Wreck-it Ralph Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Nov, 01 2012
  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 54.04 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Walt Disney

Fix-It Felix Jr. has worked up a few repairs to make this arcade game run smoother than before! Get back into the action, and magic hammer your way to a high score with this latest update!
Now enjoy the game in Japanese.

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Hit the arcade and game-hop between 5 different arcade games all based on the film Wreck-it Ralph!

Fix-it Felix Jr. –
• Ralph wrecked it, now you get a chance to fix it!
• Awesome 8-bit graphics that pay homage to the classic arcade era.
• Climb, dodge and magic hammer your way to a high score!

Hero’s Duty –
• Suit up and play as Sergeant Calhoun and teach those cy-bugs a lesson they’ll never forget!
• Blast cy-bugs in level after level of bug clearing action.
• Grab different weapons and make your momma proud!

Sweet Climber –
• It’s Ralph’s time to shine in an endless climbing game!
• Use tilt controls and fizzy jet packs to climb as high as possible.
• Jump from candy stalk to candy stalk, but watch out for weak branches!

Turbo Time—
• Enter the race for gold, and drive at turbo speed!
• Roll through fiery speed boosts and avoid obstacles to gain an edge over your competitors!
• Sweet 16-bit graphics that add a retro feel to this classic arcade racer!

Flight Command—
• Fly to extreme distances in this exciting flight sim!
• Blast through waves of cy-bugs, and dodge explosive obstacles to become the toughest pilot around!
• Max out your high score by scoring huge multipliers and destroying everything in your path!

Also compete against your friends - and the world - for high scores in each game! Get to Game Central Station and start playing!

Customer Reviews

  • Sugar rush

    by Tyman:)

    I love wreck it Ralph although there's no sugar rush the movie takes place mostly-in sugar rush! please put this in your next update thank you :)

  • needs more

    by A.Tory

    it needs to let us race in Venelopes house,play the make your kart mini game and let us race in the sugar rush racing game.add those,make it an update to all of us who own it and don't raise the price.

  • All it needs is this...

    by superconnorkid8

    Instead of options, you should have your own game, be able to name it, and customize your character. Also your game would have options. It would be so much fun! Other than that it works great so BUY BUY BUY!!

  • Love need more

    by TheX15

    You should make a sugar rush where you race

  • Good game :)

    by 4738364338

    I like it but it needs more levels. Make Hero's Duty 1st person. And were you can get coins to buy new games. That's all. Keep working on it guys! :)

  • More games

    by Pewdiepie Felix

    It's fun but more games a lot more in the movie there were way more games MORE

  • Not bad

    by Ronniemag

    The game is relly cool but it would be better if you could make a candy cart and race

  • FUN

    by Fab obnbvdbj

    This game is turbo-tastic!


    by Scotty315315

    I love it it's the best just get and when u get u will no why u bout it

  • App is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    by adventureboy2000

    Amazing game! Way to go Disney! I hope they make more games on this app, like Sugar Rush where you can race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be awesome! I highly recommend this app, and I hope you choose to download it. Definitely worth it, I would just ignore those bad comments cuz I give this a

  • Same mistake twice!

    by ?:fydygjghg

    Fix it Felix Jr was almost perfect! The only thing wrong was the "I can fix it" missing! It's still missing! I do not see one change from 1.5. You call that an update? That's no update! You fix the most minor things, while completely ignoring the still-major glitch on two of the 6 tracks on TurboTime! (first time on level 8) You shot something that isn't even a Cy-bug, Calhoun! The actual Cy-bugs are invading this app! They're gonna eat your star! Felix, fix the BROKEN windows, not the fixed ones! The BROKEN ones need fixed, or you'll never win! Fix Turbotime! That's the one and only glitch I saw in the entire app, and it is a major one! And you just increase FPS of fix it felix not once, but TWICE! In a row! It seems you don't know whether to fix a MAJOR glitch or just very slightly increase the FPS rate of ONE game.

  • Persistent "Invalid Username" Error

    by pgpat

    I used to enjoy this game a lot but now it keeps asking me to enter my name. When I do, the game gives me an "Invalid Username" error and won't let me play any of the games... but what makes a user name valid? I don't want to have to use a Facebook account just to play a game I already paid for. "Fix it, Felix!" EDIT: It turns out the problem was with iOS 7, not with the game. I went to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. After my iPad rebooted, my files and apps were still there, and I was able to play the game again.

  • More games

    by Kirsten1000

    Make a sugar rush game, where you can race

  • Good... But not that good

    by RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's a decent game I can say that much. But I downloaded the game awaiting to play fix it Felix, turbo-tastic, THE ONES FROM THE MOVIE, AN EXACT REPLICA OF SAID GAMES. so to those awaiting to play the games of the movie, their not alike. Fix it Felix doesn't even have the bonus level! Or rather I haven't played it to that point.

  • Very good but..

    by LaZzZyBoY88

    Can you add sugar Rush?

  • Glitches

    by FrancescaTerwilliged

    I bought the game because I wanted to play Turbo Time (because King Candy/Turbo is my favorite and I love racing games). The other games work fine, but Turbo Time keeps glitching. Whenever I am in 1st place, the game glitches and all of the other racers pass me. Please fix it so I can play my favorite game and make Turbo proud.

  • Good game but lacking something

    by Needs tutorial

    I really like this game but it needs more mini games! Like building your own sugar rush cart and then getting to race it! It should have more than five mini games.

  • good

    by ElephantManiac13

    great game but no sugar rush carts

  • Love it but

    by Syd swal

    I love this game but, I would rate it five stars if it had more games.

  • 100%

    by Audrey

    Love game

  • Cool but....

    by ResevorDG

    I like it but with ios7 it does not work with iCade. Sadness.

  • Save your money!!

    by Jen in VT

    I thought I would write a quick review to try and save folks from making the same mistake I did. Got this for my kids but quickly deleted it as it forces you to create a Facebook profile or login using your current Facebook profile before allowing you to play it. OUTRAGEOUS unless of course you don't mind that sort of thing. I don't need my Facebook friends to know what app I'm playing and when let alone the possibility of my young kids being directed there. Really surprised at Disney as it says this is a Disney app. Shame on them!! I want a refund! Mike

  • Ms

    by Jennalee209

    It's not playing any sound or music.

  • James

    by Kitcrvft

    I download the game,i cat't getter stared help!!!

  • Crap

    by Jrlmom3

    Game installed and won't even open, only shows ads for other games to download.

  • Game crashes

    by Nova spark

    The game loads up the Disney symbol and then crashes

  • Won't work! Waste of money.

    by Craz384

    It won't let me go in and play any of the games. It is so unfair. All I see is a big black screen. It has a small button in the corner but it won't work

  • Waste of good money

    by Andrew awesome

    It was fun for about 20 minutes, then it got boring.

  • Not good! waste of money

    by Zarogon

    This game is really bad,it's not fun at all,the missions are boring and long,don't buy this!!!

  • Terrible

    by $:)$:)$:)&

    I can't even do anything the screen froze at a point of the game so I can't do anything except see the games homepage.I even powered off my device and back on and it still doesn't work.....Terrible game don't buy it ..This could happen to you.


    by Subway surfer (owner)

    Just a waste of money.this game is for 3 year olds only! Do not waste ur money on this thing!

  • Waste of time and money

    by Grapyelgarhi

    Don't buy it gets boring quickly If u want the game but don't want to spend money just buy fix it

  • Boring

    by Jeff T

    This game used to be a really fun one but now it's just plain boring u

  • Latest update froze my game

    by D Banks

    Please send new update! My game won't load past a point

  • by Magic224

    I love this but needs more game like maybe a mini game that u can make a car like the mini game in the movie then u can save cars and race them. I think if u add that people will like the game more.

  • Funnnn

    by Marffffffff14

    Love it!

  • Wack take to long to unlock the game

    by Yardytgod

    Stupid game, too many levels to unlock this wack game.. Don't waste your money.. Smh

  • My son loves it.

    by Bored nite

    My 7 yr old autistic son loves this game. Would love to see move options and different levels to be added soon.

  • Cool

    by Cocolas P


  • What a boring game

    by Bethie14

    Waste of 99 cents. I think it is meant for 4 year olds, even them I doubt it would be challenging for them.

  • Not challenging

    by toddnr

    I wouldn't recommend it. It's not awful, but the games aren't very challenging. Even my 5yo got bored quickly.

  • Sugar rush racing!!!!!!!

    by Horror Movie Lover

    Please add sugar rush racing! That's like the second main game in the movie. Please!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome game!

    by Busterrocks4

    This game has all places of the real movie. I love the movie so this is an awesome game for me!

  • Ok

    by Jasdrum

    This game is worth the 1$ but i did not really like the controls for example the turbo-tastic game was a real disipointment

  • Awesome!!!

    by Mother of two.

    This is an amazing game for the whole family. We all enjoy it very much. I have no problems with this app. Very very happy with it thank you very much. Mother of two and they have so much fun: )

  • Great

    by Heyya077

    I really enjoy the game and it pays tribute to the movie respectfully.

  • Awesome game

    by WWWW4

    Awesome game so fun, love it, except they should make some of the games in it easier like hero's duty and they should have more games in it like pac man. But it is fun.

  • A Turbo-Tastic Game!! :()

    by SkullKid5000

    Lolololololol!! Love TurboTime!! Lov U King Candy!! <3

  • Wreck-it-Ralph App

    by NGM0216

    This is a great game, and goes along with the great movie. This is not a waste of money. If you like 8- bit games, the Fix-it-Felix game is great! If you enjoy HD games, there are about 4 other games for the HD category. All main characters are included. Retro and new colliding into a great game! One suggestion though. There should be a Sugar Rush game. Where you can race the racers! Enjoy! $.99 is worth it!

  • Fun

    by Jbug3118

    I think it's very fun. I can't even do hero's duty and its still very fun to play on it.

  • Great, but...

    by Stephen Varnes

    I really like Disney, and I really like this game. That's why my rating is 5 stars. Aside from that, I have one problem. My only problem is the stupid logo on the icon. Again, I like Disney, and I know it doesn't interfere with the app itself. But sometimes people pay attention to details: details that don't seem to matter. That's what makes things so much more satisfying: when little details are made right. I don't like the logo because the app isn't about the Disney company, it's about Wreck-It-Ralph. Disney does deserve credit, but you can't turn the app into an advertisement. It takes away from what the app is about. The icon should represent what the app is about.

  • Waste of $

    by sergiomh18713

    This game is so boring , the game is so easy ! And I was expecting to be almost the same as the movie , and Ralph sounds weird .This game is boring not even worth 99¢ Don't Buy !!!!!!!

  • Dn

    by Joe Goder


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