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103.5 BOB-FM is a radio station in Austin, Texas – run by a guy named BOB with one of the biggest music libraries around! BOB plays all types of music from the 60’s to today’s biggest hits! If you’re looking for variety – BOB FM is your place. You’ll never know what BOB will play next because BOB Plays Anything!

App developed by LiquidCompass.net

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome. Love it!

    by Spaghettios

    Get some!

  • Great tunes

    by Donafully

    Awesome music!

  • Best Radio Station - Good App

    by Todd Clifton

    This review is a mix for both Bob FM in Austin, and the Bob app. The station is arguably the best pop/rock station on the planet. Bob plays anything and everything, and it's all good. The app is generally solid, but, as other reviewers have noted, it will randomly dump the stream from time-to-time. I've found it particularly flaky over cellular connections. Much more reliable using Wifi. All that stands to reason, and is a small inconvenience, given how good the tunes are when they're flowing.

  • Love the station but

    by HIM_Darling

    Love this station, discovered it while passing through Austin on the way to Port Aransas. However the app seems to loose connection fairly often. If I set it to play before I go to bed, sometimes as early as 30 minutes later it stops playing. Some nights I assume it plays for a little longer but every day by the time I wake up its no longer playing and some sort of error alert has popped up. Please get this fixed I love falling asleep listening to BOB FM.

  • Off and On

    by TimeTurner3

    It's a great app when I can get it to load.

  • Great radio station

    by Jack0521

    They play everything I want to hear. If you grew up in the 80's, then this is your station.

  • I Heart BOB

    by MotherJuggs

    Just drove 5500 miles with BOB as my co-pilot. Never leave home without him!

  • Love Bob!

    by Ajax3

    If I was marooned on an island I'd want this app because the music mix is such that I would never need another radio station ever again. Thanks for being the best!

  • The Absolute Best!!!

    by Doetboy2009

    Love being ably to take Bob with me where ever I go.

  • Awesome!!

    by Carla Gl

    Never a problem-- love BOB!

  • Bob is awesome!

    by H's G

    I think Bob has some of the records that my dad gave away when he cleaned out my old room. Thanks for holding on to them and letting me hear them again. Keep up with the GOOD new stuff here also!

  • Bob is #1

    by Flannelbob

    I live in Houston. When I got within range Bob was on the radio. My dad doesn't even use his radio. But when he is in range Bob is cranked. When we are in San Marcos Bob is our radio entertainment. Love this radio station and love that there is an app so I have it at my fingertips.

  • Outstanding!!!

    by Marshall_Mathers

    Awesome station love the classics!

  • Love i

    by drew402

    I am a lover

  • Love it!

    by M_k_gray

    Love it!

  • 103.5

    by Littlebeaner

    Lv all the different mixes if music!!!

  • Bob

    by Etbes

    I love it! It is great

  • Chillin on da back porch with bob streamin

    by d Big D dude

    Rain's comin down, gotta nice cold one and my best warm one. Dang Bob, you know how to throw down...

  • Mr

    by Jon Standing Crow

    From Houston and I listen to BOB streaming on phone and laptop. Love it

  • Fantastic

    by Capt Coolidge

    Love it

  • Bob rocks

    by Leggypool

    Bob 103.5 is the greatest!!

  • MD loves Bob

    by X-TXN

    Spent 5 days in Austin & made sure to add Bob to my favorite list!!!

  • Fantastic

    by StockerC

    Nice mix of music

  • Yay Bob!

    by MasonLK

    love ya!

  • Love my Bob on the go! We live in Houston, Bob is my favorite!

    by Alec restraunt man ta da

    Go Bob!

  • Listening from CA

    by britneyanne919

    I just moved from Austin to California and I LOVE being able to listen to my favorite radio station from 1,800 miles away. BOB FM is the best!

  • Love the variety

    by Stacey Moore

    Would like a little more hard rock than soft rock though.

  • So great!!

    by Arcangil

    I know it's what everyone is saying but I love this station. I live in Killeen and it's the best by far!

  • Excellent!

    by CausticM

    Bob is awesome.

  • Love the variety!

    by Ccbhgfghhg

    Can listen all day and never get bored.

  • Love it <3

    by Nickib1979

    Love the variety! I always here something good!

  • Excellent app

    by Leffwx

    Perfect for all your BOB needs. Runs well in the background. Well done!

  • Music the way I've always played it

    by Refiner.M

    I have been in Austin a few months now. I first tuned to BobFM in my truck after listening to it at work where a coworker listens to BobFM from the website. Now I have the app on my iPod so I can listen wherever I can find wifi access. BobFM plays a variety of songs close to my own extensive music collection.

  • Love it

    by katdb70

    Now just figure our how to get past our work network security software so I can listen over wifi, and it would be perfect. And thanks for the watch.

  • Love it like my own cd collection

    by Wanda Sprowl

    Love it

  • Denny B

    by Denny 295

    I'm from Pennsylvania but have spent my last 2 winters in Texas I tuned Bob in on my 5th wheel trailer stereo then my truck radio then found out Bob broadcasts over the Internet so now it's on my IPnone I'll still be listening when I go home in May. Keep them coming BOB

  • U rock

    by Hvymtl69

    Just moved here from Iowa,found bobfm and love it.

  • 103.5 Bob FM is my station no matter where the Army sends us!

    by BrushyCreekMary

    Love the opportunities afforded by international travel, but knowing I can always listen to a great music mix (I *am* the 'target audience'!) with my favorite tunes no matter where I go is really cool! First I streamed it thru my WiFi connection to my home system in Germany, and now I use the Bob FM app for iPhone to listen on my car system while driving the autobahn! How cool is that! Thanks Bob!

  • The best

    by Jb7137

    I listen to all BOB all the time all over the world. It is the perfect app.

  • Bob fm

    by Laurie713

    Great app...easy to use

  • Great Radio App!

    by Scott Hamilton

    I love the Bob FM radio app. I can now listen to my favorite radio station anywhere. Thank you Bob!

  • Bobfm...

    by mdakroub22

    It is like my own Personal radio station that I have access to EVERYWHERE!!!

  • Super

    by Hoffman 310


  • General Counsel

    by Hazbadr

    It is simply wonderful

  • BobFM

    by L£ Critic

    It's so great. Just. So. Great.

  • Bob

    by Dok mac

    Best station in the ATX

  • BOB.....Keeping it WEIRD!!!

    by Feather Plucker

    Don't change a thing BOB...You Rock!

  • All right

    by H4ZM4TT

    I like the station but how do you work the alarm? Somewhat confusing but all right for listening to the real life annoying oranges.

  • No title

    by Jarrod Ponce


  • .

    by Phoeeniixx

    Love this app! LOVE this station!

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