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  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Oct, 31 2013
  • Version: 1.4.0
  • Size: 46.08 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Walt Disney

-Minor bug fixes and optimizations

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Stack Rabbit is here! Hop in and play a wild new puzzle adventure from Disney and the creators of Where’s My Water! Download now and stack your way to puzzle success! Ben the Rabbit’s peaceful, veggie-thieving life is turned upside down when his sister goes on vacation leaving him to babysit her restless bunny children. With a bounty of bouncing bunnies to feed, Ben must sneak into the nearby farm and steal enough veggies to feed the kids! But watch out – Max the guard dog is always keeping a watchful eye on the farm’s veggies!

Key Features:
• Hop, stack, and match veggies through 65 head-scratching levels for FREE!
• Play as Ben the Rabbit on living puzzles, where veggies grow back as you match them!
• Challenge yourself to create recipes, match stacks, and get all the veggies you can stack!
• Jump, spring and dive your way through puzzles!
• Become a stack-master with power-ups such as Crop Dusters, Bunny Cannons, and Lightning Veggies.
• Avoid Max the guard dog in fast-paced chase levels!
• Connect to Facebook and see your friends’ progress in the game map!

Small fees may be required for the additional power-ups. Like us on or visit us on Twitter @DisneyMobile to become part of the community and receive the latest news and game tips!

Customer Reviews

  • Please add more levels

    by Loggins1975

    Great game, but please add more levels to play.

  • Fun

    by Cheater never really win

    No issues so far. Just started the game at level 15.

  • Cute... But, it has issues.

    by Grice Kids

    I love this game! It's fun and adorable :) But, I've had some problems with it. -First, I had a hard time connecting to Facebook. It still tells me every now and again that it cannot connect. -Second, I do not like sending requests to friends to help me play games. It's extremely annoying and I wish I didn't have to ask for apples. -Third, I will not pay for in-app help/products that are expensive. -Lastly, the time is takes to get my carrots back is so long that I forget about the game while waiting for my loves to regenerate. I don't play very often because of these things. It's fun to play but, not for very long.

  • stack rabbit

    by Michelle Sulecki

    fun game

  • Stack rabbit

    by Nunu fly

    That I think that the game will be more fun if you could jump over three thing in one jump.Other then that I think the game is

  • Love stacker

    by Crazy ray love to eat

    Love the game it's very cool

  • Rabbit

    by Easy choice

    This game is pretty cool, my first couple levels I didn't understand it, but the more I played the more sense it made. It's need a little more directions in the beginning

  • Stack rabbit

    by Brooke4everAwesome

    Love this game. Takes lots of time and concentration.

  • Good game

    by Coolangoos game!!!

    This game is pretty cool. The only downfall is when you get a couple levels into it you can't advance unless your friends from Facebook have the app and give you apples as a gift! Or you can pay to advance. Other than that it's a good game. Hope they change this before I delete this app.

  • Stack Rabbit

    by Colonel Ornery

    Fun little game! A little laggy in some areas though.

  • Love it

    by Nursemamaapril


  • Stacks on stacks

    by Lnb4466


  • Great game

    by Shelzzy

    More levels please!!! Live this game!

  • Fun for a little

    by Get hay day nowwwwwww!

    This game was awesome! Until... It becomes impossible to win (about level 20) great game until it is impossible

  • Cute and addictive

    by @savioladeira

    A nice puzzle game, with cute characters.

  • Addicted!

    by Marietere Torres

    Downloaded it like 30 minutes ago and I can't put it down. I am ignoring text and everything just to keep playing.

  • Great little game

    by Game student

    Fun gameplay with simple mechanics make for a great game.

  • I love it!

    by JACQ11345

    The characters are cute and the graphics are absolutely stunning! :D


    by maria_santana_giron

    I would give this app five stars Buuuuut it definately needs fixes, i can't go past a certain level any more because it keeps on force closing and send me to my home screen, I tried deleting it and redownloading it but the problem persists, also the app lags a lot, please fix ASAP!!

  • Doesn't fit in screen

    by Rogerem6

    I have an iPhone 5 and the whole garden does not fit in screen on some levels. Can't get all crates because I can't see them

  • I never thought I'd like it...

    by Baileeboo99

    I hadn't thought I'd like this game since I'm 13 and it had looked a bit kidish , but I gave it a try anyways . I'm glad that I gave it a chance now because it's one of my absolute favorites out of all of the game apps that I use. The only reason why I wouldn't give it 5stars is because I hate the ads that pop up every once and awhile.

  • Can't get apples

    by Zebra kitty

    I have friends are sending the apples but it's not working it says I only have one Apple. I love this game so please fix it

  • Love this game

    by N3lly llave

    Just like it, is amazing

  • Stupid

    by Lol678

    This game is stupid. Here are some reasons why. -rabbits aways in a game eat carrots not apples. -it won't even let me move -and is just plain old stupid

  • Move that pig!

    by Tasharra Smith

    Stuck at the second pig. I need Facebook friends that play the app to give me apples. Search Tasharra Smith on Facebook. I give apples too!

  • ❤️❤️❤️

    by Priya162122

    Love this game... Fun and no crazy money stealing schemes like other games... Thank you Disney

  • good game! Ilove it

    by anhuiszxy

    good game! Ilove it

  • Very fun and addicting app!

    by jimberkman

    Only downside is very expensive in app purchases to make playing easier.

  • Great way to pass the time.

    by meach741

    Not your typical brainless game. Great brain stimulator and great for the kids. Makes them think... 20 rounds into it and so far, so good.

  • Awesome

    by Bunny Lover 3

    I really like your app,but sometimes when I tap a space the bunny won't move.Please fix that.

  • Love this game

    by Mercrdz

    My kids are asleep, now I get to play! It's really fun.

  • Hate having to play on Facebook

    by Tanman-mom

    I like the game but I am so very tired of having to connect to Facebook to either play past or get more lives. I also hate that if I don't do this I have to buy it. I don't use Facebook for games. I guess I won't be getting past level 25.

  • Way too fun

    by ATB_Raven

    I'm an adult and I play this game addictively.

  • Can't connect to facebook

    by _Celine_

    I really like this game, it's so much fun and addictive but when i try to connect to facebook it says "Connecting failed". What should I do?

  • I enjoy

    by playing while pooping

    This game

  • Fun and addictive

    by MTB*RIDER

    Puzzles are engaging, achievable and fun. Hard enough to keep you coming back, but not discouraging and difficult.

  • Cool Game

    by kvp1233

    One of my new favorite games. Super fun and addictive. I'd give it a 5 star but it needs a restart button during gameplay so you won't waste time ending it to restart a level. So minus 1 star giving it 4 star rating for me.

  • Fun games

    by Drock22 11

    I love this game so far it is really fun

  • Harvest mania

    by Kristen39

    This is a very cute game. If you love animation rabbits you'll love this game.

  • Hoppin Good Time

    by SilverOwlEyes

    I love this app! The only thing I don't like is that you have to pay or bother friends to advance. However, I still love it.

  • Pat with Facebook likes?

    by Joescarano

    Really Disney? You stop the gameplay for 10-20 minutes unless the user pays .99 OR Likes via Facebook?? Let's not forget the user here is a child. You expect my kids to like your game on Facebook in order to continue playing?

  • Fun

    by Hmlowder

    Got it for my 6 year old however I even enjoy it!

  • Addictive but needs improvements

    by Bratshannon

    It's fun and the higher levels are challenging. I can't see keeping it for long though because of some issues. Here are the issues I have with the game: - it doesn't sync level progress across devices whether you use FB or not - lives take forever to regenerate - the power gifts they give you get consumed on that level whether you want them to be used or not - the store items are extremely expensive

  • Addictive and gets brain thinking!

    by Lyseylynn

    Super fun and addicting. Great way to pass time when waiting!

  • Greedy Disney

    by flybirdie555

    So... I finally break down and buy 20 of the rainbows so I can pass the red 56... They don't tell you that it picks a RANDOM COLOR instead of letting you PICK the color! So guess how many times it has picked RED? That's right...DON'T BUY THIS CRAP!

  • Forced to pay to advance

    by sesecat

    Love the game, but hate the required payment or facebook link in order to proceed.

  • Remove Apples Please

    by greatnowwht

    I will not make any in app purchases and the pig will not move on therefore I can't advance anymore. The game is fine but I would like to play later levels

  • Not even finished!!

    by CourtCurtin

    I am so tired of getting to a level and there is literally NOtHING left to do but wait for the app to get an update to be able to move on to the next level. Not cool...let me know when you finish the game and then maybe people can play it.

  • $ Pit!!!

    by No$Bags

    I really enjoy this game. BUT...if you add up all of the money you'll eventually spend, you might as well go drop some cash at Game Stop.

  • Really fun!!

    by Jdpgators

    Thought it would be really easy, but it definitely gets harder!! Really strategic and fun ! :)

  • Fun

    by Hbsss

    Got for my son & ended up playing it more than him! Fun & challenging game!

  • Fun but...

    by Bond813

    Super fun and addictive. Not a fan of having to buy apples to advance levels, no one I know is playing this to give them to me. Would rather pay for the game than multiple sets of "apples".


    by Tasha B Good

    When I got to the second pig before level 106 I couldn't purchase the apples. I went back and replayed ALL of the levels where I had no stars AND some of the levels where I had only 1 star. I didn't play for 24 hours and when I opened the app to play I was able to purchase the apples. It's worth a try :)

  • Fun


    This game is really fun but it is hard to control the rabbit when it is turning.

  • I'm addicted!

    by Kay3hz

    It's a new revamped version of all the thousands of tired old clear-the-blocks/jewels/bubbles type of games.

  • Good news Bad news

    by SaraSueSun

    I think this is a very creative, very fun logic game. I do not like that you have to pay to keep playing. VERY not cool. I even paid the 9.99 for 'unlimited' play and it doesn't work. Complete waste of money and no recourse.

  • Awesome App!

    by Kittycatlovesbutter02

    This game is very addicting and lots of fun!

  • Stack rabbit

    by Ava gilardone


  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

    by youcef765

    Crazy addicting game but I can't buy more apples please help!!!!!!

  • Fun...but don't connect via Facebook

    by rachel neill

    I have been having loads of fun with this game and have spent some money to advance levels. Made it to level 108 when I connected through Facebook and lost all progress because I had connected originally with my phone and was only on level 41. Not happy....I am now out money and 67 levels of progress!

  • Creative and fun

    by Rosiecotton15

    This is a very cute game- it's a bit hard to understand at first, there's not a lot of instruction, but stick with it, it makes more sense and becomes pretty challenging :-)

  • Fun game

    by Gkthrock

    Fun game

  • Stack rabbit

    by Trina Lorraine

    Love the game. Please fix the apples bug. I couldn't go any farther on the game because I had gone as far as Was available for the game. When I went back to play previous levels, it wouldn't let me pass back over to levels I had already passed. I was stuck trying to get more apples, even though I had already passed the levels after. Hopefully I won't have to play all of the levels again when I finally get enough apples!

  • Great game

    by Shelzzy

    It won't let me buy access to level 106! I keep trying but it says failed before I can even enter my password. Please fix

  • Freezing

    by Rockyroo16

    You can't play this unless you buy power-ups. DO NOT BUY THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT YO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY. Lame game!!!

  • Fun and good

    by Punisher6R


  • Great ap, fun for all ages

    by MammaStew

    We got this ap for my 4 yr old daughter on our iPad. It is great for her to work with patterns & so much fun I put it on my phone!

  • Can't buy Apples App won't let me

    by Gollmp

    I love this game but at level 105 it won't let me buy apples for the pig to move on. It just declines my purchase even though I don't even get the option of signing in to make a purchase. I try to click the BUY apples button but won't allow me to buy. Please FIX!

  • Cool

    by TsStsjvj

    Cool game got into it after I started losing

  • Can't buy apples!!!

    by Kyjp123$

    I was so excited to see the new levels released, but I can't get to them because it won't let me purchase apples! Please, fix this bug quickly!!!

  • You have to buy the power ups to keep going

    by Sgybrjvtjvb

    This game is really fun! But once you get to level 19 you have to buy the power ups in order to complete the level!!!!!

  • Demasiado buen juego!

    by Taichi Francisco

    Muy entretenido. Y un juego apto para cualquier edad. Juego de lógica y emocionante

  • Fun game

    by Cjhansen122

    Fun Game :)

  • This game


    Super fun and addicting game. You should get this app.


    by Orvisrocks

    Fun, kitschy, campy, and do not let the low levels fool you this does get challenging. What a hoot my spouse has even started waiting over my shoulder ever ready with the quick "hint" LOL. Have fun!

  • Connect to FB or pay $?

    by Dushty

    My kids loved the app until level 20 where I am forced to connect to Facebook or pay $. Not to mention the sketchy in-app ads. I mean, really? This is a kids game by Disney with "pop-up" ads for insurance with barely visible x's to close them out. No thanks.

  • Supper fun

    by Wow,cool

    Sooooooooooo fun !!! BUT it's addictive !!!

  • Fun.

    by Dog Stick

    Wish the power ups were more attainable (like for performance) you have to buy them all except the first one.

  • Fun until you have to pay to play

    by WendyWright

    Just when you are having fun playing you have to either pay to go on or connect your Facebook account. No thank you.

  • I love the background....

    by Wavy Waterfall

    The colors in this game are nice.

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