Seven Dwarfs: The Queen's Return Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Oct, 17 2013
  • Version: 2.2.21
  • Size: 45.85 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Walt Disney

- The Huntsman has arrived! New Quests to help restore more of the forest!
- Sync your progress across multiple devices!

- Improved server performance
- Optimized asset loading
- Various bug fixes


Customer Ratings

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479 Ratings
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4006 Ratings


Enter the enchanted forest in this exciting continuation of the classic story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The Queen has returned! And she has cast a curse that has left Snow White and the dwarfs scattered throughout the vast forest. It's up to you to rescue them! Lift the Queen's curse, and return happiness to the forest and its inhabitants in this free, village-building adventure.

- Venture deep into the forest, and rescue Snow White and all the seven Dwarfs! Build up your team with each new dwarf that you find.
-Explore new locations, and discover pieces of the Dwarfs' story as you expand through the enchanted forest.
- Craft items to restore your charming village, and bring happiness to the forest.
- Go mining for hidden treasures and resources in the delightful mini game!
- Discover new and familiar characters along your journey.
-Send and recieve gifts from other players to help you on your quests.

Lift the evil curse, and help Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs live happily ever after!

Customer Reviews

  • Love & hate

    by Beba*

    I am on level 19. I have no more quest. It will not let me go to the next level. It will not let me enlarge my storage. Now it's clicking on & off and if my world starts me over I will be Super Mad!! For the most part, I've enjoy this game But not I'm feeling done!

  • More quest

    by Zsopl

    Please add more quest. I have finished all my quest and it is really boring just to collect items and craft items for the treehouse. I love the game but if there is no real quest it is really boring...

  • Oh my gosh!!!!

    by Mirandarocks.

    I love this game. But I loose so much stuff that I wait hours and hours to make. Like lanterns! I've made about 5 lanterns that never reached my inventory! Frustrating

  • Player

    by YoM4mma

    Game rarely crashed until today's update. Now it crashes every five minutes! LITERALLY! Very frustrating! Former bugs are still there, like hay disappearing.

  • Ms

    by Auntie0312215

    Game crashes when I try to upgrade my storage

  • Storage crashes

    by Nicriln

    I really enjoy this game, but the storage box crashes the game a lot. Every time it try to upgrade the storage to 250 it crashes the game. This is very frustrating and all the materials needed for the upgrade are taking up a lot of space.

  • Extremely frustrating

    by Multichannel

    When you go to collect something it never registers that you collected it and then it's gone for example hay, sun lanterns, water and super grow. Also I've completed the quests and for example I need 5 cloths but since I didn't do it in the exact order shown it does not register that I've made more than 20 cloths. I really like playing this game please fix the bugs soon.

  • Plz fix this!!

    by Cassy629

    I LOVE this game, but I'm very frustrated! Every time I click the bottom to increase storage, the game quits out! Plz fix this!

  • Love the game... But

    by Chanybon

    Sometimes I have to wait an hour or two for items in the buildings and they never enter my storage! So frustrating!! By very fun

  • Too many bugs

    by Sailor_Girl

    So, I'm on 19 and after the newest update today, it crashes more often. Often, when collecting, the item disappears and doesn't show up in inventory. I tried to increase storage (25 stone slabs, 50 boards and 30 bolts) and after collecting all of it, it crashes every time I try to upgrade it. Please fix!!!

  • Fun game but lots of issues

    by Chelsealeah

    Like many have said, items collected don't always show up in inventory! But now I'm trying to upgrade my storage, which stays super full and I have all the materials for the upgrade but when I press upgrade the game crashes... I've tried to upgrade the storage about 20 times now :( It took a long time to collect all these materials!!!

  • Update still has a big

    by TJ793

    This game is absolutely awesome and adorable and I love playing it. Even though it updated again, I still cannot even open up the app. It sits at the opening screen for about 15 seconds and then just crashes. Fix it please! I have nothing to do when I'm bored now!

  • Love the game but

    by Ruby4lena

    I have finished all my quest and I still have the treehouse that I've gone past and made the queens lab and all of a sudden there are no more quest! I don't understand. Please fix it. Also my gold bars that I earned disappeared. I see that you fixed the bugs but you didn't add new quest. Also I still have the quest an our fixing the treehouse and I have crafted so many lanterns but it doesn't!t seem to process that. Please fix so I can move forward in the game.

  • Fun but frustrating

    by Foo Bard

    I'm enjoying this game but there is one bug that is making it frustrating. I just download the update hoping that this bug was fixed, a big not. Some of the buildings produce goods. When I touch the building to collect the goods they just disappear. There is no bouncing to the ground and spinning off to inventory. This is very frustrating when you need the manufactured item to compete a quest and it takes an hour to build. The losing of an item doesn't occur every time. Some buildings is 30% of the time others is 60% of the time.

  • Items issues

    by reiiina

    Sometimes when I need the items bad I wait for them to be ready to be collected and I collected them but it doesn't appear in my storage. This happens too often I'm getting frustrating!!

  • Jeanette d

    by Re master2

    I enjoy the app but there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. I finished a mission and earned money for the forest faire, but when I went to purchase some gems it subtracted the money but I never received any items. Also I send friends gifts and they send me gifts but no one ever received anything.

  • Валерия

    by Вел20012

    Не с самого начала понравилась, но потом втянула, хорошая игра

  • Cool!!!

    by Jamtank420


  • Game over?

    by Leeann42

    Why can't I get any further? There's nothing left to do but I still have two dwarfs left to finish. What's with that?

  • Help!!

    by Froggielvr19

    Game is so good and I am addicted. The glitches are bad and now my game is stuck because I made the ring but it disappeared after crafting it. I'm stuck and it wants me to buy 65 gold to make a new one. Please fix this, the game would be wonderful without that glitch!!

  • Frustrated

    by Viktori

    Just got the new update and game won't even open..... Crashes immediately!!! Thought bugs were fixed?

  • Will no longer open

    by Sky hawk/Alestra

    I love the game but I can't get it to open even after the update. I have loaded the game twice and played it up to the last quest that has been developed. Each time I finished the last quest, the game crashes and I can no longer get in. PLEASE fix this and finish developing the game.

  • Fun but..

    by Tj143143

    Fun game but even with this last update cannot do anything in game. Cobblestone tasks prevent me from being able to do anything for weeks now.

  • Please fix crashes

    by cytotrek

    Though I have loved playing up to this point, the game crashes every time I open it. If it does manage to open, it crashes when I mine. I applied the update today, but it changed nothing. So disappointing.

  • Updated and still No Quests

    by bbeerryy

    Don't think they test the updates before releasing. No Quests available, only Huntsman activity. Guess I'll never find anymore dwarfs. This game has been such a disappointment from the start.

  • Gets worse with each update....

    by Angk1323

    I didn't have crashing before this latest update, now every time I click on the "storage" button, the app closes. The item collection is still not fixed either. I have five hay houses, and after collecting from all five, I have only two hay in my storage. This happens off and on with all items. It's quite ridiculous that this has not been fixed yet! It doesn't really matter now though, because my game keeps closing anyway. Guess I won't be playing anymore.

  • Fix it

    by Adowg1234

    This game needs to be updated please help

  • Still Crashing

    by KMS456

    Still crashing,can't collect items,and when you go to inventory to check items closes out game.this is my favorite game,but it is becoming very frustrating to play not very happy with game right now!!!

  • Bad update for ios7

    by Icechuck

    Love the game - but this update crashes constantly and makes it impossible to accumulate logs. Don't install until there is another update - the game worked better before.

  • No new tasks

    by Annajohn

    Loved the game. I don't get new tasks, yet I have 2 more dwarves to find!!!

  • Crashing

    by J-I-l

    Any action now crashes the game. What a freakin' shame. House mom and in between baby tasks, play this to pass the time. Now, it crashes with every action I attempt to do in-game. LAME!!

  • crashing

    by Bomb124

    I'm about to delete the game as it's now crashing all the time. Very frustrating.

  • Dwarfs

    by Sad as well

    When will we be able to finish the game? Very disappointing

  • Still sad...

    by CareCare2001

    Even after this update my game doesn't get past the load screen... It looks like it'll open the game and then it closes...

  • Worthless update

    by Twisty -

    Takes forever to load and crashes constantly.

  • Very frustrating.

    by Kcutsinger

    Update has not helped the game is still crashing! Every time I try to get in the mine it crashes then shows that I've already mined and I have to wait to get back in. It takes almost 5 minutes for the game to load.

  • Still crashes...

    by Daniel Crawford

    I updated just now after not being able to play for a week and the game still won't open. Very disappointing especially since the crashing was the goal of this update...

  • Bad Review

    by Nmsjogren

    Very disappointed with this game. After getting to level 16 things have started disappearing. Would not recommend this game to anyone but especially children. How bad would they feel when all your hard work would just vanish into thin air.

  • Game not loading!

    by Shannie0406

    I used to like this game but it's not loading at all! It stopped loading since the end of January.... If you don't fix it, I will take the game off.

  • Officially irritated

    by Kittie94

    Every time I open this I try to play and it won't let me past the stupid huntsman missions my game freezes and I can do anything plz fix it. I love this game but this makes me wanna delete it

  • I love the game.

    by SassiRae

    I do love this game. But I wish I could explore the forest more often than it lets me. And it shouldn't cost so many gold bars to increase storage. It is way too much especially since there is no way to earn them.

  • What to do?

    by Alp456

    I haven't been in the app lately - the game will load and then it disconnects! I love this game but if this problem isn't fixed I'll probably delete it it's been since 1 week or less after the update

  • Love the game but...

    by tinkerbell2010

    I love this game, brings out my inner child, reminding me just how much Disney has been apart of my life!! The one thing that would make it even better is if you had the option of rotating things, bugs me that everything has a set direction that's not changeable. Please add the rotating option!

  • Fun great game

    by Sofia johnson


  • Please fix

    by Fshvsgbdg

    Sometimes when i click on the houses that are supposed to give me stones, hay, water, or super grow it just disappears and than I have to wait a whole hour and i never got it. Also I have been having the same quest forever, it tells me to craft 10 sands and I have made at least 30 sands but it never registers that i made the sands so i don't think it's giving me new quests because it doesn't realize I am doing what the quest is asking me to do.

  • Frustrated too

    by Lyn*z

    Like the game when I can play it. I'm stuck at level 15 because no matter how many times I repeat a task it will not update the quest. Too many glitches and it moves too slow between available task. This game needs another update. Soon.

  • I can't even play this anymore


    I love this game, but the glitches are so overwhelming that at this point, the only reason that I haven't deleted it yet are the hours I've invested in it.

  • Very good game.

    by 1981amber1981

    I love this game. I haven't had any problems with it yet. I love the classic Disney movies so I'm totally into this game. It's cute, and it's a mellow paced game. You check it... Play a little.... And come back later. So nice. Love it.

  • No new quest

    by Xuxiunian .1234

    After the 200 200 200 mining more new quest showed up...please update

  • Fix the bugs!!

    by Ice Cream Head

    The app won't open since the last update.

  • Annoying now

    by Megan5162

    I used to play this game all the time, I stopped playing a month ago. I just recently decided to go back on the app and it keeps crashing. I wish they would update it. I want to continue playing but this just makes me not want to anymore

  • Love it but....

    by pirat3wench

    I've had to delete this app and reinstall it like 3-4 times now. It recovers everything but it's annoying how it keeps crashing after every update. Now all my quests are done and the huntsman's quest is all that's left. I love this game but if it's not completed I don't know why they put it out there. Nonetheless I'll keep playing and checking back to it.

  • Crashes

    by Salas A

    Since update, game at first would not allow items to appear. Finally items appeared but now it crashes and will no longer allow game to even open. Please fix.

  • Not loading on newest iOS

    by Kirbee N

    The game has always been a bit buggy, but now it won't load at all on my iPod 5th gen. I expect users of older iPod/iPhones to have this issue, but it can't run on current iOS?? Come on Disney.

  • Nuisance

    by Charity Tunnicliff

    I really liked this game at first. I was in the hospital and it was a great time spender. It wants to much stuff to move on, And you never have enough storage for it...then to get more storage you have to use all your storage. I'm sure they want you to buy the bars so they never give you sunflowers...what you need to move on. Sometimes you get stuff and it disappears and that's frustrating. It can still be kinda fun, I've gotten far and admittingly am disappointed I haven't been able to get into it for 4 days now. I'll delete it but I will not get it again if I have to start over. Not worth the time.

  • Annoyed

    by bfjckiajavrvgbkcizhw

    I really enjoyed playing this game in the beginning but with each update comes more issues within the game. This new update has fixed the crashing as soon as the game loads but now when I try to go mining it crashes as soon as that loads!! ALSO it takes so long to load! The loading bar will fill up slowly but then out of nowhere it'll still empty! What the heck Disney?! -_- It's one thing if it only loaded slowly but to have it freaking empty the loading bar out of nowhere and start over, that's ridiculous. I have been contemplating for some time now about just deleting this game and being done with it...

  • Garbage waste of space

    by Teeawad

    It finally loads but freezes!! It keeps directing me to click on the huntsman but when I do it gets stuck!! Please fix the bugs in this game or pull it off the market!! Those of us who have wasted money buying gold to move forward should be refunded!!! This game could be fun but as of now is nothing more than a pos!

  • Update has a bug

    by TJ793

    This game is absolutely awesome and adorable and I love playing it. But since this last update I cannot even open up the app. It sits at the opening screen for about 15 seconds and then just crashes. Fix it please! I have nothing to do when I'm bored now!

  • Frustrating...ergh!

    by Good gooooooood

    The game was fine until i got the ring made and now all of a sudden the game won't even open! It keeps saying the fog is too think blah blah blah. BS! I refuse to spend money in this game.

  • Love this game but won't open

    by Minnie Tink

    For the past two days i have had two problems this this game. i cant get on it kicks me off before the game starts or i get on the game and i have no buildings and it tells me the dwarfs are busy. This started after the count down for the winter gifts ended. Please fix this i have had trouble like this before but it has not done this for months. i would like to enjoy my game again and i would hate to delate the game.

  • Frustrated

    by S C fm KY

    Fun at first great graphics. last time I was in, 3 days ago, I has no tasks and could not explore more of the forest. Then it crashed... I have not been able to get into the game since then.

  • Last Update

    by Hilltop1763

    I love this game but after the last update. The game is stops after the hunter's part and I can't do anything so I stopped playing this game.

  • No longer updates

    by Mamatoga

    Game hasn't opened since last update and it is no longer listed on the maker's list of games. Don't bother downloading S it is no longer supported.

  • Ahhhhhmazing

    by Jamely520

    Love it

  • Motherofbratzcell

    by Brats mom119

    Ever since the update my game keeps stopping. Please fix this.... I keep losing things I go into the mine it closes out and I have to wait to go into the mine again....

  • lots of bugs need fixed

    by bibs78

    go to retrieve hay.... not in inventory....also inventory not full...why does it take an hour for water and super gro....should only be 30...and also why is there plenty of inventory when you don't need it on the ground....also got an upgrade got the huntsmen not able to even get the game to load..... also haven't had a quest between level 17 and 19....

  • review

    by mspriss1970

    Game was going great now will just load and kick you off!!!

  • Love this game !!!

    by Ashtastic1025

    I'm so addicted !!

  • More quests please.

    by Akuroku813

    I am already at level 20, saved 5 of the 7 dwarves, and finished witches rock. Please put up more quests and let me explore more of the forest.

  • N/a

    by Pattiekins

    I'm getting a lot if server errors?? Any suggestions?? Everything else internet related is working just fine.

  • Huntsman upgrade

    by LindsayMaeK

    I love this game but please fix the bugs since the Huntsman upgrade! It won't let me do anything after I fixed the hunts mans cabin!

  • Need a fix

    by KDA Darling

    Unable to get in, can't get past the loading page. Need a fix

  • It's great but crashing ....

    by Nashvegas33

    Please fix the app. It started crashing after level 10.

  • Very difficult missions

    by AndreM 20

    It's a nice game but it takes so long to reach a mission, it must be faster and reach them not easily but not also so difficult! And now I can't play beause it doesn't allow me to start the game! Bad actualization!

  • Motherofbratzcell

    by Brats mom119

    Ever since the update my game keeps stopping. Please fix this....

  • Needs some love

    by Kashialeeann

    This game has potential to be a fun game, except some of the goals are really unrealistically. The materials that are needed to complete a structor, or build into the inventory section seems unobtainable (After certain levels). Most the materials are hard materials to come by. So in my opinion I don't think this game was well thought out..

  • Cannot open game

    by Desidoo as well

    Anyone having this problem ... I cannot open my game ... Please help

  • Good

    by Tyler Sturm

    I enjoy this game. But I haven't played long. Will update

  • Love the game but........

    by Ruby4lena

    Ummm I just finished a quest and earned 10 gold bars and all of a sudden in less than 10 seconds it's showing me 7? What the heck? Also I have finished all my quest and I still have the treehouse that I've gone past and made the queens lab and all of a sudden there are no more quest! I don't understand. Please fix it.

  • Keeps crushing

    by Mmm022438

    Ever since I got the updates, the game won't even launch. I love this game and I want to play, but it won't let me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Help

    by caaliieboooo

    Since the recent update game no longer works ready to delete it and never play again .

  • Crashes way too much!

    by taunis24

    I loved this game when it came out. Was a little bored for awhile since there were no quests. Now, after the update, I have "money" I can earn but after the game takes forever to load, it crashes after being in it for not even a minute. Twice this evening, it crashed right as I was going in the mine and didn't let me go back to it when the game started back up again. Someone really needs to work on this.

  • Can you fix it?


    Some time when you try to collect some thing like the Hay or any thing it disappear without collect it ,i have to wait too much and wasted time to collect it again please fix it.

  • Frustrated!!!!!

    by G8rmom15

    Since today's update, things are not going into storage!!!! I have enjoyed the game and would have considered giving it a much higher rating, but with these new glitches, there is no way! In fact, if it continues I will no longer play. I work and wait to hard and long for these items and then they don't go into my storage. And no, my storage is not full! I have played it way to long to know how it works. Please fix or this player is gone!

  • Love n hate

    by Angelica Salgado

    I love this game very much it keeps me entertained but ever since the update I've noticed my hay doesn't show up in my inventory that's very annoying because I can't finish a quest I hope u guys fix this ASAP other wise theirs no point of playing any more thank u

  • Gifts!!!!

    by Reanna S

    I am soooo addicted to this game it isn't funny anymore!!! The main issues I am having since most of the updates is the gifting. I see my friends from Game Center and Facebook but no matter how many times I send stuff to them they never receive it and vice versa. My friends and I get the hey I need help with this item but it's like it never is sent. I love this game and I play it all day, but it is getting frustrating that I can't help others and they can't help me. Hopefully you guys can fix this issues, that way the next time I write a review it will be 5 stars!!

  • Upgrade

    by Riomaggy

    I love this game. However, since I fix the huntsman house I can not go into the game it keeps freezing. How much longer is going to be before it gets fixed.

  • Frustrated

    by potocek

    The app is now crashing/closing when I touch Go Mining! Very irritating. And when I go back into the game it shows I have to wait to mine. ON ALL 3 MINES!!! I stopped playing for a while because there wasn't anything for me to do and now there is a new quest and I still can't do anything. Please fix this issue. My kids love to play this game.

  • Frustrated

    by Lariosi

    This game has the potential to be a lot of fun, but it never works. I have not been able to access it for two days because it locks me out trying to get me to use the hunter but I can't click on anything...just freezes. I am almost ready to delete the game....

  • Will not operate since last download

    by Cathqeen

    Very buggy. Please fix.

  • Really fun when you can play

    by Newjason77

    The new update is too glitchy to allow anything to be done. Being unable to exit out of the impossible to complete task, I wasn't able to spend any of the season currency before it expired. The game is generally fairly glitchy, but playable. There's missions within the quests, which makes it more challenging. I also enjoy that premium currency isn't required to play the game and complete quests. Looking forward to the update that fixes the current glitch!

  • Love the game but..

    by Kezzy(:

    For some reason whenever I complete a quest it doesn't register that I have so it keeps asking me to do the thing I already did! So frustrating and then it gets stuck! I've been playing this game for months now and spent money on gold and I just want to win already. I'm stuck trying to make the ultimate band but the first band isn't even in my blacksmith! Hurry up and fix the glitches!

  • Extremely frustrating!!!

    by MagpiesSugarPlum

    As soon as I have enough materials for my next mission, the game deletes half of my materials. I haven't had anything reappear. When I work towards increasing storage, the game deletes my materials. I am so frustrated, that I'm deleting the game. If there weren't so many glitches this would be a fun game.

  • Lost things...

    by Sstephenson9807

    The game is really fun to play yet I keep losing water from my well, hay from the barn, things that I craft and when I have a dwarf chop a tree or break a rock sometimes nothing will come's becoming very annoying please fix!!!

  • Really upset!

    by Curliesue80

    Really! You guys can't create an update to "fix" this problem! I can't even play this game anymore - after the last update - the game won't even open. And I'm told I have to delete the app and re-install but lose my data....or I can connect my game to FB and then delete and re-install.... How do you suppose I do that when I can't even open the game! I LOVE to play this game and despite all the glitches it had before! Come on man!! Fix it already!

  • Cute but crashes

    by j0d33

    Graphics & story are cute. The game loads slowly, however, & often the "fog is too thick," which pauses the game or crashes it. My gold disappears before my eyes, even when I'm not even touching anything. I'd never purchase any because I distrust it. Goals are now not registering completion, there is terrible lag in updating. I'm about to delete because this once-cute game has become frustrating and unengaging. Too bad! I really liked it at the start. **Update** With the new update, my game crashes upon start. A total loss. I was stuck, before, and now totally shut out. Please fix!

  • Disappointed

    by Laurenstella3

    I am very disappointed that things disappear!! The game seems fun, but when you expect to have something and it isn't there makes you not want to cont. playing. Need to change this or lots of people won't play.

  • I was enjoying the game...

    by Tochristyg

    But with the new update, it keeps freezing at the intro suction of the Huntsman. I can't do anything with cobblestone or skip it.

  • Very Frustrated

    by Ladybug-75jun

    Loved this game... yes that's past tense as I haven't been able to use it in 2 weeks. First it wouldn't load, giving a message that an upgrade was required. But no upgrade was available in the app list. Finally after a couple of days it showed up. Ran the update and it just crashes now. Tried all the "fixes" provided on the support page, nothing works! Ironically, this occurred after I bought gold bars... received the iTunes bill but have yet to use any. Very disappointed as I really liked this game. Disney's much better than this!!

  • ❤️❤️❤️ but

    by Kendallgirl23

    I love playing it's gets me off facebook I love building the forest and finishing the game, but I hate when the storage is limit to stuff and you have delete them

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