105.7 The Point Everything Alternative Music App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Emmis Operating Company

* iOS 7 Support
* Improved Audio Playback

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105.7 The Point is THE home for “Everything Alternative” in St. Louis – featuring the best new artists and songs in Alternative Rock!

App developed by LiquidCompass.net

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by fretshredder117

    Needed this to listen to Woody and Riz in the morning. So convenient.

  • Must have for a radio fan

    by GrizBear777

    I have mad respect for 105.7, they are my all time #1 favorite radio station that plays all the good stuff. This app is a MUST have for any 105.7 the point fan!!!!!

  • Perfect

    by Appleguy76

    Does what I need it to. To listen to The Point whenever, wherever I want.

  • Love it!!

    by crazytruckdriver77

    Love this app!! Can just open it up and have my Point music anytime I want!

  • Great!

    by Pobo50

    Love this app

  • Chief of Arms

    by Attention?

    A little bit better quality desired, but other than that it is great!

  • 1057 app

    by Conan's evil twin brother

    Its descent. Quality isnt that great, freezez here and there. All in all it gets the job done

  • Got Wood?

    by 2006 SeR

    Awesome app! Been a point listener since day one in 93!

  • Great!

    by Alex44744

    Love it

  • Awesome!

    by SaintLouis9

    I lived from STL to LA to Fond du Lac, WI, and the point goes with, wherever I may wander!

  • Good app

    by Royth430

    Love it

  • ..12..12

    by Bigslabs

    App is alright, should just play what's on the radio though. Including the talk shows and whatnot. That is what makes the point great !

  • Awesome

    by Oh Mah Jesus

    Love woody and Rizz in the a.m.!

  • Pond guy

    by Stlouispondguy

    Love the show I listen to them every morning.

  • Woody and riz

    by DickeyDoodle

    Need I say more but the title?

  • Great station

    by Mkharp

    Love listening to WAR!

  • Great

    by Alew9220

    Awesome app. I haven't had any problems yet except maybe a fc rarely.

  • Nice

    by Guinevere81

    Works, very few glitches (that are usually related to my cell service, I think). Yay!

  • Pretty good

    by DanniStar

    Nice app. No glitches. It just works.

  • Great

    by McNassty69

    Love this app!!!

  • Cuts out

    by Murphdog 273

    I try to listen to woody and rizz every morning on my iPhone 5 while I walk and it keeps cutting out. It's driving me crazy.

  • Stops playing

    by A gamer dood

    Good app but they need to fix the problem with it not playing after a minute or two. And it isnt a problem with cell service because i have 5 bars LTE at work...

  • Love it

    by mindie_smith

    It's great being able to listen where ever but the alarm don't work at all I would really love for it to.

  • Good app

    by BFMV'S fan

    The talk in the morning is sooo funny. I live in Texas & we don't have a radio station like 105.7. The song selection is pretty good,too.

  • Point Fan

    by Available nickname15

    Can't wait for point fest may 12!!!

  • NINJA!

    by Dev3tears

    This app is amazing

  • Great App!!

    by Avengers movie rules

    I would recommend this app to anyone who is a fan of the point. Love the programming and how it can access the point website while you're listening to the station too!!

  • Could be better

    by Da D.J.

    Wile I have no complaints about the live broadcast in WAR's regular segments, the app is all too eager to cut them off during the commercials and play the pre-recorded ads. Many times, the funny stuff happens when W and R are trying to push an ad and they get sidetracked by a previous segment or text. Please don't cut them short to air some carpet or jewelry ad I really don't care about.

  • Good app

    by 1pizzo77

    Glad I can listen anywhere I want. I am barely out of range to hear it but have the app. Highly recommend it


    by The point lover

    I listen everyday whether I'm at work or at home! Never disappointed! I wouldn't be able to get through the day without the point. Thanks for always entertaining!!

  • Absolutely the best

    by EmmaE79

    The Point is hands down the best alternative rock station. They play the best of everything alternative, even from way back. Their format is awesome, and their DJs are never boring. In fact, no matter what time of the day or night, it's always a good time for the Point. Woody and Rizzuto's morning show is the only morning show I actually look forward to hearing. And their iPhone app is awesome too. I'd actually pay for it, but I didn't have to. Sweetness!

  • Alternative rock

    by Richard rep

    Ever since q101 went off air i stopped listening to alternative rock altogether then the point helped me remembered why i started listening to alternative rock in the first place

  • Awesome

    by Moriarty093

    I have been all over this country and no station compares to the point

  • Great app

    by KellyA1108

    Some connection issues but overall great! Love being able to listen to WAR wherever I am!

  • Must have

    by Tnuttzz

    Moved from St.louis but can still listen too the best morning show ever.

  • Killer station

    by ben carkhuff

    Hands down best morning show

  • App

    by PT96

    Since my work BLOCKED all radio and streaming sites this is my way of sticking it to the man!!

  • Sounds hollow

    by Sophie26773389:

    Music sounds hollow

  • Rock.

    by GOOSE0517

    All ninjas have to Rock the point.

  • Yes!

    by DNAFiremonkey

    I live too far away to get this station on my receiver :( Thanks for putting this app out there for everyone.

  • One über fail of an app

    by Pattymac99

    I listen solely to the WAR podcasts and its a pain. You can't do anything else when playing a podcast, if you minimize it stops playing and you have to start over. Also if listening to a podcast and someone calls, once the call ends it does not resume the podcast it requires you to start all over again. Luckily for them I love the show so I'm willing to deal with it. Also the WAR link on the front page doesn't take you to the right page, you have to go to station info then scroll down to the WAR page link to get there.

  • Worldwide ninjas

    by cjsantan412

    Deployed to Afghanistan for a year. This ish worked perfectly the whole time.

  • Fa-boo

    by TheThingy007

    Works wonderfully. 0 problems. Highly recommend for listening to Woody and Rizz in the morning.

  • Amazing

    by BondLvr88

    Best app ever made

  • Works well over wifi

    by Dagda786

    I just use this in the morning while getting ready for work with no problems.

  • Awesome app

    by Drail1

    Great app to listen to a kick a** station

  • Keeps cutting out

    by Dinger078

    Have had the app for some time now and it randomly cuts out on me too. No real explanation why it does.

  • Keeps Cutting Out

    by KCMasterpiece6767

    Great station, love the morning show, but this app drives me nuts! I have full bars and 3G and it randomly cuts out and cuts back in to the radio feed. I miss parts of the morning show and there is no pattern to the cutting in and out. My phone is just sitting on my desk, unmoving. It just started doing this for the past month. It seems like this app works great for months and then starts acting up. So frustrating!!!

  • Very nice!

    by Bob138538063

    Plays the station and has other convenient links as well.

  • The Point app

    by budl6pk

    The works great if you like 1057 the point I say get this app.... You can't go wrong!

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