Where's My Water? Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Sep, 22 2011
  • Version: 1.13.0
  • Size: 45.97 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Walt Disney

Allie’s Curtain Call! Allie's Back with 40 ALL NEW musical levels, new challenges, collectibles, and special unlockable tunes!

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Get the GAME OF THE YEAR award-winning puzzler!

Help Swampy by guiding water to his broken shower. Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics. Cut through dirt to guide fresh water, dirty water, toxic water, steam, and ooze through increasingly challenging scenarios! Every drop counts!
• Original Stories & Characters – Play through 4 unique stories featuring Swampy, Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duck. That’s over 500 amazing puzzles!
• Innovative Mechanic – See water in various forms and use your creativity to solve the puzzles – totally stimulating!
• Collectibles, Challenges, and Bonus Levels – Collect special items uniquely designed for each character and complete cool challenges to unlock bonus levels! “Tri-Duck” each level for ultimate bragging rights!
• Synchronization – Share your hard earned progress across multiple iOS 5 devices!

Swampy the Alligator lives in the sewers under the city. He’s a little different from the other alligators – he’s curious, friendly, and loves taking a nice long shower after a hard day at work. But there’s trouble with the pipes and Swampy needs your help getting water to his shower!

Allie is the sewer's most creative alligator. Her quirky spirit and artistic talents made her a star. Now, the gators have crafted a one-of-a-kind steam-powered musical instrument, and can't wait to hear her play it! Help Allie get the steam she needs and enjoy her take on classic Disney tunes.

Cranky, a real gator’s gator, has a big appetite and will eat anything, from tires to old fish bones. But he refuses to eat his greens! Use the dirty purple water to clear the algae on Cranky’s plate so he can gobble up his “food”.

Catch this fancy teleporting Mystery Duck in this special chapter and hint hint - timing is everything! Find all kinds of surprises including the biggest duck ever, MegaDuck and cute little Ducklings!

Some stories may require a small additional price but try the FREE levels today!
Visit www.facebook.com/WheresMyWater for more hints, tips and secrets. Follow Swampy @SwampyTheGator on Twitter.

Customer Reviews

  • Fun game!!!!

    by Ricardo de Cabo

    Fun game better on iPad then phone!!!!

  • Fun times

    by mauijustus

    Great game!!! Very addictive... Fun for young and old alike

  • Great for the kids

    by pleese1

    The whole family enjoys this game! Especially the kids!

  • FUN FUN FUn Fun

    by Sprikster

    Great game play... Never gets old

  • Great game

    by Norman Simpson

    It fun

  • Fun for hours

    by Lee Baxley

    This game is a blast. It's one of those you can just pick up for a few minutes at a time. And the physics puzzles are very clever. The expansions are great too. Not a big fan of the sequel, but this one is a blast.

  • Where' s my water

    by Mollymiacat

    I enjoy the challenge of figuring things out and my tries are not limited

  • Fun

    by Elvis-and-the-boob


  • a really fun game

    by Alex[REDIRECTED]

    really fun and worth the price

  • Fun for All Ages

    by sostricken

    This game is so creative! Seems simple, yet it challenges you. Kids can play it, adults can master it. Addictive in a good way!

  • Fun 2 Pass Time!

    by TheConfessor

    This is a fun game when there's not much going on. Interesting problem-solving with a fun twist. Never had it lock up & not pushy with adverts. Kudos!

  • Love it. Fun and challenging

    by Jthssn

    Great game for the entire family

  • Great!

    by lloydster88

    Love this game!

  • Great thinking game

    by Pmpsklz

    Love this game... Some levels take quite a bit of planning... A real challenge!

  • Great for kids AND adults!

    by Atx4me

    Requires planning and precision.

  • Love love it. Please UPDATE!!!!!

    by Tokens???? Seriously????

    I lovvvvve this game. I'm old and I still love this game!! I've tried the other ones but this is my fav!! The only problem is that I want more!! Pleassssse update!!!! We love swampy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love this game

    by Mww1505

    Love the game, challenging and fun to play for an adult!!

  • Where's my water?

    by :) Hillary :)

    Fun/integrating game Sometimes boarding/difacult

  • Great

    by Rubyapclovesgames

    Love it

  • Where's my water

    by Cajoh

    Great game. Very challenging. Lots of fun.

  • by Love-hate relationship

    Amazing. How did they come up with this?

  • ...

    by Richard Nixonl

    I paid $2 and you expect me to pay for the other stories? Unbelievable.

  • Good

    by Viniciusnp18



    by Mauilaw

    This is a great game to pass the time. Non-violent, not much movement needed. Great for airport or plane. Love this goofy game, fun and challenging at advanced scenarios.

  • Amazing

    by caaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

    This is a great game for all ages

  • Go To Game

    by Kramer8886

    Whenever I am looking for a game to keep me occupied this is it. May be too challenging for kids but fun if you are a young adult like me.

  • Fun for adults

    by Kfscas

    I got this game for my toddler but it's a little too challenging for her...so I got addicted to it.

  • Horrible

    by GMan451

    Keeps prompting to rate app even after I've rated it! Horrible user experience.

  • Love this game

    by PatFerr

    This game totally rocks. I love it, worth every penny, no doubt about it. Just wish it had more levels, etc...

  • Great app for building puzzle logic

    by samspade21

    My 5-yo daughter and I love playing this game together. I had to download it for myself so that I could play it too!

  • By far one of the most entertaining games

    by rafagoto

    A must have for everyone that wants a quick game during boring bits of life.

  • Good

    by Kittykittybangbang7

    It's gooooooood!

  • Good App

    by Derek Golob

    Nice App

  • Good puzzle game

    by Mconrad92

    So far it has worked just fine on my iPhone 5c. Very enjoyable.

  • More levels please!

    by Mark15268

    I prefer this version to WMW2. I would be willing to pay for more levels with every character except mystery duck.

  • Ausome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Not a Mexican125

    It is tots cool + tots fun! I heart where's my water

  • Ótimo passatempo

    by doctor_engel


  • Nice app Has a good feel to it. Good for hygiene skills, I think.

    by Codename 98

    I just wrote my review this really makes no sense

  • Love the game

    by Anyraulito(mamo)

    I love the game please bring on more levels

  • If this were a drug, it would require a prescription.

    by BG124C41

    Or be banned outright. It's that addictive. The physics, the apparently infinite do-overs, the occasionally intense subtlety followed by challenges so obvious that they tempt you to overthink them. But my favorites are the ones that look absolutely impossible until that moment of revelation.

  • Fun game

    by Cycles4Fun

    It is a good diversion when waiting.

  • Love it!

    by Phase10craze

    Play it all the time!

  • Love this game

    by Matthew age 7

    It's a great game. I'm addicted. Hope the make the third version.

  • My 2.5 yo loves watching me okay this

    by Tejay500

    Lol. Bought it for him but he loves to make me play it.

  • Love it!

    by KrisBerries

    This is a great a great app! My daughter who is five likes it but finds the more advanced levels hard and can't do them on her own.

  • Yup

    by Shoelester944


  • Fun.

    by cchardman10

    I like the game but it always takes away so much power. They should fix that.

  • Great family fun

    by Vhjhrffjkiu

    The whole family enjoys this!

  • Well done

    by Stormin Mike

    I've found this one to be a classic. The performance of the game is smooth; each new level you get to is unique, and the whole experience is very positive. The additional purchases for the allie, cranky, and mystery duck levels are reasonable and the previews give you a good idea of what you'll be buying.

  • Love-Hate relationship

    by Stitcher006

    Love the game. Hate that the weekly challenges went away. Not even going to download WMW2. Too many bad reviews on that one.

  • good

    by Loveirisryan


  • Swampy

    by KAY!!!!!!!!

    Very fun!

  • Gramto3

    by I'm playin'

    Just bought this app and it is absolutely STUPID

  • Fun!!

    by planner 711

    Interesting and solvable problems

  • water cool or warm is always fun

    by deb loves music

    It is a fun game that never fails to keep me amused and never thirsty.

  • Where's My Water

    by jaccarnahan

    Awesome fun game for all ages. My 6 year old son loves it!

  • Fun

    by Tmmay

    Love the game


    by DeeRector

    Fun, challenging, zero glitches. PERFECT APP. Finally an app that's perfect. Best game in the APP store bar none! Love this game

  • Great Game

    by TP719

    App version is easy to use. Plenty of levels to keep me entertained. I love this game. No complaints.

  • Swampy- you dirty little guy!

    by Cassy O

    I have never been a proponent of electronic games- I thought they were a waste of time...and now that I've allowed myself to play Swampy, I don't care! I love this game, and I tell myself it's physics and problem solving- so it's educational!

  • Great game!!

    by Nubuleez

    Good clean fun. I love this game!

  • Muy divertido

    by Rl.Gabriel

    Muy divertido

  • Love It

    by Rosealinda

    I love all of the different levels. Mystery duck, allies levels, And just plain swampy! I love music , so allies levels were a great idea! This game is amazing!!!!!! ❕❕❕❕.

  • Water?

    by 13Zebra:)!13

    This app rocks but where are the weekly challenges

  • What's going on

    by App reviewer patel

    Awesome game

  • Where's My Duckies!?

    by Kyle Falco

    I love this game, seriously! But, it bothers me if I don't get all the ducks!

  • Great Game

    by Taylor monkey 2828

    It's awesome, no more than awesome it's terrific!

  • Fun

    by Adogwhite

    The game is fun and helps pass time.

  • Very addicting! Super fun!

    by Rod In Dallas

    Download the game now. So much fun and very addicting.

  • The LOST LEVELS!!!

    by Starfruity8

    C'mon, we need the rest of the Levels of the Week in the Lost Levels!!!

  • Tons of fun

    by Cow Milker

    And full of technical stimulation.

  • Where my water

    by ~love~

    I love this game. It so fun I love it ~love~

  • Fun game with lots of variations!

    by Niceguytx

    I really enjoy the game and all the levels!

  • Fun

    by Bluefish213

    Good fun. Nothing too complicated, but interesting.

  • Great game!

    by Eastbeast369

    I love it. It's fun!

  • Awesome app

    by Puneet407

    I really enjoy playing it.

  • In app purchase

    by ViLib is worthless

    I think they should take away in app purchase so you can have more fun

  • I paid for all of the games

    by Sandi-ego

    And still get tons of advertising. The level of the week is now gone. This app started out god and is now going down hill.

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Gqydhhqkgwnshiehej

    It is so amazing that it's so challenging and so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pretty good

    by 1 dvdsgtix

    It is a challenging game for me I would recommend it for ages 6 and older.

  • Awful

    by Jensbsjsj

    One of the levels are just imposible I give up it is just crazy and u can't skip a level

  • Great game

    by Avery1107

    Great game

  • I love this game

    by Wprzytula

    Yes. This game I like to play. I play it in my extra time and I even have fun! Thank you for a great game. :) and you're welcome for a great review

  • Fun and challenging

    by FDAgreda

    This game makes you think and brings hours of enjoyment.

  • Nice!

    by Floccinauciman

    Good game, lots of fun!

  • My favorite!

    by Wendypoff

    Love! Love! Love! This game!

  • Brain Food

    by Drezman

    Somewhere between mindless activity and brain stimulation if ever there was a weird comparison but I found it some what entertaining in full moments

  • Ok-ish

    by Mr.Drama88

    The levels are ok but not the easiest for stage one

  • Where's my water review

    by iPod funny

    I luv this app everyone should get it Even 50 thousand people bought it! Awesome app!

  • Ehh

    by Halle Guiden

    Hey guys! I'm on SWAMPY number 19 and I just can't seem to cut it! It's so hard with the big rubber duck. It's so hard. But other wise it's an awesome game. I'm. Getting ready to try Allies one so catch u later. and thanks for reading this review. P.S. do not listen to the other reviews that say this game is dumb. Because it's NOT. GET THIS GAME

  • Love the game!

    by pauline Harrelson

    Please continue making more levels and sequels this game is by far the most fun game I have on my iPad air

  • Fun

    by Robert Dalva

    A good mental challenge. Worth the bucks. Only dislike: the scroll bar on the left side in puzzles longer than the screen.

  • Awesome.....

    by Kristen Fitzgerald

    I love this Game its awesome! It also challenges you

  • Where's my water

    by Indya2013

    I love this game!

  • Where's my water?

    by Lambiase

    I think this app is really fun because I can try different levels with out buying them!!!

  • Fun!

    by ItsTeaTime

    This mildly challenging game is relaxing fun for the whole family.

  • Constant ads

    by Dkmay

    This is a PAID game. It should not have ads. If I was interested in any of Disney's other games, I would have bought them by now. Quit ruining the one Disney game I actually like by giving it constant ads and unavoidable pop-ups!

  • Love It....

    by Sbjmadison

    I love this game.

  • Great game

    by caitlynr47584894njfjk

    I love this game :)

  • So much fun, bought for my kids and I ended up getting hooked

    by Tmdev

    Thanks :)

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