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Languages: English

Seller: D'Addario & Company, Inc.

- resolves audio errors on iOS 7
- improved performance and stability
- improved support for 4" screens

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Chordmaster is the quintessential hand-held guitar chord library brought to you by D'Addario & Company, Inc., the world's largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of musical instrument accessories.

Chordmaster is a companion to D'Addario's complete guitar scale and arpeggio app, "Scale Wizard".

The D'Addario Chordmaster puts a comprehensive and accurate library of over 7800 guitar chords into the palm of your hand. The Chordmaster displays the notes and fingerings on a virtual fretboard, and allows you to view each chord selected in every position up and down the guitar neck. You can even strum the virtual strings to play and hear each chord in pristine audio. The library is separated into Root, Chord Type and Chord Variants, allowing you to navigate to any chord easily and quickly. The Chordmaster even has a "lefty mode" for the often-ignored left handed guitarist. Enjoy exploring and expanding your chord vocabulary with this easy-to-use, comprehensive library.


- More than 7000 chords in the Library
- Displays notes and fingerings on a virtual fretboard
- Displays chords in multiple fretboard positions
- Strum strings to play and hear chord
- Includes left-and right-handed diagrams

Chordmaster was developed by Audiofile Engineering, a leading developer of audio software for Mac OS X and the iPhone.

Customer Reviews

  • non-major 7ths, 9ths, etc.

    by NorskiePete

    I generally really like this app. I don't use the sound, so do not have the complaints that some of the others do. However, I am amazed how confusing it is to find 7ths, and 9ths chord forms. While it is fine for things like G (triad), and Gmaj7's (for example), finding alternate forms for seventh chords like G7 is impossible. This is a major omission.

  • Disappearing sound

    by McMerciless

    Using Iphone5 latest updates, sound keeps disappearing after every use, even with cold reboots. Would give this 5 stars if not for this problem, because this app is very good otherwise. The previous version worked better!

  • Phone reboot fixed no-sound problem

    by Saaasnbbbba

    On my iPhone 4, reboot returned sound which had disappeared when I loaded OS-6. Unfortunately, sound eventually disappears again requiring repeated reboots. This was a paid app which will become a ripoff if this no-sound bug isn't fixed.


    by Bbrown724

    Was interested in this app but read all of the recent reviews saying that there was no sound since the IOS 6 update. Went to D'addario's website and then the support page. The FAQ's say to reboot the phone if there is no sound. Bought the app - no sound. Rebooted my phone - SOUND!

  • Y u no add sound??

    by eagerlad

    Great app! But needs an update 'cause the sound is gone once you update to iOS 6 and the new update for this app didn't fix this issue.

  • Used to be great for teaching.

    by Kfinnerty

    I used this quite a bit for teaching, but the sound no longer works. It's still usable to some degree, but that was a great feature which helped kids to hear each pitch. I just updated a few moments ago, but still nothing.

  • This aggression will not stand, Man..

    by Guitarist 101

    Sound plz... Plz

  • Abandoned?

    by TaylorPlayer

    Update for ios6? Will there be any fix for the loss of sound? It's dead now and there hasn't been any signs of life from the developer for a long time. If you have ios6 you won't hear anything... Great screens and very good, clear sound. Much better than any other chord app I've seen (and bought). Excellent job with lots of practical, useful fingerings in various positions up the neck.

  • Please Upgrade for iOS 6

    by Uccello Pazzo

    I have enjoyed this app for years now and the strum feature is not working for the iOS 6. Please upgrade the chordmaster and the scale wizard. Or should I downgrade to iOS 5 ?. Probably better.

  • Not working on iO6

    by Not impressed 4:4:4125

    Was looking forward to this app. Hope a fix is in the works

  • iOS 6 Update

    by SomeoneElseYo

    The Chordmaster application's "strum" feature has stopped working since I have upgraded to Apples iOS 6. A software update may be required for the application to work properly for the new iOS. Otherwise, great application!

  • No iPad?

    by Fearthesheep

    One of the best guitar chord apps I've seen, and maybe the easiest to use. But, no iPad version? Seriously? It could be identical but just higher resolution. Hell, I'd even pay for it again!

  • The best app for chords

    by solomonel

    This app is amazing, it gives me chords i have never even heard of, which i like a lot. Some people said that it would be cool if you can tap in some notes and get the chord..Well thats a bit difficult i guess, beacuse it hard to just tap in some random notes and get a chord. Its an amazing app. I'm not even a guitar player, im a drummer, but its a must have app :). Worth the money, so get it while its cheap :). Congratulations to the developers, keep it up.

  • Great Lil App

    by NannerB29

    Being a lefty this is a great app! worth every cent.

  • Fantastic

    by IndianRider

    Great! Makes it easy to find any chord quickly. Only one wish... an iPad version.



    What a great app for the guitar. I am recommending this app plus the pro tune and scale wizard to my guitar students. A steal at 99 cents. BTW G# is the proper spelling for the Bdim chord. The 7th of the chord is A# and you are lowering it 2 half steps to G#.

  • @maro rocker

    by lrcarter1

    dude who cares...its the same note...great app btw.

  • Good but....

    by Maro rocker

    Some of the chord spellings are incorrect. Ex: b dim should be spelled with a double flat 7th Correct spelling: B D F Ab Theirs. B D F G# This is a minor problem, it dose show you the correct way to play the chords. How ever they should correct this problem for people who need. References In chord spellings. It works well and I would recommend it for those who need a good how to play chord reference

  • Planet Waves Chordmaster

    by goodgroovin

    Great app, It would be an Incredible app if you could place notes on the fretboard and have it tell you what chord you're fretting. Maybe the next version could include the ability to do that.

  • It works on iPhone 4.

    by Stefanos Gatdoulos

    I'm using an iPhone 4, and it works great! The Lite Edition convinced me to buy the full version. This app and their other app, "scale wizard" are by far the best guitar apps I have purchased...hands down. I've been playing guitar for nearly 20 years and, as a teacher, I recommend these apps to all levels and styles of guitarists. Thank you dev team & Planet Waves for these innovative apps. The only suggestion I may have is to allow user to create a list/folder(s) of favorite chords.

  • Negative two stars

    by Largar Archer

    This app is unsupported and has no sound. Do not pay for/install this app. Refunds should be considered to those that paid for this. Thank you.

  • No Sound at all

    by Sir C.

    Bought this app, downloaded it.... Tried to use it, but no sound. I emailed support and called customer service, left message for George. Not heard back..... Yet. Everybody deserves a refund for this app. Zero stars is what it deserves.

  • No sound!

    by John Bragg

    I paid for this app. No sound WTH! C'mon guys, fix this!

  • No sound

    by Wordie Woman

    This app used to have, logically, SOUND! But no more! It has this huge library of chords with no sound, making it quite inferior. Disappointing. I wish they'd debug this app and fix this!

  • No sound

    by Infinite guy

    I want the sound. How come there is not any sound?

  • No sound!

    by Tempotantrum

    This is a common problem, and apparently been going on for several months with no fix. I've deleted this app and now using Guitar Tool Kit.

  • No sound AGAIN

    by aaron1967

    FIX THIS P.O.S.!

  • JP

    by Johan III

    I don't like to review others product however in this case..... Your product is not working for many of us that paid you, fix it find the solution for the sound refunding or ignoring will make you go away, maybe that's what you want in a business world one day you are a star the next .......... You know.

  • No sound

    by arcadekid

    No sound in updates

  • Believe it no sound

    by little lion 21

    It just goes away. Reboot and it returns for one or two strums, then it's gone. No links in t-support work. They have fled the market. Closed store, no response.

  • Needs Update.

    by Rybreadd

    Needs audio. Other than that great app.

  • Desperately needs an update.

    by macserv

    This app is crumbling. It needs retina graphics, iOS 6 support to restore its audio, and support for iPhone 5 and its new screen aspect ratio. It's a great app, but it needs some TLC.

  • wow

    by J-man792.

    this app needs to be updated for ios6. I paid money for this and I find it ridiculous that my purchase is now useless

  • Doesn't support custom tuning

    by jxson

    This app would rule if it supported the tuning I used

  • good but crashes

    by kaamiljj / webmaster

    good app but it crashes on start almost every time (iphone 3gs, os 4.0), please fix because otherwise it's useless, has been crashing for over 2 months and still no fix? give me the code and I will fix it for you myself (frustrated user)

  • Doesn't Work!!!!

    by stratOvarious

    I have had this app for quite a while. It used to work fine but now it starts to open, then crashes. Can I get a refundas it doesn't work as advertised??????

  • Quick fix if still crashing.

    by ZappBran

    After updating to 1.0.6 for iOS 4, the app would still crash on my phone. However a simple restart of the phone seems to have fixed this. Try that if you're having the same problem. Great app!

  • Awesomeness

    by taylorgeetar

    This is an amazing app that every guitar player should have. I have used it many times, especially when playing jazz with those crazy 11th chords. However, there are no sus2 chords in the library, as well as augmented. I suppose you could use the diminished chords and invert them, but it's a hassle. Plus it crashes with iOS4!!

  • OS 4 doesn't work!!!

    by pjamhead

    This app was great until the update. The app won't play sound when you strum the chords now.

  • Great app!

    by JeffM70

    But it crashes with 4.0. Please hurry with fix!

  • Awesome

    by Mix & Master

    Don't hesitate, get this app if you play guitar. Crashes with iOS4

  • Crashing with iOS4

    by leonardrock

    Love the app but new OS update has rendered it useless! Crashing immediately on startup.

  • Really good, but...

    by NeedforSpeed

    It has tons of chords, (More than half of them I didn't even know existed :O!!!) but as the other reviewer had said, it does what 99% of chord dictionaries do and totally neglects the suspended 2 chords. augmented chords are missing, as well as chord inversions. Otherwise really cool interactive app. But if you ever wondered what an Eb 6/9#11 chord is, this app will show you how to play it as well as sound it out for you. Neat!

  • Needs updates! Missing some important chords!

    by zeppelin4life93

    This is a cool app and a good reference to beginners, but it's missing augmented chords completely. Also there is no sus2 option. Please update your library!

  • Every guitar player should have this

    by FilmDudeChris

    Best reference app I've bought yet. Stop reading and go buy it. Seriously.

  • Chords

    by Toomuchstone

    Great app

  • Guitar praise Grace Fellowship wpb

    by InTheWalk

    A must have for chord charts! Awesome graphics and sounds! AAA +

  • Get the cords right

    by Chefplay

    Some of the cords are just plan wrong....Major B7 is just wrong in several of its configurations.

  • acordes

    by willy 33

    exselente eramienta para aprender los acordes

  • Chordmaster

    by Yamamid

    Way cool! Thanks

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