3MIN TIMER MUSIC For INSTANT NOODLE - Delaware & Tota Hasegawa (Re

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Delaware
  • Updated: Nov, 24 2009
  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 2.18 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Hiroshi Okamura

* Improved user interface. Implemented menu (Vinyl list / "bOOgLet", Catalogue / Help).
* Implemented indication: Playing song title and time.
* Updated "MAG" to "bOOgLet". Electrical booklet. Liner-notes, lyrics, photo, catalogue....
* Improved turn over. Implemented auto-turn.
* Redesigned high-resolution graphics for iPhone 4 / iPad.
* Remastered audio.
* Implemented download new contents via internet when launching first time.



"from Hungry to Happy."
Presented by RECORDS.

Please listen immediately when you pour boiling water into a cup. 3 minutes later, you are from hungry to happy.

B: 3 MIN. LATER. (02'07)
Happy song after 3 minutes. Instant noodle commercial-based innovator - Momofuku Ando said, "INSTANT means an immediate, a prompt, a moment. Thus, eating instant food makes good use of one's time".

Cover for 3 minutes and it's ready
He-he-hey He-he-hey He-he-hey

2 minutes and a half left, from hungry to happy
Just 2 minutes left, from hungry to happy
1 minute and a half left, from hungary to hippy

Only 1 minute left,
Peace, unity, love and having fun!
Peace, unity, love and having fun!

30 seconds left, chopsticks or fork, are you ready?
20 seconds left, from hungry to happy

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, congraturations!
Your noodle is ready
Let's go! from hungry to happy

. a record label that just exists in iPhone/iPodTouch.
. a record player application in iPhone/iPodTouch.
. a new way of presenting music and art.
. Founder: Delaware.

How to RECORDS Appli:
. Intuitive interface / Easy operation.
. Specially made design vinyl.
. Zoom by the pinch.
. Scratch!
. menu/left top button▼: help, info(sides, song title, time) & bOOgLet....
. Turn over: auto-turn or please upset your device.

bOOgLet & Catalogue:
electrical booklet. liner notes, lyrics, photo, catalogue....

A Japanese super sonic group, designs music and musics design. Works take on multiple forms such as recordings, visual installation, writing, web, mobile phone, cross stitch, and live performance. They call ourselves "Artoonist" (Artoon means art + cartoon.)

Tota Hasegawa:
Graduated from MA Computer Related Design course at Royal College of Art. After working at SONY, he joined TOMATO, a creative group based in London.
He has introduced interactive works in a field of internet advertisement and co-operate identity.
He also has produced several Art pieces and text based works as his personal project.


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