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Languages: English

Seller: Emmis Operating Company

* iOS 7 Support
* Improved Audio Playback

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101X. That’s how Austin has said “Alternative” since 1995. The music has changed since grunge’s heyday, but one thing that’s been consistent is 101X’s delivery of the latest from the cutting edge of alternative rock, wherever those sounds might lie. The music is complemented by an airstaff that has spent a cumulative near-century in our town, including the snot-slinging laughter-generating Jason and Deb morning show, followed each day by a staff that eats, breathes, and lives alternative rock. 101X is tirelessly supportive of Austin’s world-famous live music scene. Austinites get to experience that in person through our Homegrown Live local music series; listeners worldwide can do the same through our legendary local-and-indie specialty program, The Next Big Thing, with noted national music journalist Andy Langer. The Next Big Thing is one of several specialty programs hosted with love by dedicated music heads—from the alt-metal crunch of No Control Radio to the chill electro and smart pop of Chillville, and everything in between. And 101X takes you into the heart of Austin’s benchmark music festivals, SXSW and Austin City Limits. It’s like being here. Tune us in. Be a part of Alternative Austin.

App developed by LiquidCompass.net

Customer Reviews

  • Good shtuff

    by Ian Castillo

    Pretty good songs all around. Love this statoion

  • Pretty cool, but..

    by bolander2

    I love the fact that I can still listen to Alternative Rock even though I don't live in Austin anymore, BUT why the hell do they have to replay Jason and Deb skits throughout the day!? If I wanted to listen to them instead of music, I'd listen to them. DON'T SHOVE IT DOWN MY THROAT!

  • Screw

    by Squrlrnuts

    Great weekend station we lost our good Boston alternative and I was forced to outsource luck Austin has a clue

  • Love it

    by Klady2006

    Love it

  • The best app for the best station

    by FridayIsPizzaNight

    I moved to Chicago a year ago, and I still get to listen to my favorite morning show. Oh, the power of technology.

  • Nice app.

    by masserkennedy

    Great station good app!

  • Rocking with the X

    by Christopher on S

    Great app. I get to take Austin everywhere I go.

  • New. Rock. Alternative.

    by Kevin Erly

    Great music all the time and all the new stuff before anyone else

  • Refreshing, but not perfect

    by Scarlet chick

    I'm glad that I can listen to this awesome radio station from my hometown. However, there are a ton of ads and song descriptions aren't always provided or updated.

  • Fresssssh

    by Aircooled66

    The app is the balls!!!!

  • A great app

    by Chad in cinci

    Very easy to use and most importantly it WORKS!

  • Works well

    by Nurb337

    Been using this app for a while and it's been working well. Mostly listen to Jason & Deb. I just wish they wouldn't play the same clips over and over again during the breaks. Must have heard that zipline I Love You call a hundred times already.

  • Good but could be better ....

    by Rampage_g22

    I listen to this app on the way to and back from work all the time. I'll start off with the positive: The Music they play is awesome!!!! Jason and Deb are hilarious !!!! The only negative thing is the sound quality of the app, it's almost as bad as listening to AM radio!! The other is the amount of juice it uses from my phones battery!! If there was a way they could fix these two issues it'd be the perfect app :-)

  • 101X Awesome as always

    by Purplegabi

    Good quality for an app, cool content too!

  • Love 101x

    by Apex2x4

    Jason & Deb are the shiz. Nuff said.

  • 101X

    by GET SUM!!!

    That Angel Deb....HA! "ONE DAY...IMA MARRY THAT GIRL"! And Jason, he gonna be my BEST MAN! 400 miles away and still listening. but when I get back...BOOOM GO TIME!!! (best "GDMF'ING" morning show ever!)

  • The 101x morning show

    by Dingo938

    This is the best radio station in the world!! Jason and Deb in the morning are funny as hell

  • Awesome show

    by Big thank you

    Love Chillville the best show anywhere!!

  • My fav station

    by WilcatMo

    Love this station! Nothing else comes close, although they could lay off the Chili Peppers...only like "under the bridge"...

  • Listen to Jason and Deb every morning!

    by Texasfett

    Just great music and brings that Austin scene to our home!!!

  • Audio Quality

    by itsDeftonic

    My sound quality sounds muffled on my iPhone 5S. Worked fine on my iPhone 4, but the audio is horrible. Using iHeartRadio app for better clarity.

  • Bad mive

    by Whitlesstx

    Horrible sound quality.

  • Terrible Update by Liquid Compass

    by TC1234567890

    Not a reflection of the station or its programming. This is probably the worst designed and engineered app I have ever used. I am a huge fan of the station and am very disappointed with Emmis' decision to make this update. Switching to liquid compass as a dev company was the worst thing you guys could have possibly done. It appears all of their apps are this bad. It's such a shame.

  • Keeps cutting off

    by Beergulp

    Fix the bug where it keeps cutting off middle of a program or song!

  • Eh

    by Fognasty

    Show's awesome. The commercials, however, are repeated over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over,........ It's annoying, isn't it??? The show cuts out all of the time, as well. It's not my connection because everything else works.

  • 101x krox

    by Adam Pruneda

    Awesome every morning. They are funny, provocative, and defiantly keep it interesting.

  • My favorite station!

    by Therebeeye

    My favorite station and I can finally hear them wherever I go!

  • Awesome app!

    by Sapper420

    Use it almost every day!

  • Review

    by SunnyVillar

    Love that I can take the Dick Man and Deb with me wherever I go! :)

  • Great!

    by EricaD11

    Love to have my favorite radio station with me after moving away! Love it!!!!

  • Nostalgia

    by Mast3r0fpupp3ts8

    Moved to PA from Austin and I miss it dearly. I get to listen to Jason and Deb on my way back home from a night shift. Great app and great memories. Thanks!

  • ...

    by Bishop Hunter

    Pretty cool station. It reminds me of 91x when I used to live in San Diego


    by TheFoosah

    Love Jason & Deb!

  • Thankful for the 101x app!

    by aleahbaleah

    I moved to Chicago from Austin, TX. This app had made some great mornings possible for me because I am still able to listen to Jason and Deb. also love that they list 10 last songs Played on the app because I'm able to look them up and download them when I like them! :)

  • My favorite station in ATX

    by DfromATX

    Even when I'm no where near Austin, I love streaming my favorite station live! Puts me in a great mood!

  • Nothin better than some 101X

    by Joe from SA

    My daily trip from San Antonio to The ATX has to be started with a healthy dose of Jason and Deb (can't forget Alex) in the morning. Trip home at night is equally as awesome. When the signal fades around the New Braunfels area, thanks baby Jesus for my 101X app on the iPad. You stay classy, 101X. Joe from SA

  • Great Music

    by KbSANB

    Drive north from SA everyday, highlight of the trip when 101x comes in loud and clear.....

  • Like 101X!

    by Mudduck808

    Love Saturday night and Sunday morning but the weekday morning show is not my favorite. Deb needs some help.

  • The best app

    by DOGZILLA 14

    This is the best app ever because it's my favorite radio station that I can listen to on a app though best app ever like they said A MUST HAVE app

  • Great radio!

    by Exit83

    Best station in Austin - now with me everywhere. Can't go wrong.

  • Love this station and app!!!

    by txalcatraz

    101x love you!

  • Great music

    by Acacium

    Love it

  • Great station!

    by Sarah047123

    I heard this station, driving through Austin a few months ago. Wish there was a station like this, around Oklahoma city! Love this app! Glad it's available!

  • 101x rocks

    by BigSlongTony

    U rock

  • Awesome music 24/7!

    by Ariel Gonzalez


  • Awesome app, best morning show!!

    by Stacy, Austin tx

    Jason and Deb are the only way to wake up because they would rather be sleeping just like me. No obnoxious rating or raving, just friendly conversation like normal people! Rock on!

  • Awesome station!

    by Jacqueline Trengove

    Living somewhere with a crappy radio stations, 101X gets me through the day!

  • Great radio

    by sorrugis

    Love this station!

  • Awesome app

    by Bookz

    Best radio station ever

  • 101x rocks

    by Helgathora

    I've been listening to this station since I was a little girl. Just keeps getting better and better!

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