ProRemote Light Edition Music App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Far Out Labs
  • Updated: Aug, 01 2008
  • Version: 2.5.4
  • Size: 3.42 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Alex Lelievre

- Fixes a minor problem with the Solo and Mute keys.

*** Requires newer ProRemoteServer ***

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ProRemote Light Edition is the World's first 8 channel touch sensitive control surface that fits in the palm of your hand.

ProRemote Light Edition allows you to control ProTools wirelessly using your Wifi network. Get realtime meter data and control your rig from across the room with flying faders or across the planet!

- Are you behind the drums and need to check your levels and press record?

- Do you frequently need to be in two places at the same time?

- Do you like sitting on the couch and playing guitar instead of being glued to the computer?

ProRemote Light Edition is your solution!

You can also use "In App Purchase" in ProRemote LE to fully unlock the Light Edition which makes it identical to the Full Edition. You can also unlock individual features instead. See for specific features available for purchase.

ProRemote LE on an iPad is like having a single Mackie Control Universal Pro but better because it is wireless and much less expensive. ProRemote LE also works on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Need an XY controller? Check out Pro XY. Use gravity to turn your knobs! Pro XY can be unlocked in ProRemote LE.

Need professional MIDI pads for drum programming or other tasks? ProPads is your solution and can also be unlocked in ProRemote LE.

This version officially supports:
- ProTools
- Apple Logic
- Ableton Live
- Soundtrack Pro
- Digital Performer

Unofficially we support (no skin or custom fader tapers yet, not all features may work):
- Cubase
- MIO Console
- Sonar
- Reaper
- Reason
- Vegas
- FL Studio
- Studio One
- Audition
- Tracktion
- Final Cut Pro
- Any audio software that supports Mackie Control protocol (or HUI protocol).

You will need to download ProRemoteServer in order to use ProRemote Light Edition.

Please go to to download the server.

ProRemote LE is Mac only- Windows is not supported!

Customer Reviews

  • Having trouble please help

    by Robantper1

    I'm having trouble keeps on saying ProTools is unable to communicate with hui power cycle And check connections note if hui is not in use update the Perfield dialogue to prevent further warnings how do I do this its connects but kick me off

  • Works, now I drum better

    by Myke7777

    Seriously. I can finally relax behind the kit knowing that even if I botch a take I don't have to whip off the cans, jump over the cords and run to the control room just to hit stop and record again and again. Brilliant invention. Please just make the transport buttons a bit bigger. :)

  • Makes my life easier

    by MSepello

    I love this app and I use it in just about every session. Sometimes I hand the remote to the client to start and stop when they are ready. I find that really speeds up the process. I had to upgrade the transport to be able to return to zero. But works amazingly well with Pro Tools 9 in my project studio on my iPhone 4S. My only gripe is getting to the transport screen can be a pain sometimes. Especially if the mini transport bar is in the way. I hope the improve that. I highly recommend this app. If you work alone in your studio and play instruments too, now you can control your DAW from the live room. Amazing!!!

  • Reading is fundamental

    by GHOST47

    If you don't read everything prior to purchasing, things may go wrong.however this is a great option if you do or don't have a control surface. I do and find switching between the 2 are easy if you read the instructions. I would recommend this app for any computer based musician needing a hui.

  • I use it all day every day

    by Wallabaloo

    On the iPad in landscape mode it has 16 channels on screen at once, all with good sized solo & mute buttons. I love it. This update fixes an issue that in Pro Tools with solo set to X-or, you can now solo more than one channel if you press the solo buttons at the same time. This is the way it works on a physical Hui and it's a welcome fix. Good connectivity to my Mac, and works with Pro Tools 10 really well. I'm also using it at a studio with lots of other people around with a tight security on the network. So if anyone is having trouble connecting, try creating an ad-hoc network on your machine from the Network control panel. The range isn't great with an ad-hoc network, but you can get around firewall issues this way, and I've been using it reliably for over 3 months on this job.

  • Everybody Lighten Up! This thing is FUN!

    by truetonerecording

    The Light Edition ($43.69) is great for the price. I can run the transport of my Pro Tools rig from the other room, access every fader and look at some cool meters. I'm not planning on mixing a feature film off the iPod, but for a little wirelesss transport control, this app rocks! Plus I didn't have to buy another foreign made piece of plastic. Well done Far Out Labs!

  • i see these who ever's under me hate'n

    by Too Tall The F'n Boss

    this app is sick it works wonderfully i sit where ever i want get payed to record relax.... it works just go to the website an fallow the directions not hard well worth to me i hate siting in the same spot for hours pressing record

  • It's ok

    by Forcp

    Well if you want something to control your daws basic functions this will do. I do feel like this is a bit overpriced and I had to pay another 8 bucks on the transport upgrade just to make this app useable. Setup was easy enough, I can't see myself using this for writing automation because of the lag but when I'm recording tracks by myself this is a gem. Would've given this app more stars if it was priced better. Btw I used it on a mac with protools 8

  • Great Developer that listens and responds and sincerely cares about his customers and his product

    by davidjude

    I previously gave a not so great review but I am now changing it based on the quick email replies from the developer...he said that an update was coming in a day or two and lo and behold! Here it is 2 days later....I haven't tried it since this update but I will tomorrow and I'm sure it is a more polished product. I will probably now do the upgrade that is available. Thank you ALEX. Next day: I have now tried this out now and also purchased some additional features (new option). Everything is working fine and I recommend it to all ProTools users. Very pleased to use this!

  • This new version works great with Pro Tools 8 LE

    by v2or

    I have purchased this program and it did not work with Pro Tools 8 at least not for me. (the new version works great) I have tired to set it up following the directions that are given on the web page but I keep getting error messages and it not able to communicate properly with Pro Tools. I would save your money and get the Tranziport much better. With the update it seems to work well the other version did not work at all for me. Im glad that this is now working and just wish that the price would be lower. Not because this is a bad product for for about 200 you can get a Trazaport from Frontier Design I think 15.00 for the lite and 40 for the full would be fair. Just my thoughts.

  • Finally

    by Blaze314

    Awesome! if u record by yourself you must have this not to mention it's just frigging cool!

  • Do not buy! Don't even think it

    by ABUDOO

    It doesn't work with logic X, proTools 11. I follow all instructions, went to all the forums, nothing.... I really want my money back!!!

  • It doesn't work

    by Leflet

    I bought it this October 2013, installed it and it looks nice. I did set up everything according to instructions on their website and it just doesn't work. My ipad recognizes it but once I click on any fader or transport control, it play one note from the sound in the selected track. It does not recognize my tracks in every song. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Needs Windows Support...

    by rsumrall

    There is a whole other world out there...

  • Crashes too much

    by sangano417

    Same problem as other users...hui is recognized and then shuts down and transport does not work

  • Disappointed

    by Justinplaysguitar

    Love the concept and the tech behind it. Very easy to set up. However, the layout is clunky and has some frustrating bugs. It's still faster to just grab the mouse. I want to believe guys!

  • Don't buy

    by xTamTamx

    Wasted $60 buying this and getting all upgrades and it just simply does not work. I've sat on the forums and read all the FAQ and no matter what I try, it doesn't work.


    by Thomas Soda

    I have purchased this program - and have been having issues running it properly to the specs that it says it is able to do. I have contacted the company, and they have not contacted me back. I want my money back, and they won't communicate back to me. DO NOT BUY THIS APP - BAN THIS COMPANY

  • Don't waste your $9.99 if you have windows.

    by PennyFoxStudio

    It might work for MAC however windows is in beta. Installed the app on my iPhone and installed the recomended beta server on the PC. Open the app and it tells me that the server version 2.1.0 is not compatable. Message reads download version 2.5.0? Really? Can someone show me the beta link for 2.5.0? Shame...looks like it could have been really cool. I wonder how many other windows users are screwed.


    by SoUl sOunDS

    This APP should be free….. I was a sucker and bought it even after reading some of the reviews, thinking it can't be that bad… Well its that bad… I bought the V-Controll and it works just fine with no set backs…

  • Dissatisfied

    by preveagle

    I think this could be a good app if it would run with my Command 8 too. Do not buy if you are using a board too. You will have to change peripherals everytime you use this in pro tools.


    by David DC

    I recently downloaded this app and bought the the 8 channel upgrade along with full transport upgrade and the app has not changed at all. Don't buy this app!!!!!!

  • Get AC-7 Instead Cheaper WORKS!

    by The Gr8 Deceiver

    This was a total waste of 20.00. I purchased AC-7 DAW for the iphone and had it up and running int no time PLUS you get nearly all the features of the full 100.00 version of this. I will change my rating if the developers refund my money. I did eventually kind of get it to work; however all-in-all it is overpriced, under-featured and I am not happy with it. Why would I be? If you need simple fader control, rec, arm, mute, solo, automation, and even a jog wheel, get AC-7. If you gave an ipad, especially, as it looks GREAT for that piece of hardware. Using MacBook Pro 10.6.4, Logic Pro 9.

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