WATCH Disney Junior Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Jun, 13 2012
  • Version: 3.1.3
  • Size: 35.16 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

Bug fixes and small improvements.

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WATCH Disney Junior is a great way for your kids to experience their favorite Disney Junior TV shows at home or on the go. LIVE* or ON DEMAND. Anytime. Anywhere. An ideal way to keep the kids entertained at home or when your family is on the go. 


- Watch Disney Junior TV Shows such as Mickey Mouse Club House, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Doc McStuffins

- Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and computer

- Didn’t finish your episode? Pick up where you left off.

- Closed captioning available on select shows/episodes

*AT&T U-verse, Charter, Comcast XFINITY, Cox, Midcontinent Communications, Google Fiber, Optimum and Verizon FiOS are currently the only TV providers offering access to LIVE video and the newest full episodes.

Designed for ages: 2 to 7

For more information visit:

U.S. based Internet connection required.

Customer Reviews

  • Always logging in

    by CassAnon

    My daughter loves her Disney Junior, and I love the extra peace it can buy when we're out now and then. I'm getting a little tired of having to log in to my cable provider. I don't know why I suddenly need to log in out of nowhere after a few hours, a day, a week, or a month. There's no pattern to it. It's annoying. The app is great, otherwise.

  • False advertising!

    by Mama of a Doc Lover

    How can you advertise this papas showing Doc McStuffins when it doesn't? It was an option for months and it suddenly disappeared. Please bring it back!

  • Silly that people rate poorly...

    by PollyLement

    For something the app probably can't control (directv access). It's a great app, saves favorite shows. Even if you don't have a cable provider you can watch the shows! Truly awesome.

  • Bugs

    by KV201312

    My daughter loves this app, but lately it has been giving us lots of errors and this morning we couldn't even open the app. Please fix!

  • Love it

    by aslan26

    This is my kids favorite app. It is great to have in the store. Doctor's office or car! It is definitely worth it!!

  • Just what our little ones needed!

    by Mavi&Gigi

    Perfectly amazing for children who love Disney junior programs.

  • App no longer works!!!

    by Tamia's mom

    Up until this morning my daughter was watching shows w/out a long as we had Wifi connection, now there's just a error message. Please fix this!!

  • Add Chromecast Functionality!!!!

    by iOSDevProJoe

    Oh man this app would be 10 out of 5 stars if it added Chromecast functionality! My normal cable provider has AWFUL reception of this channel and it's ALWAYS better over the internet!

  • Stopped working

    by Ky-lam

    I've had this app for a month or so and it was perfect until yesterday, now none of the episodes work because of some error; can't find feedback try in a few minutes,... Wish there was an update to fix this bug

  • Thank you, Disney!

    by Packersfan18265

    This is a good app! The ages say 2-7 but my son is 9, and he (embarrassingly enough), loves it! Thanks for a great app! But can you please allow it to connect to I'm on, dish, and medicom?

  • Love this app

    by The girls helper

    Buy it love it

  • Love it

    by Dmor83

    My kid loves this app and it works pretty smooth. Everyone should stop giving it one star because their provider isn't contracted. Direct tv doesn't contract many of their channels for mobile viewing. So it's them not Disney don't bring the app dating down because you picked the wrong provider.

  • Chrome cast

    by WantsBucket

    We love the app in our family. When will it support Chromecast?

  • Great app

    by Devildog4lif8

    My child loves this application I just wish there was more shows available when you don't sign in with your cable company

  • Thank you for removing the ads!

    by Mdshain

    Yay! The app is back to being awesome now that the ads are gone. My son loves watching Imagination Movers and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad when he gets his "pad time." Original review: This app was great until they added the ads that you have to sit through at the beginning of each show. Now it's just frustrating for my son and for me. There has to be a better way to promote new programming rather than annoying your target audience.

  • Love it but...

    by Kandy1981

    Please add direct tv!!

  • Ads

    by Noel Baker

    Not happy with the recent start of playing ads on the app

  • Great app, but....

    by fishstix2020

    The new "sponsor ad" is annoying and frustrating. Especially to my 2 year old who loves opening the app and finding her shows. Even 2 minutes is an eternity to a toddler, so she becomes confused and frustrated...all she wants is Mickey! And to have it happen every time she goes to the episode is ridiculous!

  • Please shorten the ads when beginning shows

    by Art1310

    Pleeeease. 2 minute ads before starting the show? Have you been in front of a two year old who desperately HAS to see Handy Mandy that instant? Seriously..... Otherwise it's great

  • Streaming and providers.

    by joseph Kennedy

    When I had cox I had problems steaming video and now I can't even use the app with directv.

  • Won't let me watch

    by AngelofZuL

    I let my kids watch episodes before, now with update it doesn't work. Keeps telling me I need to be verified.

  • Nota list tv provider

    by Disney kids

    Why don't u guys have live watch for bright house network

  • Not toddler friendly

    by Justamomm

    My 24 months old son is a pretty independent iPad user. However, with this app, he is consistently ask me for help. Disney should take a detailed look at the PBS/SPROUT app and copy. seriously!

  • Poor

    by Febles1994

    It stop continuously and get blurry alot it should get an update

  • Crash

    by Mrsrthor

    What is with all the crashing and freezing??? It's getting very old and annoying. Please fix this now!!! My little guy wants to watch Minnie-tell a and can't because I can't get your app to continuously work. Please fix it!!

  • Constantly re enter your cable user name and password

    by Fantastic tool

    Generally unusable as you need to enter your cable username and password constantly.

  • Error message

    by Fix the holiday stickers

    I have a cox cable account and have used this app for months, always worked just fine. Then all of the sudden it makes me log in again, and now all I get is an error message saying the user is not authorized !! Please fix this app!!!

  • What happened?

    by MyNadsStayCool

    Pointless now that you can't actually watch any of the episodes. It was kinda cool before but Disney doesn't want kids to watch their shows for the 5 billionth time. Just stupid.

  • Hate IT!

    by LogoM8

  • Delete app

    by Ccvlobo

    Terrible app. Content is limited to select providers only. Those available are limited to one show 6 months or more old. Pure greed Disney.

  • NCfrustrated

    by NC Jenn

    My son loves D-Jr. We have been using the app and he enjoys it but wants to see more shows. Great news-my provider supports the app. Bad news-I can log into my provider account using my info but the app keeps telling me it is not the correct username when I try inputting the same info into the app. Really frustrating!!!!!!

  • One of the largest providers not available?

    by willwesssc

    This is ridiculous that some of the largest providers aren't available. Worthless App unless you live in a large metro area. Dish and Directv aren't even listed. Wow.

  • Shut the hell up about doc b****stuffins

    by Fluffy mixer

    Doc is real stupid about toys I'm more better

  • Bummer

    by sinema1986

    Why cant my kids watch doc mc stuffins anymore my ill girl loves her and now she can't watch it anymore

  • Provider not listed

    by Yaya21345

    My child has been using this app to watch his favorite shows and now it's only limited to certain providers... Thanks Disney for making my son upset....

  • Not a good deals

    by Naturebabies

    I did not like it when it fist of all didnt have my tv provider second I couldnt watch live finally my child couldnt watch Doc MicStuffins her favorite show

  • Disappointed

    by CACMax11

    Very poor listing of companies for access to all episodes. Very unfair and poor customer access.

  • Used to have doc mcstuffins

    by Lisa in Clear Spring

    My almost three year old loved to watch doc mcstuffins. Now it's gone and your cable company has to be on there which mine is not. Please fix this!!!!! Then I will select all stars.

  • Bummer

    by Jksmomma

    My kids love this channel. They watch it when they are at their grandparent's house. We don't have cable because we don't believe in mindless tv viewing. However, my kids do have a small bit of time each day that they are allowed to choose a show to watch. They want to watch disney junior. I downloaded this app for them. Unfortunately, we can't view the newest episodes since we don't have a cable provider. To say that they are disappointed is an understatement. We are a disney family, but this is just on the lousy side of things. Will be deleting this app.

  • Unaccessible

    by Tonka 2

    What happened to this app. Was working and now not. How do I fix it? I have a crying 2 year old.

  • Where's DirecTV?!

    by Justin Rudebaugh

    Disney - you're aware that DirecTV is also a provider for Disney Junior, right?

  • Not a happy camper

    by Ump 2

    I attempt to open a account and will not allow me with cable or verizon. Please fix would love to see disney jr with family.

  • Can't login to provider

    by LoLoB.

    I have tried everything possible to login to my provider but cannot. So frustrating.

  • Just get Error 300-1

    by ShaneC0271

    Does not work! Can't load videos! I was better off before I logged in with my Verizon password, at least than the videos worked.

  • Just stopped working

    by H733

    Just great! Stopped working when needed most. Could not retrieve file for playback. Was working fine before.

  • Login Error!!!

    by Cmonto

    Trying to login with Cox Cable username, the app ALWAYS adds a "" EVEN THOUGH MY COX ACCOUNT DOESN'T HAVE THIS! Such a disappointment by Disney!

  • SICK of the commercials for this app!

    by JC007DT

    Why would you advertise something that is very limited availability?? We have direct tv and it is not a provider. My kids ask when the new sheriff Callie shows shown in the commercials for this app will be on EVERY SINGLE TIME they see the commercial and I keep having to tell them they can't watch them. I am TIRED of it. Don't show kids something they can't watch!!!!!

  • Blurry shows

    by Kenzie928

    This would be a great app, but all the shows are blurry and pixelated! Please fix this.

  • Blurry videos and no direct tv

    by Lizzerd217

    My son LOVES this app BUT our provider is not available and the videos that are available are blurry and frustrates my son.

  • Can't login

    by Hatchet09

    App will not let me login to my provider

  • I can’t log in with my provider. Keep getting error

    by kaidoy021

    Even though my provider is listed and I have an account. When I log in I get an error.

  • Need to ad direct tv

    by Xavier ray lopez

    I wish you would add direct tv very disappointed

  • Unfortunate changes

    by gibreaux

    The app worked beautifully until this week when the video stopped working properly. It is pixelated and completely unusable in its current offering.

  • Can't log in!

    by CharlaAnne

    Truly sad that I can't log in with Cox acct info! Sad when my little one has one episode to choose from! Is expect more from something that carrier the Disney brand name! Wouldn't recommend to Anyone!

  • Tv provider not listed

    by dicath

    I saw an advertisement on my local tv station through starhub cable that this is available to Singapore; but its not working. Please fix this!

  • Not working

    by Aedegdkjmkimkj

    I tried this app twice and they always say I can't watch I'm out of the United States , please fix ! (. ) >. < -/!----- ~ I Am 8

  • Broken :(

    by Service Pr0

    Can no longer log-in via Cox. Please fix!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ugh!

    by Queenrsx

    Can't login in to provider

  • DirecTV not listed

    by ziaali

    This is a great app but not useful at all when our provider DirecTV is not listed. Would really like for your development team to provide an update for this app with DirecTV listed. The only reason I am giving this 1 star is because of this.

  • No DirecTv??

    by JALEXI11

    Come on...pls fix this!

  • Direct TV

    by Belly's Safari

    We had Comcast but now we have Direct TV and it is not one of the choices to sign in with. Why? We cannot access all the programs now :(

  • Disappointed.

    by Erica51290

    Well 2 things: 1. We have direct tv and can only watch certain shows so I can't officially connect which brings me to... 2. Our 2 year old son LOVES Little Einsteins why did you take that show off the app!?! We've had the app for a few months and now that show is gone! Please put it back! :) thanks one desperate driving momma

  • Cannot log in to provider on iPad

    by DeborahJB

    I cannot login to provider on iPad. It always gives me an error and then asks if I want to go to the site to log in. I can log in at the site but then what? I'm stuck at the site and the only option is to go back to the app and the problem starts all over -I still cannot log in.

  • Problem

    by Hrcryder

    This would be an awesome app but our tv provider, direct tv is not listed so my kids aren't allowed to watch shows they really want too like Sherriff Callie! Please FIX THIS! Or put Callie on tv!

  • Please help


    I can't find my app

  • Sad son

    by Beaglehunter

    My son is frustrated that he can only watch where there is wifi. Had to download on iPod because the app is not available for my galaxy s 3. Also he only can watch certain things because direct tv is unavailable on the cable list. HELP!!!

  • No good

    by Reanna84

    If you are not subscribed to Disney Junior you can't watch! Stinks

  • Awful

    by Ashoneil

    It keeps saying error and stuff. You can only watch 1 episode of Sofia the First and all the other shows on there without it saying error. FIX IT!!!!!! It won't let you watch the episodes with the little red star. FFFFIIIIXXXX IIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 400-1 error

    by Memphistein

    Doesn't work

  • StUpid

    by Horseylexa

    My child could not even log in

  • 2 minute suffering each time

    by former customer 4 life

    wow. what a genius move to shove down other Disney ads down the throats of children. thank you Disney for making it easy to delete the app. brilliant move.

  • 2 minute ads every time you do anything

    by BU1999

    these 2 minute ads are the last straw. from all the errors of using this app to now being forced to suffer through a 2 min ad for a show my kids are not interested in... App has been deleted and will probably cancel the Disney channel. this was the last straw.

  • Shorten or remove the adds

    by HelpMy2YrOld

    We loved this app until the adds. My two year old cannot sit thru the new adds that appear before every episode. We will have to remove the app to prevent the tears of frustration.

  • Ads are redonculous

    by tdootster

    Three minute ads...really? My kid loses interest in the app when she realizes it doesn't play the show she wants. Terrible update, I wish I could go back in time to get the old one.

  • 2 minute ads before each show?!

    by Honmo1

    This use to be a great app until someone decided it was a good idea to put in a 2 minute ad before watching each show. There is no way a toddler can sit through a 2 minute long ad without hitting the stop button, which means you have to start the ad all over! Please fix this and make this app kid friendly again.

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