Bare Drums Music App Review (iOS, $4.99)

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  • Publisher: Ethervision
  • Updated: May, 23 2009
  • Version: 1.0
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Languages: English

Seller: Ethervision

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Bare Drums is the lowest latency drum pad on the iTunes store. Sale week of Xmas only!


Latency is the time lag between when your finger contacts the screen to when sound begins to be emitted by the speakers. The other drum apps on the store are sitting around 100ms. This may not seem like much until you try to actually play a rhythm on them. This is the reason that you have never seen a really impressive drum solo performed live on an iPhone BEFORE NOW.

Bare Drums cuts the latency almost in half resulting in a sharp responsive instrument that you can actually play. Check out the video on YouTube to see what we mean.


Fully customizable in every way:

* Reconfigure layout any way you want. You can create big pads, small pads and every combo in between.

* Assign sounds to any drum pad.

* Adjust the volume of any pad.

* Change the color of each pad.

* Clamping. Clamp one pad to another to silence it when the other plays.

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Customer Reviews

  • Almost Perfect Drum App

    by CaptainMB

    Great app. Instant response to touch. Great flexibility in layout and key assignment. Very versatile with more sounds than any other. If developer would add the ability to upload my own sounds, it would be perfect.


    by Jammin-Benjamin

    Their statement of being latency free, is some BULL CRAP. The sounds are just OK. Being able to add your own or tweak existing would be cool. The real thumbs up, is the layout option. I tad confusing at first look. But a very, very nice addition. I would give this 5 *'s if it wasn't for the LATENCY!!!!!!!

  • Contest is mine

    by El Twister

    If you're buying this app for the contest, don't bother. I already have it nailed. Seriously, the dev should just mail me my $500 check now. I am the KING of beats. In fact, when I get my check, I am gonna buy a friggin crown! Overall the app plays well, layouts are cool, clamping is cool, drum sounds are decent.

  • Great original idea, fast response time, with impressive sound library

    by ManFromTexas

    I bought it, tested it, tap it to death to see how it works and ... It has great sounds and response time is what they say it is, very responsive. A lot of sounds to choose from, but of course we always want more but what they provide is plenty. The usability in the custom pad set up is a little confusing (IMHO), could be better thought out. Maybe make it blank with a grid and drag or tap to set up pads, the way it works now is a bit confusing, had to play with it back and forth to get what I wanted but the very fact that you can set up your own lay out is very cool. It crashed a few times nothing too bad but need to look into better stability and must have recording! I can't wait to see how this apps evolves if they add a record feature, with a metronome and throw in an export feature .. wow! Overall, great original idea, fast response time, a pretty impressive sound library .. for .99 .. it's an excellent buy. EDIT: The app has great videos built in to explain how everything works, after watching the layout video it was easy to understand, duh on me for not watching that those earlier. Loving this app!!

  • Bear

    by Jawn B.F.U.S.

    I got this when it was free I guess...

  • Reboot--people, please..

    by Vdrumpro999

    Reboot your device. When you install a new audio app or game-- reboot. A standard message from apple after install would be nice..( its been requested) This app is pretty damn good. Price is killer. Latency is indeed very good. The samples... Are trimmed a little close in the front. There is some clicking on repetitive hits. The layout is great! It's like itm matrix almost but with the sounds built in. No fancy pictures.. Instead big, beatuiful simple colored squares. A 12 piece drum kit at your disposal for $1 I'd buy this before any other drum apps for $1. For $1, it doesn't have to be anything more than it is-- an extremely responsive 12 piece drum pad. Bummer that I missed the contest-- could have used that $$$ to get a new guilt-free unlocked 3gs :) I admit I initially passed this app over because I have so many drum apps. Save yourself the hassle folks buy this one first. As with anything there could always be more.. More samples (hip hop kit) More features.. I'm sure with time that will come.

  • A major flaw

    by LoFro023

    This could be the best drum app on the market. Could. I love the ui, the colors, the customization... All that's great. But I just spent about half an hour setting up a custom set. I saved it repeatedly to set 1. And then, for like the 10th time, the app crashed on me, and I'll have to completely re-do my whole set. If the crashing problem can be fixed, I'll give it 5 stars. Until then, 3 is all you get.

  • Horrible

    by saviopalm

    False advertising. Latency is terrible. Every other drum app I tried worked better than this one...

  • False advertising

    by Bkuzma

    I don't know what the other reviewer was thinking. I bought this to tap out a beat and play guitar over. The latency is horrible. I have beat maker which is a huge recourse eating app and it has way better latency than this app. All I can say is that I hope the issue is resolved. How on earth could anyone play in time with this. Try again developer. Resolve this issue and the crashing issue and I'll gladly give you 5 stars. -I'm bummed man.

  • Terrible Terrible Terrible...DO NOT BUY!!!! TRY DIGIDRUMMER!!!!

    by Anthony Prayfirst

    The audio samples are terrible...this was the most stupidest download of mine ever! I've been playing drums for 14 years now and 8 years doing audio recording- this app is cr-app.

  • Bad

    by salidude

    Cons:1. latency is bad and a pain to use = false advertising. 2. The samples for each head are bad in every way--poorly mixed/poorly trimmed/the kick options have virtually no low end Pros: 1. This customization options of this app are a good idea, but fix the latency and samples and I'll start actually using it. The lowest latency drum app is in fact FunkBox (incredibly low latency), although it only features synthetic electronica samples. The app with the lowest latency for an acoustic kit that I have found yet is DigiDrummer.

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