors. I know this was made for self recording but the live sound use of this is great for the cost if you system is under 5ms latency. Post on folabs page if we can access hui with more than one remote at a time if it can I wil be buying at least 6 more Copies. Matt


    by JussLu

    Its perfect... Its worth 150. I would love it to be FREE but lets be real... This App is not for Major Audio engineers. This is for your basement owned studios (House studios)... You dont want to see a major studio engineer recording you with it, that would be real wack.... OTHER ISSUE: Im having an error message now and then that pops up, it reads " Pro Tools is unable to communicate with HUI. Power-cycle HUI and check its connections. Note, If HUI is not in use, update the peripherals dialog to prevent further warnings" Anyone else getting that message? If so has anyone figured it ou? PLEASE HELP... Thank You

  • Wow

    by Kynnisound

    I just tried it and I'm blown away!!! What a great work! Thanks a LOT!!! Loving it!

  • This App is why I Bought an Ipod Touch!

    by SolidBodySound

    This is a really great app! The remote control of my HD rig is worth the price of admission alone. Alex Lelièvre is obviously an experienced developer and even at a price tag of $99.99 I am sure that the price does not reflect the hours spent in development. The Mackie control emulation is also very cool in Ableton and Metric Halo's MIO Console. I can use my Ipod Touch to set initial levels from any point in the room when I am using The Metric Halo MIO 2882 as my PA's front end Mic pre/mixing processor! I really am looking forward FOLABS continuing developments!

  • If you're on Logic 9 it's amazing

    by lov3dnb

    When I originally purchased this program a year or so ago I was unhappy. There were several apps that had very similar functionality for far less, and for what I paid I felt cheated. Now, opening up the program after a few updates Im extremely happy with it. They kept adding features and now I can honestly say it's a great app. I downloaded the connection app on my mac with no fuss and when I opened logic it just worked. There's a new kid on the block in the app store for half this price that may give proremote a run for it's customers, but as one I don't feel so bad for paying the cost anymore. It's solid and as quick as your wifi. Upgraded to 4 stars with a 5th coming in the future updates.

  • Great app for mixing

    by jces

    If you take into consideration that a HUI controller with 32 faders, plus all the extra features in this app would cost over $2000, this is a steal. Everything works as it should, as long as you follow a few simple instructions on the install. All pots and faders are very responsive, showing absolutely minimal lag, meters are fairly spot on, the interface is clean and looks great. But most importantly, customer service is second to none. Alex is fast to communicate, very knowledgable and humble. I had a couple of questions to ask before buying and he answered them all...and fast. Excellent app

  • Awesome!

    by The Truth (like it or not)

    I had the honor of speaking with the developer of this app. Alex is brilliant. He's also a gentleman AND honest! Don't be concerned that you're spending your money on something that doesn't do what it's supposed to. Anyone who wants to whine about the price or ANY issues with the app need to just put a cork in it and hush. I had a few little issues figuring out the installation. However, with very little trouble and GREAT support, it's working just great. It tracks great! I'm amazed! The VU meters are dead on. The counter on the transport is really, very good. I'm using it with a mac with snow leopard os and protools vs 8. It does more than you can possibly imagine! I can't say enough great things about it. I'm actually able to sit back with my ipad and write automation in real time. If anyone who's whining isn't, it's an issue with "their" system. It tracks that well. But to me the most astounding thing was the customer service. I wrote an email when I first started and obviously did some things wrong on installation. I went straight to thinking..."oh, great! There went $99 for nothing." BUT, when I contacted them, I got an email within hours and they couldn't have possibly tried harder to make sure I got my issues straightened out. In one email they were able to answer and help me find out my errors. And after I got it working, I failed to let them know that everything worked out fine. THEY THEN after 1 day of not hearing back from ME, actually wrote me to ask if everything was working okay with it!! I'm amazed!! There are still honest people in the world!!

  • Amazing

    by FisherMusicInc

    At Last I can leave the chair and sit on the couch while recording takes. If for no other reason it'll keep me from being in the same position all day. *************************

  • Worth it

    by budrosgali

    Great app, worth the price. A bit of effort to get things running, and a bit cryptic on documentation et cetera, but does deliver once you're there. Logic 8, 10.4 still, solid.

  • Windows support

    by Egypthagreat

    I'm still waiting on the windows version. This app has got to be great. I'm getting server mismatch all the time. And I've installed it and reinstalled it.

  • I like this

    by pwpwpwpw

    Been a pro remote user for a while. Even better on iPad.

  • :)

    by Damian_

    nawet daje radę ;)

  • Almost Perfect

    by Big NightTrain

    Only two thing to say, 1st, the price is way too much maybe try selling it for 75.00/100.00 2nd, when you control protools from your computer the faders don't move on your iphone/ipod touch. 1 more thing I need to be able access my plug-ins to make this a top quality 5star app. NightTrain

  • Dead on arrival

    by Yungexec

    Do not buy...if u have pc will not work on windows...just spent $60 got absolutly nothing... Does not is further advanced than server file needed to run...far out labs says it works on windows...but it does not not not buy!!!

  • What the........

    by Hurty Gurty Man

    You figure you pay extra good money and this thing should scream But no it kinda works clumsy, no arrangement window .....what! Even V-Control has that at half the price What tha what?


    by bassmike

    Not only is it "buggy" and almost never works. When you finally get it to work it completely takes over your HUI midi devices and will not allow pro tools to work with out it on. Every 10 seconds a message comes on that does not allow me to work. It's a shame we cannot get refunds on faulty products shame on this developer for putting out such crap.

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