Winnie the Pooh Wonder and Wander Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


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Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

Minor bug fixes.

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Enter the fantastical world of the Hundred Acre Wood where Moms, Dads and their Little Ones can interact with Winnie the Pooh and his friends – creating happy fun and sharing whimsical discoveries. Wander through Winnie the Pooh’s world – that is full of bright colors, sounds and smackerels of action-reaction elements.

Tap on everything and watch it come to life! Rustle through the trees and watch the leaves fall. Move the Sun up and down and watch the sky change from Day to Night. Travel through different parts of the Hundred Acre Wood and encourage your child to learn about music with the help of Owl and his friends. Help your child create a masterpiece in the color and paint section. Children will enjoy their own adventures as they rediscover the surprises of the Hundred Acre Wood everyday with Winnie the Pooh.

Activities include:
· Interactive puzzles
· Musical activities
· Matching memory game
· Coloring pages

Customer Reviews

  • BEST EVER!!!!!

    by GinaFarkas8

    I'm 12 and love ths sooo much OMG I'm speechless amazing!!!

  • Tigger

    by Oct1108

    I love tigger

  • Good but one issue with guided access

    by mrh251

    The app is great for kids, the only issue i have is the location of the parents button in the menu. With guided access on the menu can be hit and then parents button and will cause the menu to be inaccessable untill program is completly shutdown

  • Tigger!!!!!!

    by jennifer rompel

    I LOVE TIGGER!!!!!!!!!

  • Cool

    by Pizzuto

    Relly good for kids

  • Amazing

    by My bestie

    Great for kids

  • Great for kids

    by Lollyjane

    This is my favorite app that I've found for my 2 year old. It not only has great activities, but it doesn't try to trick you into buying something and does not have anything she can click on that takes her out of the app. This definitely motivates me to want to make a purchase to support it, just because it's so friendly for little ones. Thanks!

  • Love it!

    by mom of T~n~T

    My 3 year old loves this app. She giggles every time something comes alive.

  • Can't make in app purchase...

    by Erins31

    My almost 3 year old loves this app. However I am unable to purchase the additional puzzles, even after reinstalling the app. Disappointing.

  • Super Cute

    by peaceloveandringo

    Fun and entertaining. I like the art spin on the classic Pooh characters :)

  • So good

    by Jaemie1cole

    So good fun

  • 2 y.o. Loves it!

    by kjfdds

    I downloaded this app for my 2 y.o. Niece. She figured out the puzzles and coloring quickly. Love this app! I even played within for a bit to see what it could do. :) great free app!

  • Glitchy

    by LegalHelper11

    This is an adorable app, but unfortunately it doesn't open on my older iPad. I downloaded it on my newer iPod Touch instead and it works great. The downside to that is the screen is almost too small to enjoy the games properly. Graphics are great and my 5-year-old loves it. Just wish she could play it on the bigger screen of our iPad, especially for the doodle game.

  • Great app for toddler and preschool child

    by Gifted2heal

    My 15mo loves the coloring pages, falling leaves, and moving the sun and moon to change day and night. My 4y/o did not get a chance to play app yet because her younger sister was entertained for nearly 30min before bedtime but he is sure to love the puzzles and matching. One app for both age groups. Love.

  • Works great.

    by MaverickJesterX

    Works great!!! iPad 2 and 4 with iOS 6.01.

  • Everything works perfect!

    by HD Ford

    "Seen bad reviews" figured i would test it out completely. Looked like a nice app for my son, and it is! Application works 100%! Don't see why anyone is having an issue, and leaving such horrible star ratings? Extremely well created by the developers "nice job"! Very nice app for young children! Hope this helps clear up some of the bad information given by others.

  • Nice

    by ratumoondog

    A nice alternative to zombies and other scary things.

  • So cute!

    by Jody0611

    Beautiful and adorable app!

  • What happened with update

    by Dlbpad

    Loved this app before the update now my son cant take a picture of himself theres no option to turn the camera around anymore!!! Please put it back

  • Horrible

    by bhirt

    The people that made this game seems pretty clueless about kids. The controls are completely unintuitive and klunky. The games are not interesting at all. Deleted.

  • One of the worst UI's I've ever used

    by Nixul47

    I really wanted this to be a great app. The illustrations are adorable and the games look like they might be fun for kids, but don't let that fool you. The UI and performance make this app unbearable. How does a company as big as Disney let garbage like this out the door?

  • Very poorly designed app

    by Raul sam

    Not at all intuitive and especially considering its pooh and kids love it but this one os poorly designed

  • Only 3/4 of game

    by Smoothjc1

    Entire bottom half of game is cut off . Please fix. Will rate higher if you do, only gave it two stars sorry.


    by Drema Jorgensen

    Too bad too because it looks like it would be an awesome children's app if it worked. But when we get to the second page the app crashes.

  • Horrible

    by Cr8on2011

    Never before has a game crashed repeatedly and actually rebooted the iPad. How can the app store recommend? Deleting.

  • Cannot get sound to work

    by 2Anonymous12

    I checked to make sure the sound effects were set to "on" and that nothing was muted on my iPad. There is still no sound in the app. Hope to see an update to fix this, it looks really cute for toddlers.

  • No retina graphics

    by jsimmsthered

    I don't think the graphics re retina for my iPad 3. Everything is blurry.

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