FLAC Player Music App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Dan Leehr L.L.C.

2.0.1: Fixes an issue viewing EQ Presets
2.0.0 Redesigned and Re-engineered, optimized for iOS 7
FLAC Metadata and Audio Hardware display, tap the album art.
Bug fixes and performance improvements
iPhone now supports powered USB DACs with Camera Connection Kit

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The Original audiophile-quality music player designed for lossless, gapless playback of FLAC albums and live recordings on iOS.

Redesigned and Re-engineered, optimized for iOS 7

FLAC Player can download from SFTP Servers - including any Mac with Remote Login, NAS devices, or other systems running SSH. Transfer your music wirelessly and start listening to one track while the rest download.

Loading music over USB is fast and organization is automatic. Files are grouped into collections based on FLAC tags, or file names (if tags are not present). Quickly add music, artwork, and track lists using iTunes USB File Sharing.

- Lossless, gapless FLAC playback engineered for iOS
- Decodes FLAC files at full quality/resolution including 24-bit/96kHz, with onboard playback up to 16-bit/48kHz.
- 24-bit/96kHz and higher playback with USB DAC and Camera Connection Kit (Now supports iPhone, see website)
- 10-Band Equalizer, 21 built-in presets or create your own
- View FLAC Metadata, Stream Info, and Audio Hardware info
- Secure SSH/SFTP connections with private key authentication
- Create, edit, and listen to playlists of FLAC music
- Browse/Play by Album and Artist
- Play/Shuffle your entire collection
- ReplayGain support
- Bookmark any song and jump back later
- Background playback and SFTP Downloads
- Compatible with remote controls (headset or external control)
- Supports bluetooth headphones and audio devices (not recommended for quality)
- Supports AirPlay audio output including Apple TV 2/3 and AirPort Express
- Album art viewer (jpeg, png, tiff, bmp, gif)
- Text/Info file viewer (txt, pdf, html, doc, rtf)
- View info files on SFTP servers prior to downloading
- Sort FLAC files by track number, file name, date modified, or manually
- Optimized for low power-usage

Customer Reviews

  • Not so much.

    by Zandoren

    A new phone and a new OS, yet this app is still crashing. Please kill the bugs—I want to remain loyal.

  • FLAC audio to go

    by Chaseme13

    It's a shame the average iPhone and iPad user will never know the greatness of FLAC audio. But for those enlightened enough to know that lossless audio makes MP3 files sound like music playing from two cans and a string, this app is awesome. The sound difference even with the stock Apple EarPods is shocking. Worth the money? Absolutely.

  • Works great--SFTP support is amazing

    by DavidJosephA

    I finally decided to start using FLAC on my phone and so I downloaded this app. For the price, it was a risk, but this app works great and I love it. Its interface is clean and elegant. But what I really like most about it is something I didn't even know it had: SFTP support! I can now connect to my computer from anywhere in the world and download songs to my phone. After just canceling my iTunes Match subscription, this was a godsend. Have you considered adding support for other audio types? I'm using this as my main music player now, but I have a small portion of my music that was never released as lossless (mostly mp3s) and it would be nice to be able to use it together with my FLAC--plus, SFTP! Love the app!

  • When update ?

    by blackkingrat

    It looks like won't be update:-(

  • Best Lossless Player in App Store

    by 826059

    With this update they not only improve on the interface but fixed a critical problem with crashing related to switching tracks after iOS 7 came out. Absolutely love the new minimal design (as most apps now have). Though it seems lightweight because of the clean look - the features are by no means minimal. Because the iPhone is the iPhone you won't ever be able to listen to a true lossless FLAC file - to my ears this app gets you the absolute closest and does it the best. I love seeing the new metadata screen with bit rate, comments, bit depth and so on. I love the ability to create playlists and I love being able to bookmark where my favorite parts of a song are for a quick pick-me-up. I've tried all the lossless media players on the App Store - this was always my favorite. But now no app comes close to being able to do what this one can after the new update (even at minimal battery loss!!) Five stars.

  • Once you go FLAC, you'll never go back!

    by Won't Be Fooled Again

    This is the only audiophile app out there that allows 96/24 Flac playback using the iPad Camera Kit and an external USB D/A converter. Also can play 192/24 files at a downsampled bit rate. You'll love how your music sounds. I also love how you manage the files using iTunes File Sharing. That means you don't have to import files into iTunes music library -- perfect for me because my Flacs are all on an external drive. Great support from the developer. Worth every penny!! Update v2.0.0 - great improvements and still loving this app!

  • It has potential

    by smrossi

    The player works - audio wise ok but has a lot of visual problems. 1. Album art is not always correct. Often times you need to exit and reenter the application to see the correct album art. 2. Album info is not available at car stereo head - displays either "Flac Player" of authors company name. 3. Suggestion - on screen info could be larger font for viewing. For the price of this application I would expect better functionality and/or frequent improvement updates. An update this application does not work with OS 7

  • Issue w/88/24 music

    by albee3

    Seems 96/24 plays OK, but 88/24, both files from HDtracks, is a non-starter.

  • 5 stars for iOS6 and below

    by Jason Reyes

    Im giving it 5 stars if you use it for iOS6 and below. No stars for using it on iOS 7 since it doesnt work. I hope it gets updated soon. Otherwise i want a refund.

  • Sometimes crashes but overall great!

    by Tensespence

    What a great find! And AirPlay too!! Sounds great on my Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air! Thanks for this app!!!

  • Great Music Player

    by Christopher Brown

    I've been using this player since the first version. It's a well thought out player. Dan is constantly improving things. Highly recommended,

  • 57MAN

    by 57 MAN

    Great app, love it!

  • Great Player - Missing Parametric Eq or 30band EQ

    by UTLRAXL

    The player plays perfectly , you can tell the difference in quality right away compared to mp3s , The only thing I would like is a 30band EQ or a Parametric like Denons mp3 player has .Other than that well worth the 10 bucks.

  • Works great

    by Ndyamsu

    Tried a few of the free flac-capable players, and this works far better. From the reviews, it looks like this app had some issues, but it seems like those have been cleared up with the recent update. The collections feature is great also if you have lots of various artist compilations, it automatically senses that they should be in a collection. If you have a lot of flac, Worth the money!

  • Works very well in iOS 6, entirely worth the $

    by Jtraderj

    For anybody who appreciates lossless digital format, this type of player is essential if you have a large library of flac and are not interested in converting to alac. Appearance is close to then original music player in iOS which I prefer. Features are not expansive but sufficient. The preset EQ profiles are a nice touch. The only reason it doesn't get a 5 star is the database problems reported in other reviews. It appears the app incorrectly reads my album art. Use the settings in the settings app/app list to reset the db fixes most db problems I have experience. Also, it would be nice if the app would support other formats so I could use it as my single audio player rather than having to switch back to the included music player in iOS for non Flac files. (Hint to developer: nice upsell opportunity to add feature packs and more rev. I would buy. ). Fix the db issue and its a 5 star. Just to experience exactly how awesome flac feeds can sound even on an iPhone, try some digital tracks taken from the original masters found at hdtracks dot com. Download a Charlie Brown Christmas in 192, add to your flac player library, put on your best headphones and be prepared to be blown away by the details and soundstage.

  • Was a great App, Key word WAS

    by HypesJ

    So, I just changed my review, this app was terrible for a while there, but now it's great again! If your looking for a good easy flac player, this is it

  • I couldn't live without it.

    by Weegan

    The new update helps many of the problems. However, I miss the old version 1.1 :( it was simple and it never crashed.

  • Very Nice App

    by Aldo Pignotti

    Very well thought out app. Songs loaded quickly and easily. The app handles folder organization. The equalizer is a nice touch. I've been able to listen to 176kHz/24 bit files I downloaded from HDTracks. The only problem I've had is that in shuffle mode, after two or three songs, it will just stop playing songs, that's why I only gave it four stars, otherwise this is a five star app. You will be able to hear the difference between very high quality MP3 files (320 kbs) and FLAC files on even portable speakers. The low and mid range are much richer. Don't think that you are going to be able to plug your iPhone into high end stereo equipment though. The iPhone's DAC's are pretty mediocre.

  • Great app, wish it had native 24/96 playback

    by crowbait

    Great app! Easy to use, music it plays sounds great. I just wish it wasn't 'down converting' my 24/96 files to 16/48. Hopefully this upgrade is coming.

  • Flac Player - enable folders

    by jaygs

    Seems to work fine, but it really needs to enable dragging and dropping of folders. If it enabled folder dragging, it should also auto-associate any files in the folder with the item in the collection list.

  • Worked Well For A Month

    by Progfan2114

    FLAC Player did exactly what it was supposed to for a month. Now the app crashes as soon as I open it. I can't do anything with it. I contacted their support with all the necessary info a week ago and haven't heard back at all. If they respond to me and fix the issue I'll change my rating but based on my experience so far, I don't recommend this app.

  • Should be a 2 dollar app

    by Traumfanger

    Will not access my Netgear NAS. It seems to work well with ftp. Files are arranged somewhat unspectacularly via album. Art is small and lacking the wow factor. Definitely not worth the price. I should have guessed as the app down load time was about 3 seconds. Tells you something about the amount of code used to put this together. Other better apps for playing FLAC are available.

  • Freezes and doesn't work

    by Xman2k2

    The app has been working for the past few months with no problems but now when I play a song it simply freezes and doesn't work at. I've tried restarting the phone killing the app and it still does the same thing if anyone else has had a solution to this please let me know

  • Did work

    by Bimochi

    It worked perfect playing flac files for about 2 days. Now the app just freezes and won't do anything. Fix this and I'll change my review

  • Did work

    by Bimochi

    It worked perfect playing flac files for about 2 days. Now the app just freezes and won't do anything. Fix this and I'll change my review

  • iOS7 no update. I give up.

    by Modulus

    I deleted this useless in iOS7 app and bought Ampliflac. Works great and they actually do updates.

  • iOS6 - Great iOS7 - Stay Away!

    by cpook

    When I bought this app in iOS6, it was great. High quality music player...with the unfortunate horrible filing system, but you can delete and rename songs right from the player. Then iOS7, tons of crashes, songs that are transferred can't be played, everything went to... $10 for a broken app...I'm upset!

  • Old problem returns....

    by robloo

    I purchased the 128gb iPad4 thinking specifically how great it would be to have all that extra space for my Flac files; instead, I am experiencing an old problem that I thought had been fixed. After I upload a (so far) undetermined number of collections, the list of available tracks goes blank when I click to "add" tracks to a new playlist. There are no longer any tracks to choose from. I used to resolve this by consolidating the collections but that doesn't appear to be working this time. I give up.

  • Awful on iOS 6.

    by witchbutter

    I bought this because of a website recommendation and I don't know if I could like it less. When you drag songs into the app it sorts them incorrectly, when I try to choose an artist to shuffle it mixes in songs from other artists. When playing in shuffle mode if you hit the track forward the app crashes. Matter of fact the app just crashes frequently as well it occasionally just quits playback with any playlist. Don't waste your money.

  • Worst Customer Support

    by palmshade

    Can't get the app work as advertised, contacted customer support by email twice they didn't even care give me an email back that say " we busy take a number!". Hate it, Hate it.

  • No longer able to import songs

    by phidiasc

    I have all songs retrieve from a backup to iphone5. However it seems I am not able to add new song through iTunes. In iTunes, it seems all songs have imported to iPhone properly. But when I look back the collections screen in iPhone, it just keeps showing the "Importing…" and the winder keeps rotating. No more new songs?

  • Virtually unusable

    by jlykos

    App gets hug on certain songs and gives a white screen when the user tries to do the most basic of tasks like switching to another song or album. Constantly crashes. The app used to be good in much earlier iterations but is virtually unusable now. I'm running an iPod Touch 4G that runs iOS 6 flawlessly, and these issues started happening with a vengance in iOS 5. The developer has had a lot of time to get this right and the problems are getting worse, not better. I'm would be very, very disappointed in this app if it was free. To not correct these known issues in a $10 app is robbery.

  • Does not work anymore

    by tomf2545

    This app used to work. Now it freezes up almost immediately every time I try to play music. Very frustrating!

  • What a waste of time and money.

    by Bobby Baked Beans

    This app won't stay open for more than 10 seconds without crashing. The non-existence of any type of support just adds to the frustration. Go with one of the free FLAC players. At least they work.

  • Had worked great...

    by StuckE30

    Have used this app for a few months now. It crashed on occasion, but nothing too bad. Since the recent update though I can't play more than 2-3 songs in a row without it crashing. Try to navigate sing list? Crashes... Hope a new update comes out soon. Oh, and ditch the EQ. Audiophiles don't want that and most other people will just make the sound worse. New version didn't fix the non stop crashing. Often times I simply cannot use the player at all because any attempt to play a FLAC results in the app instantly closing. Needs to be reworked to be stable, or needs to close it down and give people refunds.

  • Great app!

    by Ryan Carey

    Does exactly what I wished iTunes would do... Play my high quality FLAC files.

  • CUE sheet support still missing

    by ls8

    Great FLAC player, unfortunately still lacks support for CUE sheets. Until this is fixed, I choose Golden Ear as my favorite iOS FLAC player.

  • .flac files on iOS

    by ampsarus

    I can play dl'd 24/96 files derived from HDT with Apples truncation. Im still a happy camper, way better sounding than corresponding files purchased from you know who.

  • FLAC Player after iOS 5.1

    by ManShear

    UPDATED FOR NEWEST VERSION OF FLAC Player (1.3.0) The issue listed below is still not fixed. Please fix! I've had this app on my iPad for over 6 months and it has worked great. I would even give it 5 stars. I've even been playing hi-res files via CCK and USB DAC. It works as advertised, that is, until I updated to iOS 5.1. Now, using the CCK and USB DAC, all the hi-res tracks have a crackling noise. I've troubleshot everything; tried a different DAC, removed the app and reloaded it, removed the FLAC files and reloaded them, etc. and still the same result. Please fix, I need my portable hi-res music player back!

  • Great Flac Player!

    by angry806

    Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Play FLAC files. It's very easy to use and to transfer files into it. I'm happy with this player and I'm looking forward to trying my iPad as a 24/96 player too!

  • Great app

    by JMIISM

    This was the first app I bought. I like this app but there is a ways to go about album art problem.

  • Awesome FLAC player!!

    by woohoohoohoo

    finally I have found application that plays mine FLAC files hooray! very Nice to use application just drag-and-drop your music files into the application through itunes. but there's one feature I would like this app to have is to see which song is playing through the lock screen now that would be nice.

  • Great player

    by Todo man

    I am a audiophile and so far the player works great on my iPhone. Sound quality is great. Tried several flac tracks from hdtracks..... Works perfectly

  • Thank you!

    by Endomagnetic

    Thanks for making a flac player that's easy to use and accessible with voice over.

  • Must have!

    by ChicagoMusicGuy

    This is what you want for flac. MP3 / AAC is fine for ear candy but for real stuff this the player.

  • Best FLAC Player there is

    by Steven Donaldson

    This app is great for carrying a library of FLAC music with you anywhere you go. I was a little skeptical about spending $10 on an app, but it was definitely worth it. The players layout is similar although not exactly like that of the itunes library that is installed on the phone initally. If you consider yourself an audiophile and have a decent set of speakers to connect this app to you'll greatly appriciate it. Although I initially had a problem after transfering some files over to the program and having the program close immediately after trying to play them, I simply went into setting found the app and under the apps setting select, "Reset Database". That simple flick of the finger fixed the problem and I was back to playing loseless media from my iPhone again. Take my advice if you're an audiophile and purchase this app, you will not regret it.

  • Sounds like mp3

    by Tonemister

    Well if your looking at this app like i did I would think you have an ear for music.I downloaded this app and loaded some albums on it and gave it a try,I found the sound quality to be as good as 320k mp3. Is it worth the money?i'll let you decied

  • M Roll1

    by MsRunner1

    BEWARE I installed this app yesterday, and it CRASHED from the very beginning. Free apps work better than this $10 app. Developer please fix or refund my $10 bucks!!

  • Satisfied customer

    by Jules335

    a lot of time and effort its now saved thanks to this app; my music it's now displayed with all the data and artwork automatically and most important elegantly and effortless, also no more worries about losing quality for converting my flacs to other dubious compressing software and/or transcoding techniques; at first skeptical about spending $9 on this but the developer continually updates it;you have a happy camper here!

  • So far so good

    by bathyscaaf

    I just purchased v1.2.1 and am running ios5.1 -- I was able to easily load my FLAC files to my phone and play them back. Although I read Brandon James's review I decided to give it a shot as most of my music library is in the FLAC format and I am getting tired of maintaining two libraries (AAC and FLAC). Works fine for me with FLAC files purchased straight from Boomkat. I haven't looked into how I'm going handle the album artwork yet -- for now I'm just happy I can actually play FLAC on an iOS device!

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