Bandm8 Music App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Doug Currie
  • Updated: May, 03 2010
  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 7.18 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Douglas Currie

Lots of new stuff in this update...

- A new 'Venues' tab, where you can record much more detailed information about where you are playing.
- Gigs now link to these Venues - so you type the venue info in once, and re-use it every time you gig.
- A new 'Templates' tab, where you can set up pre-configured templates for your song, gig and venue notes. No more typing in boilerplate text.
- Lots of other minor tweaks.

Other recent enhancements:
- iOS 7 support
- Rework of the 'Gigs' tab - it's now sane, and you can add / remove / reorder the songs you actually ended up playing.

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Bandm8 is your all-in-one musical performance and rehearsal organizer. Keep track of your bands and their repertoires, create set lists, plan gigs, and use the built-in Practise Player to help with rehearsing those tricky passages.

Key features:
- manage multiple bands, albums, set lists and songs
- make detailed notes on each song, including audio, images and PDFs
- practise along to tracks from your iTunes library
- performance screen with silent metronome, audio player and pedal-switch support
- email song notes, audio clips and set lists to band members
- record gig and venue details, and publish gig announcements to Facebook
- make recordings of your rehearsals
- searching and printing

Check out the video tutorials at!

Bandm8 stores detailed information on your bands; for each band you can build up a repertoire of albums and songs, and make detailed notes for each song - chord progressions, riff reminders, images and PDFs of sheet music from your photo library. You can associate songs with tracks from your iTunes music library - if you're playing a cover, for example. And/or you can record some audio yourself - say, if you want a recording of your newest original masterpiece to practise against.

Once you have some audio associated with the song - either from your iTunes library or audio you've recorded yourself - you can use the Practise Player feature to play along. With its looping and bookmark functions and large user-friendly controls, it's the perfect way to practise with an instrument in your hands.

After practise, it's time to gig... Create set lists, drawing from your library of albums and tracks. Simple editing controls allow you to play with the set until you've found the line up your fans want to hear. Once you're ready to gig, email the set list and gig details to the rest of the band so they know what they're playing - then print set lists for use on stage. Finally, post to Facebook to let your fans to where and when to be.

During the gig itself, use the Performance view; use the stage light dimmer to tone down the screen brightness, use the individual song notes as cheat sheets, and use the silent metronome to lead in your band at the correct tempo. During the applause, use the audio player to listen to the first few seconds of the next tune through your monitors - or even provide a full backing track.

Bandm8 also keeps track of all your gigging information for posterity... a complete record of every gig you've played, the songs your fans heard, and any other notes you thought were important about the gig, set or venue.

So if you're finding it hard to keep track of the numerous bands you're in, songs you play, tracks you should be rehearsing, and gigs you're supposed to turn up to - then Bandm8 is the perfect app for you!

Bandm8 currently supports the following pedal switches in performance mode:
- AirTurn BT-105. Ports 1/3 move back/forward through the set list. Port 2 toggles the silent metronome. Port 4 toggles the audio player.
- The arrow keys on BlueTooth keyboards also work.
- This might work for other pedals, but probably won't. Please email me if you would like me to add support for your pedal!

For a quick overview of what Bandm8 can do for you, check out the video tutorials at!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions!

(A quick reply to GED45's comment: try the "performance mode" from the Set List tab when you're on stage - this has buttons for audio, metronome, etc. all on a single page, with swiping back and forward between tunes.)

Customer Reviews

  • Practical, easy, highly useful

    by McG1898

    This application has become an indispensable tool to my practicing. I can only wish that I had it 20 years ago as I always dreamed about something like this existing. Great for transcribing, practicing or teaching. I cannot really recommend it highly enough.

  • awesome app!

    by drumz r my thang

    great for musicians!…..

  • The Most Useful Gear After My Bass Itself

    by Ceejay64

    I have been using this app for about a year now, and I can't stress enough how much easier it makes things. I use it both on and off stage, and its so much better, not to mention more professional, than dealing with a big notebook full of papers. Off stage, I've got my song notes, recorded versions, ability to create and manage sets and name it. On stage, I use a mount on my mic stand for the iPad, and I've got all the info for the set, total running time, as well as notes and my lyrics. The built in stage light is great, especially since I can change it for each venue's needs. I've got songs and notes for multiple bands and I can change it up easily. If we have to alter setlists or songs on the fly, it's all there in the repertoire section and I can grab the songs I need in a flash. I use my Dropbox app via the iPad to copy and paste my notes into the specific song notes section, which makes it so I can do my typing on the laptop into a word doc and seamlessly get my notes exactly as I want them. You can do so much with this app... Organize your band's business and member information, keep your past and future gig details together, email band members important information, the list goes on and on. As an active user, I can definitely recommend this app to any musician. I think you'll find it extremely useful. It's the best one I have found for this kind of thing, and I've tried more than a couple. The developers are also very involved and active, and if you send them an email, they answer you quickly, too! Big thumbs up from me for this one. You will find it to be a must-have for your equipment list...right up there with your axe and amp! Rock on, BandM8!

  • Rock With Crush

    by kk2112

    Gotta Love it!

  • Doesn't get any better and if it can, the author will!

    by TedVRich

    I've been a drummer for 35 years and I am always looking for ways to improve. This app is awesome for me to do just that. From the looping of sections of songs in the player for practicing the harder parts, to the silent metronome that you can scroll from one song to the next with a flick of the finger during gigs, gives me the confidence that my clock is ON! When I asked if a "page turning" pedal would work with this app to switch the metronome to the next song (being my hands are busy), the author responded promptly with "I just spoke with the pedal manufacturer and I will have that feature added soon". You can't ask for more than that. On top of all of this, the app is the best in the app store for a musician and has the most features. I've bought, and got rid of quite a few of the others. Nice job Doug and keep the updates coming!

  • Best of class (again)!!!

    by TrinityEB

    The new features in v2.6 build upon an already robust & useful app. It's been indispensable to me. Note to jdrumski: The visual metronome is only accessible in "Perform" mode within a set. While in the setlist tab, change from "Detail" mode to "Perform" mode (button in upper right hand corner of screen). Then when you select a song you'll see the metronome if you set a bpm for that song. Update (Dec 2nd, 2011): With this latest update (v2.5) Bandm8 pretty much has every thing I would want in a set list app. Still doesn't have a landscape view and I'd like to see a backup/restore function, but those are minor inconveniences compared to every thing else Doug has crammed into this app. This version has me raising my rating from 4 to 5 stars. Original review (v1.2): This app shows a lot of promise. The one thing it really needs is a way to play & pause the audio (recording or song from library) for the songs while in a setlist. This would enable you to use Bandm8 to play backing tracks during a performance. Ideally, you would highlight a song in your setlist then press the "play" button (transport buttons could be added to the same line as the add/delete buttons). The audio for that song would play and when the song ends, the next song in the setlist would then be cued up & played. The "play" button would be replaced with a "pause" button while the song is playing so you could pause in between songs to chat with the audience, take a water break, etc. A few other features I'd like to see added in the next release... - Ability to double-click on a song to bring up song notes while in setlist and gigs tabs (like you can do from within the repertoire screen) - Support for Landscape mode (check out the app "DrumSetlist" to see how well they handle landscape) - Preferences/setup tab with Database backup & restore to/from PC or Mac Nice work so far Doug, looking forward to future updates!

  • Nice app...

    by Jdrumski

    Just downloaded this the other day. Has a lot of great features, just a little difficult to navigate in the beginning ... Can't find some of the bells and whistles it says it has....does anyone know where to find the silent metronome??

  • What I've Been Looking For

    by MIDIme

    I am a 47 y.o. lifelong amateur guitar/bass player hobbyist/enthusiast. I have no affiliation with Apple, the app maker, or anybody in the business. After about a two weeks use I think I understand almost all the features. I'm in three bands right now. I really like the ability to create song lists, set lists, and gig info for each group. I've been taking camera phone pics of passages of music I need to practice and storing them in the provided field. What a super useful feature! Sure beats lugging a book or multiple books around. Along with the notes field, I'm able to keep effect settings, capo, and alternate tuning notes on each song. Theoretically, if two different groups played the same song but in different keys, this app would easily let me keep that information straight. Another feature I've already used is the email set list to band members. Nice. Also, I really love the music player. I have a couple A/B LOOP apps for learning songs already but this one is actually easier to use and fully integrated into the app! So, having associated a song from my device's music player/library to a song within one (or more) band's repertoire, I easily can listed to and practice along with songs selected for any defined set or album. Looking forward to recording some originals and including them in the app's storage fields. I wish the instructions were a bit clearer, and I'm still not sure I'm using every function fully. So, since I'm very happy with this app now, I assume I'll be ever happier a month from now. MIDIme

  • Perfect app

    by Sshhaallaafallawalllaboul

    This app includes everything! It is even perfect for stage. We use the silent metronome and can easily transition from song to song with one swipe. Love this app! It's a must!

  • Gotta Have

    by Thomas Shipp

    If you are in a band, or multiple bands and want to manage playlists, and use crib notes to play from, you've gotta have this app! It's set up to use as a practice tool and for performing. It even has a metronome so you'll be sure to start at the right tempo. Got an idea to improve the app? Its developer will be your friend!

  • Great app

    by Guitanjo

    Needs a couple of minor tweaks, but even without them this is a great app. I use it to manage entire repertoire and set lists for 4 different bands. No more "we forgot to play that one" at gigs. Set loops on songs to figure out the riffs you have trouble with, and never show up to a gig without a set list again. The creator is very responsive to input from real users and willing to make the necessary updates to make this an indispensable tool for the working musician. Love it.

  • Good tool, could be better

    by Sonicdrummer

    Needs ability to choose multiple songs from repository for sets instead of going back and forth between screens. Need to be able to associate multiple sets with the same gig. Should be able to alphabetize the songs in a band repository for easier searching. Still a great tool but could be better.

  • Very helpful as a touring musician

    by setlist guy

    I have only used a small percentage of what this app is capable of, and I love it. After entering in your songs, you can easily create setlists and move the songs around within the setlist. The setlist is then saved, so if you don't have time to create a new one, you can play an older set. It also has a tuner, and can record an audio file within each song, so learning new covers, or working out new material becomes easier and more accessible. This is a new app, so upgrades are sure to make this an even more useful tool than it already is.

  • Hard to master

    by poopchuck1

    Not intuitive at all. Would be so easy to just check and add a tune from library to each set list .. Too many steps to make set list- Still easier to just write a set list out to the band per gig..

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