Words of Wonder Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Oct, 24 2013
  • Version: 2.3.0
  • Size: 63.5 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Walt Disney

-Travel under the sea in 45 new fun-filled levels!
-Exciting new challenges like bomb tiles and shadow tiles!
-Bug fixes and stability improvements

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
43 Ratings
All Versions:
1580 Ratings


Play Disney’s magical word game, Words of Wonder! Find words to solve more than 200 addictive word puzzles with unique and challenging twists!
Help Watson the Owl fight the grey curse and restore color to the storybook world! Use the power of words to unlock spectacular bonuses and spell your way to victory. New challenges await you at every turn – can you be the one to vanquish the curse forever?

****Game Features****
- More than 200 challenging word game levels with more coming soon!
- Play and compete with friends!
- Download and play in your choice of English, French, Italian, German or Spanish!
- Beautiful storybook-inspired level maps!
- Cool power ups and strategic score bonuses!
- Share progress with the Facebook version!
- Connect with Facebook to find friends who are already playing!
- Meet Disney’s newest star, Watson the Owl!

Customer Reviews

  • Lesmaddill

    by Lesmaddill

    The last update is making the game very slow. I love the game, but like the other reviews, I don't like having to buy gold or get friends to help me.

  • Okay

    by LBIjames

    This is a fun little game but I rate it a 3 because it's really hard to find Facebook friends who also play the game. Two friends I know for sure play this game and are connected through Facebook I can't find. It's frustrating...

  • Levels

    by Leah-boo Duhh

    The game won't let me play level 21 no matter what I do of he than that I enjoy the game

  • Levels

    by Leah-boo Duhh

    The game won't let me play level 21 no matter what I do of he than that I enjoy the game

  • Words of Wonder

    by Give me a name.

    When I first started playing the game allowed approximately 151 requests per day. Now it only allows 21 per day. Why??????? Seems like you would want more people playing. Just saying !!!!!!

  • Fun but has problems

    by Bored pink dino

    This game is fun and cute, but I do not want to connect to Facebook or buy "gold" just to go to a new chapter. If there were a way to continue playing without having to buy gold or annoy my Facebook friends, I would give this 5 stars!

  • Not enjoying as much as I did at first!

    by Hello yourself

    Annoying loud ads. Have to mute my iPad. I jump out of my skin when ads start playing, then I mute it. I loved playing before, but why should we have to pay gold or ask friends so we can move on. Please be a little less complicated. This is a great game. Love playing but not too happy now. I also quit Gardens of Time for this reason.

  • Words

    by Paallheart

    Eh...not as good as I thought!!

  • The new update won't even let me into my puzzle, it freezes every time.

    by Irritated Customer $9.99

    Update review: The commercials are the only thing that works in the update. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it forces the update then freezes each time I try to play the puzzle I'm on. Please fix the game. I'm just about finished with a game that would be good if the developers spent half the time trying to fix the problems instead of all their time trying to get more money for a game that is slow and often doesn't work. Old review: It does work on iPad, but it is quirky. To get past the blinking owl you need to close the other open programs on your iPad (double click the home button and close them) and try again. It's a good game, but pretty disappointing that it doesn't have all the chapters. Not really ready for prime time.

  • Love the game but buggy

    by Rojo3115

    Game is great but newest "forced" upgrade froze the game and now will have to lose progress to reload. Very disappointing.

  • Good game ... But where are new levels ?

    by BB54b

    Fun game to play but thought latest update would provide some new additional levels.... Anxiously waiting.

  • Good game... Could improve.

    by MathNerd3.1415926

    Love the game! However, it loads a little slow after most resent update, and I don't like that I have to be connected to Facebook to play additional levels.

  • Game Girl

    by Christmas Blessing

    This game is fun but has many problems . Won't allow moving into new level without buying Gold. Too slow to load . Now with the latest upgrade its stopping with 20 moves left & asking for gold to reset or exit the level ! Also not registering a full 48/48 when 3 stars for every game . Hate the timer levels ... No way to make 3 stars in time allowed . Don't see the purpose of the lava or the bombs . It's a money pit for sure if you want to play fully !

  • Words of Wonder

    by Nanlanny

    Love the challenge. Hate depending on friends who don't want to play this game to level up. FAIL!!

  • Relaxing fun!

    by Jamielynn8503

    Nice to play at the end of a long hard day, to sit back n relax!

  • Great game!

    by Jenhuesing

    The game is very fun, my only complaint is that it takes forever to load.

  • I love it!!!

    by Pelelope

    Excellent app

  • Word game meets candy crushing

    by Jaxgrayce

    Enjoyable cross between candy crush and boggle-type word games. Not too far in, but so far can keep up enough that I have not seen any forced in-app purchases to keep playing. Good plus!

  • Uses your brain!

    by Salemsuzyq

    Love this game. Gets quite challenging on higher levels!

  • Addictive

    by BulletToothBekah

    Love it!!

  • Lady

    by Louise1945

    BOOOOOOO. Upgrade did not work so I deleted and reinstalled and after first phase it jumped the fee from .99 to $4.99. Shame on you greedy Disney

  • Love this game but...

    by Hesmesiter

    I get so annoyed with games that nickle and dime you just to advance to the next level. AND! I do NOT want to bother my FB friends either. I'd pay for it if you eliminate these rules, otherwise I'm deleting an enjoyable game. I haven't had any issues with the update because I'm at a level where I have to spend money or ask three friends. I refuse to do that. Please listen to what everybody is saying.

  • Lousy app

    by Dramc218

    This app is awful! It won't allow an update and current version does not give credit for words near end of game. You have to buy gold to advance or involve Facebook friends. It has good bones but is a major disappointment

  • Can't play

    by Bubblione

    Why don't you make a version that can be played on the iPad 1? Love the game but I can't play on my iPad!!!!!! Other games don't seem to have a problem bridging the gap. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!

  • Don't Update

    by Fish88girl

    Fun game, if you don't mind paying or relying on Facebook friends. Not all words are in the system, which can be very frustrating. Sadly this update includes a lot more ads, which slows the game down a lot. This update also makes the countdown flash red when you are low on moves, which is very distracting.

  • Jscreed

    by Jscreed

    New update does not work for me on my iPad. Crashes when I click on level 72. I will have to delete and find another word game. Hate this update.

  • Locks up

    by Living here now

    I like the game, but it locks up when I try to play it on my iPhone. I even tried deleting it and adding it back on. I still can't play it.

  • Don't Download the Update

    by ChiefW1980

    I was enjoying the came until the update. Game froze immediately. Doesn't work on IPAD 2.

  • Newest update FAIL

    by HQTinMI

    The latest update doesn't work at all. Once I tap on the level, it freezes and the level won't load. I have an iPad 4 with iOS 7, so this is not a matter of having an older device - just a terrible update. Additionally, the newest update adds obnoxious video ads. Those work fine. Go figure.

  • Game update froze game

    by Nettan596

    I just downloaded the latest update. Game loads fine but when I try to click on a level to play the whole thing freezes and won't let me into any of the levels. Help please.

  • Was fun. Stopped working after update.

    by OkayKat

    Doesn't work anymore. Hate the social portions. Won't let me replay old levels anymore. Too bad. Might have to delete.

  • Was great at first...

    by StefIsI

    I don't want to be forced to play through Facebook!!! Since the upgrade the game just crashes anyway so I will delete it now. It's a shame because it used to be fun!

  • Starts off good then.......NO!!!

    by Omega Girl


  • Missing Stars?

    by Burr1988

    Despite getting 3 stars in all of the levels, many chapters show 45/48 stars reached. Cannot figure out why and it is kind of annoying.

  • I Love This Game!!!

    by CJB2047

    I recommend this game for anyone who loves word puzzles.

  • Love game but bugs are going to make me stop playing

    by danabe

    When i get the last feather to drop on my last available move i do not get credit for it and i fail. Very frustrating!!!!!


    by Arrrrrrrrtrt

    This is a great game and before the video adds started popping up I would rate this game 5 stars, but not any more.

  • Great but...

    by 808chicha

    I'm sick of awesome games wanting me to bug my friend for items just to keep playing. I'd rather spend the money on a one time fee to play the whole game than bug my friends for a game they don't play!

  • Problems need to be fixed NOW!!!

    by cheerrunshoot

    I love this game, but it has glitches and errors that need addressing NOW. Sometimes when you complete a board on the last move, it doesn't recognize the completion. Other times it won't load properly. I love the game but if the issues aren't fixed, I'm done. I expected better from Disney

  • 5/5

    by rusty4life

    This game is slowly ruining my life. 5/5, will play again.

  • Espectacular

    by Negrapoma


  • Ad heavy

    by Beetlejes

    An ad after every play is unbearable.

  • Like it

    by Madsterohya

    Love it sm fun!

  • not worth it.

    by aggjhnkkll

    Not even worth one star. seriously the worst game in history. Don't waste your time.

  • Great game

    by Bonle

    Love the game, but get rid of the ads and video.

  • Enjoy the game, hate the ad bombardment

    by Elvieboy

    Too many popups to advertise other games and now have car ads and video clips when signing on and after finishing level. Good game but not worth it.

  • Very addicting, but...

    by Nanrr123

    This game is a of of fun, even though you have to pay to advance. Some levels are very hard to finish. But now you have to watch a video or click out of an ad after every turn. This is too much, especially since we are already paying in order to play this game. I would give it a rating of 5 stars, but am too frustrated with all the ads.

  • Intelligent knock off of candy crush. Love it!

    by Davelikeyfreestuff

    If you got addicted to candy crush or like any of the bejeweled type games, this is a perfect game for you.

  • Words for wonder

    by pogo player

    I enjoy this game as it helps to keep my brain thinking

  • Need update

    by H Bird

    Need to update...if it's a level when you clear feathers, you cannot win on the last move! I've lost lots of energy and time this way and it's very frustrating!!! Besides this, the game is fun and addicting. Also wish there was a way to earn gold bars without purchasing or signing up to Facebook.

  • 156 is too hard!!!

    by Trmikes

    Great game but level 156 is near impossible and I give up. Not fun anymore!!!

  • Fun

    by Sam's Spouse

    At times frustrating,but mostly very entertaining!

  • Best game ever. Fun challenge!

    by Sandran208

    Best game ever. Such a fun challenge.

  • No way to earn gold

    by Joshua Edwards

    It's a fun game, a clever twist on old tile games. But sadly if you don't feel like buying 'gold' via in-app purchases the game is very limited. Too bad game play or high scores didn't earn you at least SOME gold ...

  • Love this, but.....

    by Mnfarmwife

    Love this game! Unfortunately it will NOT connect to facebook so I can play with friends and receive helps.....I will be deleting this app. :(

  • Complex challenges

    by energy physics teacher

    [UPDATE] level 159, like all the other levels, can be won without boosts! I like the variety of challenges, including speed, length, repetitions, and quests for a specific letter. Also good are the many types of tiles. The large tile is quite mind-opening compared to other word games. It's worth the in-app purchases of a few dollars to access all pages. It's interesting that 30 coins purchased in three sets of 10 cost less than one set of 30. I would never want this game to bug my friends, so I stay away from the facebook-connectivity that Disney pushes too hard. The interface is a little buggy and navigation a bit clunky. When you finish a challenge that isn't the highest one possible, you might be sent to the last one or not on completion. There should be a retry button so you don't have to find your way back. While enjoy crushing 99% of my competitors on games like Words With Friends and Scramble, I deeply appreciate that this game is not competitive.

  • Fix

    by Gamberler

    Won't connect to Facebook

  • Words of Wonder

    by Jhbjbb

    BUG - on the levels that require you to drop quills, if you drop the last required quill on your last move, it announces that you failed to drop enough quills and you fail the level. Otherwise a fun game. Annoying pressure to connect to Facebook and/or make purchases. So far have made it to level 50 without purchasing (or bugging friends.) I will quit playing when I get to a level I can't win without purchased aids. Game would be more fun using aids; but I won't pay for them.

  • Gold

    by Jellisjell

    I paid for gold twice and didn't get it. Can't find anywhere on the game to send a msg

  • Keeps stealing my wins.

    by Sekamp

    Even though I win the round, it denies me. Not much incentive to continue playing. Not worth the time.

  • Moneygrubbers

    by Bad bad bug

    I like the game but the only way to proceed is to invite friend from Facebook or to pay money. I will not pay money just to advance to the next level. Infect at every level they keep trying to get you to spend money to make the game easier. Such a rip off doesn't seem consistent with Disney reputation.

  • :(

    by Naseena28

    There is so much lag it makes it hard to play

  • Pay to play... Not for me

    by Stephanie Briggs

    Love the game, but don't have many Facebook friends who play. Therefore, I am stuck... cannot continue unless I can get more friends to play or PAY REAL MONEY to progress. Not for me.

  • Great fun!

    by Gods girl777

    Wordsmiths like me love it, and the soothing music helps relax me.

  • Having fun with it!

    by Beach Guy 2013

    Having fun with it!

  • Terrible

    by Stacia Taylor

    Can't even get it to load past the Disney logo

  • Stuck at 30

    by Barbi purple

    beautiful game, easy to play until... all quills went down and I didn't win then got to 30-no friends to ask, no $$$ to buy my way thru-good bye game. back to juice cubes for me

  • It's Disney -- so it doesn't work well

    by Tiger917

    Fun game when it works. But, since it's Disney, they try to charge for everything, try to get data from you, and then it diesn't even connect or compute well with Facebook. So many bugs, it's a "wonder" it was released st all. If they could get it to connect properly and reduce drastically the # of inane messages or instructions, then it might be OK.

  • Not working after update

    by Lei~

    Doesn't work after updating the app. The start screen freezes at the loading bar and never moves any further. Can't play!! Dumb dumb...

  • Love

    by Bitmom

    Love it. Play all the time

  • Great Game...too many crashes!

    by CriseB

    I would've given this app 5⭐️'s because I was hooked by Level 2! However, it continually crashes and kills my battery. Please fix

  • Will not load!

    by KittyKat7777777

    It would be nice if I could actually play the game! Keeps giving an error to quit airplane mode and connect to the wifi. I'm on the ground, standing next to the router!!! Works fine on my phone. Just want a bigger screen... Deleted app. Tried everything... Good luck to you...

  • Wonder word

    by Sister/brother

    Like the game but it is frustrating after chapter 3 especially if you have no money and or friends... I have been having problems with the game especially I get to drop the sixth feather the games ends but I failed .. It needs to be fixed. When and how to do you earn money.. Played level 71 dropped the last feather before the game over I FAILED I am still stuck on level 71 for no reason. I won the game but I can not move on.. I like the game but I getting frustrating ... I am now replaying this game from the beginning .. I am discouraged I am noticing that no one seems to pay attention to the review to fix the issues... I like the game I had to restart the game again I finally made it to CHAPTER 5 again not enough bars.... I can not buy Can someone listen HOW ELSE CAN YOU EARN BARS

  • You like words?

    by AKs G8-K8

    If you like any word games, you'll like this game. Although writing is so much more hands on (LOL) this is great when you have a bit of a block in your brain...

  • Level 126 Program Problem

    by EverywomanForHerself

    I like this game but in this level you have to clear 9 "T" tiles in 16 moves. I clear them it but the game doesn't count the t tiles I clear.

  • Good game

    by Pm mama

    This game is word search meets candy crush. Hope the levels get a little more difficult, but its still fun.

  • Words of Wonder

    by MeMaw Jackie

    This is so much fun!

  • Shouldn't have to pay

    by DaniAhl

    Love the game. How ever I maxed it out and can't play anymore with out having to buy into the next level. I do not want to pay or ask people to send me help. Please make other options or I am out!

  • Game is ok until you get.....

    by Catco57

    Into the levels 60 & above. I'm stuck on 68. Have been for along time. It just will not let me get the letters to make the words you need to finish the level. The only way is to buy the in app 'power ups' to finish. I'd rather hose the Wonder of Words app off my IPad than buy anything 'in app'. I have noticed that on ALL the King games, you get to a certain level and you can't continue. On all the King games I have, I will play until I get to the impossible level. After a week of not moving to the next level, I will hose the game on find another game to play. Playing should be fun. When it is not fun anymore it is time to move on.

  • Love the concept...

    by kizziesings

    But the graphics are, quite honestly, horrible. I would have expected a much greater UI and visual design than this. It's honestly a turn off... Awesome concept but, I don't really like looking at it.

  • Fix the glitches!

    by Blackbird55350

    Love the game, but fix the glitches please! It's so slow. The little owl blinks and NOTHING happens!

  • Words of wonder

    by Sapphireinky

    I love the game but not get any request that I need to open the next level.. Thanks for waste my time!

  • Numerous problems

    by Just ahhhhhh

    Having issues loading, glitches such as message saying I didn't drop " 5 quills" when game says 5/5!

  • bugs!

    by Jionez

    three times I have dropped the number of required quills and it says I didn't! also. locks up when I try to play through Facebook, on the computer. enjoyed the game but unless fixed. I'm out! ok, now I'm really upset, it did it again on level 150 in chapter ten. I dropped the one and only quill and it didn't accept it. are you going to fix this??? I want my $10.00 back!!! now it looks like my review won't even send. great game if it worked!!

  • Why Pay to Play ??

    by BMWFLGirl

    This is an excellent game - beautiful done and excellent for mind challenging word games. BUT -- you get to Level 40 and you can't continue past that unless you pay or contact Facebook. There are people out here who want to play and NOT pay and definitely NOT contact Facebook to continue. Disappointed, very disappointed. Otherwise, this would be MY favorite game. I will not recommend this to other folks until I can get past Level 40 without paying or going to Facebook. Come on, Disney, fix or improve this game -- keep us playing and seeing DISNEY name on our screens ... Thank You.

  • Won't connect to Facebook

    by Owens0694

    I downloaded the game onto iPhone 4, but after several attempts it will not connect. It says my operating system is not supported. I can play to the 15th level, then I can't go any further without buying gold. I like the game, but I do not do in app purchases.

  • Words of wonder

    by Mad hen37

    Great game

  • cheats you & now it won't load at all!!

    by knottynattie

    Twice now I have dropped my last quill on my very last turn, it'll say "7/7" or whatever AND I've reached the goal score, but it pops up that I didn't finish the level & I'm forced to start the level all over again even though I beat it fair & square! Now I can't even get the game to load! The loading bar never gets past 2/3 of the way and then it just stops....

  • Great game

    by Ashley Ziegler

    Love this game! However, having issues receiving gift requests. Only one friend's gift requests are showing up. I got my mom to start playing and she sent me gift requests (the same one multiple times) but her requests are not showing up when i open the game. Fix this!!

  • I meet the objective and still fail!

    by Reggierae6

    Why is it on my last turn I drop the last quill, but it still says I failed to drop all the quills?!?!?!?! God forbid someone has enough skill to beat levels without power ups, enchantments,etc -which cost money. Btw big tip for first time players: "SAVE YOUR GOLD!!!!" You'll need it to progress to the next area. Unless you like bothering your friends on Facebook with game requests. Sick and tired of this b.s.!!

  • Challenge

    by Springsfas

    I like this game a lot. It helps challenge your mind to find words you wouldn't usually use. But hard to find a word with more than 5-6 ink letters. Lots of fun trying!!

  • Fix the game

    by Filominney

    Fix the game! You keep inviting me to play and I can't. I am stuck at level 61!

  • Tries to make you buy

    by Winchesterah

    I used to like this game but it is frustrating because it isn't consistent. Sometimes when you make a word the letters go away, sometimes they don't. Sometimes 6 letter words get line clearing tiles, sometimes not. There is no way to earn gold. It MUST BE bought.... I am on level 128 (without connecting to Facebook) but this level is impossible to beat. There are too many Qs, Zs, and Vs, not enough vowels. There are only 2 tiles at the bottom and they are frequently blocked and you cannot get past it. You have to drop 8 quills in 48 moves but there are tied ribbons and the aforementioned problems. I even connected with Facebook to see if I could get a gold or something.... This is where I quit and delete the app...

  • Deleted!

    by TNTerror

    Slo-o-w to load & advance. Expensive to play and not worth it. Stuck for 10 days at a stage that requires $$ or friends' responses each day to advance. Friends have responded but still stuck. Disney, shame on you.

  • Grrrrr

    by Buslady119

    Fun game. Lately runs very slowly and today I can't even connect to play. Game kicks you off and automatically closes the app. Please fix!!!!

  • Always something new

    by Jabananaman

    Just started playing. Instead of being boring, there are many new challenges and surprises with each level. That's fun!

  • Needs a pause function to save your game and stop lagging!!!

    by Jbunnie17

    I like playing this game a lot but the iPad app needs to stop lagging!! Also there really needs to be a pause button so if I get a text I need to answer or something it doesn't start me all over again in the game and not save my progress. I also need to use more energy each time this hope and that's kinda not cool... Would love to rate this game higher as it's fun and there's cool challenges and not as much time pressure but the app needs to be fixed. Also the boosts need better identifies...maybe if I hover over it will tell me what it does. Or there should be an easy cheat sheet telling me what how many letter words form in terms of power ups. The boosts are not that intuitive and I often never use them so it's kind pointless.

  • Level 131 doesn't work

    by BCfromSF

    Most of the time when I form a word with two x3's, it doesn't count them. 6 and 7 letter matches are also x3 and they also don't seem to count. Reporting bugs through customer support is laughable. My out can't expect users to go through all that pain to help YOU! Build something into the game that let's you press a support button and all the ID and pertinent info automatically populate an email.

  • Let Down

    by JoLynn65

    Was a fun game until you get through level 2, then you have to have FB friends send you gifts in order to keep playing. I don't mind having to earn money and items throughout a game, that's fun and challenging but I don't want to have to rely on or ask people for items in order to continue playing. In case you haven't noticed most people on FB don't want to be bombarded with game requests even when they play them. Disappointing end to what was an enjoyable game.

  • Gold

    by Shame on Disney

    Trying to start chapter6. Unable to get started. I will not use Facebook and don't want to fall into the money pit. Any other options?

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