Radio Disney Music App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Aug, 28 2009
  • Version: 5.0
  • Size: 22.3 MB

Languages: Arabic, NB, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Walt Disney

-All new design with iPad support!
-Picture This! – Post your own image with our custom frames on iPhone and iPod Touch!
-Alarm Clock – Wake up to Radio Disney!
-Videos – Watch exclusive videos featuring your favorite stars!
-Photos – Check out exclusive photos of your favorite celebrities!
-And More!

Customer Ratings

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441 Ratings
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56460 Ratings


The official Radio Disney App! Listen to Radio Disney 24/7 to hear the latest music from artists such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and more! You can also find out information on our upcoming local events, see exclusive photos, watch fun videos and check out these features:

-Picture This! – Post your own image with our custom frames on iPhone and iPod Touch!
-Alarm Clock – Wake up to Radio Disney!
-Videos – Watch exclusive videos featuring your favorite stars!
-Photos – Check out exclusive photos of your favorite celebrities!
-Request A Song – Pick which songs you want to hear!
-And More!

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Bcarillo

    Hi I love this app I am very rich and I have every apple electronic this is amazing get it

  • I like this!!

    by Cocoface2245

    I really love this app I can listen to radio disney whenever but I got the update and it was not installing for me I waited for almost 3 days and it was not working so I had to delete it because I could not open it or use it. I love this app though its great but please let the update work so I can keep listening to radio disney!!

  • Perfect!

    by annamargaretcutie

    I just wanted an app that played radio disney. Now they have music, requests, photos, and so much more!! Works great on my iPad mini!

  • Good app

    by From kinston

    I love radio Disney. It's like the radio but from Disney.

  • Love

    by MTB thang

    i love this app

  • Radio Disney

    by Cute_Anime_Tomboy

    I am very fond of Disney Apps. That includes Radio Disney. You may ask "then why 4 stars?" Well, the upgrades have messed some things up. But it is still an amazing app to use. Staying in touch with Radio Disney anywhere you go or just at home.

  • Awesome

    by Great

    I love this app glade apple got it

  • Awesome

    by Mrspartanjuan

    There's a. Bug with the requste a song but other than that this is awsome

  • Disney

    by Jared Malytar

    Disney Radio doesn't have their number on it so how do I call? Look it up? WHO LOOKS THINGZ UP? We'll certainly not me!!

  • Love it Yaaaaaaaay

    by Angiefr

    I love this app it is soo awesome i love all the songs.Ps: especially the alarm clock good idea :)

  • Ok

    by Rachael96586

    It's not anything great but they play some good music from the disney channel shows.

  • Great

    by Trentster13

    This app is one of the best apps ive ever seen its great but my requests never come on but other than that its great

  • Love it

    by Abc

    I really like it because I can listen to music when I don't even have it on my play list

  • Okay

    by Cloclovr

    It is a really cool idea and it was okay but I really wish it would play more songs instead of all the commercials and stuff.

  • Awesome!

    by WhatDid_iShae

    I love the app. The songs are always great for children and adults to enjoy. You can also see events near you which is also great. I wish the app would be more integrated when it comes to watching videos and viewing pictures instead of going to the website. The app is perfect for children and the young at heart!

  • Great

    by E W

    I like this app a lot but it's always stoping and I can't ever get it to restart I listen to it all the time but u need internet to use it.

  • Radio Disney

    by Liz Brown

    I like listening to this California's Radio Station

  • Ummm....

    by Acacia Girl(Tomboy)

    Does it ever load???? I've been waiting at the loading screen for like 10 minutes. It is super boring waiting for it to load. I have a very short attention span and waiting this long isn't..... Hey!!!! SQUIRREL!!!!! Sorry, I saw a squirrel. Anyways, this app is good other than it taking forever to load!!!!

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Dolllover22

    Best app I ever got!!! All the songs r clean, and I get to listen live!!! Best part is, it DOESN'T crash. Love it!!!

  • Crashes on one screen!

    by Jamianne J. Kelly

    I love listening to the radio with this app. But it crashes when I try to request a song. Please make an update to fix this! Thanks!

  • Please fix!!

    by StarDoesGaming

    It won't let me request a song! And it takes FOREVER to load!! I removed the app because it't not good for ANYTHING anymore!!!!!

  • I liked the old Radio Disney better

    by GamerAmy621

    To: Radio Disney makers From: The writer Im not liking this app that much

  • Rude

    by Cavataro

    I tried to win a contest and I said the correct thing to win and the women was like you need to be happy to win and then she put me on hold and made me stay on hold until someone else won and then hung up on me what a b****

  • Not what I wanted

    by Strmcentry

    I was hoping to listen to actual Disney songs with this app, instead I get songs from teen pop stars that I can hear on the regular radio station. I also could not request a song and found the layout confusing. Does Disney really want Justin Bieber's face representing their radio station after everything he's done? Doesn't make for a very good image for Disney. I ended up deleting the app, the same day it was installed and found an iTunes Radio station that plays the songs I want to hear.


    by Maddi & Katie's mom

    This game is worth crap thats right C.R.A.P.

  • Radio disney recently played

    by Trevorita

    I updated my radio Disney app and I don't see the recently played list when I did see it in the other version. : ( Plz fix.

  • A Problem With the Songs...

    by Kaite070

    Okay so you all know it is holiday season, and Christmas is coming up. The songs on RD are very very very terrible. Some people don't celebrate Christmas and they listen to Radio Disney. And these artists who make these songs don't seem that popular, well at least I don't know who they are. Please just start selecting normal songs. And you can select Christmas songs too, but not all day. Please!

  • Why does it stop all the time?

    by spinnyd

    Why does this app just stop playing all the time? I get tired of having to press play every song or two.

  • Stupid Update

    by Singergal1011

    Ever since the update, I cant request a song! I hate it! Fix it A.S.A.P. , or I'll delete the app! Please fix!

  • What!?

    by Fgkhtyjjh

    I love this app but I can't hear music. It saids I have to be in the U.S.A but I am please fix this!!!


    by Skyler girl

    I had this app before and it was good but then I got a new phone and when I tried to upload it. It worked BUT it said open on the App Store but when I pressed it it wouldn't open!!! I checked the home screen and it wasn't even there so I can't delete it. Radio Disney or Apple please fix this app. PLEASE

  • Good


    It is nice but too many commercials my mom won't let me listen to it for that reason and I can't figure out how to make favorites

  • Slow...

    by Lilmissfashionista12

    I love Radio Disney it totally rocks AWESOME PLAYLIST!!!!! The only thing is the app. Every time I try to do ANYTHING it gets slooooooooow...

  • Great App!!!

    by Bball2232

    I love this app! I listen to radio Disney 24/7! I love the new update!

  • by Lilypad


  • Fugue

    by Djs isn't


  • Double glitch

    by Mrs. HelloKitty

    Every time the pictures in the background changes the top half of the first row of pics only show up. This doesn't happen on the other collage though. The other glitch is that when I press request a song, it brings me to the top 30 requested songs on the website. So know I can't request songs! This is so aggravating!

  • When it works, it works

    by Flgirl2011

    Sometimes this will work, and sometimes it won't. For some reason, when I'm playing it, it stops after a certain amount of time, and then when I try to connect, it won't connect. Please fix! It either crashes or doesn't work for long periods of time. Please, please fix! Update 7/21: Why can't Disney make a GOOD Radio Disney app? The RD apps don't run the smoothest, and are hard to navigate. Also, my app stops after about fifteen minutes, and I have to quit the app and restart it, or I can't start the stream again. Update 10/5: How do I request a song? The request a song button takes me to the radio Disney website. The app still runs bad.

  • Awesome Radio Disney!

    by Older Gentleman

    I love Radio Disney! This app is so convenient! I like listening to this while playing Candy Crush Saga®, texting (Clarity's on again! Oh man) (Just requested Can't Stop Singing!), and so many other games. So fun 2 play Temple Run while listening 2 it. My avatar dies in the middle of a song and I totes lol! The DJs r so funny, I love take-overs ( the stars make me lol too) and the callers r so cool 2!

  • Awesome

    by Casey.Pie

    This app is awesome because you get to watch shows and you get to listen to music.

  • About to use it

    by Hellokitty21234


  • Great app

    by Anonymous 7564321

    It is an awesome app, but it won't let me request a song. When I tap on choose a song, it doesn't say that there is any to choose from. But other than that, best music app!

  • Confusing!

    by Pinkstardust_00

    I heard of the original one so i thought i would download this. Apparently, this app has updated and it's really confusing. Also, the "request a song" is not working for some reason. It loaded for a long time. So if u can please fix the "request a song" please. Thank you

  • by All about puppies

    Love it but wish it hat more one direction songs

  • Great Disney music app

    by H2O Triton

    I like the app, except for the fact that i can't choose what songs i want to hear, also Disney should bring back all the music from the old Disney Channel, and Toon Disney shows, also Disney should make the app capable of letting people watch old Disney shows.

  • Ok freezes!

    by Htmbj

    I love this app and all but honestly the raio sometimes freezes and i have no idea how to fix it. so i have to delete it and get it agin! it would have been 5 stars if it weren't for the freeing.

  • Gross music

    by Ginger88888

    To much Austin mahone and r5 and teen beach movie crap

  • Eh

    by This is so awesomely awesome

    It's okay but it takes forever to load. I only put five stars because I'm a nice person.

  • Well. Well. Well

    by Bacon Lover Styles

    I love radio Disney but the app itself is pretty bad. As soon as I downloaded it I quickly deleted it because 1. It is not live like it says and 2. I'd rather hear it be staticky on my radio. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

  • Good

    by Alex17152


  • I love it

    by Princess styles !!!!!!!!!

    Best app I love radio disney


    by KelBel429

    Every time I try to leave the live stream playing while I use a different app the music stops playing! I don't know if it's something wrong with my app or if it's supposed to do that or whatever. I got the app to listen to one direction all day today but I can't even leave the app to go on twitter!!

  • Forever to load

    by Azhysij

    I didn't like it cuz it just takes way too long to load. It's annoying.

  • Update

    by Dadap12

    It keeps crashing

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