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Game music database pro is the biggest resource for listen your favorite game music, including full soundtrack from every game and over 100,000 full songs in hi quality.

+ you can play unlimited game music songs.
+ over 100,000 full game music songs.
+ full soundtrack of every game.
+ over 30,000 different games.
+ Search interface.
+ all songs are recorded in hi quality.
+ the biggest database with all kind of game music from retro Nes songs to Newest ps3-xbox360 songs
+ including game music from consoles: nes, snes, genesis, dreamcast, playstation, ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox360, pc, and many more.

Customer Reviews

  • Ok I guess

    by Buttcrack666

    Lots of games but missing some of the big ones like final fantasy and chrono trigger. Aside from that its pretty good. Took me down memory lane

  • Not bad

    by Bobo3380

    It is what it is, original songs from a large selection of games. I wish they could be turned into ringtones though

  • Impressive selection

    by eschersketch

    There is an amazing selection of game music for this app, from the NES era all the way up to current gen on a variety of platforms (Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft). The quality is great, too, but the UI is awful. There isn't an option to pause or scrobble the songs; you can only play them from the start. Also, it's buggy. When you try to quit a song and search for another game, it will often stick and continue to play the previous song list. You can't download the songs either. The user interface could definitely use improvement. But for $0.99, it's still pretty a good app considering the amazing selection and variety on hand. If you're a game music nut, it's worth it.

  • Great For Gamers!

    by theJmack90

    This app is pretty legit! The songs can take a sec to load but still worth $0.99!

  • Game database

    by WarIsFree

    A really unique app, if you like the game music this is a indispensable app for you, the audio quality is fantastic, easy to use, just type the name of your game and select the soundtrack, you get over 100 000 songs for only 1 USD, is a real deal.

  • Amazing

    by Din M black.

    only a word… AMAZING… this app contains the complete soundtracks of the best games in perfect audio quality, the sound is clear and clean, you can find all kind of games like: zelda, castlevania, mario, sonic, resident evil, Rockman (megaman) and a lot more, I also find a rare games and very hard to find soundtracks like Dejavu and shadow gate, definitively word the price!

  • Wonderful idea, total flop

    by SJSwriting

    It has been months since I've been able to get this app to play a single song in its massive library of game music. Talk about frustration!

  • Don't bother with this app

    by DueHotmilk

    If you want to save a buck, don't buy this worthless app. It says the same "File error" screen bs every time I select a video regardless if I'm connected to wifi or 3G.


    by S.M.B.

    P.O.S. app does not work! Do not buy, it is a waste of your money!

  • Doesn't work

    by DiamondGSX

    None of them work!

  • Horrible App

    by RawbheartsNeko

    Half the songs don't want to load and for some odd reason I look up Paper Mario and get country music instead with lyrics I want my .99 back if I could I give this app 0 stars

  • Nice app

    by Ripness74

    Nice app but how do you use the music as ringtones?

  • Horrible app!

    by FoxX478

    This is a horrible app! I need an Internet connection to listen to the music and even when I do have a connection it still won't play most music!

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