SuperLoud Standard - Amazing Quality Equalizer Music App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: CyberFort LLC
  • Updated: Mar, 01 2013
  • Version: 1.1.2
  • Size: 1.95 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: CyberFort LLC

.In the Player screen, supported auto-scroll display long title, album name, the artist name
.Added the ability to return to the installation default settings, But it's keep the equalizer settings that you have created. (Settings → Default)
.Added a switching function of displaying of the status bar (Settings -> Design Settings)
.Added a background color change function of the playback songs selection screen (Settings -> Design Settings)
.Displayed the album art image of the player screen by keeping the aspect ratio
.Fine-tune the sound engine
.fixed a bug that was during synchronization to iTunes on iPod touch
.some fine adjustment

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Let's custom your Equalizer settings to enjoy best sound quality! 

SuperLoud Standard was designed for a wide range of people to enjoy the best sound quality.

This Amazing Quality Sound Engine (with Equalizer) that evolved further has been focused mainly on developed its sound quality. The engine is very fast to pursue a high-quality sound with the frequency of more than 4000, so the default value set to the best sound quality for each device. (If you prefer the engine for UI smoother than focusing on the sound quality, please refer to the sound quality section.)
*It is for the music files that are stored in the iPhone.

*SuperLoud Standard produced for iPhone5, iPhone4S, iPhone4 and iPod touch5, iPod touch4. (For the other models, Recommended : 800MHz CPU or faster)
*The full performance at Dual Core CPU.
*Amazing Quality Sound for iPhone5, iPhone4S, iPod touch5
*High Quality Sound for iPhone4, iPod touch4

SuperLoud Standard is for Rock, Pops, Classic, Jazz and more sound. Make a sound without distortion by Dynamic Limiter, even if you adjust Bass sound level to maximum.

Following is recommended to use.
* High quality sound is wanted.
* Sound of your choice, enjoy the song.
* No distortion sound by equalizer.
* Favorite song with equalizer when you driving.
* Work / school in a rush, want to change the sound and listen better.
* Practice of music, listen easier your part of sound.

This Audio Player has the 5 Bands/10 Bands Graphic Equalizer, Spline style Graphic Equalizer and some preset equalizers. SuperLoud Standard allows you to change the sound effects what you like.
It is also you can create any preset-data by Graphic Equalizer.

Preset: Normal, Perfect, Rock, Rap, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Classic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Opera, Speech, Bass, Mid, Treble

Audio File type: AAC(8〜320 Kbps) ,MP3(8〜320 Kbps),AIFF,WAV, Songs which can play on Apple Music Player (default player in iPhone, iPod Library)
*It might not to play a song which is DRM protected music.

* Amazing Quality Sound Engine (include Equalizer-Mode, Booster, Automatic Dynamic Limiter, Noise Reduction, Cache)
- For Amazing Quality sound: Pursuit of high quality sound for the frequency bands of more than 4000 inside the engine
- By high-speed computing: High efficiency of CPU utilization for background playback
* 5 Bands/10 Bands/Spline Graphic Equalizer
- Range: -12dB ~ +12dB , Minimum Step: 0.5dB
- You can use all three styles.
- Beginner (5 Bands) Frequency band: 100~8KHz
- Average (10 Bands) Frequency band: 32~16KHz
- Spline Frequency band: 32~16KHz
* Headphone/Bluetooth controller operable
* AirPlay output operable
* Show Album Art
* Spectrum Analyzer (include Stereo-Mode, size, form, snow)
* Silence Detection (Automatic skip for three seconds or more consecutive silence parts)
* Gapless playback
* Sleep Timer (10 min. until 2 hour)
* Adjust Left and Right Volume
* Automatic pause/playback then ringing
* Automatic pause/playback then Headset Plug out
* Background Playback
* Design theme (18 Colors)
* Orientation of the player screen (Automatic/fixed vertical/fixed horizontal)
* URL scheme support (superlouds://)
* Show Lyrics (lyrics in the song file)
* Playing list, and Selection list by Artists, Albums, Songs, playlist
("Shuffle", "Search")
* Shuffle On/Off
* 4 mode of continuous playback

=== SuperLoud Essential differences between ===
Essential Edition has a rich functionality further, It also has a more delicate sound quality control functions.
*1. Graphic equalizer (all five types, added 20 Band/30 Band)
- Expert (20 Bands)
- Master (30 Bands)
*2. Graphic equalizer Minimum Step: 0.1, 0.5, 1.0dB (Selectable)
*3. Virtual Surround (Reverb)
*4. Crossfader(0~20 sec)
*5. Twitter NowPlaying (Auto/Manual)
*6. Music selection list: added a genre.
*7. Sleep Timer (10 Min. until 8 Hour)
*8. Design theme (24 Colors)
*9. other

Customer Reviews

  • Worst

    by Zack Ang

    This is the worst EQ i've used so far. The volume decreases automatically after few seconds when a song is started. When i adjust the progress bar, the volume get back louder on itself, after few secs, it decreases again. In terms of sound quality and bass, cheaper EQ apps that i'm using now are much better than this. $4.99 wasted!

  • Refund wanted!

    by Aaron 1152

    Horrible! Music distorts and skips! Please give refund!

  • Eq

    by 63@live Fuentes

    Esta demasiado caro esta app y no funciona como deviera mucha distorsion ya deverian hacer una actualizacion para mejorar eso no es posible pagar mucho por nada

  • Waste of $... :-(

    by Elmore Magazine

    My own fault for buying an app with no reviews. Distorts & the music skips. I know how to EQ as I am an audio engineer.... Buying something else!

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